Regeneration: Ascribed Entirely to God Alone

This is an act of grace and mercy; no sinner deserves to receive new life from God.

Reformed theology teaches that regeneration is not conditional upon faith.  That is, we disagree with the Arminian teaching that faith precedes regeneration.  It is true that the regenerated sinner receives new life, and a new heart, and truly does embrace Christ by faith.  But regeneration is monergistic: God alone changes the dead heart.  Regeneration is... Continue Reading

10 Books Every Christian Teenager Should Read

Here is a list of great books every Christian teen ought to read — or at least consider reading

“Please note that these are not necessarily the ten best books your teens will read in their lifetime. Not all of these books will stand the test of time as Christian classics. But each of them is suited to twenty-first century teenaged readers and together they will provide a foundation for the Christian life that... Continue Reading

No Little Women

The introduction to Aimee Byrd's new book

This book is for the competent women who are seeking a better way, as well as for those of you who would like to become more competent, as God has called you to be. This book is also for pastors and elders who would like every member of their church to be well equipped in... Continue Reading

Seven Points on Spiritual Gifts (J. Bridges)

God gives all his people gifts to use for the service and enrichment of others.

“Gifts are sovereignly bestowed by God.  You possess the gifts you have because the sovereign God of the universe wanted you to be that way.  He ordained a plan for your life even before you were born, and He has gifted you specifically to carry out that plan.  Never disparage your gift.  If you do,... Continue Reading

Where Should Our Women be Discipled?

Women Need to Have the Same Theological Standards as Men.

Pastors and elders want thinking women in the church, right? And yet popular beliefs that came out of the nineteenth century’s cult of domesticity still seem to linger in the evangelical culture today. Back then, people taught that women’s brains were inferior to men’s intellectually and that women needed to reserve their energy and blood... Continue Reading

3 Parenting Myths We Are All Tempted To Believe

We can teach and guide and plead, but we cannot control

“As Christian parents raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, we can be tempted to believe some dangerous myths about what we are doing and how we are to go about it. I was helped and challenged anew as I encountered these myths, and the truths that destroy them, in Chap... Continue Reading

From Shame to Sin (Review)

The West is jettisoning the Christian understanding of human sexuality at an alarming speed

“When Christianity emerged in the Roman Empire during the first century it did so as a persecuted minority known for its distinctive sexual ethic. Harper argues, in fact, that it was their views of sex more than anything else that distinguished Christians in the ancient world.”   The West is jettisoning the Christian understanding of... Continue Reading

The Whole Church Showing Up in Your Quiet Time

The Reformation cry “Scripture alone” does not mean that Scripture is alone

When I sit down to read my Bible, I remember that I am not alone. The Scripture is not alone either. I’m not only depending on the Spirit to work in me for that moment; I know that he has been working in the church universal through the centuries, preserving an orthodox profession and testifying... Continue Reading

“Conscience” by Naselli and Crowley (A Review)

This book talks about what the conscience is, how we can train it, and loving people whose consciences aren’t exactly like ours.

I wish the authors would have related justification to the conscience and Christian liberty.  Sadly, the doctrine of justification was not discussed in this book.  In reality, Christian liberty is an “appendage of justification,” as Calvin said; certainly justification has everything to do with our conscience and Christian liberty (see Gal. 5:1 & Westminster Confession... Continue Reading

Worship and the Fear of God (Duguid)

In his introduction to Numbers 17:12-18:7, Iain Duguid makes some helpful comments on the lack of fearing God in much contemporary worship

In such churches, worship services increasingly seem to resemble coffee shops more than encounters with a holy God. While I’m sure that the people at this church mean well, their advertisement is certainly not designed to encourage the fear of God. Rather, they suggest that worshiping God is a casual and non-threatening activity, an enjoyable... Continue Reading