10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling

Jesus Calling is a book built upon a faulty premise and in that way a book that is dangerous and unworthy of our attention or affirmation

Most people don’t know that Jesus Calling has undergone revisions, not only in the introduction where she removed references to God Calling, but also in the words she claims to have received from Jesus. This, of course, casts even further doubt on the trustworthiness of the revelation she receives. After all, why would words from... Continue Reading

A Jonathan Edwards Warning Label

We can benefit from Edwards’ writings, but we also need to remember that Edwards had his flaws and is not the best example of solid, Reformed confessional theology.

I wholeheartedly agree – and I appreciate Newton’s pastoral tone (go back and notice his illustrations about the house/building, sheep, wheat/tares, and physician).  I’ve tried to read Edwards’ Religious Affections but could not bear it because it didn’t lead me to assurance at the foot of the cross.  Rather, it led me to question the... Continue Reading

Messy Grace

How a Pastor with gay parents learned to love others without sacrificing conviction

“Messy Grace is a powerful memoir of a child raised by two lesbian moms and a gay dad. Despite the negative depiction of angry Christians at gay pride marches and other public events, the young boy is befriended by compassionate Christians who share the rugged gospel with him—complete with its sexual ethic of biblical marriage between... Continue Reading

How Church Bullies and Abusers Deceive Us

Be alert for people like this – don’t fall for their deceitful tactics.

If you’re a layperson in the church, watch out for these people!  These aren’t Christians who have a tender conscience and need your open arms and open homes.  In fact, it’s best to stay away from such people.  If you’re a pastor or elder in a church, these bullies and abusers are the people from... Continue Reading

The Gospel According to Willy Wonka

The story is an allegory for the gospel itself

Where Wonka’s gospel fails is that it is rooted in moralism. Charlie is acceptable because he is too poor to be spoiled, too hungry to let his stomach guide him, too weak to be obsessed over chewing gum and too impoverished to watch television all day. I know from my research on the story that... Continue Reading

My Top Ten Favorite Books on the Authority of Scripture

It goes without saying that such a list is highly selective (and debatable). So many good books deserve to be included.

But my list is guided by these main criteria: (a) books that focus on the theological side of biblical authority and not as much on the historical evidences for the Bible’s history (though some overlap is inevitable); (b) books that are “modern,” meaning they have been written sometime between the Reformation and the present (otherwise,... Continue Reading

J. I. Packer: An Evangelical Life

Readers of the biography will warm to what Ryken tells us about Packer

“Evangelical preachers will want to take note of Packer’s strong words of caution (which have a wider application than just to the preacher). He assumes the content of preaching will come from Scripture, and insists a preacher know it and instill in his congregation a desire to learn it; the preacher, after all, is “there to teach from the Bible.”... Continue Reading

Why False Teachers Abound

False prophets and teachers are everywhere, but why do so many follow them?

Things have not improved in our time. Vast numbers of people still listen to those who tell them what they want to hear without checking to see if this is what the Scriptures teach. “God is all love and everyone is going to heaven.” No! That is not what Jesus or the rest of the... Continue Reading

A Philosophy of (Christian School) Education

Although you cannot find a clear proof-text or texts in Scripture that command education, it is something Christians may and should do

A fifth reason for education is the theological argument.  By this Riesen means that the Christian message itself is an intellectual thing and thus it lends itself to the project of education.  Theology is an ally of education, and the Bible itself tells us to think.  Finally, there is the apologetic argument for education.  This... Continue Reading

A Study of the Book of Revelation

This new book – “The Book of Revelation – A Study” – is available to download (as a Kindle e-book or pdf) on our church website

But the main reason that I bring up the confusion about the Book of Revelation and the error of dispensationalism is because I have had a couple conversations recently about these things. In these conversations, I’ve received questions about Reformed (or covenant) theology, eschatology (the study of the last days), and the book of Revelation.... Continue Reading