What the Husband of a Chronically Ill Wife Wants Her to Know

Three things that a husband of a chronically ill wife wants her to know

I say this, even though I grieve with you; even though I pray and long for your health and strength; even though I do get weary and overwhelmed sometimes.  But what it all comes down to is this: When I vowed “in sickness and in health” I wasn’t just saying words.  I know that health... Continue Reading

When I Don’t Feel Forgiven

One of the most disturbing experiences a believer can face is losing the felt sense of God’s forgiveness.

God’s truth and the grace of Christ are not qualified, far less nullified, by our feelings. However we might feel, however desperately wretched we might be, if we have believed in God’s Son and are resting the whole weight of who we are on Him alone, we are the most blessed and privileged of beings... Continue Reading

Kim Davis Is Winning

The Clerk’s resistance to the erosion of religious liberty is reenergizing the broader movement

“The judge has not shown much regard for the legal merits of Davis’s claims, and it’s far from clear that she’s chosen the right venue for her complaints. But this is a political fight as much as it is a legal one. Increasingly, religious conservatives fear there will not be space in public life for... Continue Reading

Kevin Vanhoozer’s 55 Theses on Pastors as Public Theologians

Why does the church need pastor-theologians? What are pastor-theologians for?

“Pastor-theologians in the early church used the ancient Rule of Faith to provide the parameters for understanding the theological realities that are part and parcel of the gospel, and to identify the God of Israel with the Father of Jesus Christ, the Creator of all things with the Redeemer of the church.”   Kevin Vanhoozer:... Continue Reading

The Ex-Baptist Pastor Who Popularized Ben Franklin’s Electrical Experiments

Ebenezer Kinnersley paired the de-mystifying of nature with greater worship of God.

“Kinnersley was born in Gloucester, England, the same hometown as Franklin’s friend George Whitefield, the greatest evangelist of the eighteenth-century revivals. As a three-year-old, Kinnersley came with his family to Pennsylvania the same year, 1714, that Whitefield was born.”   James Delbourgo’s A Most Amazing Scene of Wonders: Electricity and Enlightenment in Early America offers a remarkable... Continue Reading

Colbert on Faith: Logic Has Nothing to Do with It

Stephen Colbert is talking about his faith again, this time with Father Thomas Rosica

Colbert’s reasons for believing are actually quite logical. He loves the world and feels grateful toward it (these are the same premises he mentioned in the GQ article from a couple of weeks ago), and as a result he chooses to direct that gratitude toward an entity he calls God.   Stephen Colbert is talking about his... Continue Reading

All She Had To Do To Get Out Of Jail Was To Say, “I Recant”

Huguenot Marie Durand (1711-1776) spent 38 years in jail for the crime of honoring God over man’s laws.

On a memorial stone: In the memory of Pastor Pierre Durand, condemned to death and executed in Montpellier. 1700*-1732. And of her sister, Marie Durand, prisoner for 38 years in the Tour de Constance. 1715-1776. “If my Savior calls me to seal his Holy Gospel with my blood, his will is perfect.” – Pierre Durand. “Registez” [resist] – Marie Durand... Continue Reading

9 Ways to Protect Your Children from Sexual Abuse

9 practical things you can do to protect children from sexual abuse

Throw out the word “secret.”
Explain the difference between a secret and a surprise. Surprises are joyful and generate excitement, because in just a little while something will be unveiled that will bring great delight. Secrets, in contrast, cause isolation and exclusion. When it becomes customary to keep secrets with just one individual, children are more... Continue Reading

Samuel Rodriguez on the GOP’s Latino Dilemma

Evangelical leader talks about which Republican candidates can win the hearts of Hispanic voters, and why

Samuel Rodriguez founded the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which claims more than 40,000 Latino evangelical churches as members. He’s also on the board of the National Association for Evangelicals and a fierce advocate for immigration reform…. To me, immigration reform is not a political issue. It’s the very future of American evangelical Christendom, so... Continue Reading


During the next ten years, I hope to attain three ambitions

If the Lord grants me mercy, I can reasonably expect another ten years of honest labor. I know theologians who have taught longer than that, and so will I if I can. But that is in the Lord’s hands, and anything more than threescore and ten will be a pure gift (not that the threescore... Continue Reading


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