Perry Noble Fired for Alcoholism, Strained Marriage; Is Under Psychiatric Care, NewSpring Church Confirms

NewSpring Church, a popular megachurch in South Carolina with a weekly attendance of 30,000, confirmed Sunday that Perry Noble, the church's founding and senior pastor, has been fired.

“Over the course of several months our executive pastors met with and discussed at length with Perry these concerns regarding his personal behavior and his spiritual walk, Perry’s posture towards marriage, increased reliance on alcohol and other behaviors were of continual concern. Due to this the executive pastors confronted Perry and went through the steps... Continue Reading

Weep, Love, and Pray: A Christian Response to Dallas, Castille, and Sterling

What can Christians say? What can Christians do?

And let’s take time to love our neighbor today — especially white ones if we are black, or black ones if we are white, and blue ones regardless of our color. This is a time for reaching out across our divides; across the checkout counter, across the fence, across the street. Let’s not just proclaim... Continue Reading

From Lesbianism To Follower Of Christ: An Interview With Emily Thomes

Emily Thomes’ story of moving from lesbianism to a follower of Christ.

I read about 100 articles a month, and my favorite piece last month was Girl in The Picture, by Emily Thomes. Originally posted on The Gospel Coalition, Thomes shares her inspiring story of lesbianism to follower of Christ. Today, Thomes stops by the site to share more of her story and give advice to Christians ministering to... Continue Reading

The Theology of Donald Trump

Four words that reveal what his followers really believe

“Let me suggest that the slender thread connecting Trump to the church is his occasional holiday appearances at Marble Collegiate Church, made famous by its pastor for 52 years, Norman Vincent Peale. Blending pop-psychology and spirituality, Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking (1952) remained on The New York Times bestsellers list for 186 weeks.”  ... Continue Reading

As a Psychiatrist, I Diagnose Mental Illness and Help Spot Demonic Possession

How a scientist learned to work with exorcists

The priest who had asked for my opinion of this bizarre case was the most experienced exorcist in the country at the time, an erudite and sensible man. I had told him that, even as a practicing Catholic, I wasn’t likely to go in for a lot of hocus-pocus. “Well,” he replied, “unless we thought... Continue Reading

Christian Dating Site Forced to Include Same-Sex Searches

The march of the LGBT totalitarians continues.

No, the sexual totalitarians demanded that homosexual behavior, relationships and “marriage” be publicly celebrated and affirmed, regardless of the religious beliefs and commitments that morally informed those who disagreed. The radical sexual conformists intended to intimidate people, specifically Christians, into participating, contributing to and endorsing the gay agenda – up to and including subjecting the... Continue Reading

Why America’s Business Majors Are in Desperate Need of a Liberal-Arts Education

Their degrees may help them secure entry-level jobs, but to advance in their careers, they’ll need much more than technical skills.

There’s good reason for their concern. Put simply, business majors seem to be graduating with some of the technical skills they’ll need to secure jobs, but without having made the gains in writing or critical-thinking skills they’ll require to succeed over the course of their careers, or to adapt as their technical skills become outdated... Continue Reading

How California’s “Nondiscrimination” Bill Threatens Christian Colleges

California’s SB 1146 aptly illustrates where we are today in America’s culture wars.

One year after the Supreme Court’s ruling to redefine marriage, threats to religious liberty are growing. On June 30, the California State Legislature’s Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear Senate Bill 1146, intended to restrict Christian colleges and schools from discriminating on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. It seems hard... Continue Reading

Rev. John P. Galbraith, 103, Called Home to Glory

Galbraith, March 10, 1913-June 30, 2016, was perhaps the last living student of J. Gresham Machen and one of the first men ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

On the afternoon of June 11, 1936, seminarian John Galbraith gathered with 139 other deeply concerned Presbyterians in the auditorium of the New Century Club, at 124 South Twelfth Street, Philadelphia. Not only did he witness the beginning of what would become the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, but he was also among those who stood up,... Continue Reading

Jerry Bridge’s Seven Standout Spiritual Lessons

How Jerry Bridges impacted me through his life and ministry.

Lesson Four: The sudden understanding of the doctrine of election was a watershed event for me that significantly affected my entire Christian life. For example, it was the realization of God’s sovereignty in election that led me to study further the sovereignty of God in all of life. It also produced a deep sense of... Continue Reading