The Provocative People of Proverbs

The book of Proverbs warns us about people like that, people who love to incite conflict and hate to resolve it.

The morally deficient fool. “Keeping away from strife is an honor for a man, but any fool will quarrel” (20:3). This brand of fool is even worse than the obstinate one. This one outs himself the moment he opens his mouth because his words show him to be utterly deficient in goodness and grace. He... Continue Reading

Kenneth Woodward Untangles Some Political Strands in American Religion (Review)

Woodward, who has written earlier books on saints and on miracles in different religious traditions, has produced a volume that is clearly meant as a career valedictory

“Journalism’s emphasis on what is provably factual — vote totals, stock prices, batting averages — left most reporters and editors leery of the ineffable, inchoate qualities of religion. To the degree that mainstream American journalism gradually rose to the task in later decades, it did so by erroneously trying to comprehend religion through the prism... Continue Reading

Before You Sought Him (Bernard)

Bernard says it is important to realize that God seeks us before we seek him. If we don’t understand this, we’ll rob God of his glory

“‘I have sought,’ she says, ‘him whom my soul loves’ (Sg 3:1). This is what the kindness of Him who goes before you urges you to do, He who both sought you first and loved you first (1 Jn 4:10). You would not be seeking Him or loving Him unless you had first been sought... Continue Reading

A Transatlantic Elegy For An American Hillbilly

This book will stay with me for a long time but not for the reasons many other love (or loathe) it. Haunting and mesmerising.

Having read the book I am now not sure whether this is a book review or an online self-understanding counselling session. You see, to me at least, this is not just a book. It’s not even a poem of bereavement. It is so much more than that. It is a dark lament. A lament of... Continue Reading

Churches Reaching Millennials: Causes For Celebration And Concern

What can we learn from the research about the churches that are effectively reaching millennials?

The Present at the Expense of the Eternal In the chapter on taking Jesus’s message seriously, the researchers say “there was very little focus on going to heaven and hardly any talk of hell. Salvation was a major theme, but a kind of salvation that is more focused on life in the present than something... Continue Reading

The Disciple-Making Parent

Quotes from The Disciple-Making Parent by Chap Bettis

“Shepherding of our children changes with their maturity level. Physically, they move from total dependence to total independence. Similarly, the goal in discipleship is to move from command to persuasion, from discipline to discernment, from external controls to internal controls, from parent control to Spirit control.” (29)   Although I’ve read quite many parenting books in... Continue Reading

Jesus Always, the Sequel to Jesus Calling (Review)

The Jesus of Jesus Always sounds very different from the Jesus of the gospels

Jesus Always is almost indistinguishable from Jesus Calling in its tone, its theme, and voice. The only difference is that Young did not include her claim that these messages originated with Jesus. Yet there is no reason to think that she has stopped her “listening.”   This book is going to be big. Huge, even.... Continue Reading

A Grief Traversed

Letters to Ernie is a story of the love that Michelle and Ernie had, the grief and anger at his death, and the hope and healing that she could only find in Christ, her Savior.

As I have reflected on my relationship with both Ernie and Michelle, and now having read Michelle’s book, I believe that Michelle’s story is a testimony of a life lived in Psalm 4. King David begins by crying out to the Lord in the midst of his distress: “Answer me when I call, O God... Continue Reading

20 Surprising Ways a “Believer” Can Be Self-Deceived

In the past the practice of carefully examining ourselves was considered normal and necessary in order to expose self-deceived professors and hypocrites, rebuke worldly Christians, and assure genuine believers.

This book has challenged me on several points. Could it be possible that I am among the multitudes of religious self-deceived  professors who will say on the Day of Judgement “Lord, Lord”? However, Meade makes it clear that he has no intention of discouraging the true child of God and it is those who will... Continue Reading

Why Should I Believe Christianity? One of the Best Books on Apologetics This Year

What is needed is an apologetic approach that is full-orbed, holistic, and worldview-oriented

The main goal in this book is not to teach Christians how to make the case for Christianity, but instead Anderson makes the case directly to the non-Christian.  Thus, the book is written in the second person as he addresses the reader directly.  In short, this is a great book to give to a non-Christian... Continue Reading