Calvin the Missionary

This is the second in a series on John Calvin. Even though John Calvin (1509-1564) died 54 years before the Synod of Dort his name has been associated with the five points. They are nearly always called The Five Points of Calvinism even though Calvin had nothing to do with the formulation of them. On... Continue Reading

Reasons for Thanksgiving

For what will I give thanks this year? Will it be for a President for whom I did not vote and whom I opposed? Will it be for the bail out of the financial system that greed and stupidity made inevitable? Will it be the great University of Texas that removed a well-qualified, creative professor... Continue Reading

Religions Split Over Health Care Reform

Editor’s note: In this article, McMullen gives an analysis of three different religious approaches to the current Health Care Reform discussions The great religious faiths of the world differ in some important ways, but most agree that believers are supposed to take care of the sick. The instructions of the Torah, the words and deeds... Continue Reading

Why I Won’t Sign the Manhattan Declaration

Last week saw the release of The Manhattan Declaration, a document crafted by Chuck Colson, Robert George and Timothy George and signed by a long list of Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox leaders. I have not been able to gauge the interest in the Declaration or whether it has had an immediate impact. But I have... Continue Reading

Defending Life, Marriage, and Freedom

On Novemebr 20, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., I and a dozen evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox leaders faced the microphones to announce the release of an historic document-one of the most important documents produced by the American church, at least in my lifetime. It is called the Manhattan Declaration, and signed by... Continue Reading

Idle Hands: Some Puritan Advice for the Unemployed

Steve Lee, of Denver, Colo., is familiar with the despondency that unemployment brings. Laid off a year ago from a medical-sales position, he admits that depression hit just a few months into his unemployment. “All I could think about was how bad the economy was and how unlikely getting a new job as good as... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Story Resonates in Post-Crisis Age

It is the tradition of this column every year at this time to recount the story of Thanksgiving. This year, with capitalism under attack from all quarters, it’s more important than ever to revisit the history of the Pilgrims’ early years in America and appreciate the message. Whether you think the government’s response to the... Continue Reading

Why I Signed The Manhattan Declaration

I am not inclined to sign manifestos or petitions. While believing strongly and passionately about many causes, I am not usually impressed with the effectiveness of such statements and I am generally concerned about how such statements might be used or construed by others. I am not reluctant to speak for myself and from my... Continue Reading

What the Pilgrims really sought

As American families sit down to their traditional Thanksgiving feasts, they will naturally recall the familiar story of the Pilgrims and, in the process, distort the true character of the nation’s religious heritage. Most children learn that the Mayflower settlers came to the New World to escape persecution and to establish religious freedom. But the... Continue Reading

The Manhattan Declaration: A Hierarchy of Issues for Christians?

A coalition of 152 Evangelical, Catholic and Orthodox leaders have issued a 4,700 word statement addressing the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty. The Manhattan Decalration: A Call to Christian Conscience is more than a list of convictions. The document is a pledge to engage in civil disobedience in defense of the outlined... Continue Reading