The Minister Who Moved a Mountain

The story of Bob Childress is not only eye-opening, it offers us hope for today.

Despite facing abject poverty, alcoholism, grief, domestic abuse and gun-wielding foes, Childress didn’t cave to culture pressers. He certainly didn’t soften his theology. But he did soften hearts and minds to Jesus. The challenges we face look different, but sin is ever-constant.    If you ever visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, then you’re sure to... Continue Reading

Did the Early Christians Get the Jesus Story Wrong?

Bart Ehrman has (again) released a book attacking the reliability and historical integrity of the New Testament.

In sum, Ehrman has written another interesting, provocative, and, at times, even insightful book. But just like his prior books, he’s continually tripped up by a hyper-skeptical methodology that seems bent on poking holes in the authenticity of the Gospels. He takes possibilities and turns them into probabilities and eventually into established fact.    Bart Ehrman has (again)... Continue Reading

“Living In The Light” by John Piper: A Review

The book was helpful in that it kept talking about how the Christian needs to have God at the center and must treasure Christ above all

However, this also was a weakness of the book: the theme of treasuring Christ became the overarching lens to interpret these three topics in Scripture.  While on the one hand it is true we must treasure Christ above all; on the other hand there are many more dimensions in Scripture about these things.  Having a... Continue Reading

Is Disagreement about Homosexuality an “Intra-Evangelical” Discussion?

Zondervan will be releasing later this year a new book on homosexuality in their Counterpoints series

“Affirming” vs. “Non-Affirming” – Related to the above, I am persuaded that the labels “affirming” and “non-affirming” frame the issue in a way that is already biased against what the church has always believed about homosexuality. When the labels are applied to questions of human identity, they sound as if one group likes gay people... Continue Reading

Is Certainty Sinful? (Book Review)

Enns’s diagnosis of sins of “certainty” is more accurate than many might grant

“The answer, according to Enns, is that Christians (still) have a problem with certainty, despite the numerous treatments that have said as much. Specifically, he thinks we’ve identified our faith in God with our thoughts about God, and so have become preoccupied with correct thinking.”   “I’m not saying never doubt or question,” John Ames writes to his... Continue Reading

Dealing With Church “Troublers”

These are great things for us – pastors, elders, and members – to remember when dealing with a person that is “constitutionally unhappy” with the pastor’s ministry and the local church.

“The pastor need not be surprised if he finds troublers in his church. The discovery of such persons among the professed people of God sometimes shocks ministers, especially inexperienced ones, and discourages them, and sometimes leads them unwisely to give up their charges. But it should be understood as a lamentable fact that such persons... Continue Reading

Is the Federal Vision Gone? A Review of “Historic Christianity and the Federal Vision”

Since the internet debate has died from its heyday about a decade ago, many have assumed that the Federal Vision is gone and dead; a highly erroneous conclusion.

This book is quite well done, carefully argued, and theologically perceptive. I thought, over the course of some 350 blog posts, and countless comments, that I had considered the FV from just about every possible angle. Dewey showed me wrong. He has many angles that I had not thought of before. If the peacefully slumbering... Continue Reading

Eschatological Headship

Where are the books written about the honorable, sacrificial love of the head?

What are the main themes in the creation account? Authority? Leadership? Equality? Are these the words that most correspond to our sexual design and our relationships in marriage and the church? Lee-Barnewall challenges the way we read into the Genesis account with our own arguments by asking the reader to look at it in a... Continue Reading

Backsliding: Two Steps Back

Why do we sometimes wander in the spiritual wilderness for periods of our Christian life?

Backsliding is a hard part of the Christian life, and we should not like it, but it shouldn’t cause us to despair or think we’re not saved because we are backsliding.  God’s people have gone through this trial before and we’ll go through it again.  Of course, it is also wise to seek to avoid... Continue Reading

Evolution and a Universe as Young as Humanity

If we admit and endorse an ancient universe, we see a vastly purposeless universe that for the great majority of time had no human beings to bring purpose and order to it

“I recently came across an extended quote from Denis Alexander’s book Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? In this excerpt he helps readers understand the incredible amount of time encompassed by an evolutionary framework. But the deeper he goes into his argument, the farther he seems to go from the centrality of man in... Continue Reading