Sarah Palin visits the Graham family, seeks guidance

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin came Sunday, Nov 22, to Buncombe County to meet with the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham to express appreciation and seek guidance on how to spread a positive message. Palin, the former GOP vice presidential candidate, said she wanted to discuss at dinner with the Montreat-based evangelists... Continue Reading

Who Was Nels Konnerup?

America honors its deceased presidents, its fallen troops, its late senators, and even its musicians and movie stars. But what about its veterinarians? Well, there’s one veterinarian who deserves pause for recognition. His name was Nels Konnerup. He recently passed away at age 92. Born in Everett, Washington on December 4, 1916, Konnerup was shaped... Continue Reading

Cecil Williamson – a life of careers and criticism

Cecil Williamson, a Minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, has had four careers — religion, politics, law and education — and those who know him wonder how he’s found the time to do so much, often at the same time. Most people try to master one profession or trade, but Williamson is different —... Continue Reading

Lead Us Not Into Debt

by Megan McArdle Dave Ramsey looks nothing like a televangelist. He’s a little on the short side, neither fat nor thin, and he wears jeans and a sports jacket, not a shiny suit and an oily smile. With his goatee and what’s left of his graying hair trimmed close to his head, he looks mostly... Continue Reading

Student contestants display knowledge of chapter and verse at first National Bible Bee

Under the bright stage lights, Daniel Staddon, 18, a home-schooler from Salem, W.Va., squeezed his eyes shut as he recited verse after verse from the Bible at the inaugural National Bible Bee. He recited the first 20 verses of the fifth chapter of Ephesians and the 21 verses of Psalm 145 in the tie-breaker round,... Continue Reading

Beaver County Christian School Gets New Principal

The weather was not a factor in Mary Lou Capan’s return to Western Pennsylvania. The former head of Robinson Township Christian School, Mrs. Capan was warm and happy leading Summit Academy in Fort Myers, Fla. “It had a campus on Sanibel Island,” she said — the island being a resort getaway off the Gulf Coast.... Continue Reading

Patrick Kennedy vs. the Church

When it comes to America’s most famous Catholic family, no true compass guides the Roman Catholic Church. After Ted Kennedy’s death, that’s clearer than ever. Cardinal Sean O’Malley presided over the funeral of the world-famous US senator, who also happened to be an abortion rights advocate. When challenged by conservative Catholics, O’Malley defended his participation... Continue Reading

82nd’s Medevac Miracle

Editor’s note: Two of the crew members of the Chinook, Flipper 76, are members of Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Fayetteville, N.C. This account of a miraculous rescue in Afghanistan, is taken from the News-Observer. KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — As Chief Warrant Officer 3 James Woolley eased the giant Chinook down into the mud-walled compound, Special... Continue Reading

Samurai Mike’s passion as linebacker hasn’t waned as coach

by Matt Trowbridge Mike Singletary couldn’t play with Vernon Davis. Couldn’t win with the 49ers’ No. 6 overall draft pick. Couldn’t coach him. Couldn’t do it. Would rather play with 10 guys and get penalized every play than play a tight end more interested in himself than winning. Yet less than a year after the... Continue Reading

Missye Rhee Breazeale Goes Home to Glory

Missye Rhee Brickell Breazeale, 57, of Jackson, Miss., died on Wednesday, November 11, 2009, at St. Dominic Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi. Missye Rhee’s life was marked by her commitment to her Savior Jesus Christ, evidenced by a faithful service to her church, First Presbyterian of Jackson, where she served as a Bible teacher and as the... Continue Reading


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