John Stott’s Life-Changing Chapter

Looking back I have John Stott to thank for encouraging me not to seek a same-sex sexual relationship for myself.

The characteristically careful distinctions he opens with helped me process my sexual feelings in a liveable way. His exposition of the biblical passages that speak about homosexual practice built my confidence in God’s Word. His big picture portrait of the place of marriage in the Bible and Christian doctrine enabled me to make sense of... Continue Reading

Savannah River Presbytery Approves Transferring George Robertson to the EPC

The action to transfer Dr. Robertson to the EPC was approved at a Savannah River Presbytery meeting on July 15, 2017.

The SRP action came after debate on whether to approve Dr. Robertson’s request to be transferred to the PCA’s Covenant Presbytery, which would allow him to retain his membership in the PCA while serving as pastor of an EPC congregation… After a time of debate on whether to transfer Dr. Robertson to Covenant Presbytery, a... Continue Reading

Amid Partisan Din, Sen. James Lankford Walks A Fine Line: Pastor and Politician

Despite Lankford’s increasing national prominence, the 49-year-old lawmaker says he remains more a pastor than a politician.

Lankford’s emphasis on kindness and civility has kept him from fully embracing Trump or the anger-fueled movement that propelled him into the White House. In October 2016, Lankford told a Tulsa Regional Chamber luncheon that he would “go to bed grieved” on Election Night, regardless of which presidential candidate won.   OKLAHOMA CITY (RNS) —... Continue Reading

11 Reasons Spurgeon Was Depressed

Spurgeon owned more than thirty books on mental health. He read about depression, wrote about depression, and suffered from depression.

Spurgeon’s depression didn’t hinder his ministry – in fact, it helped it. Spurgeon’s many faces might have frustrated the artist trying to paint his portrait, but they also gave the pastor a multi-faceted empathy for the problems facing his flock. That’s one reason Spurgeon was “the people’s preacher.” Spurgeon called his depression “a prophet in... Continue Reading

9 Ways To Be Encouraged In Difficult Ministry Days

Some ways to be encouraged in ministry even those hard days.

Get outside the church, and tell somebody about Jesus. Few things redirect us from our troubles like helping others understand the grace of God. Even if nobody listens, your obedience to the Great Commission will bring some joy. Take a day off. In fact, take a few days off and do something you love to do. For... Continue Reading

Actually, Eugene Peterson Does Not Support Same-Sex Marriage

In retraction, popular author affirms ‘a biblical view of everything’—including marriage.

Peterson went on to state that because of the biblical view of marriage, he would not marry a same-sex couple: “When put on the spot by this particular interviewer, I said yes in the moment. But on further reflection and prayer, I would like to retract that. That’s not something I would do out of... Continue Reading

10 Reasons Many Pastors Are Workaholics

Some reasons pastors are susceptible to the sin of overwork.

We don’t really understand grace. Somehow, we talk about grace while working as if our approval from God were dependent on our efforts. We use work to avoid other issues. Occasionally, work keeps us from dealing with problems in our home, or it helps us to ignore recurrent sin patterns in our own lives. Work thus becomes... Continue Reading

How to Stop Letting Your Kids Ruin Your Budget

Kids can be expensive, but often we allow them to take over a greater piece of our budget than what is necessary: 11 ways for parents to save money.

When your heart wants to give your children the world, it can be difficult to say ‘no.’ But caring for your long-term financial picture is caring for your kids’ long-term financial picture. Because it is probably your children that will take care of you when they are adults. And your decisions today can make that... Continue Reading

PCA Minister George Robertson Nominated as Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Memphis

Robertson currently serves as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Augusta, Ga. He had also served as the Moderator of the 44th Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly in 2016.

It is with that conviction and comfort–and with great joy, praise and thanksgiving to the Lord Almighty–that we announce our Committee’s unanimous and enthusiastic recommendation that the congregation call Dr. George W. Robertson as the next senior pastor of Second Presbyterian Church.   You elected your Senior Pastor Search Committee 19 months ago. Our prayer—as yours—has... Continue Reading

Lady Jane Grey and a Letter that Shocked Victorians

According to historian Eric Ives, what Jane wrote in the Tower revealed much about her

Victorians found this letter so shocking that some “simply refused to believe that Jane wrote this. How could this model of young womanhood have so abused an older man and a cleric?” Ives asks, conveying their perplexities. In reality, Jane’s words were neither exceptional nor mean.   By the 19th century, the story of Lady... Continue Reading