12 Lies American Evangelicals Believe

While most Americans identify as Christians, they seem confused about the details of their faith.

According to the study, 51 percent of Americans said the Bible was written for each person to interpret as he or she chooses. This nonsense does not fit with what the Bible actually says…. Interestingly, while many Americans believed the Bible is meant to be interpreted personally, 64 percent said the accounts of Jesus’ bodily... Continue Reading

Women’s March Sets Out to Exclude 40 Percent of American Women

What pro-life feminists actually have in common with their pro-choice counterparts.

“If the voice of pro-life women is excluded from the [Women’s March on Washington], then it is not really a ‘Women's March’ at all,” said Brandi Swindell, founder of the pregnancy crisis center partnering with the march. “Rather, it is an anti-Trump march, a pro-choice march, or a Planned Parenthood march. To truly be called a ‘Women's March,’ all our sister's voices, thoughts, viewpoints, and stories need to be heard.”

Honor Code Crash and Burn

Fifty-four years after the fact this is still a hard story to tell.

The cadet honor code, the bedrock of Academy life, states, “We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.” My violation of the honor code weighed heavily on my conscience, keeping me awake at night. Finally I was driven by my tormented soul to turn myself in for a violation... Continue Reading

Memorial Service Held For Slain Abington, PA Teen, Grace Packer

Mourners filled the seats at New Life Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Glenside Monday to celebrate the life and mourn the unspeakable death of Grace Packer.

New Life Presbyterian Pastor Mark Moser thanked attendees for coming “to bear witness to her life, so Grace Anastasia Packer may not disappear.” “Today we celebrate Grace, to remember her and honor her and cherish who she was,” Associate Pastor Marc Davis said. “We need to look for words together … words that are true... Continue Reading

Raw Tears and Holy Fury: Confronting theReality of Human Trafficking

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” William Wilberforce

Essentially human trafficking is the exploitation of the vulnerable by the powerful for financial gain, and while sexual exploitation is often what springs to mind when we think of human trafficking, it is by no means the full picture. Other forms of trafficking include forced labor, criminal exploitation, domestic servitude and even organ harvesting. Victims include women, children and men from every nation in the world. Human trafficking is truly shocking in both its nature and its scale and, while ignorance is blissful, once our eyes have been opened inaction is NOT an option for the follower of Jesus.

What America’s Founders Really Thought About the Bible

Many of the American founders regarded the Bible as indispensable to a regime of republican self-government and liberty under law.

A self-governing people, in short, had to be a virtuous people who were controlled from within by an internal moral compass, which would replace external control by an authoritarian ruler’s whip and rod.  The whip and rod were clearly unacceptable for a free, self-governing people.  A moral people respected social order, legitimate authority, oaths and... Continue Reading

Ben Franklin’s Calvinist Sister

In many ways, Jane’s life, not Ben’s, was representative of the age

“I and others have emphasized the contrast between Ben Franklin’s self-professed Deism and his longtime friendship with the Calvinist evangelist George Whitefield, but Lepore convinced me that his sister’s influence likely had an even stronger tethering effect connecting Ben to the faith of his childhood.”   In my Baylor graduate seminar on the American Revolution,... Continue Reading

Who Divided The Bible Into Chapters And Verses?

Stephen Langton was the one who came up with the chapter divisions we take for granted

“Before Langton (1150-1228), several people had tried to divide the longer books of the Bible into more manageable chunks. But his version was the one that stuck and is the basis of the chapters we use today.”   Anyone who knows about Magna Carta and King John has probably heard of Stephen Langton, the Archbishop... Continue Reading

Scott R. Swain Appointed President of Reformed Seminary in Orlando

The Board of Trustees of Reformed Theological Seminary has appointed Dr. Scott R. Swain as the fifth president of its Orlando campus.

He joined the faculty in 2006 after several years of teaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he served for several years as Assistant and later Associate Professor of Systematic Theology. In fall 2012 he took on administrative duties as Academic Dean, and his service in that role involved the addition of three new faculty... Continue Reading

Congress is Nearly 98% Religious, Even More Than the U.S. At Large

Only 11 out of 535 current congressmen and congresswomen identify as religiously “unaffiliated” or refused to specify

Astonishingly the religiosity of Congress is considerably higher than America at large. Seventy-one percent of Americans describe themselves as Christian, according to Pew statistics. While significant, the proportion of Americans who identify as Christian remains nearly 20 percentage points lower than members of Congress. In particular, Catholicism and the four major Mainline traditions were overrepresented relative to the American population.