My New Motto: To the End

If I don’t make it “to the end,” better never to have begun.

I think of the millions of unknown Christians who live unheralded lives of unimpeachable integrity and die beautifully in faith. Then I think of well-known pastors who fall into gross sin and bring dishonor upon the cause of Christ. Better live unknown and die in faith, than live well-known and die in disgrace.   As... Continue Reading

Stott’s Simple—Yet Surprising—Productivity Secret

Sometimes the best way to move forward in life is to hit the pause button and begin to see life as God does.

Ministry is a tricky thing, because you’re never really done until Christ returns. Even if you’re not a minister, 21st century life is hectic and responsibilities are demanding. Building in an extra ‘sabbath’ into your schedule will keep from feeling overwhelmed and refreshed by seeking the Lord through the Word and prayer.   A 29-year-old John Stott... Continue Reading

5 Reasons Money Issues Cause Marital Stress

Money has a way of making what is invisible, your heart, visible.

Why does financial stress cause so much damage to marriages? Because it is frequently not about the money. It is often a reflection of something far more significant. Money just makes the invisible visible. If you are having marital challenges because of money, ask God to reveal to you if you are aligning with His... Continue Reading

American Pastor Andrew Brunson Has Been Held Captive In Turkey For Four Months. The President Must Act.

Andrew Brunson is a minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Brunson’s saga started on Oct. 7, when he and his wife, Norine, were summoned to court in Izmir, a coastal city where they reside and preach. The couple, who has raised three children in Turkey, expected to be informed that day that they were being granted permanent resident status. Instead, the Brunsons were detained and... Continue Reading

The Battle Lines Are Drawn in the White House Between Religious Liberty and LGBT Rights

Religious conservatives ought to be at Defcon 1 right now, but they are not.

I don’t think any Republican president has ever issued such a bald endorsement of gay rights. This is a first. But even more important than the rhetoric is the substance of Obama’s 2014 order that President Trump now says he supports. The order establishes LGBT as a protected class insofar as federal hiring and contracts are concerned. And now it is being adopted by a Republican president. That is a first as well.

Judge Neil Gorsuch: A Worthy Scalia Successor

Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch has been nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court

As for the “liberty” language of the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment, which later abortion cases made the basis for the supposed right to abortion, Gorsuch, in his book on assisted suicide and euthanasia, seems to reject using the 14th Amendment “liberty” language to justify heretofore unknown rights, like abortion. Otherwise, liberty becomes a... Continue Reading

US Missionary May Get Russia’s Anti-Evangelism Law Overturned

Ossewaarde appealed his case three times, and has worked his way up to Russia’s Supreme Court, where his attorneys hope the case will be heard in the next few months

“This makes Ossewaarde’s case the first under the ‘anti-missionary’ amendment to reach this level in the Russian courts, and the first to issue a challenge to the legislation itself,” Forum 18 reported. “The Constitutional Court, if it accepts the appeal, will examine whether the amendment contravenes the provisions of the Russian Constitution.”   One Sunday... Continue Reading

One Church’s Story of Resettling a Syrian Refugee Family

An interview with a church that helped settle a Syrian refugee family.

I can simply say that this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. In terms of encouragement, I can simply say that this is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I am confident God has worked everything together to bring this family here to this place at this time. Seeing them... Continue Reading

PCA Minister Mark Rowden Called Home to Glory

Rowden, 59, was seriously injured in a bicycle accident on January 26. He died on January 31, 2017.

Mark Allen Rowden, 59, was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He earned a B.A. in Psychology from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA, and his M. Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis. He was ordained in November 1988 as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Rowden’s ministry included... Continue Reading

The Boy Scouts Succumb to Radical Gender Ideology

Given the fact that the BSA has already succumbed to pressure to allow gay Scouts and gay Scouting leaders, it is no surprise that they have succumbed on this issue as well.

An 8-year old girl recently sued The Boy Scouts of America for discrimination after she was kicked out of her scouting group. She had identified as a boy on her application. But the troop subsequently told her that she wasn’t eligible because the gender on her application did not match the sex listed on her birth certificate. The suit against New Jersey Boy Scouts claims that the Boy Scouts “violated the state’s law against discrimination.” State laws like the one in New Jersey are precisely what this BSA statement cites as its rationale for this decision. Because these laws are on the books, the BSA would be exposed to lawsuits in every state that has a SOGI law in the books (for more on SOGI laws, read this). Rather than fighting these lawsuits, the BSA has apparently decided to capitulate.