3 Indications of Really Bad Leadership

While David was the king who was a man after God’s own heart, his predecessor was a king after the people’s heart.

Leaders who are self-consumed are always bad leaders. They are not consumed with the mission but with themselves; thus, their decisions are always in their own self-interest and not in the interest of those they are designed to serve. Saul was consumed with himself. After defeating an army and disobeying God by keeping the choice... Continue Reading

Americans’ Perception of Pastors Is a Mixed Bag

Almost half of Americans say their experience with pastors has been better than the portrayals they’ve witnessed in the media.

And while pastors may have an image problem, personal contact seemingly counteracts negative perceptions. Among those who know a pastor personally, 64 percent regard pastors very positively. Personal contact appears to affect not only churchgoers but also the religiously unaffiliated, who are more likely to have something positive to say about pastors when they say... Continue Reading

17 Years Later: Reflecting on My Brother’s Fight with Depression

On April 25, 2000, we lost my brother to the monster called depression

As a Christian, I believe the message of the gospel offers great hope to sufferers of depression. Yet I also know that it’s not as simple as “take two doses of John 3:16 and call me in the morning.” The Bible doesn’t paint the human experience so naively and neither should we.   My brother... Continue Reading

A 103-Year-Old’s Big Appetite For Life, Work And Sticky Buns Was Inspiring To The End

Mabel Sawhill, who went home to glory at 103, was a member of Wallace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in College Park, MD.

She’d catered some people’s weddings as well as their 50th anniversaries. She’d also catered many of their funerals. She got the friends, their kids, then their grands and even great-grands. Even after her contemporaries died, her circle of friends grew and grew. Her 105th was going to be huge.   Mabel Sawhill died with a... Continue Reading

The Deep Dark Pit of Lost Words

My sharp, smooth, knowledgeable brain has failed me.

According to my brain doctor I have the beginning of dementia. I didn’t want to hear that, but, I wasn’t surprised. Those words were heart stopping.  Dementia….that can be a prelude to Alzheimer’s. Right away my future looked dark and gloomy! My sister-in-law died from Alzheimer’s. She didn’t know her daughter’s name. I couldn’t see... Continue Reading

Evangelical Leaders Find Climate Change Message A Tough Sell

Many evangelical Christians believe that stewardship of the Earth and taking care of the poor and sick are core to their faith.

For years, Hescox said he has been trying to rally support among evangelicals “to see pro-life is not just about abortion. It’s about all of life.” Like how working to improve air quality in a poor neighborhood would improve the health of children and the unborn there, he said. But often, he said, faith community... Continue Reading

A Baptism, Then a Murder Confession

Texas woman gave her life to Christ, owned up to a slaying — and got a life sentence.

“I don’t deserve to have a second chance really,” said Lucinda Wilson, an ordinary-looking woman — except for her white prison jumpsuit — with long, brown hair pulled behind her head. “I just want to try and do as much as I can to bring the Lord the glory he deserves because it’s not about me,”... Continue Reading

Millennials Want Jobs and Education, Not Marriage and Kids

A large majority of young Americans now believe more than half, 55%, believe marrying and having children is not very important.

A large majority of young Americans now believe education and economic accomplishments are extremely important parts of adulthood, and more than half — 55% — believe marrying and having children is not very important. That mentality differs from the values of 40 years ago. In 1975, 8 in 10 people were married by the time they turned 30. Now,... Continue Reading

Blasphemy Blocks Re-Election of Indonesia’s Only Christian Governor

But after losing Jakarta race, Ahok finds some favor in court

“Ahok is very positive. He says that everything is in God’s hands and that everything has a purpose,” said Lucille Talusan, CBN’s Indonesia correspondent. “Even if he is under trial for what is happening in his life, he believes that one day God is going to bring him back to his calling. The first thing... Continue Reading

Update from Western Isles Presbytery on Iain D Campbell

The Western Isles Presbytery has completed an investigation into allegations about the conduct of the late Rev. Dr Iain D Campbell and issued a public statement.

The Presbytery has now sadly concluded that elements of Dr Campbell’s moral conduct were contrary to, and censurable by, the Word of God (Bible), and seriously inconsistent with that expected of a Christian minister….The Presbytery will continue to consider how to bring this sad episode to a conclusion and what we may learn from it.  ... Continue Reading