Top 10 Things I Love That Worship Leaders Do

Some positive, proactive comments to encourage worship leaders as they lead worship.

Point me to the gospel. This is why I’m there, whether I remember it or not. This is what I need. I need the announcement of the historical work of Christ on the cross and out of the tomb more than I need oxygen! So I’m very, very grateful when your song choice, banter, worship... Continue Reading

The Pastor’s PTSD: When You Cannot Bounce Back After The Conflict Is Over

PTSD is a helpful analogy to understand what pastors go through in hard times in their ministries.

One defining feature of PTSD is that the fear lingers long after the painful event has passed. And this has parallels for us and our families. After a conflict, we can ask ourselves, Why haven’t we snapped out of it yet? But why should we expect to get over it as soon as the conflict burns... Continue Reading

7 Simple but Effective Strategies to Get You Through a Bad Day

The worst time to make decisions is when you’re upset or feeling down. Your emotions will lead you to decide things you’ll regret.

Actions are one thing. Decisions are another. The worst time to make decisions is when you’re upset or feeling down. Your emotions will lead you to decide things you’ll regret. So just decide not to decide anything that day. Here’s the rule I’ve adopted in life in and leadership when I’m in bad space: Don’t make tomorrow’s... Continue Reading

The Excommunicated Member Who Thanked Me

Six years ago, our elders put Jack under church discipline. Last week, he thanked me for it.

On a recent Sunday, I saw Jack again for the first time in years. He was back in town for a short visit, and he came to church with his family… Then, after the worship service, he purposefully sought me out and looked me directly in the eye. Thank you . . . for, well, for... Continue Reading

Always Go To The Funeral

I believe in always going to the funeral. My father taught me that.

“Always go to the funeral” means that I have to do the right thing when I really, really don’t feel like it. I have to remind myself of it when I could make some small gesture, but I don’t really have to and I definitely don’t want to. I’m talking about those things that represent... Continue Reading

“God Made Me for China” — Eric Liddell Beyond Olympic Glory

Eric Liddell ran for God's glory, but he was made for China. He desperately wanted the nation he loved to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ

“Americans of my generation remember Eric Liddell largely because of Chariots of Fire, the 1981 British film written by Colin Welland, produced by David Puttnam, and directed by Hugh Hudson.”   Olympic glory abounds in Rio as the 31st modern Olympiad is well underway. This time, the event is living up to its hype, especially... Continue Reading

What The Pro-Choice And Pro-Life Miss About Simone Biles

Simone Biles has value not because she is a young woman inspiring the world or because she is a world champion gymnast who was adopted as a child, but because she is Simone.

No amounts of tweets or praise can change the fact, however, that the young woman Americans have fallen in love with on their television screens would not be here if her mother had chosen abortion. That’s the thought abortion supporters never want to ponder … What if? Because if we allow the human life to continue... Continue Reading

The Flood Of 2016: Southeast Louisiana And The Consequences Of Real Community

No stories of looting, no stories of riots, no devolving of society to the lowest forms of humanity…instead a tragedy that has brought out the best in friends, family, and neighbors

Rather than reward that with aid and bringing the full force of our collective national attention to examples of what resilient and strong American communities look like when challenged…these communities are ignored and left to fend for themselves…simply because they can. The consequence of being a strong community is that your tragedy is not mentioned... Continue Reading

Henry VIII, the Reformation, and the First Authorized Bible

Spend much time in Protestant circles and you will eventually hear of the Authorized Bible

“Henry VIII is one of the oddest characters in the story of the Reformation. A man of conservative instincts when Luther’s reformation began, he nevertheless overthrew papal influence in England and built a church of his own.”   Spend much time in Protestant circles and you will eventually hear of the Authorized Bible or the King James Bible.... Continue Reading

Relationships Matter — But Which Ones?

Everyone knows that relationships matter. But few of us pause to ponder exactly which relationships matter.

We’ve known for some time about risk factors for young people: Poverty, unsafe neighborhoods, and single-parent families, among many others. We also declare that children are not limited by those things, but can achieve and flourish, even in a world that may be stacked against them. But the evidence indicates that children need more than... Continue Reading