Student Sues School Over Girl in Boys’ Locker Room

Lawsuit claims administrator told the student if he didn’t like the transgender policy, he could opt for homeschooling

Without notifying parents or students, administrators at Boyertown Area School District initiated the policy midway through last semester. The complainant, cited as Joel Doe in court documents, knew nothing about the plan when he began changing clothes for PE class in October. Undressed to his underwear, Doe realized a female student—wearing only shorts and a... Continue Reading

Ben Franklin’s Calvinist Father

I have written here earlier about Franklin’s Calvinist sister Jane, but in this post I want to consider his Calvinist father, Josiah

“Ben Franklin would famously grow skeptical about his father’s faith, but in many ways that faith—and its emphasis on the need for public morality and charity—would continue to mark Franklin’s own endeavors as an adult.”   One of the main arguments of my forthcoming biography of Benjamin Franklin is that Christian relatives and friends left... Continue Reading

The Jihadi Who Turned to Jesus

His rejection of Islam makes him a target for his fundamentalist former allies and he fears they will one day catch up with him.

Exactly why he sought solace in Christianity, rather than a more mainstream version of Islam, no one can quite explain. Reading the Bible, Mr. Mohammad claimed, made him calmer than reading the Quran. The churches he attended, Mr. Mohammad said, made him feel more welcome than the neighborhood mosques. In his personal view, Christian prayers... Continue Reading

A Kuyper Prize?

What business does a school like Princeton Theological Seminary—an institution that is apparently committed to the feminist and LGBTQ+ social agenda—have awarding a Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Witness?

But my question is different. If, as President Barnes’ e-mail suggests, support for the ordination of “women and LGBTQ+ persons” is now a criteria for receiving the Kuyper Award, why in the world does PTS have a Kuyper Award in the first place? Don’t they know that Kuyper was, to use the more recent term,... Continue Reading

What Hath Amsterdam to do with Princeton?

The recent controversy surrounding the reversal of the decision to award the 2017 Kuyper Prize to Dr. Timothy Keller, while disappointing, is not surprising.

Dr. Keller, as an ordained minister in the PCA, is much more aligned theologically with Old Princeton. His doctrine of Scripture would be more in-line with Old Princeton. His views on women and LGBTQ+ persons in ordained ministry would be affirmed by Old Princeton (and probably New Princeton until, obviously, more recent times). As such,... Continue Reading

The True Story of Army Medic Desmond Doss, the Soft-Spoken Christian Superhero

President Harry S. Truman presented Doss with the Medal of Honor on Oct. 12, 1945

Doss should be listed among the “most heroic figures in American history. He was singular,” said “Hacksaw Ridge” director Mel Gibson, during 2016 commencement rites at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., in the hills where Doss grew up.   Facing a wall of flames and shellfire, Army medic Desmond Doss had to make an agonizing... Continue Reading

Princeton Theological Seminary Reverses Decision to Honor Redeemer’s Tim Keller

Keller agreed to deliver the annual Kuyper Lecture on April 6 as planned

While Keller is not known for pushing hot-button culture war issues, several critics said his positions against the ordination of women and against LGBTQ rights, as well as his endorsement of a traditional view that women should submit to their husbands — a view known as “complementarianism” — fostered domestic abuse and prejudice against gays... Continue Reading

When Christian Celebrities Go Gay

Brief biographies of five Christian celebrities who have come out as practicing gay lifestyles

There seems to be a new kind of “coming out of the closet” occurring at the intersection of faith and sexuality. One in which renowned Christian authors and musicians are moving beyond public support of revisionist sexual ethics and themselves professing an openly gay lifestyle. Something novel to mainstream contemporary Christian culture.

Is Tim Keller About to Have His Rod Dreher Moment?

Keller’s communion, the PCA, does not ordain women, nor does it recognize sexual orientation rights

“Instead of making the difference that Keller’s fans think, this impending controversy could indicate that rather than being a church for the Big Apple, Keller should have been thinking about culture more the way Rod Dreher has in his proposal for the Benedict Option.”   Tim Keller, the PCA pastor of Redeemer Church in New... Continue Reading

Spurgeon on Expositional Reading and Teaching in the Worship Service?

Spurgeon’s style of preaching may be explained as the product of his own conversion experience at age 15.

Here is a hint for the reader as to his reading. Let it always be distinct. Aim to be good readers, and be the more anxious about it because few men are so, and all preachers ought to be so. It is as good as a sermon to hear our best men read the Scriptures;... Continue Reading