Oregon Adds A New Gender Option To Its Driver’s Licenses: X

"I'm incredibly thrilled to be an Oregonian right now," said Gibbons, who identifies as non-binary.

“There are daily interactions such as checking out at a grocery store, checking in at a doctor’s appointment — and an incorrect gender marker means the potential to be misgendered and have painful and very uncomfortable experiences at all of those stages,” J. Gibbons, a 26-year-old college counselor told Oregon Public Broadcasting.   A decision... Continue Reading

A Myth Of Neutrality

The slogan “freedom of choice” makes no substantive claim about the rightness of the choice, creating a myth of neutrality that appealed to Americans’ “live and let live” attitude.

Now the New England Journal of Medicine has published a manifesto co-authored by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, an architect of President Barack Obama’s health care plan, that goes further. Abortion is now “a standard obstetrical practice,” he says, and physicians may not substitute their “personal beliefs” for this professional standard. Objectors must switch to a medical... Continue Reading

‘Born That Way’? Really?

The Sexual Revolution, and the way it loosened sexual and marital norms, has left subsequent generations less stable.

Marriage is not simply an agreement between two people who wish to formalize (and sacralize) their love for each other, but it is also a covenant between that couple and the entire community, which is expected to support them in the pilgrimage of marriage and family life. What we have been doing in the West for... Continue Reading

The UK’s Highest-Ranking Evangelical Politician Steps Down

Convert who led Liberal Democrats couldn’t shake stigma of his faith

“The pressure Farron felt rings familiar to American evangelicals, who are continually grappling with their place in public life and the future for their convictions. Earlier this month, a Trump administration appointee was challenged during his confirmation hearing over his belief in salvation through Christ alone.”   Amid mounting scrutiny over his evangelical faith, the... Continue Reading

Breaking: Canada Passes Radical Law Forcing Gender Theory Acceptance

Those who refuse to go along could be “brought before the federal tribunal”

The bill adds “gender expression” and “gender identity” to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section. With the Senate clearing the bill with no amendments, it requires only royal assent in the House of Commons to become law.   Canada’s Senate passed the Justin Trudeau Liberals’ transgender rights bill unamended... Continue Reading

Why Do Coptic Christians Keep Getting Attacked?

Egypt’s preexisting climate of pro-Islamist sectarianism is an important, and sometimes overlooked, reason

“Against this backdrop, it’s difficult not to see this attack as having a deeply political purpose: to encourage the exodus of Christian Egyptians from their homeland. Through attacks like these, the perpetrators appear to be indicating that they don’t simply want to make life difficult for Christians—they want Egypt to be Christian-free.”   Friday is... Continue Reading

Family Homeless Nonprofit Forced to Choose Between Government Funding and Drug-Free Policy

Because it requires residents to adhere to certain accountability standards such as staying sober, Solutions for Change is ineligible to receive federal government program funding.

Instead of simply providing a place to sleep, Solutions for Change takes a holistic approach to solving homelessness. It requires residents to go through counseling, take courses in financial literacy, parenting, leadership, and anger management, and eventually, get a job.   VISTA, CALIF.—Growing up, Teena Faison never imagined she’d find herself a single mom and... Continue Reading

The Most Important Correlation In All Of Social Science

Number of sexual partners and duration of first marriage.

Thus the cultivation of chastity is central to a robust nation and a robust culture.  Chastity is an old term but now out of favor even among Christians, given the impact of political correctness i.e. cultural Marxism. However it is the accurate label for the virtue or strength behind the data.   Regular readers of... Continue Reading

Often Missing from Conversations about Diversity and Inclusion: Cognitive Diversity

Issues of diversity and inclusion often overlook one aspect of this topic: cognitive diversity.

Reynolds and Lewis studied how well executive teams could complete a strategic execution task under time pressure. They discovered that the kinds of diversity we most commonly think of — gender, race, age — had no correlation to a team’s results. What did make a difference was whether the team members had different perspectives and different styles of... Continue Reading

Illinois Purges Social Workers And Foster Families Who Don’t ‘Facilitate’ Transgenderism

Illinois’s child welfare agency has proclaimed staff must ‘affirm’ gender ideology and ‘facilitate’ LGBT identities for kids—or be fired.

The state of Illinois will not tolerate “exposing” the vulnerable children in its care to people who believe human beings are either male or female and cannot “become” the other. No matter that sexual difference is a scientific fact, or that billions of sane people across the world acknowledge it.   The science-deniers are running... Continue Reading