300 Years After His Birth, Whitefield Has Staying Power With Evangelicals

George Whitefield, who was born in England 300 years ago on Dec. 16, 1714, is regarded as a catalyst for the First Great Awakening

“He was far more famous than Franklin when they first met,” said Kidd of the mutually beneficial relationship that lasted for decades. “Franklin kind of hitches his wagon to Whitefield’s star.” Across the Atlantic, the evangelist befriended members of the British aristocracy. “Whitefield had connections even within the royal family in Britain,” said Kidd.  ... Continue Reading

The “Celibate Gay Christian” Movement: How Should We Think About It?

The “celibate gay Christian movement” is known for its emphasis on teaching gay people to use their same-sex attraction to serve God

The defining element of same-sex attraction is desire for a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex. Once that desire is removed, it is no longer SSA. It is just friendship. In that sense, same-sex attraction is not a means to better, more holy friendships. It is an impediment to them. When one feels... Continue Reading

College President Sorry For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’

The president of Smith College is apologetic for telling students on the Northampton, Mass., campus that "all lives matter."

The issue is a problem at colleges around the country, Lukianoff said. He noted that Columbia Law School recently allowed students to postpone final exams if they felt they had experienced emotional trauma. The University of Hawaii, meanwhile, recently prohibited students from handing out the U.S. Constitution in most areas of campus, and only reversed... Continue Reading

Erskine College and Seminary Announces Major Restructuring Plan

Erskine College and Seminary President Paul Kooistra announced several program and personnel reductions in a letter addressed to students, faculty and staff

At the college, three professors voluntarily announced intended separations from Erskine at the end of the current fiscal year. Other savings will come from several salary reductions because of sabbaticals and load reductions. Additionally, the department of Modern Languages, which houses a French and a Spanish major, as well as several minors will be eliminated.... Continue Reading

The Death of Evangelical Missions…

The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of mankind is worth hard and painful work

Over the course of the past ten years or so, we’ve worked closely with our church’s missionaries to find out who among them is working directly to fulfill the Great Commission, or is willing to turn in that direction? What we’ve found is that Evangelical missions today has changed from preaching the Gospel to dispensing... Continue Reading

In His Own Words: Marcus Mariota

“Going ‘All In’ for God is glorifying Him with the abilities He’s given us and shining our light for Him.”- Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota

Prior to the 2014 college football season, FCA Magazine traveled to Eugene, Ore., to interview Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota about his faith, how it translates onto the field as he goes “All In” for Christ and his team, and what God has taught him during his time as a Duck.   FCA: How is... Continue Reading

Gay Marriage And The Death Of Freedom

Rather than striking a blow for individual liberties, the dogma of gay marriage is stifling them

Everywhere gay marriage has been introduced it has battered freedom, not boosted it. Debate has been chilled, dissenters harried, critics tear-gassed. Love and marriage might go together like horse and carriage, but freedom and gay marriage certainly do not. The double-thinking ‘freedom to marry’ has done more to power the elbow of the state than... Continue Reading

Moroni From the Realms of Glory

Mormons share just enough of our beliefs that they can masquerade as Christians if we do not look deeper than the surface.

This video serves as a helpful reminder that Mormons and many others use new media very well. These Mormon evangelistic efforts are always very clever and very compelling. They always give away enough information to make it seem like Mormons are just another friendly group of Christians, and they withhold the information that distinguishes them... Continue Reading

The Jesus Identity!

The discovery of a long-lost crypto-gospel: The Bourne Identity (A Parody)

We begin, for instance, with the charismatic main character, Jason Bourne, whose initials, JB, so obviously recall Jesus Christ! Now, you may object that in translation, JB differs slightly from JC, but this was an evident ruse by the early Christian author to avoid persecution and death. (As a parallel, we look at the author... Continue Reading

Military Punishes Chaplain for Referring to the Bible in Suicide-Prevention Seminar

What upset the atheist group is that Lawhorn explained how he learned to conquer adversity by following the example of Israel’s warrior king, David

