Does Your Social Media Outrage Bear False Witness?

What we post on social media can take on a life of its own

Christians wouldn’t murder someone they disagree with in the name of standing for the truth. Yet some believers use social media to assassinate an individual’s character, going far beyond the critique of a specific action or words. As James writes, “From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so”... Continue Reading

The Danger of a Liberal Arts Education

The idea here is that the liberal arts offer the freedom to be, to act, to contribute to the flourishing of self and world.

Liberal arts institutions are the incubators of critical and creative activism. They should also be the guardians of true tolerance, allowing students to voice their ideas without the pressure to conform nor fear of backlash. Anyone participating in dialogue should exhibit not only patience (and admittedly patience can run out at times) but also respect—respect... Continue Reading

This Crisis? It’s Nothing

Commentary: There is a causal connection between young Americans’ ignorance of history and their dim view of present conditions.

The point is this: compared to 1968-73, today is a total cakewalk. This is not to minimize the very serious problems we face, politically and otherwise. In fact, some of the moral breakdown that seemed so traumatizing back then has been normalized by our society, such that we don’t feel the pain of fracture as... Continue Reading

Trying the Pope for Heresy, Or ‘Mr Bergoglio, Tear Down These Walls!’

Sixty-two Roman Catholics have written a letter, a ‘correction from sons’, accusing Pope Francis of propagating heresy.

At the Reformation, as Protestants split into smaller and smaller subgroups, the Roman Church pointed the finger and said, ‘We told you so’. Division was proof of error. The Reformers retorted that the RCC has always been rife with division and contradiction, Popes and councils have frequently disagreed with each other, and the flaunted consistency... Continue Reading

Why Did God Make Me a Woman?

I was created as a woman to glorify God. My most fundamental purpose is to fear Him. My identity is in Christ.

Could it be that I was made a woman partially to be a wife to my husband? Probably, for God knew that would happen. Could it be that I was made a woman so that I could serve as a faithful witness to other women? Quite possibly, though I must rely on the Spirit to... Continue Reading

The Struggle for Social Justice is a Struggle with Ourselves

Performing the works of the gospel is of no lasting societal benefit apart from preaching the word of the gospel.

There is a lot of kingdom-building being undertaken today under the guise of social justice as a “gospel mandate.” By “kingdom-building”, I am speaking in the sense that a more just, equitable, and fair society and world is what many SJWs would argue is what the gospel is fundamentally intended to accomplish. But with that,... Continue Reading

Predigested Obsolescence

For as long as there have been churches, there have been churches that want to do less than that for which the church is intended.

What is striking, though perhaps not surprising, is that the churches have continued to ride the therapeutic bandwagon, even as that bandwagon has gone political. Rainbow flags, “No Place for Hate” signs, and Black Lives Matter posters often seem to do double duty: signaling those vital virtues and indicating the presence of a house of... Continue Reading

The Ascent of Trump and the Impact on Evangelical Ethics

My concern is that our opinion on ethical issues appears to change depending on how the political wind is blowing at any particular moment.

I am very hesitant to state that the Bible supports this or that political position. However, I cannot see how the situation I have just described is in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Either something is a sin or it isn’t. Either we should be gracious or we shouldn’t. Slight differences in situations... Continue Reading

Kind Education

I long for the day when there will be freedom in the body of Christ for believers to unburden their hurts without the fear of being met with defensiveness or dismissiveness.

If people are going to treat me as “other”, I am no better if I fail to see their humanity. Sure there were times when the comments were malicious, but more often than not, ignorance was the root. But the “kind education” needed to correct the ignorance means listening on one side and taking the... Continue Reading

Fine Dining or Dumpster Diving: A Paradigm for Activist Theology

The knowledge derived from secular ideology will always look foolish when compared to the wisdom derived from Scripture.

The ideologies and theories of today are not radical enough to carry the freight of contemporary issues, but the Bible is more than adequate for the task.  After all, it is “God-breathed,” therefore it “is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness (II Timothy 3:16).  The knowledge derived from secular ideology will always look foolish... Continue Reading