How Does A Pastor Demonstrate Courage?

Show up as broken, weak, and needy before the church you pastor.

Let them know you are hurting. Remind them you are not perfect and are not in control. The most courageous pastors are the ones who don’t perform, but rest in their identity in Christ and live in the freedom of being themselves before their people.   Courage in pastors can take on many forms.  However,... Continue Reading

Portrait of a Deviant Woman

Vulnerable members of the church are frequently portrayed as abnormal and even deserving of suffering

Rather than asking, what could have possibly happened to Jessica to lead to her actions, people instead asked, what kind of perverse person would do this? See the difference there? The portrait of a vulnerable person as deviant allows us to avoid examining our actions towards them. It means we can point the finger. That... Continue Reading

John Calvin: Method of Preaching

In Calvin we have a man who gave his all for Christ

“By examining historical data about his manner of life and written material from his method of preaching, I have deliberately aimed to prove that he is a worthy example for ministers of the Word of God.”   While Calvin’s life certainly did leave ministers a worthy example, we will consider now the second matter of... Continue Reading

Marlon “Big Dog” Brown: A Story of Redemption and Hope

We can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need by serving them.

For the last 13 years, Brown has worked full time for Service Over Self (SOS) to arrange and direct crews of college and high school students to renovate and repair the houses of low-income Memphis residents during the students’ summer and spring breaks. In addition, he has spent countless hours befriending and aiding the city’s... Continue Reading

Lesbian “Bishop” Karen Oliveto Warns to Not “Create an Idol Out of” Jesus, Says He Had “Bigotries and Prejudices”

Oliveto makes clear that her Jesus is one who was not only deficient in his knowledge of facts, but one who was also morally faulty.

Meanwhile, Karen Oliveto actually warns against those of us who “create an idol out of” Jesus Christ. The commonly accepted theological definition of an idol is something other than God, usually something created by human hands, improperly worshipped as a god. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary broadly defines an “idol” as “a false god.” So by definition, it is... Continue Reading

Fortress for Truth: Martin Luther

In a day of ecclesiastical corruptions and apostasies, he was a valiant champion of the truth; his powerful preaching and pen helped to restore the pure gospel.

On March 10, 1522, Luther explained the mounting success of the Reformation in a sermon. With strong confidence in God’s Word, he declared: “I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing. And while I slept … the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that no prince or emperor ever inflicted such... Continue Reading

He Buried 200 Church Members

Pastors must prepare people to die to the glory of Christ.

The gospel doesn’t ignore death but defeats it. Our culture likes to minimize, medicate, and throw up a mist before the pain of death. We temper the language and try to forget about its reality. But the truth of the matter is that our hearts are the main instruments in our own funeral parade. When... Continue Reading

John Calvin: A Model for Ministers

Did Calvin leave behind a pattern in his life and labors for us to imitate? Yes, especially from his manner of life and his method of preaching.

As a university student, it is said that he demonstrated a maturity beyond his years. In the providence of God, he had able teachers who marked his life with discipline and intellectual development. In 1528 he graduated with the degree Master of Arts. He was eighteen years of age.”   Typically when someone hears the... Continue Reading

This Dogma Won’t Hunt: Feinstein, Durbin, Sanders, and the New Religious Test for Office

Senators need to be reminded that the Constitution says there shall be no religious test for public office

“Feinstein claimed that many on her side are uncomfortable with dogma shaping a person’s view of the law and, presumably, the person’s worldview. This, we should note, would probably mean about 25% of the population in the United States, who are among the more religious and shape their lives around that faith.”   Christians will... Continue Reading

I Am A Racist

A response to a church member who asked why we should as a church study the matter of racial reconciliation.

I am, in fact, more a racist than I had ever dreamed possible and I want to be rid of this sin.  If it’s in me, it is likely in many of us in Immanuel.  So I look forward to an educational and edifying, albeit painful, series of Bible studies on racial reconciliation in Immanuel... Continue Reading


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