Pro-Life Tsunami Floods State Legislatures

Dozens of new bills capitalize on measures that escaped legal challenges last year

So far this year, legislators in Iowa, Virginia, New Jersey, and Florida have introduced 20-week abortion bans. Lawmakers in four states—Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, and Rhode Island—have filed bills that would ban dismemberment abortions. And the Kentucky and Iowa legislatures will consider bills to defund abortion giant Planned Parenthood.    (WNS)–Pro-life leaders say a nationwide surge... Continue Reading

How Faith-Based Ministry to the Homeless May Shape Carson’s HUD

Influential new data looks at the role of religion in rehabilitation

With Dr. Ben Carson’s confirmation nearly at hand, a more “holistic” approach to investing in human capital, as Dr. Carson put it, should be on the horizon—and it should lead to greater cooperative efforts between HUD and these faith-based programs.   A homeless man, woman, or child needs a bed, a roof, a meal—and typically... Continue Reading

Canadian Study Touts Euthanasia’s Cost ‘Benefit’

Researchers claim country’s healthcare system could save millions if more sick people chose suicide

Researchers at the University of Calgary have released a study extolling assisted suicide’s cost benefits: “If Canadians adopt medical assistance in dying in a manner and extent similar to those of the Netherlands and Belgium, we can expect a reduction in healthcare spending in the range of tens of millions of dollars per year.” The... Continue Reading

New Planned Parenthood Videos Get Lawmakers’ Attention

Footage shows workers refusing to provide prenatal care

While Planned Parenthood facilities’ websites and voicemails state they provide prenatal care, employees turned away the activists seeking those appointments. “No Planned Parenthood does prenatal care, hon,” a worker at an Albany, N.Y., facility said. Live Action said it reached out to 97 separate Planned Parenthood facilities across the country, and only found five willing... Continue Reading

Boy Scouts of America Opens Membership To Transgender Girls

The Boy Scouts of America announced they will now allow girlswho identify as boys to participate in its boys only programs.

The change in policy will force all Scout troops to include transgender girls, that is, girls who are struggling with gender dysphoria (feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex). The BSA has recently been accused of “discrimination” for refusing to include girls who identify as... Continue Reading

Sex Slave Survivor Raped by 12 Men: What ISIS Did to Us Can’t Be Mentioned

Nadia Murad was captured by the Islamic terror group in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014

“Yazidis and Christians have been among the primary targets of the ongoing genocide being carried out by IS in Iraq and Syria, with the United Nations and other major organizations recognizing the extreme human rights abuses religious minorities are suffering there.”   A young Yazidi woman, who has been testifying before the world of her... Continue Reading

“I Got Gay Married. I Got Gay Divorced. I Regret Both.”

Gay unions have fundamentally redefined marriage

“I appreciate Maran’s candor in this article. I do think it is revealing. I suspect that many of those who marched for legal gay marriage in our country weren’t really that concerned about adding traditional marriage norms to gay relationships—norms of permanence, covenant, fidelity, etc.”   Meredith Maran had an interesting essay in The New... Continue Reading

The Historic Connection Between Eugenics and Abortion

The “eugenics” movement, which sought to protect and improve hereditary racial stock, was phenomenally popular in early 20th century America

“Some Darwinian thinkers, including Charles Darwin himself, advocated more births by more people, believing that it would boost the beneficial effects of natural selection. But many believed that eugenics required the restriction of births by inferior people.”   The “eugenics” movement, which sought to protect and improve hereditary racial stock, was phenomenally popular in early... Continue Reading

12 Trends That Shaped U.S. Religion Since the ’70s

What are the most significant changes that have occurred in the U.S. since the mid-1970s?

“Attitudes toward homosexuality and sexual identity have been transformed, obviously, with far-reaching consequences for religious movements of all kinds. Religious groups have had to confront gay-related issues in their own ranks and also had to decide their attitudes to public policy.”   What are the most significant changes and megatrends that have occurred in the... Continue Reading

The Inconceivable Start of African-American Christianity

Why slaves adopted their oppressor's religion — and transformed it

“It is a remarkable event not merely because of the risks incurred (200 lashes of the whip often awaited those caught at such a meeting) but because of the hurdles overcome merely to arrive at this moment. For decades all manner of people and circumstances conspired against African Americans even hearing the gospel, let alone... Continue Reading