Christian Eschatology and The Planet of the Apes

Movies can represent the intersection of eschatology with contemporary fears.

As I went around the room with my students, I asked what their home churches had taught about the ultimate things: heaven, hell, kingdom, and so on. Most of them said their churches were reluctant to say much at all, beyond generalities. Many of their churches, it seems, were fearful to talk much about eschatology... Continue Reading

Childish Tendencies

A window into the self-absorbed hipster, ‘Obvious Child’ is painful to watch

Despite Obvious Child’s attempt to be a gritty, independent film, the realism is limited to Donna’s millennial attitude. Here Juno distinguishes itself again. Juno, which won an Oscar for best original screenplay, allowed its story to remain first. The writer, Diablo Cody, wasn’t a pro-life lobbyist with a checklist. But in Obvious Child, the story is reduced to... Continue Reading

A Movie that Makes Abortion Funny

“Obvious Child” is a romantic comedy that tries to make abortion sympathetic and funny

Melling goes on to opine on the continuing stigma attached to abortion. Melling seems perplexed that after decades of feminist propaganda, people continue to feel an inexplicable moral repugnance towards abortion. Melling thinks that this is a sad state of affairs—given our post-modern enlightenment—and that movies like “Obvious Child” help folks to see that abortion really... Continue Reading

Sudden Impact

Films that deal fairly with Christians are getting a respectful audience at major film festivals

The Tribeca Film Festival, though only 12 years old, is growing into one of the major festivals along with Sundance, Toronto, and South By Southwest. The festival circuit has grown more and more influential as independent films draw wider audiences and more dollars.    (WNS)–The credits rolled at a screening and an audience at a... Continue Reading

Chaos Comedy

“Moms' Night” Out mines humor out of its message

What Moms’ Night Out proves, even more than October Baby, is that the Erwins are Christian filmmakers who can compete with mainstream Hollywood in turning out a polished, engaging film. Moms’ Night Out isn’t funny for a Christian movie, it’s just funny.   (WNS)–No doubt, before Moms’ Night Out releases to theaters on Mother’s Day weekend, reviews in most mainstream outlets will... Continue Reading

Deconstructing Noah’s Arc: Godawful Storytelling

The Noah movie is ugly. It’s anti-human exceptionalism. It’s enviro-agitprop. And it’s poorly done.

Christians, you are tools being played if you think that this movie is anything BUT a subversion of the Biblical God and an exaltation of environmentalism and animal rights against humans. Don’t listen to those who say that hurting the earth is just part of the sins of mankind in the story. No matter what... Continue Reading

‘Noah’ Film Sparks Debate Over One Of The World’s Oldest And Most Beloved Stories

Some have suggested it couldn’t support the movie unless Paramount included a disclaimer that it was “inspired by” the story of Noah rather than be seen as literal scripture

So what makes the simple story of Noah so popular? Joseph Blenkinsopp, a professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame who has studied Noah, thinks it’s because more people are aware of global disasters. “For Jews and Christians, and possibly Muslims, it’s a sign of judgment, that judgment is real and there will be... Continue Reading

‘Son Of God’ Veers Toward Gnostic Heresy

The movie’s portrayal of Jesus’ Last Supper with the disciples creates the impression that Jesus ordered Judas to betray him.

When Jesus identifies his betrayer in the movie, Judas resists. “I will not,” he says through gritted teeth to Jesus, who is holding a piece of bread to Judas’ mouth. “I will not betray you.” Jesus leans in closer and says, “do it quickly,” as he inserts the bread into Judas’ mouth. When Peter tries... Continue Reading

By Us, About Us: Reflections On 12 Years A Slave And Literature

Literature shows us in stark relief that we’re less different than we would have imagined, and that we all possess the same basic need: Christ.

“Literature is one of the primary containers of cultural truth. As Christians who are to be serious about proclaiming Christ in every area of the society we live in, to leave literature out of the picture is to leave a dangerous stone unturned.”   I remember the first time I ever realized that a story... Continue Reading

The Movie “Son Of God” And The Second Commandment

Packer’s right: some risks aren’t worth taking

So should you see the movie? Consider the above council, pray about it, and draw your own conclusions. As for me, Osteen’s glowing endorsement of “Son of God” notwithstanding (or perhaps because of it?), and in spite of my cultural curiosity, I don’t plan on seeing the film. Packer’s right: some risks aren’t worth taking.... Continue Reading