Infamy and The Sovereignty Of God, Dec. 7, 1941

God’s sovereign design that worked in a mysterious way even through a horrific attack.

Fifty-five years later, after a career in nuclear subs and a hitch in Sacramento on Governor Ronald Reagan’s staff, Jack and I met and became best friends, and fought the greatest battle of all–the one for his soul. We won that battle, by God’s Amazing Grace alone, and now he’s in glory with the very... Continue Reading

Former Prescott, AZ Pastor, Tom Chantry, Charged With Child Molestation

Chantry, 46, faces five counts of molestation of a child, related to two minors, and three counts of aggravated assault on three separate minors as well.

According to the Christ Reformed Baptist Church of Hale’s Corners, Wisconsin, website, where he is listed as Pastor, Chantry moved to Arizona after finishing his seminary studies in California, and stayed for five years. He next moved to Washington and then taught at a Christian school in the Chicago area for four years, before moving to the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha in 2006. That’s where he was arrested in July, on a warrant taken out by Prescott Police.

A Father’s Fight For Joy

Am I a glad father?

But even as I reflect on the weight of this responsibility and admit my shortcomings in living up to it, I am not without hope. I look to God, who loves us as children because of His character, not our merit. Turning from my selfish ways, I pursue His glory and, in that pursuit, find... Continue Reading

Statement: Former Church Says Tullian Tchividjian Should Not Be in Ministry

The Session of Willow Creek Church (PCA) in Willow Springs, Fla., issued a statement that Tullian Tchividjian should not return to ministry.

We would also like to state in the clearest possible terms that we do not believe that Mr. Tchividjian should be in any form of public or vocational ministry. Rather, inasmuch as he is truly repentant and in accordance with his membership vows, we would urge him to immediately return to his church of membership,... Continue Reading

The Travails of Lieutenant Marty

The U.S. Military, transgenderism, and the logic of psychological man

But transgenderism is not about who uses which loo. That question is the trivial point of a very long and sharp spear, useful for belittling the concerns of those who believe that there is a profound connection between biology and gender. Transgenderism is set to change everything—our understanding of sex, of identity, of relationships, of... Continue Reading

A Minister’s Regrets

My regrets are more substantial than the dynamics of the movement of people into and out of a congregation.

I am sorry that I did not rest in a routine of personal devotions early on. Settled into a place at a time and seeking the face of God sounds natural, like morning ablutions, but it is a living holy world you are entering and so there is bound to be dark spiritual resistance. It is... Continue Reading

The Real Reason Evangelicals Don’t Baptize Babies

A lens shaped by revivals, rugged individualism, and a sacramental theology untethered from the church’s means of grace makes conversion the chief article of the faith.

For most evangelicals, what stands in the way of baptizing infants isn’t a lack of biblical evidence, but an interpretive lens they wear when reading Scripture. That lens–shaped by revivals, rugged individualism, and a sacramental theology untethered from the church’s means of grace–makes conversion the chief article of the faith. We should expect this, since... Continue Reading

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Is A Billionaire With Deep Ties To The Christian Reformed Community

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s choice for education secretary, has ties to the Christian Reformed community in Michigan.

But in religious circles, the DeVos name is synonymous with key philanthropic efforts in Christian communities. DeVos, 58, graduated from Calvin College, a Christian Reformed Church school that is named after the famed Protestant reformer John Calvin, where the DeVos name is well-known. The DeVos family, heirs to the Amway Corp. fortune, are prolific donors... Continue Reading

First Christian Governor in Indonesia Suspected of Blasphemy

Uproar over alleged 'misuse' of Qur'an creates tense situation for pluralistic country

Ahok apologized for his words, saying he “never intended to insult Islam or the Qur‘an.” But thousands of hardline Muslims marched in protest anyway, eventually clashing with police and lighting vehicles on fire.   Thousands of Indonesians protested this week after police named the first Christian governor of the nation’s capital, Jakarta, as a suspect... Continue Reading

They Excommunicated My Dad

I had no idea what excommunication was. I blamed it for splitting my family and my church.

“The church was split over my dad’s discipline. Some members argued it was right, some argued it was wrong, and others ranged between these two. Disunity struck my family, too. Some of us were confused, others angry.”   One Sunday after our church service, the senior pastor extended his hand to greet my dad, one... Continue Reading