Crews also noted that no one at the training session filed a formal complaint. Instead, he said, one Ranger in attendance took a photo of a handout distributed by Lawhorn and posted it on the Facebook page of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers. The group bills itself as a “national non-profit building community for atheists... Continue Reading

Five Things Pastors Need to Say to Their Children

Pastors' kids who heard these five things consistently are those who have the healthiest attitudes toward the church today

The pastor’s kid can be in a position to experience both the extreme highs and the extreme lows of local church ministry. And while the pastor is not totally responsible for how that child responds later in life, he can have a profound influence on him or her.   Over a year ago, I wrote... Continue Reading

If It Were Islam, Ridley Scott Would Need A Bunker

If you’re looking for something utterly offensive and insulting to Jews and Christians, you should go see Exodus

Exodus is about as unsympathetic an exploration of one of the world’s longest-enduring religions as I can imagine. How does Scott get away with this? If he were to do a similar epic on the origins of Islam, he and everyone else involved would be living in a bunker in an undisclosed location. Evangelical Christians not... Continue Reading

Can Any Man Ever Forgive My Past?

Do you think there are any single men who will forgive my past and look at me through new eyes in Christ?

I do believe there are godly single men who will forgive your past and look at you for who you really are: “the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” Such a one will be the sort who understands the horror of his own sin — whatever it is — and the infinite mercy he has... Continue Reading

Is Inerrancy a Recent Theological Invention?

The reason why we do not find significant doctrines of Scripture in the early church is that they were unnecessary.

In the case of inerrancy, it is misleading to suggest that it was a doctrinal invention conceived by Christian apologists in order to retain intellectual credibility in the throes of modernism or to counter the arguments of higher-criticism.  On the contrary, it is an example of what happens when a historic doctrine confronts contemporary issues... Continue Reading

Crucified on a Boogie Board

The supposed "crucifixion" of Rob Bell shows that theology does still matter to large segments of the church

Eventually, if this crowd has its way, and all the meanies go home and stop caring about doctrinal health in their churches, well there won’t be an orthodoxy left to feed on. It will just be history to study and reminisce about. At that point, what will their movement be? I can’t answer that question... Continue Reading

Pastors Who Podcast

Carl Trueman, a theologian and pastor in Pennsylvania, started a podcast last year with a fellow pastor and an author friend. About 30,000 people now subscribe to The Mortification of Spin on iTunes. (The name tweaks a classic Puritan book title.) “I kind of do it for fun,” Trueman said. “And I hope we cover... Continue Reading

Exodus: Gods and Kings — A Pastor’s Review

In every way that atheist director Ridley Scott could manipulate the story, he did

“What we have are a bunch of characters that share names with the Exodus narrative but only barely match any of the events and don’t share any of the dialogue whatsoever. It’s almost so far from Exodus, they could have changed the characters, called the film something else entirely, and someone would have watched it... Continue Reading

How American Evangelicals Are NOT Following New Testament Christianity

One way evangelicals have not been following the biblical example of our forefathers is in response to blatant unfaithfulness within the church itself

“I fear that for too many American Protestants, their first reaction if they heard of a church experiencing even one of these problems would be “if something like that was going on in my church, I would just leave and go to another church – even if that meant abandoning a faithful local congregation because... Continue Reading

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

What can we learn from the collapse of Mark Driscoll's church?

“It’s difficult to see much more than the still-soggy ruins and drowned hopes of the once booming megachurch. “How did this happen so fast?” asks Rene Schlaepfer, pastor of Twin Lakes Church, a megachurch in Aptos, California. Watching disgrace devour other celebrity pulpits is always grim, he says, but this story hits home even harder.”... Continue Reading

The Image of God and the African American Experience – Part 2

In part two of the Image of God and the African American experience, we explore how slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and subtler forms of racism today diminished but did not destroy the image of God

“Racism attributes superior or inferior characteristics and qualities to people based on race. Racism is a manifestation of rebellion against God.  As John Piper once explained, “Anybody that would have the audacity not to submit to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords would not have any problem putting you down.”   American culture... Continue Reading

Missions: Why Evangelize?

