Romans, Martin Luther and 1515

Luther personally discovered the powerful gospel of the powerful Christ. And that discovery began, not in 1517, but in 1515, with the book of Romans.

“While many of my colleagues at Reformed Theological Seminary are already thinking about 2017, most of us are not aware of a very important church history anniversary this fall. I’m thinking, of course, of the 500th anniversary of Luther’s lectures on the Book of Romans, which helped pave the way for the Reformation of 1517.”... Continue Reading

Denzel Washington Preaches Gratitude to Church Members at St. Louis Convention

Hollywood star Denzel Washington, the son of a pastor, preached a sermon of gratefulness Saturday evening to hundreds of members of the Church of God in Christ

“Faith and optimism can add years to your life,” he told those at the banquet. “A bad attitude is like a flat tire. Until you change it, you’re not going anywhere,” he said, urging the audience to “use the power of prayer in everything we do.”   Hollywood star Denzel Washington, the son of a... Continue Reading

Luther: Rebel With a (Woman’s) Cause

Luther couldn't resist using his last will and testament to take a final stab at perceived corruption

“He noted in 1538 that wives were effectively reduced to the status of servants by the law, being turned out of the house upon their husbands’ deaths with little more than the clothes on their backs and their knitting accessories. When Luther finally got around to writing his will in January of 1542, he made... Continue Reading

The Most Evangelical Founding Father?

Whatever Christians today say about bringing America “back to God,” it is a concern that evangelicals like Boudinot were expressing from the beginning of the nation.

America has been greatly favoured by God, in all her concerns, both civil and religious, and she has much to hope, and much to fear, according as she shall attentively improve her relative situation among the nations of the earth, for the glory of God, and the protection of his people—She has been raised up... Continue Reading

The Story Behind Minnesota’s Official State Photograph

Around 1920, the photographer Eric Enstrom took a picture of a white-bearded visitor to his studio in Bovey.

Enstrom and his daughter, the artist Rhoda Nyberg, painted over prints of the originally black-and-white image to give it the appearance of a colorful oil painting. Nyberg continued to paint versions of the image for the rest of her life, even painting a matching image depicting an elderly woman. “Grace,” the Minnesota state photograph, taken... Continue Reading

Christian Belief Cost Kelvin Cochran His Job

Atlanta says it terminated its fire chief because he published a book without permission. The real reason is because of what’s in it.

Mr. Cochran self-published a book in 2013, “Who Told You That You Were Naked?” The book, written on his own time, is a compilation of lesson plans for his bible classes and explains how the teachings of Christ can help men fulfill their purpose as responsible husbands and fathers. What earned the ire of Atlanta... Continue Reading

Canon Andrew White: ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ On Leading A Church In Iraq And Being In The Crosshairs Of Isis

Canon Andrew White has a remarkable faith in human nature, but in the face of so much cruelty, even he believes a line has been crossed

But surely there is only one logical conclusion to be drawn? He sighs, and answers slowly. “You are asking me how we can deal radically with Isis. The only answer is to radically destroy them. I don’t think we can do it by dropping bombs. We have got to bring about real change. It is... Continue Reading

Why I’m Not a Baptist!

Personal reflections on the coherence of Scripture’s teaching on children in the covenant.

When I was a student of theology at Pittsburgh-Xenia Seminary over half a century ago I wondered why God did not inspire one of his apostles to settle this issue once and for all with a simple statement — one way or the other — either that ‘children of believers are to be baptized,’ or... Continue Reading

Polk Teacher’s Resignation Letter Hits a Nerve

A Polk County, Fla., public school teacher's letter of resignation has apparently hit a nerve with frustrated teachers and parents nationwide.

“It just hurt to see the frustration on all the children’s faces,” she said. ” Five-year-olds are not allowed to play, they’re not allowed to talk. They don’t know the names of other kids in their classroom because they’re not allowed to talk to them.”…. Bradshaw says she was prompted to quit when she realized... Continue Reading

Alan Chambers Says “Sin is Irrelevant.” Is He Right?

Chambers is antinomian in his approach to all sin—including homosexuality

Chambers is misleading people about the nature of biblical Christianity. Biblical Christianity teaches that if the faith that saves you doesn’t change you, then it doesn’t save you. God progressively transforms all of his children into the image of Christ through the power of the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:18). Thus the moral status of homosexuality... Continue Reading