My Wife Died Recently. Here’s What This First Mother’s Day Will Look Like Without Her

Jason’s wife, Kara, died on March 22, 2015 after a two-and-a-half year battle with breast cancer

We will live in the reality of life instead of in our hidden expectations of how we want to be treated. I want my kids to enter into the celebration of this day, to remember the life their mom lived and the character traits she desired to foster in them: kindness, compassion and love. Our... Continue Reading

Vos 121

121st anniversary of Geerhardus Vos’ inaugural lecture to his new post as Professor of Biblical Theology at Princeton on May 8, 1894.

The opening words of Scripture establish the divine context for all human history and indeed for all special revelation: “In the beginning, God. . .” (Genesis 1:1). In other words, all biblical context is divine before it is human. Biblical content is divine before it is human. Human history, grammar, genre and situatedness serve divine ends; they do not... Continue Reading

Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (DVD Review)

Anyone in the Reformed community will recognize many of the special commentators in the film

“This film was recently debuted at the Gospel Coalition conference in Orlando where many of the guests featured on the DVD documentary were speaking, preaching, and lecturing. I have to say, there was a great amount of excitement about the release of Logic on Fire.”   I had an opportunity to review the brand new full-length... Continue Reading

Mark Driscoll Returns, Unrepentant, Unapologetic, Playing the Victim

Mark Driscoll gave a sermon at the Thrive Conference on "struck shepherds."

Pastor Mark, just go away. I mean this with all Christian sincerity. Go away and heal. Go away and repent. Restoration has nothing to do with your ministry. It has to do with your walk. Based upon your sermon, you still have not repented of the role you played in the tragedy of Mars Hill.... Continue Reading

Protective Strategies Here and There

A Review Article of Stephen L. Young, “Protective Strategies…” and “Maximizing Literacy as a Protective Strategy”

An important point that has not been noted is that no one among those mentioned argues that there is a major issue with the degree of literacy in ancient Israel and with the biblical traditions. Neither Rollston, Schniedewind, Dever, nor I are concerned that evidence for an increase or decrease in literacy will affect some... Continue Reading

The Next Step – Polygamous Marriage and the Greens

The Green Party believes that the UK should consider legalising three-person marriages

“Natalie Bennett is of course just being consistent.  “Given her presuppositions and philosophy, why shouldn’t ‘marriage equality’ extend to multiple people who ‘love each other’?  “We warned that the redefinition of marriage would not end with same-sex marriage and were ridiculed and abused as being ridiculous. It gives us no pleasure to know that we... Continue Reading

What the Media Isn’t Telling You Regarding the Judicial Arguments Over Same-Sex Marriage

The logic being used to promote same-sex marriage could be used to support a variety of other sexually questionable forms of marriage

If marriage is just about consenting adults that love each other, then why can’t a mother and her adult son get married? Why can’t an adult brother and adult sister get married? Why can’t a man marry three wives? Or a wife marry three husbands?   There has been a lot of talk in the... Continue Reading

Maryland Bishop Charged in DUI Death is Defrocked by Episcopal Church

Cook, who is free on bail and seeking treatment for alcoholism, faces 13 charges including drunken driving, leaving the scene of an accident and causing an accident due to texting while driving.

An Episcopal bishop in Maryland who’s facing manslaughter charges in the drunk-driving death of a bicyclist has been defrocked and “will no longer function as an ordained person in the Episcopal Church.” Heather Cook was a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the Diocese of Maryland when she was charged with manslaughter in the Dec. 27 hit-and-run... Continue Reading

“It is Going to Be an Issue” — Supreme Court Argument on Same-Sex Marriage Puts Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs

It will indeed be an issue, and now we have been told so by none other than the Solicitor General of the United States.

We will soon find out just how tolerant those who preached tolerance for same-sex marriage will turn out to be, now that they are ascendant in the culture. Meanwhile, even as we were repeatedly told that warnings about threats to religious liberty were overblown, the truth came out before the Supreme Court yesterday. Take the... Continue Reading

John Stonestreet on Restoration and Hope

One of Chuck Colson’s successors talks about God’s redemptive plan for the world

I feel like a lot of people who want to hold these, orthodoxy and orthopraxy, but they don’t realize the implications of orthodoxy for orthopraxy. It’s like these are two independently settled categories that we can think about separately. You’ve got to think about them together. … You say, “I’m in this cultural moment, what... Continue Reading