Why go to all the trouble just to be mocked and rejected the vast majority of the time?

“Why not spend more of our money and efforts trying to disciple those who are already Christians? Or if we want to have at least something to do with evangelism, why not wait for interested people to come to the church, rather than experience the persecution that awaits us in going outside it? We could... Continue Reading

The Strange Oprahfication of Rob Bell

So much of Bell’s new life in California comes off as strange, from his casual rejection of church attendance to his remark that Oprah Winfrey, his new professional partner, has taught him “more about Jesus than anyone.”

“You don’t have to believe in Calvinism or substitutionary atonement to think that Christianity might say more than “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” In fact, Bell seems to put forth a creed that would comport more comfortably with the voices inside the so-called “Prosperity Gospel” wing of Pentecostalism–which, of... Continue Reading

The Most Misunderstood Bible Verse

Jeremiah 29:11 is such a verse. One of the most recognized and oft-quoted Old Testament verses, 29:11 plays a prominent role in how many Christians define and live their faith

“A little context around the verse is instructive. The people of Israel are living in exile in Babylon and are disheartened. The Lord has just informed them that they will remain there for seventy years. As encouragement He reminds them of two things in verse 11, their exile is part of His plan and those... Continue Reading

Why Does It Matter?

Definite atonement intensifies the personal aspect of God’s love for believers

“Love discriminates. A husband’s exclusive love for his wife makes her feel positively special among other women. The same holds true for individual Christians and the church as a whole: we are the most treasured people on earth. Christ’s love for us was not an afterthought, but a forethought—we are the reason He came down... Continue Reading

Kansas Church That Left Presbyterian Church USA Takes Property Fight to Court

A congregation in Kansas that recently voted to leave Presbyterian Church (USA) for a more theologically conservative group is in a legal battle over its church property

“In early October, Church of Stanley’s congregation voted to affiliate with the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians, a conservative denomination founded in response to the increasingly pro-LGBT policies of the PCUSA. Taken among voting members present, 79 percent of Church of Stanley’s congregation voted in favor of ending affiliation with PC(USA) and joining ECO, while... Continue Reading

7 Errors to Avoid in Following Christ

We are all theologians. The real question is whether or not our theologies are true to Scripture.

One of the most important areas of theology is sanctification: the doctrine that concerns our consecration to God, the restoration and renewal of God’s image within us, and our practical progress in holiness. I’ve seen a number of common errors that Christians make in this area. In fact, here are seven errors to avoid in... Continue Reading

Loving an Imperfect Spouse

If you live with anyone for long, sin patterns and bothersome traits will quickly emerge. And marriage is no exception.

If our husbands are in Christ, we can take this truth to the bank, knowing that God’s power never comes back depleted. The same God who called our husbands to Himself is sanctifying them day by day (2 Cor. 4:16). Even if there is a specific sin or quirk that your husband doesn’t see, you... Continue Reading

Pray for the Pastor’s Wife: Faithfulness

Every assigned casserole delivered, every requested email sent, every promised prayer offered stands as a tiny reflection of our faithful God.

In ministry life, too, a pastor’s wife must be faithful. If she says she will attend, bring, sing, speak, invite, visit, greet, call, text, help, remember; if she says she will organize or facilitate or teach; if she says she will pray, she must. Even to her own hurt. Because God himself is the faithful... Continue Reading

Dear Evangelicals, You’re Being Well-Served

Let me express my deep gratitude for the Christians who do serve Christ in the political process

On Monday, I received a note from a friend here in Michigan that I deeply respect, who, while agreeing with the problems of Evangelicals being too enamored with the political process and their naïvety about the ways politicians want to use them, also wanted to offer some gentle pushback.   Last week I commented on... Continue Reading

To Give Knowledge of Salvation to His People

A Christmas Mandate for Christian Ministry

Reading the gospel texts we know that we either believe or run away. This is either the greatest truth ever declared, or it is the saddest lie ever told. The Christmas story cannot be reduced to a sentimental tale that gives humanity a warm glow. When the heavenly host declares that Jesus is the Savior... Continue Reading