Pastors: Play the Long Game and Keep Your Chins Up

Measuring the success of one’s service based primarily on what we can see is deceptive, because most of the fruit in our ministry is in things that are unseen.

Isn’t this a commentary on the deceptiveness of the heart? Ministers who preach the sovereignty of God and labor for the glory of God can be found huddling in the shade of our own Babel or the dust cloud of personal disappointment.   The ministry is a tricky thing for pastors. When things seem to go... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Athanasius

Athanasius was the great early Christian defender of the full deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He was exiled five times. Athanasius admitted the truth of the charge and was exiled to Treveri (modern Trier) in northern France from 336 to 337. This was the first of five exiles, four of which were for his defense of the deity of Christ against Arianism. The two longest, from 339–346 and 356–361, were... Continue Reading

Jim Elliot Was No Fool

Their hearts were set on reaching the Auca Indians with the good news of Jesus.

On Friday, January 6, three Aucas—one man and two women—approached them. They exchanged greetings. The missionaries showed them rubber bands, yo-yos, and balloons, and the man was taken up in the plane. On Sunday, January 8, they were due to radio in at 4:30. There was silence. When no message came, a plane was sent... Continue Reading

8 Reasons Why I Choose to Be a Friend to My Pastor

Why we all need to be a friend to our pastors.

They’re sometimes lonely. I know, because I’ve been there. Pastors are sometimes placed on so many pedestals that few people remember they’re just human beings who need friends. They appreciate encouragement. My schedule doesn’t always allow me to just hang out with my pastor. I can always, though, send him an email or text of encouragement from... Continue Reading

Book Review: When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson

Johnson speaks of God impersonally, which is the first reason why I believe his teaching is heterodox

“Johnson rejects the sufficiency of Scripture, insists on new revelations, and chastises pastors and teachers who insist on sound doctrine (85, 91, 103). Most evidently, he speaks of the Spirit as something like a drug to experience and Jesus as a powerful model to imitate, not an incarnate Lord to worship. This is the first... Continue Reading

Leaving Christianity

How an Old Man helped save my faith

“As we studied the Bible together, I realized that sometimes followers of God get notoriety and riches, but a lot of times they get dragged outside of the city and are stoned to death. As we studied God’s Word together, I started to really believe that things seem so hard in this world because none of... Continue Reading

Died: ‘Mr. Awana’ Arthur Rorheim

The 99-year-old proved the power of kids ministry and got millions going to church on weeknights

“With over 500 kids in attendance each week, Rorheim and Latham saw the opportunity to expand the model and established Awana as a national organization in 1950. The parachurch ministry expanded internationally in 1972 (first to Bolivia) and now operates in 100 countries and 30 languages.”   If you’ve ever played in Game Square, memorized... Continue Reading

Judge Rules for Kelvin Cochran

The court ruled that Cochran’s firing was unconstitutional

When the contents of Cochran’s book came to the attention of Mayor Kasim Reed, Reed ultimately fired Cochran, but not before saying “when you’re a city employee, and [your] thoughts, beliefs, and opinions are different from the city’s, you have to check them at the door.”   Another big religious freedom case in federal court.... Continue Reading

5 Boundaries to Save You From Unhealthy Relationships and Manipulative People

Setting boundaries when you find yourself in a relationship with someone who is bullying, manipulative, unstable or unhealthy in any way.

Do all you can to live at peace with them, but if they refuse to live at peace with you, then live your life in peace without them. This “tough love” can be so difficult, but sometimes someone will simply refuse to be in a relationship with you unless they’re pulling all the strings and... Continue Reading

Savannah Pastor Celebrates 30 Years At Downtown Church

PCA Pastor Terry Johnson has served Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah for 30 years.

His stay as IPC pastor has remained steady, too. Even before he arrived, Johnson wanted to stay long-term, available to baptize, marry and then bury congregants, as the saying goes. His heroes served 30 to 50 years in one pulpit, a norm of the past, according to Johnson. Such time lessens disruptions with consistent pastoral... Continue Reading