Two New Popular Biographies Of Zwingli

William Boekestein has published two popular biographies of Zwingli in recent years

“With these two volumes Boekestein, a minister in the United Reformed Churches in North America, has done us a service by providing accessible, popular pathways into Zwingli’s world, life, theology, piety, and practice and for that we are in his debt.”   Since this is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses (October 31,... Continue Reading

The Particular Importance of Not Being Particularly Important

Give up your hopes of being somebody in life. Instead, just be a nobody.

What’s his point? It’s not just about banquets, it’s a principle: those who try to be somebody will end up being nobody, and those who are nobody will end up being somebody. Driving it home, Jesus says, “Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Luke 14:12).  ... Continue Reading

Are You Undermining The Bible’s Authority In Your Preaching?

Some of the roadblocks to effective preaching are ones we lay on our own because we preach in ways that undermine the Bible’s authority in unintended and subtle ways.

This is a plea to pastors to preach the Bible so that men, women, boys, and girls would come to trust in Christ and grow in their daily walk with him. Because we tend to undermine this great ambition in subtle ways, we must take a careful look at our own preaching to that we... Continue Reading

5 Bad Excuses for Not Giving to Your Church

Many struggle with the idea of giving to their church. There is a barrier between them and the offering plate.

If you are not giving to your local church, take some time and consider how God talks about generosity in the Bible. Talk to your pastor about it. And get involved. Don’t miss out on financially participating in your local church. Financial health doesn’t end with generosity, it starts with generosity   Consistently giving to... Continue Reading

Anne Kennedy, widow of D. James Kennedy, Called Home to Glory

Anne Lewis Kennedy went home Tuesday afternoon, May 16, to the Savior she loved and served for more than 60 years.

Anne and Jim were married for 51 years until his home-going in 2007. They were partners in marriage and ministry. And partners on the ballroom dance floor where Jim, as a young Arthur Murray dance instructor, found himself immediately smitten when he first saw her. “No doubt about it,” he told another instructor. “That’s the... Continue Reading

Pro-Lifers: Get Out of Medicine!

Doctors in the United States cannot be forced to perform abortions or assist suicides. But that may soon change.

There is a reason that moral diversity is under attack in health care. When doctors refuse to abort a fetus, participate in assisted suicide, excise healthy organs, or otherwise follow their consciences about morally contentious matters, they send a powerful message: Just because a medical act is legal doesn’t make it right. Such a clarion... Continue Reading

Performing Abortion is “God’s Work?” The Real Story of Christianity and Abortion

The shame is not that evangelicals hold these pro-life convictions now. The shame is that there was ever any evangelical equivocation on such a matter of life and death and human dignity.

Even more recently, Nicholas Kristof, an influential columnist for The New York Times, affirmed Dr. Willie Parker in his column, approvingly quoting Parker as he states, quite astoundingly: “I believe that as an abortion provider, I am doing God’s work.” Kristof is well known as a humanitarian, a defender of human rights and human dignity.... Continue Reading

PCA Minister Charles B. Holliday, Jr., 94, Called Home to Glory

Charles B. Holliday, Jr., 94, served as pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Penn., for 38 years.

He served as Pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Penn., from 1954-1992. He became Pastor Emeritus of the Pittsburgh congregation and Honorably Retired by the Ascension Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) in 1992. In 1992-1993 he served as Stated Supply for Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Elgin, Illinois while son his... Continue Reading

David Gushee: Our “differences are unbridgeable”

The only reconciliation is for one side or the other to repent and embrace the views of the other side.

Gushee is absolutely right about this. We have “incommensurable differences” and the differences are indeed “unbridgeable.” On the one side are the traditionalists who believe that homosexuality is a sin. On the other side are the revisionists who believe that homosexuality is not sinful. The differences between the traditionalists and the revisionists go right to... Continue Reading

The Best Way To Avoid Pastor Burnout? Equip The Saints

Neither information or inspiration is enough. Pastors need to help congregations turn it into perspiration.

Pastor, don’t just tell people what to do, ask them what they’re called to do and how you can come alongside to equip them for it. Including ministry that has nothing to do with your church and its programs. Become an equipping pastor. Healthy churches are led by equipping pastors. Equipping pastors work alongside the... Continue Reading