My Human Identity Transcends Gender

The concepts of masculinity and femininity are so confusing and controversial today that a number of leading psychologists have suggested that the terms be abandoned.

The problem is not the inconsistency between our gender and our sex. The problem is that we have bought into an excessively narrow view of gender. The notion of what it means to be female, or what it means to be male, is extremely broad (or ought to be—every boy need not be a deer... Continue Reading

Confederates, Methodism, Abortion & Remembrance

Blackmun’s marble tablet is a reminder that diligent churchmen can go horribly astray

“The ancient cathedrals, churches and abbeys of Europe are full of stained glass, statuary, plaques, engravings, and prominent tombs for often infamous monarchs, warriors, prelates and statesmen. They would not be so honored today, but their memorials of past centuries are left largely undisturbed, as art, as historical artifacts, and as reminders of human depravity.”... Continue Reading

Politics and What It Means to Be an ‘Evangelical’

White evangelicals are too often represented in the political arena by the likes of Franklin Graham, Robert Jeffress, and Jerry Falwell Jr., who have decided to go “all in” with Trump

“If politics is not and never has been the center of my life in church, why would I leave my church (for what else can “leaving evangelicalism” typically mean?) because lots of self-identifying evangelicals, including some at my church, voted for Trump?”   The election of Donald Trump has elicited a great deal of frustration... Continue Reading

Student Series: On Exiting the Bubble of Comfort

if we want to be like Jesus, we can seek to love like him, by trying to understand where someone with different views is coming from, and pointing them back to the cross in love.

I had accidentally enrolled in queer theories, and was apparently the only straight person in the room. Yes, that really happened. At first, I laughed at myself because accidentally enrolling in the wrong class is so something I would do. But after really thinking about it, I decided this could be an interesting opportunity, and... Continue Reading

Is Same Sex Attraction Sinful?

Homosexual desire is not analogous to heterosexual desire. Man desiring woman is not sinful in itself: God made us such. Man desiring man is sinful in itself because God didn’t make us such.

Claiming that SSA is merely a temptation or a morally neutral “brokenness” from the Fall is unbiblical, deceptive, and eternally dangerous for the souls who struggle with this particular sin. Soothing same sex attracted people’s consciences by telling them that it’s just a “broken condition” or merely a temptation and not sinful unless they act on... Continue Reading

The Life of Charlie Gard: Whose Decision is it Anyway?

Heaven forbid you are ever faced with a medical life-or-death decision as serious as Charlie’s. But if you are, shouldn’t the decision be yours?

The decision of the hospital and courts to let Charlie die is essentially a bureaucratic one. It is based on the degree of healthcare resources—in a government-run system—required to pursue the slim possibility of a positive treatment outcome. Charlie’s continuing treatment would fall outside the scope of coverage of the N.H.S. and would be considered... Continue Reading

Discerning Entertainment

Entertainment affects our minds, our homes, our culture, and our churches.

Through my experience in entertainment, God has heightened my sensitivity as I have attempted to lead my family in how we view and enjoy all types of entertainment: from TVshows to movies, from operas to music, from books to Broadway musicals, from bedtime stories to board games.   My maternal grandfather, James Robson Featherstone (1915–1995), was born... Continue Reading

John Calvin: The Religious Reformer Who Influenced Capitalism

Though Max Weber gave Calvin credit for sanctifying the Protestant work ethic, he never accepted capitalism unconditionally.

Both the blame and the credit for capitalism have often been placed at the feet not of an economist, but rather a sixteenth-century Christian theologian named John Calvin. Calvin’s belief in predestination and other tenets embraced by aggressive capitalists, is seen as giving the theological justification for a Protestant vision that propelled economic growth in... Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Husbands who Abuse Their Wives

If you harm your wife physically, sexually, emotionally, or materially, Jesus stands against you

“There is no place among the followers of Jesus for violence or harsh words, for sexual manipulation, for financial leverage or for making threats. Blaming tiredness or stress, or alcohol and drugs doesn’t cut it. These things are symptoms of a deeper issue in your heart.”   Author’s note: If you are in an abusive... Continue Reading

Passion for Equality

The owner of a Colorado cake shop declined to design and bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple saying that baking such a cake would violate his religious convictions.

Tocqueville believed, in Patrick Deneen’s words, that democracies inevitably seek to do away with “any apparent differences” among people—“material, social, or personal.” No distinctions are to be tolerated. In fact, Tocqueville wrote that democratic societies have an inevitable tendency toward pantheism, since, in the end, even a distinction between Creator and created becomes intolerable.   At the... Continue Reading