Consecutive Exposition Is Not the Only Way

While God makes it clear that we must preach the Word, he does not specify one method over the other.

While God makes it clear that we must preach the Word, he does not specify one method over the other. I wonder if we have veered too far in one direction. This, after all, is our tendency in nearly everything—to swing from wild extreme to wild extreme.   In many ways, the Reformed resurgence of... Continue Reading

Michelangelo And His Struggles Of Faith

His life runs parallel to the tumultuous events of the Protestant Reformation and is characterized by an equally turbulent search for God’s acceptance.

Michelangelo’s poems are more transparent than his sculptures. Most of them are prayers to God (with echoes of Augustine’s Confessions, which he probably knew well). What he mourned mostly was his struggle with sin (“Fain would I wish what my heart cannot will”) and the time wasted in futile pursuits, including his art (“What’s the... Continue Reading

PCA Minister Lynn Downing Retiring From The Embers To A Flame Ministry

After ten years of service with Embers to a Flame, Lynn Downing is retiring.

Downing has faithfully served the ministry for almost ten years.  In that time, he has facilitated over 40 national/international Embers to a Flame conferences, led numerous Spiritual Foundation Retreats for churches desiring spiritual growth, and shepherded dozens of  churches through our coaching ministry, Fanning the Flame.   The Embers To A Flame Ministry has announced... Continue Reading

The UK’s Highest-Ranking Evangelical Politician Steps Down

Convert who led Liberal Democrats couldn’t shake stigma of his faith

“The pressure Farron felt rings familiar to American evangelicals, who are continually grappling with their place in public life and the future for their convictions. Earlier this month, a Trump administration appointee was challenged during his confirmation hearing over his belief in salvation through Christ alone.”   Amid mounting scrutiny over his evangelical faith, the... Continue Reading

Same-Sex Married Couple To Lead Historic Baptist Church

A historic Baptist church in the nation’s capital has called a legally married lesbian couple as co-pastors

“According to a Greenville News article about same-sex couples seeking the city’s first marriage licenses after a federal court order finding South Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional took effect on Nov. 20, 2014, Sarratt and Swearingen met six years earlier at Greenville First Baptist Church, when Swearingen served the church as an intern.”  ... Continue Reading

Two Members of A PCA Family Shot By Son, Who Then Shoots Himself

Two family members are dead and a third is suffering from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound; members of Zion Reformed Church (PCA) in Winesburg, Ohio.

Dead are James W. Stockdale, 21, and Kathryn B. Stockdale, 54, his mother. Sheriff George T. Maier said Jacob T. Stockdale, 25, fired a shotgun at his mother and brother, killing them, then shot himself. He was taken by ambulance to Canton’s Aultman Hospital and then by helicopter to Cleveland Metro Hospital, where he was... Continue Reading

I Never Knew My Father

I never knew my father, but now I do; let me tell you the why.

My father went through all he did on Okinawa, and throughout World War II, and never showed the slightest hint of it to his son or daughters. He dealt death to others not happily but because it was his duty. He watched his closest friends and comrades die beside him. He spared me all that... Continue Reading

7 Characteristics Of The Greatest Leaders I Know

The characteristics I’ve most often seen in the greatest contemporary leaders I’ve known.

These leaders listen to their team, trusting that they, too, bring much to the conversation. If the team’s recommendations differ from these leaders, the leaders are at least willing to continue the conversation. Accomplishing the vision is supreme, even if getting there requires the leaders to reconsider their own strategy.   I’ve had the privilege... Continue Reading

Sadie Margaret Pickett, 16-Month-Old Daughter of Otis and Julie Pickett, Called Home to Glory

She was baptized as a covenant child at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Miss., on Sunday, June 4; she passed away to be with Jesus ten days later.

Sadie peacefully took her last breath in my arms. I’ve pictured her taking her last breath on earth in my arms and her first breath (w/ no oxygen tubes!) in Heaven in Jesus’s arms. So, of course, there’s sorrow for us left behind. I miss my beautiful, spunky, bright-eyed, curly hair girl. There will be... Continue Reading

A Patient Perseverance (Christian Men and Their Godly Moms)

It was God’s good plan to use the patient and persistent prayers of Augustine’s mother to draw her son to faith.

When looking to ancient history it can be difficult to separate fact from legend. But we do know that Monica responded to her son’s rebellion with prayer—earnest, pleading, tear-filled prayer and fasting. One bishop who knew of Monica’s prayers comforted her by saying, “It is not possible that the son of so many tears should... Continue Reading