German Court Orders Government To Create Third Gender

Germany’s highest court has taken up the gender question, ruling earlier this month that officials must create a third gender option for official records, or do away with gender altogether.

The Federal Constitutional Court found the current law—requiring birth registers to have either “male” or “female,” or be left blank—unconstitutionally discriminates against those born with ambiguous sexuality. The ruling came on the heels of Germany legalizing same-sex marriage in October.   (WNS)–While the European Union debates marriage, Germany’s highest court has taken up the gender question,... Continue Reading

Weighed in Wikipedia’s Balances And Found Wanting

Internet encyclopedia erases entry for notable paleontologist after he advocates intelligent design.

Despite Bechly’s numerous professional accomplishments, including a sizable list of scientific publications and the notoriety of having numerous species named after him, a group of anonymous editors at Wikipedia decided to erase his page from the internet encyclopedia because he is not “notable” enough.    (WNS)–Wikipedia has deleted a paleontologist’s page because he weighed Darwinism in... Continue Reading

Choosing Our Limitations: Thoughts on Community

Any definition of community without a concern for place is incomplete—and ultimately harmful.

A shared place is one of those things in life we don’t get to choose for ourselves (at least at the beginnings of our lives). In the age of highways and fifteen-hour flights across the world, it is easy to forget that we aren’t afforded the luxury of choosing where we are born—and that, for... Continue Reading

Doctor Fired for Refusing to Do Abortions Wins Major Court Case

The case marks the first legal victory for freedom of conscience in Norway.

Katarzyna Jachimowicz,  an experienced family doctor who moved from Poland with her family to the municipality of Sauherad in Norway in 2010 to respond to the country’s shortage of medical professionals, became the first medical professional in Norway sacked for exercising her conscience rights.   A Polish Catholic doctor who lost her job for refusing... Continue Reading

Canada Rejects Christian Couple For Adoption

Their biblical beliefs on sexuality and gender conflict with the government’s official position.

During the home study, the social worker who managed their case asked them about their beliefs regarding homosexuality. The couple said they held Biblical views on marriage and sexuality but would unconditionally love and respect a child questioning his or her sexuality or gender. The social worker noted their answers in her report and otherwise... Continue Reading

Mother v. Mother

Same-sex custody battles test the definition of parenthood.

The Mississippi case involves Christina Strickland and Kimberly Day, who legally married in 2009. Day gave birth to a son conceived by an anonymous sperm donor in 2010. But the two split in 2013, and a lower court judge last year gave Day full legal custody of the now-6-year-old boy during divorce proceedings, ruling that... Continue Reading

Embryology and Science Denial

On the question of when the life of a new member of the human species comes to be, the scientific facts squarely support the position of HHS.

The HHS has recently—and rightly—described life as beginning at conception. Dr. Richard Paulson’s denial of this claim contradicts the standard scientific position, and his arguments against that claim are fallacious and inaccurate.   In an early draft of its next strategic plan, the Department of Health and Human Services has described its mission as “serving and... Continue Reading

Chinese Communist Party Vows to ‘Sinicize Religions’ in China

Remarks at the Congress continue last year’s campaign to force religions to adapt to “socialist society.”

Zhang said that the CCP has adhered to the goal of “sinicizing religions” in China and has made “socialist core values” play a leading role in the religious community. In the next step, Zhang added, China will keep cracking down on acts such as “taking advantage of religion to harm national security,” “promoting extremism for terrorist activities,” and “endangering... Continue Reading

It’s Official: Evangelicals Appreciate Chick-fil-A the Most

The popular chain scores big for community impact among Christians, Southerners, and millennials

Unlike the other brands ranked, Chick-fil-A explicitly appeals to believers by invoking God in its mission statement. The restaurant, founded by Southern Baptist businessman Truett Cathy in 1967, sets out, “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in... Continue Reading

SC High Court Rejects Breakaway Diocese’s Appeal to Decision Giving Properties to Episcopal Church

The decision garnered praise from The Episcopal Church in South Carolina

“In a divided decision released Friday, the state’s highest court denied a motion from the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, with the motion failing to get the necessary majority vote from the judges.”   The South Carolina Supreme Court has denied a motion by a breakaway diocese to reconsider a decision granting ownership of nearly... Continue Reading


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