Will Christians Be Allowed To Serve As Judges In California?

The evidence is mounting that the sexual revolutionaries will brook no dissent in the march of “gay rights.”

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court ruled that state judges could no longer hold membership in the Boy Scouts of America. Why? Because the Boy Scouts allow gay scouts but not gay Scout leaders. As far as the California Supreme Court is concerned, the Boy Scouts discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, and that violates... Continue Reading

“Jesus was a Palestinian” is a False Narrative

The pro-Palestinian Christian narrative, as defined by its leaders, is a lie.

In early December I came across a video of Dr. Mitri Raheb, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem, summing up the pro-Palestinian Christian narrative. While Raheb’s duplicity is disturbing, his rather succinct commentary offers an opportunity to debunk the lies that he and his colleagues advance   As any reader of this... Continue Reading

Perseverance and Hope Through Disability

Joni Eareckson Tada says the Martin Pistorius story should encourage Christians to advocate for the humanity of people mistakenly called ‘vegetables’

In the 1980s, when Pistorius was 12 years old, he came home from school with a sore throat. As his condition worsened, doctors guessed he had cryptococcal meningitis. His mobility eventually vanished, followed quickly by his ability to make eye contact and speak. For about two years, Pistorius lingered, trapped in a personal prison. He... Continue Reading

One Abortionist’s Painful Path to Life

It took the death of his own daughter to make Dr. Anthony Levatino realize abortions kill children

WNS Editor’s note: On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we’re sharing the story of one abortionist who quit after realizing he was killing people’s children for money. Dr. Anthony Levatino quit the abortion industry in the mid-1980s. He became a Christian years later and now uses his experience and expertise as both a doctor and... Continue Reading

A “Repentant” Lance Armstrong “Would do it again!”

To top it off, he thinks he still deserves the seven Tour de France titles he was stripped of.

Yet, that’s what an allegedly “repentant” Lance Armstrong wants us to do. He deceived millions of people, told innumerable lies, stole titles from other cyclists, and made megabucks from books about his “miracle” come-back. But he now thinks he should be forgiven, and gives three reasons in this interview with the BBC:   Imagine someone deceived... Continue Reading

The Audacity Of Jeb Bush: A Governor Goes All In On The Terri Schiavo Case

Bush used his administration to battle in court after court, in Congress, and in the White House

“Time has moved on, but the Schiavo ordeal is a stark reminder of how conservative the governor was and how he could dig in when he felt he was right, as was almost always the case. The most wrenching and human crisis Bush endured in his two terms provides a window into a leader who... Continue Reading

Francis Makemie and Freedom of Speech

The first American Presbyterian pastor helped entrench the right to free expression and free worship by appealing to the principles of the Glorious Revolution.

This developing American Calvinism, far from the modern caricature as a narrow or severe sect, was a boost to personal freedom and civil discourse in its heyday. The first American Presbyterian pastor helped entrench the right to free expression and free worship by appealing to the principles of the Glorious Revolution. A tidal wave of... Continue Reading

Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart

Countless people in our churches today are genuinely saved, but they just can’t seem to gain any assurance about their salvation.

Does this mean that backsliding Christians are not saved? No, believers can still backslide. Technically, any time you sin you are backsliding. As a believer, you will struggle with indwelling sin for the rest of your life. You will fall often, and sometimes you will fall hard. But each time you fall, you get up again,... Continue Reading

How To Dump Your Wife and Keep Your “Ministry”

Emergent leader Tony Jones had a problem. He had a girlfriend…but he also had a wife. What is a holy man to do with such a conundrum?

Tony Jones divorced his wife in 2009. His wife discovered the affair in 2008. He claimed to be “spiritually” married to the new woman. Problem solved! He even wrote a short book on the subject cloaking his theory as a way for churches to deal with same sex marriage. “There Are Two Marriages: A Manifesto On... Continue Reading

Modern Bible Is Too Dull, Says Philip Pullman

“Speaking of the demise of the King James Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, the author said: ‘I do regret that children don’t have this experience of language which is grand and stately, and above their heads if you like. Because it gave me an immense amount of pleasure to hear the cadences and... Continue Reading