The Eat, Pray, Love Life Isn’t the Fulfilling Life

Jesus claims sole rights over fulfillment and he offers it on his own terms.

Whether it was your dream to have children or not, when you find yourself wiping bottoms and losing sleep and drying tears and skipping showers and meals, you don’t feel personally fulfilled. That would be crazy. From a strictly “fulfillment” perspective, there are plenty of things I’d rather do than raise these 4 little people... Continue Reading

A Reflection and Some Lingering Concerns after the RTS Trinity Conference

What's more essential, being complementarian or being inside Nicene orthodoxy?

Second, as noted earlier all persons of the Godhead have all the attributes of God and this list usually includes power and glory. But this seems to be another difference between orthodoxy and ESS/EFS/ERAS. Is God’s authority (power) an attribute or not? Orthodox teaching says yes. Grudem and Ware say no. At ETS yesterday, Grudem... Continue Reading

A God Thing

All life experiences are “God things”

When we define only our happy experiences as “God things,” we miss the hand of God and convey a shallow and incomplete message about him to others. When we thank him only in blessing and not in hardship, we fail to praise the God who does all things well and sustains us in the wilderness for... Continue Reading

So What Are You First, Christian, or Something Else?

If you are going to call me something I suggest you call me a Christian first.

If you are going to call me something I suggest you call me a Christian first, and I am commanded by Paul here to let the life of Jesus be all over me in the way I act and treat others so the title of “Christian” would have validity.  I am not hiding my ethnicity,... Continue Reading

Tender Mercies And Their Effect

Paul’s purpose in teaching was that his heaters may learn to sacrificially live.

Then, as doctrinally instructed ambassadors of the King and his Gospel, we ought always be willing to sacrifice popularity and comfort by being faithful, loving evangelists. To sum it up, as we become intoxicated with the “mercies of God,” we should find ourselves self-worshiping less and panting to look and live more like Jesus —... Continue Reading

They Don’t Know With Whom They Are Dealing or How

It would seem obvious, but nonetheless it must be stated, all human knowledge is theological.

In the Christian view of human knowledge, subjectivity and objectivity are not irreconcilably opposed to each other. God created we who know. God created how we know. God created what we know, yet ultimately what we know is the uncreated Triune God.   It would seem obvious, but nonetheless it must be stated—all human knowledge... Continue Reading

Unconditional Election: The Glory of Electing Grace

The doctrine of election should be a most humbling doctrine

I have no reason to stand before God except for the grace of God. There is no basis in myself as to why I should experience that grace. Even my response to God in faith is something He worked in me. As Ephesians 1 reminds us, the working of God in redemption, especially in election... Continue Reading

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said “Not an Iota, Not a Dot, Will Pass from the Law Until All Is Accomplished”?

Through His obedience, Jesus releases us from the burden of trying to earn our salvation

“This does not mean Christians should have no concern to follow God’s law. Christ frees us to obey it. Jesus’ disciples are called to a genuine love of God and neighbor (22:37–40; see 7:21). This is a lofty calling, but Jesus Himself embodied it throughout His life.”   Matthew 5:17–18 is a key text for... Continue Reading

Secret Contentment

Life for everyone — David, Jesus, Paul, you and me — is like a roller coaster

“Jesus Christ also experienced the best of days and worst of days. Great joy was found as he grew in wisdom, statutory, favor with God and man. He was thrilled as disciples were found, made, and matured. Yet, he suffered much and was afflicted; he endured much physical, mental, relational, financial, professional, political, and ecclesistical sorrows.”... Continue Reading

Grace Under Fire: The Purpose of Fiery Trials, pt 2

Three results fiery trials have on our faith

Fake faith was revealed when persecution arose. It’s like a fake Rolex – it looks real until you apply the slightest amount of scrutiny…if you rub a little too hard the gold comes off. If it gets in water, it rusts. Many people are like that – as soon as their faith comes under the... Continue Reading