4 Books That Made a Priest Leave the Church

It took Luther about eight years (1513-1521) to hammer out an understanding of the gospel. What Martin Luther was reading during this crucial time in his life?

The last book that turned a medieval priest into a true Reformer was the letter to the Hebrews. Luther began to embrace an entirely different understanding of how the Old and New Testaments relate to one another. He realized that the law is not simply the Old Testament and the gospel is the New Testament,... Continue Reading

Professor Who Called Diversity Training At Duke Divinity A ‘Waste’ Resigns After Dean Punishes Him

A Duke University Divinity School professor who called diversity training a “waste” of time has resigned after disciplinary proceedings were launched against him

A Duke University Divinity School professor who called diversity training a “waste” of time has resigned after disciplinary proceedings were launched against him and he was barred by his dean from faculty meetings. At issue is a February email in which Professor Paul Griffiths advised his colleagues not to bother with a proffered volunteer diversity training,... Continue Reading

‘I Might . . . Pull Off a Leg or Two’

A shocking new undercover video exposes the grisly reality of ripping apart fetuses.

Dr. Ann Schutt-Aine, the director of abortion services for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (which has been referred to local law-enforcement for criminal charges related to fetal-tissue trafficking): If I’m doing a procedure, and I’m seeing that I’m in fear that it’s about to come to the umbilicus [navel], I might ask for a second set... Continue Reading

John Knox and the Women Who Loved Him

Why did these and many other women express so much love toward a man who blew a fierce trumpet against female rulers?

In spite of his formidable life and bold choices, Knox is still largely unknown. Maybe his larger-than-life charisma is the very reason for this neglect. People generally remember blazes and flares. In his case, they remember the blasts of his trumpet against women rulers – especially Mary Queen of Scots, “that cursed Jesabel,” as he... Continue Reading

Turkey Levels Charges Against Andrew Brunson

Turkish media is reporting May 19 that EPC teaching elder Andrew Brunson is being accused of being a “Kurdish sympathizer”

Hurriyet, the leading English-language news outlet in Turkey, reported that prosecutors are citing Brunson for “delivering sermons to the Kurds with a ‘special purpose’”—wording that implies support for an ethnic group that Turkey is waging a military campaign against. The Kurds are a minority group in Turkey (primarily located in the eastern and southeastern parts... Continue Reading

Healing a House Divided: An Interview with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

"The essence of sin is separation."

Bishop Curry was elected to be the 27th presiding bishop and primate of the Episcopal Church in 2015, becoming the first African American leader of the denomination. Before his installation, he served as bishop of the diocese of North Carolina for 15 years, and previously he served as a pastor in North Carolina, Ohio, and... Continue Reading

The Joys of Life

In an effort to squeegee politics out of my life for a long weekend, I recently attended several sporting events that highlighted my granddaughters’ skills in soccer and swimming.

All in all, this weekend gave us a most delightful and wonderful experience, thankfully devoid of politics, and bursting with the joys of life, why it is worth living—family, children, grandchildren, love, competition, laughter, exhilaration, goofiness all around, plenty to share, and memories that will never fade. Certainly, it is all this that keeps us... Continue Reading

Luther and Calvin’s Quiet Discussions in Heaven

Was Calvin influenced by the writings or ministry of "the Initiator" of the Reformation?

“Much remains uncertain about which of Luther’s works Calvin read and which of Calvin’s works Luther read. It is, however, clear that Calvin had knowledge of the controversies that surrounded Luther’s theological writings and debates and that Luther read Calvin on certain theological issues.”   Those who cherish the Reformation have often sought out what,... Continue Reading

Katy Perry Missed the Gospel of Grace

How did Perry’s experience in church leave her so jaded?

It grieved me to hear Perry talk about her sterile religious experience, because I know that I too have been guilty of over-emphasizing morality in my own youth ministry. I have been so focused on my “flannel graph Bible lessons” and my rules about sex and social media discipline, that I have failed to share... Continue Reading

Laura Story On The Legacy Of Parenting

The singer-songwriter, a worship leader at Perimeter Church, talks about her strengths and weaknesses as a mother.

About 10 years ago, Martin was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and that’s changed our lives substantially. He lives with a vision deficit and a memory deficit. So we were asking the question, God, do these disabilities and the nature of our lives prohibit us from being parents? The more we sensed the green light... Continue Reading