Update as of Nov. 9 on Presbytery Votes on BCO 14 Amendments: 14-8 Against Adoption

The vote of Presbyteries on the BCO 14 amendments is now at 14-8 against adopting the amendments. On November 6, Ohio Presbytery voted against of adoption: On BCO 14-1 and BCO 14-2: Yes 5; No 16; Abstain 1. On November 9 two Presbyteries voted in favor of adoption: Providence Presbytery voted in favor; the specific... Continue Reading

PCA’s Ohio Presbytery Appoints Committee to Study Use of Intinction in distribution of Sacraments

At a Stated Meeting of the relatively new Ohio Presbytery of the PCA, an overture from a local congregation asking for appointment of a Presbytery study committee on the topic of intinction was approved; given 12 month time line for report. What is Intinction? The simple answer comes from Merriam-Webster: the administration of the sacrament... Continue Reading

Church of England in crisis as five bishops defect to Rome; lead hundreds of Anglicans in first wave

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is expected to announce the resignations as parishes across the country meet to discuss the Pope’s offer to accommodate disaffected Anglicans within the Roman Catholic Church. Senior Catholics are finalising plans for a new group for Anglican converts who cannot accept women bishops and a detailed timetable for... Continue Reading

Mainline Lutheran services attack ‘bound consciences’ of those who uphold Biblical teaching on sexuality

Biblical language for God – including the word Lord and the Triune name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, – was removed from parts of liturgies…including options for the Lord’s Prayer that included calling God “Mother” rather than “Our Father.” Services receiving persons in same-sex relationships as Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) pastors... Continue Reading

Methodists seek better pastors to fight shrinking rolls

They relied on research from the business services firm Towers Watson. It found about 15 percent were so-called vital congregations, with strong preaching and lay leadership, and a mixture of contemporary and traditional worship. Better pastors. Healthier churches. Less bureaucracy. United Methodists hope that combination will help turn around decades of declining membership and attendance,... Continue Reading

PCA Standing Judicial Commission Overturns Northern California Position Statement on role of Women in Diaconal functions

SJC finds that Sessions and Presbyteries may interpret and apply the Constitution as they see best, and those decisions are subject only to Review and Control or judicial process. They are NOT subject to abstract statements, such as Position Papers or motions. The same decision included the following statements by the SJC: Any other procedure... Continue Reading

Follow-up on PCUSA Per Capita Write-Off Story: Answering your questions

The article about PCUSA General Assembly per capita write-offs posted yesterday http://bit.ly/c1qHOY generated a bevy of questions from readers. Here are the answers to a few of them. Q: What is “per capita”? A: The words “per capita” appear twice in the Form of Government Book of Order (G-9.0308 and 9.0404d). In neither place it... Continue Reading

Challenging Individualism – North Carolina CBF proposal raises age-old questions of Baptist identity

Warning to Baptists: fighting words to follow, including “creeds,” “confessions,” and “individual vs. congregational authority.” The subject of long-standing debates in Baptist circles is gaining renewed attention as the North Carolina chapter of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) revises its foundational statement. CBF is a national alliance of 1,900 moderate Baptist congregations that broke from... Continue Reading

PCUSA writes off nearly a million dollars in uncollectible per capita giving from churches for Calendar Year 2009

According to the budget report released at the recent meeting of the Committee on the Office of the General Assembly (very similar to the PCA Administrative Committee), the uncollectible GA per capita for 2009 stands at $936,203. After an additional $20,000 is received from three presbyteries who are committed to settling accounts with the GA,... Continue Reading

PCA Standing Judicial Commission sends complaint against Nashville Presbytery back for further investigation

“…the Record of the Case in this matter establishes that no written information was presented to Presbytery concerning the work of the Shepherding Committee. Thus there is no record of the facts leading Presbytery to conclude that the investigation had been satisfactorily completed.” In a highly unusual situation, the PCA Standing Judicial Commission (SJC) has... Continue Reading