Progressivism’s Effects on Marriage and Family

American Protestants have a legacy of preaching whatever cultural norm they decide to embrace during any given era.

In the West, Christianity is recast to conform to Western, market-driven, materialist; consumeristic, social norms and evangelicals are no different. The gospel in U.S. Protestantism has not proven yet to be more powerful than the American Dream. One could easily argue that Protestants gave marriage over to the American Dream 120 years ago or so... Continue Reading

No Creeds! (Except What Celebrity Preacher Says)

Many of the major weak spots in the American church today were already prevalent in the 19th century

In other words, the [celebrity] leaders of this “populist hermeneutic” told common Americans to read the Bible as if they were the first ones reading it and forget about the creeds and Christian scholars before them.  On the other hand, the leaders were ultimately dominating the movement and many of the people were following them. ... Continue Reading

Biographer Recounts Woodrow Wilson’s Life As A Religious Epic

Berg's account of Wilson's struggle to avoid war is gut-wrenching

“His conviction that he was an instrument of God’s providence polished his certitude and fueled his determination. But when one professor, the closest friend he had ever had, disagreed with his plan to replace exclusive student clubs with more democratic residential quads, Wilson never spoke to him again and never had another very close friend.”... Continue Reading

The Relationship Between Corporate Worship and Pastoral Care

As the covenant people gather to render praise to God, they also receive his grace through word and sacrament.

Pastoral counseling is a very important means of pastoral care. But corporate worship is a most necessary component for the care of souls. Not only does pastoral counseling guide God’s people toward fuller worship of him, corporate worship is the primary means through which God strengthens his hurting, grieving, broken and trembling sheep in this... Continue Reading

Book Briefs: Samuel Rutherford (Bitesize Biographies) by Richard Hannula

Samuel Rutherford is perhaps the best known Scottish Puritan. But his life and history seem not to be as widely remembered as other Puritan ministers.

Rutherford was influential as a member of the Scottish delegation to the Westminster Assembly in London, which gave to the church the most enduring English confession, the Westminster Confession of Faith. He played a part in its shape, defending a Presbyterian form of church government. He also helped work on the catechisms.   Samuel Rutherford... Continue Reading

Self-Identity and God-Centered Relationships

Two ways sinners distort God’s design for relationships with improper views of self and others.

Rather than approaching relationships with an eye toward how they make us feel, as those created in God’s image and being conformed more and more to the image of Christ, we can approach our relationships with others (spouses, children, co-workers, neighbors, friends, family members, etc.) with an eye toward glorifying God in our love and... Continue Reading

So They are Back in the News (Yet Again): Adam and Eve and All That

A book by Wheaton Old Testament Professor John H. Walton will upend many traditional – or certainly "evangelical" – ideas about Adam and Eve.

Many evangelicals believe in “de novo” creation, a quick and complete formation of all species including homo sapiens, rejecting evolutionary development from common ancestors. Walton asserts that the Bible “does not necessarily make a de novo claim for human origins.” His proposed scenario could include “some theory of evolution” as compatible with the Bible, he... Continue Reading

Weak Faith, True Faith!

The truth of the gospel is that because Christ is a strong Savior, even a weak faith saves.

Christians should desire a strong faith in Christ and his promises; it is biblical for God’s people to pray and strive for robust faith in the Lord.  However, our faith is imperfect since we are not yet fully sanctified.  We struggle with doubts, fears, questions, and sometimes we lack assurance.  Thankfully, the Bible doesn’t teach... Continue Reading

Stealing From God (A Review)

Frank Turek's new book is a brilliant and unique contribution to Christian apologetics

“By definition, Christian apologetics deals with defending the faith and, in the process, marshaling evidence in support of Christianity’s truth claims. “Stealing From God” does that, of course, but it does something else, too. It transitions from defense to offense and turns the tables on the atheist community.”   Frank Turek’s new book is a... Continue Reading

Andy Stanley’s Troubling Rules on Love, Sex, and Dating

A review of Stanley's new book, The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating

As a pastor, it is disappointing that he avoids Genesis 2, which clearly lays out the purpose of marriage, namely, that it is a covenant relationship between one man, one woman, and God. As hard as it is to admit, America’s most influential pastor will not define or defend the sanctity of marriage because he... Continue Reading