To The Women With Whom He “Didn’t Cheat”

You don't know me. I'm the woman from the other side of the screen. I was the woman who loved that man you "didn't cheat" with.

I wish you had touched him, and kissed him, and been intimate with him. At least then the pain I felt would have made sense. Nobody would have told me “Boys will be boys!” or “Stop overreacting, every man does it.” At least then I could have left and saved myself 8 years of degradation.... Continue Reading

Don’t Be A Jerk!

Sage counsel from an experienced pastor to other pastors.

Don’t be an emotional abuser.  You should never use guilt to get your way, or maneuver someone into a decision so they will be more useful for your ministry or program.  Guilt is a powerful and useful tool, and a good tool, when used by the Holy Spirit to convict people of real sin.  If... Continue Reading

Army Reinstates Green Beret Who Confronted Afghan Rapist

The Army on April 28 reversed its decision to dismiss a Green Beret soldier who physically confronted an Afghan police commander for raping a young boy.

Martland learned last August that, as a result of the 2011 incident and his subsequent official reprimand, he would be placed in the Army’s Qualitative Management Program (QMP) and involuntarily separated from the military. But the Army’s Human Resources Command officially changed his status, allowing him to remain on active duty.   (WNS)–The Army on... Continue Reading

Bible and a Brew: Groups Get Together to Talk Faith Over a Pint

Dault points to a current "theology hipster subculture" in which groups of men with beards and pipes host hard-core discussions of orthodox theology.

“There’s a perception in the church and in Milwaukee that you have to have this veneer of holiness that says don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t chew.” Quakkelaar is building a church called Friend of Sinners Church, part of the Presbyterian Church in America. Currently, they meet in a temporary location, but Quakkelaar said the program... Continue Reading

I Am Ryland – The Story of a Male-Identifying Little Girl Who Didn’t Transition

5-years-old Ryland was born a female; her parents have been transitioning her to male. Here’s my story with a different conclusion.

My husband is amazing at design and is the decorator/designer for our home.  He does most of the clothes shopping for both of us, and has no interest in learning how to change the oil in our car.  He is creative and artistic.  But he also loves to go hunting and fishing and has to... Continue Reading

My Mom Is Killing Me

After Christmas, my mom came to live with me. It’s been rough. I knew it would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be this hard.

When I took this thing on, I had one goal: to glorify God by honoring Mom and helping her to finish her race well. That goal remains the same. If you’d think to pray for me in this, I’d sure appreciate it. I don’t know how much time Mom has with me, but I don’t... Continue Reading

Innocent Man Ends Up Pals With Crooked Cop That Framed Him

"I falsified the report," former Benton Harbor police officer Andrew Collins admitted.

Last year, by sheer coincidence, they both ended up at faith-based employment agency Mosaic, where they now work side by side in the same café. And it was in those cramped quarters that the bad cop and the wrongfully accused had no choice but to have it out.   BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – It all... Continue Reading

A Compassionate Judge Sentences A Veteran To 24 Hours In Jail, Then Joins Him Behind Bars

Sgt. Joseph Serna, a former Special Forces soldier, had been through a lot; when the judge sentenced him to a night in jail, the judge served the time with him.

The judge drove Serna to the jail in a neighboring county. “When Joe first came to turn himself in, he was trembling,” Olivera told the Fayetteville Observer. “I decided that I’d spend the night serving with him.” “Where are we going, judge?” Serna asked, the Observer’s Bill Kirby Jr., reported Wednesday. “We’re going to turn... Continue Reading

My Answer to the Question ‘What Does Autism Feel Like?’

What does autism feel like in me? Well, autism often feels awful.

In my experience with autism, everything flows through with equal force. Life is like a continual sensory storm. A raging flash flood of sensorial data is always pulsing through the marrow of my bones. It’s a never-ending, devastating deluge of chaotic kinesthesia. There’s no sensory spillway; a dam’s not even dug to help control all... Continue Reading

Reformed Theology is Indigenous to African American Christianity

People of African descent have always had a prominent voice in Christianity

“Lemuel Haynes (A.D. 1753-1833) was the first African American ordained by any religious organization in America. He ministered in New England and exhibited Calvinistic thought in his sermons and writings. In one work “The Character and Work of a Spiritual Watchman Described (1792), he exhibits God’s sovereignty in election.”   While it is true that... Continue Reading