340-Year-Old Bible Found in Wisconsin – A Martin Luther translation of Latin into German

Bible found in a Wisconsin Lutheran church may or may not enhance understanding of the text, but it certainly is providing a new perception of “pigskin” in Packer country. A 340-year-old discovery has put a small Lutheran school and church in Bonduel on the world-wide map. A 17th Century Bible was found inside St. Paul... Continue Reading

Vatican Welcomes Three Anglican Bishops as Roman Catholic Priests; First Conversions Under New Rules

The three former Anglican bishops, the Rev. Andrew Burnham, the Rev. Keith Newton and the Rev. John Broadhurst, will now be Catholic priests, not bishops, because the Catholic church “does not, in any circumstances, allow the ordination of married men as bishops,” the statement said. The Vatican on Saturday welcomed the first group of traditionalist... Continue Reading

Update as of January 18 on PCA Presbytery Votes on BCO 14 Amendments: 23-22 Against Adopting (with one split vote)

Three additional Presbyteries voted on January 18:one in favor of the changes, one opposed to the changes, and one splitting – voting in favor of the amendment to BCO 14-1 and voting against the amendment to BCO 14-2. There are now 22 Presbyteries who have voted for both amendments, with 53 required for ratification. This... Continue Reading

Growth Plans for EPC Congregation in Virginia Beach stymied by zoning considerations

Pastor Nate Atwood of Kempsville Presbyterian Church said he and his 1,800 church members can’t understand why the city would want to limit what he said would be high-quality developments that would create jobs and tax revenue. The project is still conceptual and would likely take 20 or more years to develop, he said. A... Continue Reading

Southwestern Baptist Seminary Ousts Regional Association for Tolerating Homosexuality

The seminary also asserted that the association has not been helpful in job placements for professors and students in TBA member churches and stated that it needs more space for offices and a Welcome Center. The association has 395 member churches, according to its website. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has asked an association of churches... Continue Reading

Christ Church Savannah granted a hearing before Georgia Supreme Court To Hear Its Appeal on Property Decision

Christ Church disaffiliated from The Episcopal Church (TEC) in 2007 with a unanimous decision of its governing board. Two weeks later the congregation affirmed that decision by an 87% majority vote. In response, TEC filed suit against the downtown congregation The Supreme Court of Georgia has determined that it will rule on the lawsuit brought... Continue Reading

Update as of January 15 on Presbytery Votes on BCO 14 Amendments: 22-20 Against Adopting

The vote of Presbyteries on the BCO 14 amendments as of January 15 is now stands at 22 voting against, 20 voting in favor of adopting the amendments. On January 14 the following Presbyteries voted: Pacific Northwest Presbytery voted in favor. On 14-1: Yes 38; No 9; Abstain 0; On 14-2: Yes 40; No 5;... Continue Reading

Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Faces Critical Resolutions on Sexuality, Property Negotiations

Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop, has made it clear in court testimony that she would rather sell church properties for “saloons” than sell to other Anglican entities and ministries. When the Diocese of Virginia meets January 20-22, high on the list of resolutions will be one affirming “same-gender unions” and another relating... Continue Reading

PCA’s Missouri Presbytery approves report of the ‘Meyers Investigative Committee’; Meyers’s views found in accord, but some actions admonished

After this extensive review and investigation, the committee found there is not sufficient evidence to raise “a strong presumption of the guilt” (BCO 31-2) of TE Meyers that he is teaching contrary to the Westminster Standards. The Presbytery overwhelmingly approved the 18 recommendations presented by the committee (12 of which touch on TE Meyers’s theological... Continue Reading

New converts flocking to an ancient church – Orthodox traditions dating back centuries attract members

About half of St. Jonah Orthodox Church’s congregation in Spring are converts who, with immigrants, have fueled a 16 percent rise in the number of U.S. Orthodox parishes in the past decade. Like many of his parishioners, Father Richard Petranek came to the Orthodox Church in search of the past. After 30 years as an... Continue Reading


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