The Great Western Earthquake

Reformation - No one could have known it then, but what happened then set in motion an earthquake whose aftershocks are still being felt in the churches today.

That earthquake had three epicenters, one in Wittenburg with Martin Luther, another in Geneva with John Calvin, and still another in Canterbury with Thomas Cranmer. What were the contributions of each of these men? Wittenburg, Geneva, Canterbury. Luther, Calvin, Cranmer. An earthquake with three epicenters. The quake continues to roll.   Reformation Day 2014 The date... Continue Reading

10 Things That We Hate About Bad ‘Leaders’

Have you ever found that you look to the person in charge and think, “How on Earth did they get that role?”

We have all heard of the Peter Principle – namely that people get promoted to the level of his or her incompetence. This may well give us an insight into why organizations can be bereft of leadership. But poor leaders are not just incompetent, they can be downright destructive. They are often driven by self-serving... Continue Reading

A Response to Iain H. Murray’s “Expository Preaching—‘Time for Caution’”

Consecutive or systematic exposition of Scripture done well is strengthens the people of God

As with so many other issues in church life, a valid protest—if, in fact, Mr. Murray’s caution is that—does not presume the validity of the proposed solution. The belief accordingly remains untouched, for this writer at least, that consecutive or systematic exposition is the most effective way of declaring the whole revealed counsel of God... Continue Reading

What David Gushee’s Change of Heart Really Means

Ethicist David Gushee no longer believes homosexual, bisexual, or transgender behavior to be sinful

This is no surprise for those who have been following David Gushee’s career. He’s been on a leftward slide for many years now on a range of issues. That he is making this announcement now shocks no one. In fact, earlier this year Gushee endorsed a book making revisionist arguments about the Bible and homosexuality.... Continue Reading

Prince of Translators: William Tyndale

The ambitious task of translating the Bible into English was Tyndale’s driving mission.

In August 1536, Tyndale at last stood trial. A long list of charges was drawn up against him and he was condemned as a heretic. That same day, Tyndale was excommunicated from the priesthood in a public service. He then was handed over to the secular powers for punishment. The death sentence was pronounced. Tyndale... Continue Reading

Doubts, Guilt and the Lord’s Supper

The next time communion is served, ask yourself if you are hungry and thirsty for God's love and grace

I have many more friends who struggle to know whether they should even partake from Sunday to Sunday. Many of these friends struggle with deep guilt whenever communion is served. Maybe that is your experience. It certainly was mine many times before I properly understood the purpose of Communion.   A few weeks ago, a... Continue Reading

Michael Morales Appointed as Full Time Professor at Greenville Seminary

Dr. Morales will join the faculty full time in 2015

Dr. Morales is currently serving as the Chair of Biblical Studies and professor of Old Testament and Great Works at Florida’s Reformation Bible College, a position he has held since 2011. He has been associate pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), Stuart, Fla., since 2010.   The Board of Trustees of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary... Continue Reading

The Reformation And The Men Behind It

Under the guiding hand of God, the world scene had been uniquely prepared for the Reformation

“What factors led to the Protestant Reformation? Where was the Reformation born? How did this powerful movement come about? Where did it spread? Who were the key leaders who stoked its flames? What biblical truths were unleashed on the world at this time? To begin to answer these questions, we must focus in on those... Continue Reading

Paul McCartney, Jesus, And The End of All Things

While singing along at the top of my lungs, I was gripped by a dense embrace of my mortality

“Days are coming when there will be a McCartney-less world, a Tom Cannon-less world and a you-less world. That’s more than OK. Days are coming when there will be a new heaven and a new earth, where God makes all things new and Jesus will say, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the... Continue Reading

10 Reasons I Quit Competitive Parenting

Resigning from the sport of competitive parenting

So there you have it: just ten of the reasons why I feel like I’m losing at this sport of competitive parenting. So I’m done. I quit. I’m exhausted and just can’t do it anymore….To the rest of you parents who are as tired of the rat race as I am, won’t you join me... Continue Reading