Christian School Can Be Banned From Michigan Township, Judges Rule

A panel of a U.S. Court of Appeals said Friday that a Michigan Township can forbid a Christian school from moving into its city.

“The government is refusing to allow a Christian school to move into a building on church property or, for that matter, anywhere else in town. That’s wrong,” Sasser said earlier, explaining the basis for the lawsuit. “Federal law expressly prohibits the government using zoning laws to keep religious institutions out of their town. … This... Continue Reading

Cambodia’s Child Sex Industry Is Dwindling—And They Have Christians to Thank

From rescues to legal reform, a faithful minority changed the country’s criminal landscape.

Excited, disgusted, and afraid of being found out during his capital city spying, Sek Saroeun repeated Romans 12:12 to himself: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Over time, “fear led to longing; longing led to transformation that is unimaginable,” he told colleagues at an IJM conference a decade later, explaining how... Continue Reading

Married Lesbians Sue Tennessee Over Spousal Definitions

Four pregnant couples say a new state law denies them equal rights to children conceived by artificial insemination .

Advocates say the simple law mandates words in state legal codes not be extended or changed beyond their natural definition. One of the bill’s sponsors, Republican state Rep. Andrew Farmer, told NBC News the legislation had “nothing to do with same sex-marriage or gender.” But LGBT activists are calling the law “sneaky,” arguing it “clearly... Continue Reading

In A Largely Godless World It’s Hard To Know What To Say When Tragedy Strikes

When belief in a living God is not present, how do people explain and handle tragedies and where is the word of hope?

Not so long ago, public grieving for the victims of a bombing or fire would be tempered by the consolations of heaven, where the souls of the departed would one day be joined by those of loved ones. Even if many Christians did not privately believe in the afterlife, the publicly expressed idea that part... Continue Reading

Lawsuit: East Lansing Violated Farmer’s Religious Freedom

Steve Tennes, owner of Country Mill Farms, has been excluded from the Farmers Market because of views he expressed on Facebook regarding marriage.

In December, Tennes announced via Facebook that he would resume scheduling weddings at the orchard, while reserving the right to deny a request that would violate his Catholic beliefs. “It remains our deeply held religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and Country Mill has the First Amendment Right... Continue Reading

A Religious Revolution Is Taking Place In Ireland

It certainly appears, from the experience of other countries, that increased secularisation provides an environment in which such churches thrive.

While one’s first experience of a large Evangelical or Pentecostal church in Ireland can be disorientating, we should maintain a sense of perspective. Such Christians are still a tiny minority in our country. Yet their growth, often hidden under our noses and largely undocumented, is significant, and has something to contribute to the kind of... Continue Reading

Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female — and Childbearing

The invisibility of the unborn is one of the reasons why abortion is so thinkable in our society

“It’s important both to consider that ectogenesis would represented a critical step in the shift from begetting children to making them, and that we are already some way down this path on account of our cultural acceptance and normalization of contraception, abortion, IVF, and same-sex marriage. With each step, the associated logic carries greater power.”  ... Continue Reading

Why The US Military Wants Fewer Generic Christians

Codifying religion into 216 categories reflects the inherent structure of the military

With more structured traditions, chaplains can seek out certain religious texts or experts in the faith to advise on reasonable accommodations. But “what if you’re Wiccan?,” asked Hansen. “It’s very individualistic. What one Wiccan needs is not what the other needs. You could claim anything.”   If you’re an evangelical entering America’s military—and about 4... Continue Reading

Why It Was Once Unthinkable for the President to Be Seen With the Pope

President Trump and Pope Francis managed such pleasantries seemed unthinkable a year ago.

As the 2016 campaign progressed, Donald Trump avoided igniting additional feuds with Francis. Although analysts believed that the candidate had a “Catholic problem,” Trump did quite well with Catholic voters on Election Day. He not only won white Catholics, but he increased the GOP’s share of Catholic voters over 2008 and 2012.   The much-anticipated... Continue Reading

Eliminating the Human

“What much of this technology seems to have in common is that it removes the need to deal with humans directly.”

Why has technology trended in this direction? There are a number of reasons: Humans are increasingly seen as inefficient compared to machines; there are cost savings that come with automation; automation promises increased convenience and greater leisure. And maybe, just maybe, engineers and developers are uneasy with human interaction and creating a world they are... Continue Reading