Must Christianity Change Or Die? Yes – If That Change Is In A Conservative Direction

"Conservative Protestant theology, with its more literal view of the Bible, is a significant predictor of church growth while liberal theology leads to decline."

Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong, author of Why Christianity Must Change or Die, was among those who argued that churches should become more liberal in order to survive. But Haskell says his research was definitive: “Conservative Protestant theology, with its more literal view of the Bible, is a significant predictor of church growth while liberal theology... Continue Reading

When Your Husband Is Addicted to Porn

When you’re tempted to feel all hope is lost, here are a few things to remember

“Most wives keep this burden a secret, assuming it’s only their husband who is struggling. No one else is in the same boat. Yet thoughts like these only compound the shame and the suffering. Sadly, the problem is extremely common.”   On a whim, I invited a new friend over for lunch. As we watched our toddlers run around... Continue Reading

Joseph of Nazareth vs Planned Parenthood

There is something more joyous than “choice.”

Planned Parenthood thinks “Choice on Earth” is the message of Christmas. Maybe it is in a Christmas culture more identified with the shopping malls than with the churches. But maybe this year Christians should follow the footsteps of the “other” man at the manger.   A few years ago the Planned Parenthood Federation of America... Continue Reading

The New Pagan Politics

Do you sense that politics and morals have radically changed?

Christians must understand the new politics not only to give moral guidance but to make sense of Gospel preaching. We must counter not only traditional atheism, materialism and rationalism, but spiritually pagan Oneist thinking. The Gospel begins with God the Creator, Maker of all things, who is distinct from what he makes. The good news of the Gospel is that in his incredible love the Creator condescends to take on flesh and become the Savior of fallen human beings. The paganization of politics can only end in chaotic destruction of the good.

Evangelicals Should Be Deeply Troubled By Donald Trump’s Attempt to Mainstream Heresy

The prosperity gospel — the idea that God dispenses material wealth and health based on what we “decree” — is not just fluff. It's another religion.

Most evangelical pastors I know would shake their heads at all of this. Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore tweeted, “Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.” Yet increasingly one wonders whether modified versions of the prosperity gospel — religion as personal therapy for our best life now — has become more mainstream than we realize.

Post Trump Reflections: Dueling Moralities

Both are deeply flawed. Yet both reflect common grace as well.

And I daily tip toe through it all. Pitfalls on the left. Pitfalls on the right. I want those in more liberal cultures to know that their cry for social justice was God’s idea first, who made all of mankind in His image and names the care of orphans and widows as the purest form of religion. I also want to affirm a conservative understanding of human life before birth and the value of sexual faithfulness and the harm that sexual promiscuity causes to both individuals and communities.

The Bleeding of the Evangelical Church

The last 25 years has been a time of many bright highlights, but it was also a time of lengthening shadows in our evangelical world.

Twenty-five years ago, evangelicals were outside the religious establishment. That establishment was made up principally of the mainline denominations. But today evangelicals have become the religious establishments, however informally. But despite this, I believe that today we are in some peril. We have a fight on our hands and what we’re fighting for is our... Continue Reading

Why the Left Hates Tolerance

On the shallowness of left-wing “inclusivity”: The academy has embraced an ethic inimical to its founding principles.

Many readers will recall hearing sentences like this: “I disagree with you but support your right to voice your opinion.” How quaint that now sounds! The modern social justice warrior abominates disagreement as a form of heresy. Accordingly, he rejects tolerance in favor of enforced, indeed totalitarian, conformity. It is the antithesis of what a... Continue Reading

Sometimes Saying “No” Is The Right Thing To Do

When I say yes, with no discernment, to every opportunity that comes my way, I am not submitting my time to Him.

Ask God. This seems obvious, but too often it is easiest to simply act on instinct before we ask God what He would have for us. Different seasons of life bring different opportunities, and believe it or not, God wants us to make the most of our time for our It brings Him pleasure and glory when we invite Him into the details of our decision making.

20 Things in 20 Years

A few thoughts about things I've learned about marriage, myself, and life over the last twenty years

Christ must be the center: We sang the hymn Be Thou My Vision at our wedding ceremony twenty years ago. When we chose the hymn, how little did I know how important having Christ as our vision would be! Christ must be the center of marriage for it to thrive. He must be first. After all, marriage is a reflection of the relationship between Christ and his church. We can't reflect to a watching world who Christ is and what he has done if he is not central.