The Last Act Is Bloody. Always Bloody.

The denial of death, or at least of the necessary horror at death, has come to infect our world.

“I have remarked in the past that too often Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ from the grave without really acknowledging why he was in the grave in the first place.  We jump from Good Friday to Easter Sunday without lingering outside the tomb.  That explains not simply the Malarkey incident but also much of... Continue Reading

Modern Bible Is Too Dull, Says Philip Pullman

“Speaking of the demise of the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, the author said: ‘I do regret that children don’t have this experience of language which is grand and stately, and above their heads if you like. Because it gave me an immense amount of pleasure to hear the cadences and... Continue Reading

Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope For Those Who Suffer From Depression

Spurgeon, the famed preacher, wrestled against depression through much of his pastoral ministry

“Spurgeon’s Sorrows takes a balanced approach to the role of diet and medicine to relieve some of the symptoms of depression, in some people, some of the time. However, the author also wisely concludes, as did Charles, that dietary or medicinal relief is not a solution in and of itself and should not be pursued... Continue Reading

A Vine-Ripened Life: Spiritual Fruitfulness Through Abiding In Christ (Review)

"The Vine-Ripened Life" is a much more rich and edifying alternative to a book like "Jesus Calling"

“A Vine-Ripened Life is a pastoral book. Gale writes with a gentle tone, using personal examples and practical illustrations to accompany his teaching. The focus of each chapter isn’t primarily the fruits of the Christian life, but the Vine, Jesus Christ. In his first chapter Gale asserts, “If we come away from this study without... Continue Reading

How To Write More Gooder

Here are a few simple practices which may help a great deal

“Books on writing don’t scratch where most people itch. They get into things like transitive verbs and active voice and the difference between affect and effect, useful in hedging the driveway but less relevant in knowing how to turn on the lawnmower. Most people don’t need help going from good to great. They need help... Continue Reading

What’s The Problem With Christian Books?

I have a recurring problem in my reading; too often I find Christian books uninspiring

“Too many Christian books are more concerned with warning about something bad than encouraging the enjoyment of something good. This tends to be the case even when the book purports to be written to help the reader understand something that is good. Too many Christian books seem to be written because the author is irritated... Continue Reading

Tyndale Pulls Book, But Should Repent Along With the Church

Just because someone is talking about Jesus, heaven, hell, etc., doesn’t mean that what they are saying is true or has any real bearing to Biblical truth.

I know it’s difficult to warn people against such books with horrendous theology. They don’t like it. To try and warn someone against something like Jesus Calling insults the ones who read it because they have deemed it right in their own eyes. But we still must try. The general population of the church is not... Continue Reading

Ten Books that Have Shaped Me as a Christian

What we have below are ten books that profoundly shaped my head and my heart at key moments in my Christian life.

This is not a list of my ten favorite books of all time (though that list would have significant overlap with this one), nor is this a list of the ten books every Christian should read. For that list I’d pick a few more popular-level books and try to cover a number of other topics.... Continue Reading

New & Noteworthy Books in 2015

A list of books that may be worthwhile and significant in 2015

“Christian children’s books are legion but good children’s books that captivate as well as educate are rare. Getting a pastor-theologian to take up the challenge is encouraging and I’m eager to see what DeYoung and Clark have in store for us. This is a book that promises a biblical-theological approach, connecting the dots throughout Scripture... Continue Reading

Texas Tough (Book Review of “Rough Country”)

How Texas became America’s most powerful Bible-Belt state

“Why is much Texas religion heartfelt and at the same time racist, hostile to difference, and at ease with violence? Why the affinity between corporate money and religion? Why does such a religious state have so much inequality? Why does this Texas version of Christendom—the intertwining of religion, politics, and culture—persist?”   Outside the large... Continue Reading