Zionsville pastor resigns to refocus

The Rev. Glenn McDonald went to members of Zionsville Presbyterian Church at this weekend’s services with a surprising message: He was resigning from the church he founded 26 years ago because of sins in his life. But his failures, he explained, weren’t the things that typically trip up pastors and lead to emotional public confessions.... Continue Reading

Church of Scotland Minister faces dismissal over a manse row

The battle between the church authorities and an Edinburgh minister who refuses to live in his manse is set to continue despite a two-hour Kirk “trial”. The Rev John Munro, minister at Fairmilehead Parish Church, lost the vote when his case went before the Church of Scotland’s Commission of Assembly on Nov 18th. But the... Continue Reading

Too many ministers, not enough jobs

That’s the dilemma facing leaders of the United Methodist Church, and it may bring the long-standing practice of guaranteed jobs for pastors to an end. Since the 1950s, United Methodists and their ministers have had a deal: Ministers went where they were assigned, even if it meant leaving a church they loved, and the denomination... Continue Reading

Calvin Bust Unveiled in Cuba

A bust of Protestant reformer John Calvin was recently unveiled in a park in Havana, Cuba, as a way to cap a year-long celebration of Calvin’s 500th birthday. Calvinism plays a role in the religious life of Cuba in part because of the more-than-25-year work of the Cuban Christian Reformed Church. The Calvin celebrations were... Continue Reading

Red Church Revival

On the outskirts of Tivoli, NY, a small Hudson River village, sits a small, fairly nondescript church known simply as “the Red Church.” Although it’s never had its own congregation and it ceased housing a congregation of any kind more than a century ago, the former Dutch Reformed church has found a special place in... Continue Reading

Presbyterian Church considers denouncing Caterpillar Corp.

The Louisville-based Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is being asked to approve a statement that “strongly denounces” the Caterpillar corporation for profiting from Israel’s use of its heavy equipment for “clearly non-peaceful purposes.” The church committee recommending the statement is not calling on the denomination to pull its investments from Caterpillar — an approach that drew heavy... Continue Reading

The Eyes of the Nation are on the Southern Baptist Convention

Will the Southern Baptist Convention step up to the plate and hit the ball out of the park this Christmas? The second largest denomination–and the largest Protestant denomination–in the U.S. is approaching a critical choice point in December 2009. The denomination has announced since 2007 that an additional 2,800 missionaries could help it complete the... Continue Reading

New Presbyterian Church Welcomes Visitors

from the Edmond Sun Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Edmond, Okla., is a new church-plant of the Presbyterian Church in America. With the recent growth Edmond and Oklahoma City have experienced along with the desire of a core group of people to bring a PCA church to Edmond, the network went forward in developing plans to... Continue Reading

Reformed Church in America Is Imploding, Professor Says

The Reformed Church in America ship is sinking, argues one Reformed believer. “Listen. Do you hear them? Those are the gentle, mournful sounds of a denomination imploding,” Donald A. Luidens, professor of sociology at Hope College in Holland, Mich., wrote in an article featured in November’s Perspectives. “The denominational craft has carried us far, but... Continue Reading

Oh Heavenly Weed

You’ve heard about people taking advantage of Colorado’s medical marijuana laws by faking an illness, getting a doctor’s prescription and getting licensed to smoke pot. But now there’s a ministry where you can get higher than the heavens, smoke your sacrament, without any license required. And you’ll find it right in the heart of Boulder,... Continue Reading