Ocala PCA member wins $25,000 on ‘Millionaire’

Tricia Pimental, a member of Grace Presbyterian church in Ocala, Fla., won $25,000 by figuring out the official fruit of India and the Philippines on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” In a nail-biting face-off with Regis Philbin, the episode, which was taped in November and aired December 4, Pimental watched the show in her... Continue Reading

Hudson Armerding, former president of Wheaton College, called home to glory

Hudson Taylor Armerding, 91, former Wheaton College president died Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009 at his home after a long battle with dementia. Despite Hudson Taylor Armerding’s military experience as a naval officer during World War II, the longtime WheatonCollege president tapped his gentle spirit and his deep faith in God to reach out to students... Continue Reading

“A Kind Providence”: Pulaski, Va. PCA church calls new pastor; brother of recent accident victim.

“A kind providence,” is what President Andrew Jackson would frequently refer to when confronted with an event which resulted in both happiness and sadness. Recent events in Southwestern Virginia this past week brought about what many see as just such ‘a kind providence.’ On Sunday, December 6, the congregation at Pulaski Presbyterian Church (PCA) voted... Continue Reading

Regent University Professor to Co-chair Fort Hood Investigation

Admiral Vernon Clark (USN, Ret.) distinguished professor of government and leadership at Regent University, has been appointed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to co-chair an investigation on the Fort Hood killings and the military’s systems for identifying potential subversive and destructive activity within the military structure. Retired Army Secretary Togo West will co-chair the... Continue Reading

Sudden and Powerful Storm Takes Lives of Two Bristol, Virginia Women, Members of St. Peter Presbyterian Church

UPDATED DEC 6 Two Home School moms, both members of St Peter Presbyterian Church, were killed in an auto accident caused by a powerful storm this past Wednesday night, December 2. The accident happened when a massive tree fell and crashed on a rural highway in southwest Virginia near the town of Mendota, located about... Continue Reading

Haggard Denies Starting New Church

Former megachurch pastor Ted Haggard informed his supporters that the prayer meetings he’s been holding at his house are not the gatherings of a new church. “The prayer meeting is not a church plant,” he wrote on his Facebook page Tuesday in one of two ‘sanity points’. “We had two prayer meetings on our property... Continue Reading

Baseball’s AL Rookie of the Year walking the base path of a righteous man

Chris Coghlan is, all at once, eager to share his beliefs but concerned about how they’ll be received. Religion can bring peace, and religion can start wars. Coghlan knows how off-putting some people find vocal faith today, as movements gather to escort God out of school, out of court, out of the Pledge of Allegiance... Continue Reading

‘Right to Succeed’ Honors Hattiesburg Man

In his modest, and unassuming way, Dr. Ron Keller a Deacon at First Presbyterian Church of Hattiesburg, Miss., has helped form and guide the development of several noteworthy nonprofit community homes, situated in four different areas. As a founding board member of Right to Succeed Inc., Keller was prompted by the challenge to provide a... Continue Reading

Criminal Charges possible for South Carolina Governor

The State Ethics Commission has charged Gov. Mark Sanford with breaking state ethics laws 37 times, including using state planes for family trips, spending campaign funds on a hunting trip and flying first class, instead of coach, while on state travel. The commission, which last week wrapped up its preliminary, three-month-long investigation into allegations against... Continue Reading

PCA Elder helps students to succeed

Richard H. Powell’s parents divorced when he was a young boy. “My mother, Virlee (Grimes) Powell, raised me and my two sisters,” he said. “I gained experience later through military training, and developed a love for education.” He attained his doctorate and spent more than 40 years as a professional educator. He worked with students,... Continue Reading