Following Leaders

Principled obedience and submission to our leaders are not license for runaway authority but encouragement to biblical authority.

A primary means of growth in life is by imitation, so we need to be careful in choosing our leaders because “the pupil becomes like the teacher.” There is perhaps nothing more sobering, yet encouraging, for a leader than the realization that those who have chosen to follow them in the name of Christ are... Continue Reading

Evangelical Ky. Gov. Praised for Urging State Lawmakers Who Settled Sexual Harassment Lawsuits to Resign

Biblical law shows how the Lord takes up the cause of the victim and the vulnerable

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. said Bevin’s “moral clarity and candor on this issue stands out not only in the state of Kentucky but, frankly, in the entire national conversation for the fact that it is so laser-like.”   Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, an evangelical Christian, drew high praises from the evangelical... Continue Reading

James White’s 4 Keys to Effective Debating

You need to examine and familiarize yourself with your opponent’s original source material

“When you explain their view on an issue, they should nod in agreement with everything you are saying before you explain why you disagree. If they don’t believe you understand their position or if they think you have misrepresented their beliefs, they will dismiss any argument you proffer against the faulty position you have presented.”... Continue Reading

Augustine, Happiness, and a Birthday Cake

There was, of course, a cake – a healthy delight made with spelt flour, almonds, and honey.

Characteristically for Augustine, the cake prompted a three-day discussion. The subject was happiness – one of his favorite themes – a universal instinct which is meant to lead us to true happiness in God. The treatise De Beata Vita(On the Blessed Life) was the happy result. For Augustine, happiness is enjoying God forever.   If Augustine... Continue Reading

In Memoriam: Morton Howison Smith, Faithful Servant of Christ’s Church

Remembering the legacy of seminary founder, professor, and model churchman, Rev. Dr. Morton Howison Smith

Generations of his students will remember him as a godly, gentle, and quiet man of strong Christian character and conviction. As a scholar, he was committed to the depth and breadth of the Reformed tradition, founded upon the rock-solid foundation of God’s Word. His was an exegetically grounded theology. Committed to preparing and equipping Reformed... Continue Reading

Dr. Morton Smith Called Home to the Lord

Dr. Smith was one of the founding minister of the PCA and its first Stated Clerk.

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary made the following announcement: On Sunday, November 12, at 10:55 AM, Dr. Morton Howison Smith died peacefully in the Lord. It is fitting that he had the privilege to die on the Lord’s Day. The viewing followed by the service will be at 11:00 AM this coming Tuesday at Cornerstone PCA... Continue Reading

Unexpected Counsel from Martin Luther

For the average person, “pastoral care” and “Martin Luther” are probably strange bedfellows

“Bob Kellemen brings this side of Luther to light in Counseling Under the Cross: How Martin Luther Applied The Gospel to Daily Life. Kellemen—vice president for institutional advancement and chair of the biblical counseling department at Crossroads Bible College—explores the theology and methodology of Luther’s pastoral care ministry.”   For the average person, “pastoral care” and... Continue Reading

African-American Leaders Defend Colorado Baker Amid Supreme Court Gay Wedding Cake Battle

Phillips was found guilty of violating state discrimination law by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission

“Although Phillips sells baked goods to anybody regardless of their sexual orientation, he objects to participating in certain events that violate his religious beliefs such as gay weddings and even Halloween cakes. The commission ordered Phillips to undergo sensitivity training and change his policies to conform to state law.”   A group of African-American rights... Continue Reading

Faithful Servants

The most essential quality of leadership is humility, and authentic humility is manifested by courage, compassion, and conviction.

Leadership and servanthood are not mutually exclusive. Leaders are first and foremost servants of God who serve by leading. The most essential quality of leadership is humility, and authentic humility is manifested by courage, compassion, and conviction. A faithful leader is a humble leader who leads foremost by love, not fear.   We have entered... Continue Reading

Who Is The Woman Married To Your Pastor?

The top ten things the woman married to your pastor wants you to know.

She, like you and me, doesn’t get her righteousness from measuring up to the standards of others, from her church attendance, from knowing scripture, or from how much money she does or doesn’t spend on her wardrobe. In God’s courtroom, the verdict has been given. Her flaws, mistakes, shame and sin as well as all her... Continue Reading