Separation Of Church And Football?

Dabo Swinney has coached the Clemson Tigers since 2008, when he told reporters his secret to success was to “put your eyes on the Lord in everything you do.”

“FRFF complains that the team attended a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) breakfast where three players spoke, Swinney organized privately funded buses to take the team to church, and the coach scheduled team devotionals. In 2012, Swinney facilitated a baptism during practice for former wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The foundation demands Clemson terminate its relationship... Continue Reading

A Bubba With a Passion for the Gospel and Golf

Watson's top priorities: "Christian. Husband. Daddy. Pro Golfer."

Why It Matters: Christians have always been involved in professional sports, so why is the faith of superstars like Watson suddenly worthy of the public’s attention? Because athletes like Watson show that it’s still possible for athletes to be open and unapologetic about their willingness to share the Gospel. The Story: On Sunday Bubba Watson, one of... Continue Reading

Growing Up Gothard

What happens when we invest our trust in the effectiveness of a system rather than the grace of God

We must first recognize that these man-made systems hold no promise. No political, economic, social, or educational system can guarantee the spiritual results sought. Any faith placed in a system is misplaced. The answer is not a system, but a Savior. A Savior who promises his grace will be sufficient, who promises to complete the... Continue Reading

Update: I Will Praise You In This Storm — Mom Has Baby Boy A Week After Tornado Destroys Home

A week ago around 4:00 a tornado 200-300 yards wide tore down Beech Ridge Road in Beaufort County, North Carolina

About half way to the ditch Carla felt the wind pick up and said she realized they wouldn’t make it. She lay down and covered Hannah as the tornado swept over. Carla tries to describe what happened during the next few seconds but says she doesn’t entirely know. What she does know is that she... Continue Reading

The False Teachers: Marcus Borg

The life and legacy of a man who assumed and further developed theological Liberalism

“In 1985 Robert Funk founded the Jesus Seminar, a group of 150 critical scholars who were tasked with re-examining the traditions surrounding the historicity of Jesus, and in particular, his deeds and his sayings. Among these scholars was Marcus Borg. The scholars employed social anthropology, history and textual analysis to attempt to reconstruct Jesus’ life... Continue Reading

Religious Freedom Wins in Mississippi

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) signed into law the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Protections for religious freedom, like the one passed in Mississippi, provide a commonsense way to balance the fundamental right to religious liberty with compelling government interests. There will be times when a state or federal government can show it has a compelling reason for burdening religious expression—to ensure public safety, for instance. But RFRAs set... Continue Reading

“A Strong Black Woman”: Reflections On Feminism And Womanhood

In our culture, it isn’t enough for women to be smart. They have to prove it.

The answer for a young black woman trying to be what the world needed more of isn’t to shove her gifts in a hole. I tried that, in a drastic pendulum swing from my “something to prove” mindset. Blessedly, my parents weren’t buying it, and encouraged me to cultivate those gifts, not in the context... Continue Reading

Brandeis Cancels Plan to Give Honorary Degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Critic of Islam

Brandeis University reveres decision to award an honorary degree to a campaigner for women’s rights and critic of Islam

In 2007, Ms. Hirsi Ali gave an interview to The London Evening Standard that was, by her own telling, the most unvarnished public expression of her views to that point, including the “cult of death” comment. She advocated the closing of Islamic schools in the West and said that “violence is inherent in Islam” and... Continue Reading

He Doesn’t Just Listen To The Sunday Sermon; He Draws It

Member of Grace and Peace Fellowship, a Presbyterian Church in America congregation in St. Louis, sketches sermons

“John’s an artist at heart and loves to draw, and it always struck me as a great way to take in what he’s hearing,” Lutjens said. “I never perceived it as inappropriate or anything other than the way John expresses himself.” Hendrix, says drawing the sermon has strengthened his convictions in ways hearing them never... Continue Reading

From Shunned Sportscaster To Religious Freedom Fighter

Craig James, a football analyst fired by Fox Sports for saying homosexuality is immoral, has taken a job at the Family Research Council

“James’ 20-year career with networks like CBS and ESPN may be done for now, but he wants to keep fighting for religious freedom for athletes, he said. “I do know that there are a lot of people in the broadcasting business and athletes who enjoy having the religious liberties they have,” he said. “And that’s... Continue Reading