Book Review: The End of White Christian America

Has White Christian America lost its cultural and political influence?

One good thing about White Christian America’s declining political clout is that evangelicals can return to the biblical obligation of making disciples, rather than making political ones. Yet there is some very noticeable but subdued cheerfulness by Jones for the end of White Christian America and one gets the sense that he’s not alone in... Continue Reading

The Unfinished Reformation (Review)

Is the Reformation over? This question is going to be asked over and over again as we approach 2017

“The book’s main emphasis is a detailed examination of the key similarities and differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. In the broadest terms, these differences relate to matters of authority and salvation—who or what is the ultimate source of authority for Christians, and how can people be saved.”   Is the Reformation over? This question... Continue Reading

Why Marriage Is Better Than Cohabitation

The public nature of marriage provides an important protection for the vulnerable at the start of the sexual relationship.

“We sometimes think that we are autonomous free-floating individuals who make decisions for ourselves. The reality is that we are influenced in many ways in every decision we make. And in the area of sex, above all, we are open to manipulation and exploitation, even unwittingly, by passions that rage and desires that can overwhelm... Continue Reading

Definite Atonement and Christian Comfort (Owen)

Those for whom Jesus died are the same people for whom he intercedes

This isn’t theological nitpicking or dry, dusty doctrine that is irrelevant.  To say that Jesus’ death is tightly connected with his intercession echoes biblical truth, glorifies Christ and his saving power, and it gives the Christian firm comfort and assurance that Jesus who died for us will also intercede for us, that our faith will... Continue Reading

The Seven Fears Controlling Controllers

At the root of most sinful controlling is lack of submission to God’s perfect control.

The sovereignty of God has to be the foundation of any lasting deliverance from these fears. I can release control if God is in control. God’s sovereignty means that even if things do go wrong, they are not out of control but under God’s control, and He will work it together for our good.  ... Continue Reading

This Book Really Needed to Be Written and Finally Someone Has Done It

Belcher’s new volume provides a wonderfully balanced look at the work of Christ

In a world where we tend to look at just a single office of Christ (usually his priestly office), this volume reminds us that Christ is also the King, the Lord of the universe, and also Prophet, the great teacher and revealer of God who speaks divine Words. Understanding these three offices not only rounds... Continue Reading

Eternal Subordination of the Son and Biblical Patriarchy

Unfortunately, this is one of the overlaps between the Biblical Patriarchy movement and mainstream complementarianism.

One of my concerns about complementarianism is the overlap it has with the Biblical Patriarchy movement. The ESS/EFS/ERAS debate is an example of why such concern is valid. There are relatively few confessional Christians who have come out in support of ESS/EFS/ERAS. For those who have, many are part of the Biblical Patriarchy movement. Not... Continue Reading

Good and Angry

We have to deal with the reality that anger can be a good and right response.

Powlison explains that, at heart, anger “says ‘That’s wrong’ and acts to protect the innocent and helpless. It says, ‘That’s wrong’ and energizes us to address real problems. God, who is good and does good, expresses good anger for a good cause. Jesus gets good and angry—in the service of mercy and peace. He is... Continue Reading

Preservation, Perseverance, Persistence

There is a great balance in Hebrews between the believer’s promised security and his necessary perseverance

“First, the believer’s security is assured. Christians will not fail if they look dependently to their merciful and faithful high priest. So many temptations and pressures, insidious as well as blatant, can lure us away from Christ and the faith we profess. This epistle seems to demand so much from us in relentless pilgrimage, strenuous... Continue Reading

The New Abolition

The story of the black church and its struggle against oppression is not well-known by most white evangelical Christians.

The enormous problems with the social gospel Dorrien so admires notwithstanding, it is this witness to the power of the gospel amid suffering and oppression that makes this book an important read for Christians today. It was Christ himself who was being persecuted in these black brothers and sisters (Matthew 25:40, 45), and it was... Continue Reading