Andy Stanley Says Christian Unity Is More Than ‘Hey, Can You Put Down Weapons For The Weekend?’

Stanley emphasized that "unity around who is Jesus is preeminent"

Stanley then paraphrased and explained what Christ meant by that prayer: “Father, I pray that they will all be in oneness just like We are in oneness. I pray that they will be in unity together, just like We are in unity together.”   Speaking to thousands of Christian leaders gathered for Catalyst Atlanta Oct.... Continue Reading

Why Millennials Won’t Build the Kinds of Churches their Parents Built

We can't treat Millennials as a homogeneous group. We have to minister to them as individuals, instead.

Millennials won’t build the kinds of churches their parents and grandparents built. I don’t know what kinds of churches they will build, but they’ll be very different than what we’ve been used to in the last two generations. Here’s why. Builders and Boomers took relationships for granted and needed to build structures. Millennials take the structures for... Continue Reading

How I Found Freedom From Gender Confusion (Part 2)

After decades of listening to lies, I was hearing the truth—and the truth really did set me free.

Some people know my past, some don’t. I don’t often talk about it, because, miraculously, it’s not an issue anymore. I tell people if I need to, or if it might help someone, but not everyone in my church family needs or wants to know the details. The Bible tells them who I am—a sinner... Continue Reading

Dying to Be Protestant: Oxford Martyrs’ Day

On Oxford Martyrs Day it is worth asking: "What did Ridley, Latimer, and Cranmer die for?" Answered simply, they died for the Protestant faith.

On October 16, 1555, Bishops Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley, having been tried at the University Church of St. Mary and condemned for heresy, were tied to stakes and burned alive. On March 21, 1556, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, primary author of the Book of Common Prayer and The Articles of Religion, also died at the... Continue Reading

Why It Matters that the Reformers Were Pastors

Many of the Reformers were pastors; the Reformation was aimed at reviving dormant local churches.

The Reformation at its heart was a spiritual renewal movement, in which European churches and believers were revitalized through the recovery of the Scripture and the proclamation of the gospel. Evangelicals who care about the gospel, who are committed to the authority of the Bible, and who long for the renewal of the church will glean encouragement, learn lessons,... Continue Reading

I Was Pregnant, And Then I Wasn’t

In the aftermath of a miscarriage, the loss of someone I never knew has been more devastating than I could have imagined.

Miscarriage means to carry badly. “A morbid expulsion of an immature foetus,” according to the Comprehensive Medical Dictionary. But the cases where the body hasn’t expelled the fetus are called “missed miscarriages.” A double miss. You miscarried the baby, but you also missed the miscarriage altogether.   The exam room where my husband and I... Continue Reading

Kenneth Woodward Untangles Some Political Strands in American Religion (Review)

Woodward, who has written earlier books on saints and on miracles in different religious traditions, has produced a volume that is clearly meant as a career valedictory

“Journalism’s emphasis on what is provably factual — vote totals, stock prices, batting averages — left most reporters and editors leery of the ineffable, inchoate qualities of religion. To the degree that mainstream American journalism gradually rose to the task in later decades, it did so by erroneously trying to comprehend religion through the prism... Continue Reading

How I Found Freedom From Gender Confusion (Part 1)

I struggled, but with no conviction, and defeat was a foregone conclusion

From time to time I’d take a stand: I’d throw away my entire stash of clothing, and vow to “go straight”. But my only real weapons in the fight were a vague instinct that cross-dressing must be “wrong”, and the associated feelings of guilt. They were too easily rationalized away. Why should I feel guilty?... Continue Reading

PCA Pastor’s Wife Killed When Truck Hits Lakeland Home

Jan Folds, wife of retired PCA minister Wyatt Folds, wife killed when truck careened through front wall of her house.

The truck continued through the dining room and ended up in the kitchen where Jan’s husband, retired pastor Wyatt Folds, was about to leave. The pastor told detectives the truck barely missed hitting him. “They got up to start their early morning routine.  To just live the morning lifestyle, and it ended in an instant,... Continue Reading

A Friendly Reply To Derek Regarding Calvin, Luther, & The Falling Of The Church

Calvin never countenanced marginalizing of the doctrine of justification

“It is true that Calvin was generally more irenic toward other Protestants than was Luther and he was critical of Luther’s rhetoric on the Supper (inter alia) but there is a problem with the way you relate Calvin to Luther.”   You can catch up with the flow of the discussion via Derek Rishmawy’s interesting... Continue Reading