Old Princeton: Archibald Alexander’s Letters to the Aged

Rev. Alexander’s last letters close with getting closer to eternity

May the Good Lord grant we who are younger with deeper appreciation that, The hoary head is a crown of glory and the beauty of old men is the gray head (Proverbs 16:31; 20:29).  For, as Rev. Alexander writes in Letter One, “There is something peculiarly lovely as well as venerable in the silvery locks... Continue Reading

My Indebtedness to the Puritans

As a theologian I have read a lot of books about the teachings of the Bible, but none affect me more than the writings of the Puritans, and its parallel movement in the Netherlands

The Puritans not only commended love, but called Christians to excel in love with godly zeal. Oliver Bowles said zeal “is a holy ardor kindled by the Holy Spirit of God in the affections, improving a man to the utmost for God’s glory, and the church’s good.”   My life has been profoundly shaped and... Continue Reading

Why the Media Need to Stop Hounding Dan Walker

Christian TV presenter Dan Walker has been criticised in the media this week for believing that God created the world. David Robertson responds

Why did the Daily Mail, Times, Independent and Telegraph (amongst others) run lengthy articles about Mr Walker? Is Dan the first Transgender presenter? Is he the secret love child of one of the Royals? No. It’s worse than that – he’s a Christian! And not just a Christian, but a Baptist Christian. Even worse than... Continue Reading

Top Generals: Women Should Register For the Draft

Top Army and Marine generals testified that women should be required to register for the draft now that the Pentagon has lifted exemptions for women from ground combat.

The Selective Service question came during a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee about how the services would begin to integrate women into combat units and training programs for combat-related jobs. The sometimes contentious hearing also exposed the reluctance of Marine Corps leaders to bring women into certain demanding infantry, armor, and special operations... Continue Reading

You Are Not Drafting My Daughter Into the Military!

The gospel of humanistic egalitarianism has replaced the gospel of Jesus Christ as the source of truth in America.

As a Christian I beg to differ on both counts.  With regard to gender, God created them both male and female.  The female is called the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7).  This has implications for all areas of life, especially the military where physical strength is a priority.  Hey, Uncle Sam, you are not drafting... Continue Reading

I Don’t Mind 3 AM Starts… Just Don’t Ask Me To Work On A Sunday! New Face Of BBC Breakfast Is A Devout Christian Who Always Keeps The Sabbath

Dan Walker, famous for presenting football shows, will be the new face of BBC morning TV; he struck a deal with BBC that he would never work on Sundays

At first, Walker’s refusal to work on Sundays made it tough to find a job as a football presenter. Some interviewers thought he was stupid, and others felt sorry for him, he admits. But he persevered and was eventually hired by the BBC. Since 2009, the 6ft 6in married father of three has become familiar... Continue Reading

God’s Forgotten Libertarian

Machen butted heads with Princeton’s increasingly leftist faculty until he’d had enough

“Machen didn’t much care for politics. He saw it as inherently stifling and anti-individual. The idea that true Christianity was to even a small degree compatible with any form of statism — socialism, communism, or fascism — was, to Machen, a dangerous fiction.”   Of the Presbyterian theologian J. Gresham Machen (1881–1937), Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist... Continue Reading

Do Not Put a Period Where J.I. Packer Puts An Exclamation Point

So this is the story of how J.I. Packer made me cry. Sort of.

“I worked out the pages from the FedEx pouch with fear and trembling and started thumbing through. Turns out I didn’t have much to worry about. Packer’s pen was light and friendly. Most of his corrections had to do with word choices or expansions of my thinking, adding the clarity and theological precision he has... Continue Reading

Old Princeton: Archibald Alexander, An Old Model For a New Paradigm

Alexander is a wonderful model for the pastor/scholar today

“During the years of his pastorate, Alexander preached often, led catechism classes for the youth, and yet still made time to answer Thomas Paine’s Deism.  During these years, he developed knowledge of textual criticism, continued to read his Greek Bible, he read one chapter from the Hebrew Bible per day, and read widely.”   What... Continue Reading

“Gay Christian” Explains Why She Now Accepts Same-Sex Marriage

Rodgers’s explanation—like her previous one—is long on personal experience and short on Bible

If she has a reasoned biblical rationale for her views, she doesn’t really share it. In fact, she says that when she held to the traditional view, it wasn’t based as much on biblical teaching as it was on her trust in what certain Christian leaders were telling her. When she stopped trusting those leaders,... Continue Reading