University of Wisconsin Milwaukee to become private university

While there will be no chancellor at the new private UWM, Carlos Santiago will remain head of the university. Instead of the retaining the chancellor title, Santiago will be ordained as a minister of whichever religion UWM chooses. UW-Milwaukee is looking to the heavens to solve its financial woes. Recently, UWM has been facing a... Continue Reading

Don’t Be Afraid

“Now these three abide: anger, outrage, and fear—and the greatest of these is fear.” That’s not in the Bible. But sometimes I wonder if I think it is. The United States House of Representatives just passed a health care reform bill that I and lots of other Christians opposed. Such legislation should concern us. There... Continue Reading

In praise of the Missouri-Synod Lutherans on race

Bradley: “Read this document and see for yourself. The PCA’s work on this is somewhat embarrassing by comparison.” On the Missouri-Synod’s website on the section covering Social/Ethical Issues you will find the most progressive and helpful discussion on race of any confessional Protestant denomination in America (Racism and the Church [1994]). The first untenable assumption... Continue Reading

Can Artists be Atheists?

­­As you have come to study art at this college perhaps your assumption is that of the ‘God is dead’ school. I would like to challenge that assumption – it is an assumption that soon leads to the ‘man is dead’ philosophy. When the title question was asked at the University of Dundee, Duncan of... Continue Reading

Here’s the Church; Here’re the People

Many ministers of my vintage (coming up on 38 years since ordination) have a few texts to which they have returned time and again. In my case, two of those are Acts 2:42 and 1 Thessalonians 5:14. In late summer of 1969, just after Susan and I were married and just before we went off... Continue Reading

What hath Nashville to do with Jerusalem? Russell D. Moore on country music’s relationship to the SBC

Editor’s Note: As one who sat in the balcony of Ryman Auditorium many Saturday nights in the early 60’s ($1.00 admission; perfect for a cash-poor Vandy scholarship student) I started this article because of my love for country music. I ended learning a valuable lesson in ecclesiology. Stick with it to the end! How long... Continue Reading

How Christian Were the Founders? The Case of Madison and Jefferson

Some assert that almost all the founders were evangelical Christians, while others insist that virtually all of them were deists. Some contend that the founders wanted to establish a distinctively Christian nation, and others counter that they strove to create a secular republic. Opponents especially debate the founders’ views on church-state separation. A recent article... Continue Reading

The Annunciation – One of the Most Significant Events in the New Testament

Why pro-life Protestants don’t say much about the Annunciation—or the unborn Jesus. In three days, Christians worldwide—Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox—will celebrate Palm Sunday. Because of differences in the calendars used by eastern and western churches, such a joint celebration is rare (and will be increasingly so). But most evangelical Protestants are today sitting out as... Continue Reading

Jesus, Reconsidered. Book Sparks Evangelical Debate

Who is Brian McLaren, and what has he done to make these people so angry? March 29 marks the beginning of the holiest week for Christians — when believers reflect on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. This year, there’s something of a dust-up among evangelicals over core beliefs about who Jesus was and whether... Continue Reading

Fly on the wall: On the inner discussions of a church group

WormTape on Facebook #1 The following conversation took place on a lovely spring day outside of the offices of a certain church board. These comments were later posted on various Facebook pages. Hard to believe? Just wait. Lisa: “Wow! I’ve been here 18 years and never seen the security like this. ‘Code Red’ is now... Continue Reading