There Is No Conservative Case For Genderless Bathrooms

The issue: No one has the liberty to violate the modesty of a woman. A good society conserves this important and fundamental human value at all costs.

He fails to appreciate that according to the rules of transgender politics, these policies mean any person could enter any bathroom, changing room, or locker room and freely do and observe what is done in such places. Anyone. There is no criteria—medical, legal, physical, or psychological—anyone must meet to be accepted as officially transgender. It is solely up to the person making the claim, and no one... Continue Reading

Renouncing Narcissism

Life is a war for glory, or are you a functional narcissist?

Narcissistic people rarely have deep friendships and usually don’t really desire them. They have fans but not friends. They have the admiration of others but not intimacy. They want to surround themselves with those who will approve and affirm them and assure them that they are okay but not with true friends who will lovingly... Continue Reading

How Napping Changes Your Brain That Makes You More Creative

Napping has been shown to aid in hormonal maintenance, cell repair, promote better heart function, help you live longer, look younger, and keep more fit and active.

We have seen how napping positively effects the brain in various ways. Not only does it boost brain power but it also stimulates the right side of the brain which is thought to “clean up” our brains and consolidate memories. So next time you find yourself loosing focus or becoming less productive as the day... Continue Reading

Minnesota Wants to Censor and Coerce Christian Artists

Government officials are not only telling filmmakers what they can or can’t film, but also what they’re required to create.

This idea doesn’t resonate with the state’s Department of Human Rights, which seems bent on aggressively enforcing a narrow interpretation of the Minnesota Human Rights Act. State officials have interpreted that law to require anyone who makes films celebrating man-woman weddings to also make films celebrating same-sex weddings. If they refuse, they can be punished with a fine... Continue Reading

“I Feel Forgotten”: A Decade Of Struggle In Rural Ohio

“They worry about making everybody else happy,” he said. “I feel forgotten.”

Yet, like many other members of the country’s white working class, Jessie and Tracy feel that the country has abandoned them. When I called him last week, Jessie said that he feels as though the government is “bending over backwards” to help other groups—immigrants, minorities—while ignoring the people hurting in his community. “They worry about... Continue Reading

Are Short-Term Mission Trips a Waste of Time and Money?

A few tough questions may be warranted to help you wrestle through this hard but important subject

“If $1,500 per teenager has to be raised so that a youth group can go on a short-term mission trip we need to make sure that it was worth the investment! A sure way of doing this is to make sure that, in addition to whatever humanitarian projects are being done, the lost are being... Continue Reading

Major New Research Devastating to Abortion; Times Flips It the Other Way Around

The big news is that there’s no evidence that legal restrictions on abortion have any negative impact on women’s mental health or well-being.

Researchers compared mental health outcomes for women who had been granted abortions and those who had been denied it due to the baby’s gestational age. It found that those who seek abortions have similar mental health outcomes whether they are granted the abortion or denied it for reasons of law or policy beyond their control.   Abortion proponents... Continue Reading

When Did Feminism Become So Anti-Motherhood?

We’re blaming the wrong group for the disappointment; it’s not the kids who are at fault for “ruining” their mother’s lives. Instead thank a feminist movement that has failed women.

When sex is stripped of its intimacy, or its possibility for future life, and becomes about what a person can get rather than give, it is no longer empowering or powerful. It has simply been reduced to another way of feeding our selfishness. Ironically, numerous studies cite that married, rather than single women, report having... Continue Reading

Free Pastor Andrew: Christians Rally for Missionary Jailed in Turkey

American pastor caught up in terrorism sweep by country he served for more than 20 years

“The pastor of Izmir Resurrection Church on the west coast of Turkey was imprisoned based on allegations of ties to the Gülen movement, whose followers are blamed by the Turkish government of attempting a coup on July 15.”   Christian advocates in the United States have launched a global campaign to release Andrew Brunson, an... Continue Reading

Christmas: Sentimentality or Reality

If Jesus is who he claimed to be, then it changes everything

As I pondered the central aspect of the Christian faith, Jesus, I began to become more convinced that Jesus was the Christ promised all throughout the Old Testament. He truly was the Son of God who came to save sinners like me. This Christmas, as with every Christmas, there is much to focus upon. All... Continue Reading