Four Problems the Church Has GOT to Deal With!

(Caution: this article contains some rough language – in addition to stomping all over our collective toes!)

#1 – We are answering questions that no one else is asking.

I’m glad that we can debate theology and know terms that make us seem intelligent and cause other people to scratch their heads; however, at the end of the day people are not asking about the five points of Calvinism, the trichotomy or dichotomy of the Spirit or the peccability/impeccability of Christ!

They are asking “why is my life falling apart?” Or, “how do I get past the fact that I was sexually molested when I was eight?” Or, “how do I, as a single mom, lead and provide for my family?”

Too many people are so obsessed with their theological labels, I believe, so that they don’t actually have to do real ministry!

#2 – We call laziness “authenticity!”

The church is the bride of Christ–established by Him, purchased by Him and pursued by Him! We have the promises of God and have been empowered by HIS HOLY SPIRIT! We should be doing things BETTER than Apple, BETTER than Disney and BETTER than Google! There is WAY more at stake with what God has called us to! And “Spirit Filled” should not equal poorly planned, thrown together and poorly executed! And…no one should say, “I’m doing this for Jesus” and then follow it up with a half-hearted, piss poor effort.

When it came to redeeming mankind Jesus did not search the back corners of heaven to find some under-challenged angel who had nothing to do…HE came, HE did it, HE paid for the sin of the world!!! HE GAVE HIS BEST…His followers should do the same!

#3 – We use “discipleship” as an excuse to not do evangelism.

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