Review: Openness Unhindered by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield

Who we are, flows out of who we belong to.

Regarding sexual orientation, Butterfield traces this back to Sigmund Freud who rooted identity in sexuality rather than being made in the image of God. This has profound implications because people are now identified in categories that reject Original Sin.    Openness Unhindered, Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, Crown & Covenant Publications, July 2015, 206 pages. The Secret... Continue Reading

Finding Truth: A Review

This book is brilliant. It reaffirms the pressing need to teach our children critical thinking.

The value in a worldview lies in its consistency and ability to explain those things which form the real stuff of our lives.  She adduces a string of leading atheist thinkers to demonstrate a kind of cognitive dissonance, where the practicalities of real life are actually antithetical to what they profess to be true. Atheists act as if Christian epistemology is true,... Continue Reading

Calvin on the Great Usefulness of the Law

What did Calvin say about the third use of the law?

“The third use of the Law (being also the principal use, and more closely connected with its proper end) has respect to believers in whose hearts the Spirit of God already flourishes and reigns. For although the Law is written and engraven on their hearts by the finger of God, that is, although they are... Continue Reading

Book Review – The Christian Life

"The Christian Life," by Sinclair Ferguson, deals with the “nuts and bolts” of basic doctrine for living

“Anyone who is familiar with Ferguson knows that he is able to take complex topics and make them accessible without compromising. In particular, he is able to take the concept from the “classroom” to the “pavement” by teaching how it applies. I really appreciate this about the author.”   As Christians we know that our... Continue Reading

Marie Durand

A review of the most recent addition to Simonetta Carr’s Christian Biographies for Young Readers

One thing that I appreciate about Carr’s writing is that she doesn’t debone it. What I mean is, she doesn’t take out all of the inconvenient truths and stumbling blocks that most children’s authors would remove for easy digestion. Carr tells is like was and leaves the reader faced with some of the same perplexities... Continue Reading

Thoughts on Study Bibles

Do I recommend study Bibles? Yes, for study.

But study Bibles also have shortcomings. In order to keep the size of the Bible within a reasonable scope (the ESV Study Bible really pushes the envelope here, at almost 2,800 pages) something has to give. Generally what is lost is commentary on the text itself. Comments on difficult passages are often the first to... Continue Reading

Since It Is God’s Law…

Antinomianism downplays the law; legalism downplays the gospel.

Watson goes on to say that in a legal sense no one can obey the law because of the fall and our sinful nature.  However, he notes, in a gospel sense we can obey the law.  “Gospel obedience consists in a real endeavor to observe the whole moral law (Ps. 119:166):”   Our triune God... Continue Reading

How to Read More Books

With summer here, here are some personal discoveries that were helpful to me

“This past year I have attempted to become more intentional with my reading. In previous years I have read a lot but I would not say that I read well. My reading lacked a detailed attack plan. As a result, sometimes reading happened and other times it did not.”   “How can I read more books?”... Continue Reading

A Review: “Compassion without Compromise” by Adam Barr and Ron Citlau

How to be compassionate with those struggling with sexual sins without compromising biblical principles

This brings the authors to not only encourage Christians to return to God’s design, but to approach other sexual-sinners with humility, which may be what “our standing for truth needs” because none of us “lives up to the standards our faith demands.” If we do so, then, maybe “this posture of humility will gain the... Continue Reading

Summer Reading Suggestions

Here are a few books that I have enjoyed over the past couple of months

“It is for good reason that David McCullough has twice won the Pulitzer Prize. Few historians have his ability to recount history with such skill and verve. His latest, and perhaps final work, is a biography of the Wright brothers.”   I am a voracious and omnivorous reader. While necessity dictates that I focus much... Continue Reading