The Scientific Connection Between Gratitude and Happiness

Studies have shown that gratitude is a powerful force for creating positive changes in individuals, families, and organizations.

We can boost gratitude in our lives by intensifying the feeling of it for each positive event, by increasing the frequency of it throughout the day, by expanding the number of things we’re grateful for, and by expressing gratitude to more people. But the most effective multiplier of gratitude, said Emmons, is humility: “At the... Continue Reading

‘It’s the Current Year!’ Is Not a Good Argument

Why don’t we burn witches in 2017? Maybe for the same reason we approve of same-sex marriage.

What if we in 2017 are wrong, and our benighted ancestors were right? What if our self-deception is deeper than we’d ever dare to admit on a large scale? What if we’ve papered over and medicated and anesthetized ourselves to keep from feeling the true damage inflicted by our immorality? What if we’ve covenanted together... Continue Reading

Students Voiced Their Approval of Machen (1926)

What the student body of Princeton Seminary expressed about Dr. Machen in a resolution adopted by the Students’ Association on November 16, 1926.

Machen, however, had previously opposed in 1920 the Philadelphia Plan for merging nineteen Presbyterian denominations into a single federated body.  He had published two books, The Origin of Paul’s Religion (1920) and Christianity and Liberalism (1923), both of which presented strong arguments against modernism and unbelief.  Machen had become a very public voice raised against... Continue Reading

James White’s 4 Keys to Effective Debating

You need to examine and familiarize yourself with your opponent’s original source material

“When you explain their view on an issue, they should nod in agreement with everything you are saying before you explain why you disagree. If they don’t believe you understand their position or if they think you have misrepresented their beliefs, they will dismiss any argument you proffer against the faulty position you have presented.”... Continue Reading

Top Ten Reasons You Just Might Be a Hyper-Protestant

You might be a hyper-Protestant if….

It is not enough to affirm that justification is forensic and synthetic (a justification of the ungodly that involves the forgiveness of sins and the imputation of the merits of Christ) and received by faith as the instrument that unites us to Christ who is our wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption.  Rather, if... Continue Reading

Welcome to the Sexual Counter-Reformation

The false apostles of the sexual revolution sold a lie: it was not a time of sexual bliss but one of confusion, abuse, slavery, sexual diseases, infanticide and abortion, immorality.

So it’s simple. The Church should do in the 21st century, what it did in the 1st. Preach the Gospel, care for the poor, avoid all sexual immorality, live in a community of love and fellowship and keep ourselves from being tainted by the world. The Church failed many times (look at the Corinthian church for... Continue Reading

Inside America’s Largest Religious Revival You Know Nothing About

For decades, demographic studies have indicated the steady decline of religion in America, but new measures suggest at least one religion in America is alive and well.

Whereas in traditional American Christianity followers would regularly meet together once or twice a week (a timetable most now find unduly onerous), members of Athletica gather four, five, six, or even seven days a week. Despite the significant time demands, the families of adherents dutifully and unflinchingly keep these meeting commitments and accept as normal... Continue Reading

Can My Son Be Friends With White People?

Some thoughts spurred by Professor Ekow N. Yankah's recent article

While I would like to free my son from every single potential relational heartache that exists, I have even more of responsibility to equip my son to be a beacon of Gospel hope in the world that we live in (Matthew 28:16-20). I have a responsibility to teach him that those transcendent truths have equipped... Continue Reading

Five Parenting Myths I Used to Believe

There are five parenting myths I believed that were harmful and wrongheaded

“Prior to the birth of the first of my three daughters, I assumed that I would struggle early as a Dad, but eventually figure out what I was doing. Instead, what I’ve found is that the moment I think I know what I’m doing will be followed by a reminder that I have a long... Continue Reading

The Research Proves The No. 1 Social Justice Imperative Is Marriage

For the last 20 years, marital status has increasingly become the central factor in whether our neighbors rise above, remain, or descend into poverty. The research is astounding.

“The increase of baby carriages coming before marriage is terribly alarming among the working poor. Working-class women are nearly three times more likely to have babies out of wedlock than upper-class women. Poor women are about five times more likely. These two groups are far less likely to be married overall and twice as likely... Continue Reading


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