Police, Protesters, and All the Wrong Questions

The Bible is relentlessly realistic about sin and government and this should make us clear-eyed on these issues.

Here’s the point: We come to the table assuming that evil must be restrained both in citizens and in government. This causes us to ask questions like, “How can we best make sure we’re restraining evil and injustice in law enforcement? How can we best make sure we’re restraining evil and injustice in those lodging... Continue Reading

An Open Letter To Jory Micah

I do not intend this letter to be anything other than food for thought written out of sisterly love and concern.

You also suggest that Christ has no gender when returning to heaven. After going through various classes this past week addressing ancient Trinitarian heresies, I’m afraid I had to slide this conviction into the same category as said heresies. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man (emphasis on man). If He still has the... Continue Reading

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church Ranked America’s Largest Megachurch With 52,000 Weekly Attendance

Osteen, who's also the author of several New York Times best-selling books, is known for his motivational messages, though he has also been criticized for largely avoiding topics such as sin

“Osteen’s congregation remains the largest in America when it comes to weekend attendance, noting that the church has seen a growth of 7,200 people since 2010. What is more, the church has five times as many followers as it did when it was led by founding Pastor John Osteen, who died in 1999.”   Newly... Continue Reading

Christendom & Human Sacrifice

Critics of Christendom expect some unarticulated virtue to emerge from Christendom’s perceived and celebrated retreat. They maybe surprised.

How will social justice be sought outside the premises of Christendom?  Critics like Zahnd don’t typically explain.  They imply a hoped for future of harmonious pluralism, though this lovely vision is inextricably a child of Christendom, and there’s no real human model for it apart from biblical ethical and social expectations.  Horribly, the two most... Continue Reading

3 Ways Spurgeon Conquered His Secret Sin

What was Spurgeon’s secret sin? It wasn’t sex. It wasn’t money. It wasn’t power. Spurgeon’s secret sin — his “darling” sin….?

Spurgeon’s credibility and ours depends on conquering secret sins. “Pride goes before destruction” (Proverbs 16:18). Or as Spurgeon put it: “Pride is as safely the sign of destruction as the change of mercury in the weather-glass is the sign of rain.”None of us are invisible to this ancient enemy. In fact, pride often finds its... Continue Reading

Another Pastor Bites The Dust

The pastor has some unique challenges that I don’t think anyone can fully relate to until they have walked in the shoes of a pastor.

At the same time I do believe there are things church members can do to support their pastor. It won’t mean a pastor won’t struggle. Pastors are imperfect humans. Just like if a pastor does everything he can it does not mean church members won’t struggle. But together I think pastors and church members can... Continue Reading

TV Historian: “I Was Wrong About Christianity”

Tom Holland now sees Christianity as a revolutionary idea which has changed the world, and calls it the “principal reason” behind many of our most deeply-held values.

Holland writes that he had a Christian upbringing and attended Sunday school, but eventually turned his back on Christianity, preferring to explore his fascination with dinosaurs and ancient empires. He was drawn into what he saw as the glamour of the Greek and Roman gods, preferring their ideology of egoism to biblical values. “If they... Continue Reading

Presxit: The Church of the Normal

When we neglect empathy, we risk the spiritual well being of those for whom being churchy means they aren’t known, loved, or accepted, except insofar as they embody certain ideals.

I struggle with depression, and in those moments when my mind and my emotions tell me lies and leave me feeling isolated and hopeless, I cling to those around me who help me change whatever narrative has me spinning. I surround myself with people on whom I can depend to come after me and pull... Continue Reading

Abelard & Anselm; or How to Throw Yourself in Front of a Bus

While the cross is absolutely this crucial to our theology it is not strictly necessary to understand precisely how Christ's death saves sinners to benefit from it

“Because the Son’s sinless, voluntary, and sacrificial gift of himself to the Father has infinite worth it not only satisfies the offended honor of God but also wins a reward that is graciously lavished on us. In this way, Anselm’s theory of vicarious satisfaction of divine honor is compatible with the medieval scheme of merit... Continue Reading

Your Pastor Needs A Friend – Pt 2

Make a significant difference in the life of your pastor so that he can stand with confidence in the Lord Jesus and shepherd you and Christ’s church well.

Your pastor is a fallen human being just like you. A theological degree should not be confused with sinlessness or perfect faith. Your pastor needs someone to talk to, someone with whom to be honest, someone who is going to have his back and the backs of his family members. There are few pastors who... Continue Reading