Is God a Law-Breaker?

Furtick’s claim that “God broke the law for love” is laden with at least 9 serious errors

Let’s keep this simple. Sin is fundamentally lawlessness. It is breaking God’s law. Declaring that God broke the law is to declare that he is a sinner. But so great is God’s hatred for sin (law breaking) that it required the death of his Son for sinners to be saved. So, to say that “God... Continue Reading

Saeed Abedini on Marriage Troubles: ‘My Life Is Harder Now Than When I Was in Prison’

He was asked in an interview to address some of the things his wife, Naghmeh, has said about him

“I can say my life after I got released is harder than when I was in prison because of the media and all the false accusations. After my freedom, people who prayed for me for years every night couldn’t rejoice for my freedom because of the things in the media,” Abedini told local news station... Continue Reading

Has Ken Ham Embraced Evolution?

Young-earth creationists have embraced speciation—within defined limits, mind you—almost as long as young-earth creation has been a movement.

What young-earth creationists deny is that speciation has occurred at the levels of order, class, phylum, or kingdom. One order of animals cannot change into another order of animals; animals and plants do not share a common ancestor. In other words, unless I am misunderstanding something, the article Keathley cites is really only saying what... Continue Reading

Actually, Most Evangelicals Don’t Vote Trump

The numbers tell a different story than the headlines.

Across all the states, the March 15 elections showed that, on average, a super-majority of 60 percent of evangelicals voted for someone other than Trump. Furthermore, there continues to be strong evidence that the more religious a voter is, the less likely they are to support Donald Trump. For example, in Missouri exit polls, which... Continue Reading

James Durham on Ministerial Qualifications

In our age of the self-appointed and internet "theologian," Durham's words are so relevant

The ministry has to help the congregation understand difficult and hard things in Scripture. But without learning this will not be possible. Unless ministers themselves have studied these “difficult” and “hard” things they will not be able to help their congregation understand the scriptures and so grow in grace.   In our first and second... Continue Reading

Pro-life Speaker Gives Non Religious Argument Against Abortion

We ought to have a commitment to pursue the truth and follow the evidence wherever it leads

“My goal is — if they’re pro-choice — is to give them something they’ll think about,” he said. “That’s it. I don’t think we want to say people will not change their minds. I’m open to having my mind changed. I could be wrong. And then the way I keep an open mind is to... Continue Reading

The Relation of Christianity to Civil Government in the United States

What is the intersection of religion and politics?

While warning against the flagrant abuses of Constantinianism, (Adams) also noted that most early American colonies united faith with franchise. Here is how he raises the establishment question: “In thus discontinuing the connection between Church and Commonwealth—did the people of these States intend to renounce all connection with the Christian religion?”   The Rev. Jasper... Continue Reading

Ten Traits of Narcissistic Leaders

A narcissist is a person who believes the world evolves around them

“Some leaders will only have people in their inner-circles who pander to their need to feel superior. They do not want people around them who disagree with them or speak into their lives. These leaders continually fall for flattery which opens a huge door for satanic deception.”   By definition, a narcissist is a person... Continue Reading

Will the Real Supermom Please Stand Up?

I liked being able to say that I could handle all the little people in my life. Until I couldn’t.

Everyone will be confronted with their finiteness, their limitations, at some point. Mine has come in the form of three children ages three and under. So I’m going to wave my white flag of surrender as a testimony to the fact that I cannot do it all, I am not super mom, and I need... Continue Reading

“Oh….that Fosdick!”

I still remember my grandmother fuming—“Oh…that Fosdick!”, upon hearing that Aunt Laura’s church had invited him to speak.

Today most Evangelicals have a negative and narrow view of what “Fundamentalism” was, thinking only in terms of its legalistic prohibitions on drinking, smoking, card playing, and movies. And though the movement fell apart for a number of other reasons as well, many Christians don’t realize how deeply indebted we are to those who stood... Continue Reading