Ashes And Good Theology

Good theology doesn't deny the reality of ashes; rather it affirms the undiminished love of God in the face of a diminished and fallen creation

Our faith is in a God who is good, and good all the time, even when buildings burn and we lose hope in structures and lose faith in human beings who set the fires.  Our faith is in a God who is good in the midst of pestilence, and war, and the brutality of authority... Continue Reading

Taking Friendship To A New Level

God is relational. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit co-exist as a perfect, mutually-loving, mutually-supportive, in-covenant community; we are created in God’s image and we need relationships, too

Whereas “modern” friendship asks, “What can this person do to make my life better?” a Gospel-centered friendship asks, “What can I do to make this person’s life better? What can I do to ‘enhance her glory,’ to help her be and become all she can be, as the person God created her to be and... Continue Reading

How To Become More Productive: Classic Insights From Adam Smith

Labor becomes more productive when it is divided.

Problem-solving is the essence of work. You can become more productive by welcoming the problems you face and inventing, discovering, or creating solutions to them. Adam Smith notes that many machines were invented by “common workmen” who channeled their frustrations into practical solutions. In Book 1, Chapter 1 of The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith asks us... Continue Reading

Major Missions Agency Picks ‘Radical’ New President

Megachurch pastor David Platt is now the younger face of the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board

David Uth, one of the IMB trustees, spoke to Baptist Press about selecting Pratt: We weren’t looking for a man who knew how to talk about it; we were looking for a man who was doing it—and using the influence he had to affect the nations. When we considered what Brook Hills was doing to send couples [to... Continue Reading

The Psychology Behind Messy Rooms: Why The Most Creative People Flourish In Clutter

Albert Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

While it might look completely random to strangers, a lot of times, a person’s mess is very methodical – with respect to himself. Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs, from the University of Minnesota, who set out to debunk this urban legend, didn’t confine her study to solely the desk. No, Vohs, clearly a creative mind, chose... Continue Reading

Slow-er Relationships

Social media and texting can damage your soul—they work against human design rather than with it

Get ready for a backlash—a surge in longer dinners with friends, tech-free small groups, and a general break out of a pent-up desire for human fellowship. Get ready for a retro movement back to slow-paced relationships. The pendulum is already swinging toward something more in sync with our humanity. But it will test us, because... Continue Reading

Harry Reeder: Loss of Trevelyn Campbell ‘Extraordinarily Challenging’

Briarwood Presbyterian Church head pastor Harry Reeder says Trevelyn's death has hit his congregation hard

It is with heavy heart that I write you to inform you that Trevelyn was killed in a car accident late last night on Altadena. She had been visiting with us for several hours, doing laundry, having dinner, and it was such a lovely, joyful visit as she was anticipating a new year at Samford.... Continue Reading

Mark Driscoll To Step Down While Mars Hill Reviews Charges

Mark Driscoll will step down for at least six weeks while church leaders review formal charges lodged by a group of pastors that he abused his power

“Storm clouds seem to be swirling around me more than ever in recent month, and I have given much thought and sought much counsel as to why that is and what to do about it,” Driscoll said. “Some have challenged various aspects of my personality and leadership style, and while some of these challenges seem... Continue Reading

Administration Offers New Tweak to Birth Control Rule

Several of the country’s biggest faith groups on Friday said the revised rule was still problematic because it didn’t fully exempt organizations with religious objections.

“Here we go again,” said Russell Moore, president of the policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest U.S. Protestant denomination. “What we see here is another revised attempt to settle issues of religious conscience with accounting maneuvers. This new policy doesn’t get at the primary problem.”   The Obama administration, still facing legal... Continue Reading

Trevelyn Grace Campbell, Daughter of Birarwood PCA Music Director, Killed in Car Crash

Trevelyn Campbell, 19, was killed in a car crash on Friday, August 22.

Grace Campbell attended Briarwood Christian School and the Alabama School of Fine Arts. She is the daughter of Penny and Clay Campbell, who is the minister of music and worship at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Ala. Campbell was a student at Samford University.   Vestavia Hills, Alabama – A Vestavia Hills teen was killed Friday... Continue Reading