Theological Fidelity: An Interview with David Garner

What does it mean for a pastor to be a pastor-theologian?

“Theological contemplation is never private domain. The preacher doesn’t function autonomously; in fact, his work is, in a very important sense, shared and uncreative. As a contemporary spokesman, the preacher preaches the historic deposit of faith, following thousands who have gone before him with a view to the untold thousands that will follow.”   Tabletalk:... Continue Reading

We … and Our Fathers Have Sinned (Daniel 9:8)

As one who grew up in the Southern Presbyterian Church, I must confess my own as well as my people’s sins.

I have also learned these lessons from my elders in Augusta. They have taught me how important public confession of past sins—especially by a majority—is to racial reconciliation. What may feel to us to be something small, something that does not cost very much, communicates integrity and a desire for genuine relationship. As we as... Continue Reading

The Most Painful Interview I’ve Ever Watched

Poor Brian Williams. He just couldn’t say it: “I lied.”

“There are some moments in the interview where Williams says that he takes ownership, accepts responsibility, etc., but despite Matt Laurer’s admirable pushing and prompting him on the “lie” issue, Williams refused to admit that he was trying to mislead people.”   Poor Brian Williams. He just couldn’t say it: “I lied.” After almost 10... Continue Reading

Bill Gothard Defends Himself on New Website

Former ministry leader denies allegations of sexual abuse, but women who say he abused them stick by their stories, as donors try to prevent the sale of ministry assets

Bill Gothard is back. A little over a year ago, amid allegations of sexual abuse, he resigned from the ministry he founded in 1961. Last weekend he re-launched his website. Gothard continues to assert that the more than 60 women who accused him of harassment and abuse are “not telling the truth.” The most inflammatory... Continue Reading

Episcopal Church Elects Michael Curry First Black Presiding Bishop

On Saturday, during a private meeting at St. Mark’s Cathedral in downtown Salt Lake City, bishops elected Bishop Michael Curry as the first African-American presiding bishop.

Curry, 62, spent 12 years as rector of St. James Church in Baltimore before his election as bishop of the N.C. Diocese. He and his wife, Sharon, have two grown daughters, Rachel and Elizabeth. He will succeed Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, the faith’s first female presiding bishop, who completes her nine-year term Nov. 1.  ... Continue Reading

Jemar Tisby Appointed Director of African American Leadership Initiative At RTS

While at RTS, Tisby co-founded AALI, which recruits and trains students for ministry in African-American, multi-ethnic, and urban contexts.

As Director, Jemar will be responsible for discipling students in the program as well as recruiting and networking. As Special Assistant to the Chancellor, he will work with the Chancellor to increase African American engagement and enrollment at RTS and cultivate biblical diversity and inclusion. He begins his new position on July 1.   Reformed... Continue Reading

An Overview and Assessment of the OPC General Assembly in The Appeal of John Carrick

Confronting and overcoming a culture of skepticism about disability in the church

I maintain that at the heart of this case is Linda Carrick and her disability and chronic illness and that we cannot, we must not forget that. When an event like this takes place, we bear a responsibility to seize the opportunity to stop, to reflect on and to reform our attitudes towards fellow believers... Continue Reading

Dylann Roof And The Danger of Identity Idolatry

Dylann Roof — the Charleston gunman, the domestic terrorist — ultimately loved his ethnicity

“What hand did Satan play in Eden? He laid his regular ace: attacking identity. He tempted Eve to believe God was not who he said he is. Adam negated his identity as a male, as one who was to protect and lead; Eve wandered outside of Adam’s authority, foiling her womanhood.”   Nine people are dead. Before we... Continue Reading

The Tragedy of Apostasy

As our leadership team has had to grapple with this recently, we wanted to share a few things we’ve learned from the tragedy of apostasy

As Octavius Winslow wrote, the apostate will for all eternity cry out, “God is holy; I was a sinner; I rejected His salvation, I turned my back upon His gospel, I despised His Son, I hated God Himself, I lived in my sins, I loved my sins, I died in my sins, and now I... Continue Reading

Tullian Tchividjian Resigns And The Age of the Unknowable Pastor

A member of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church expressing his feelings about this resignation and comments on the life of ministry today

To anyone who is reading this and pastors a tiny congregation: if you feel or are made to feel as though you aren’t as “effective” as others, allow me to encourage you. What makes a church effective is that they are making disciples and teaching the gospel with clarity in and out of season. The... Continue Reading