Gospel Psychology 101

“We cannot divide faith and repentance chronologically. The true Christian believes penitently, and he repents believingly.”

In order to bring a sinner face-to-face with his or her own darkened mind and heart, the light of the Gospel is the only illumination powerful enough to expose the evil of a double-minded sinner. (James 4:8) The humility of the cross shows our arrogance for what it really is. In a world of labored minds,... Continue Reading

In Defense of Evangelical Baptists (Huckabee, Graham, Falwell, and Jeffress) by A Reformed Presbyterian

Is it the height of inconsistency for evangelicals to defend Trump?

However, I think what bothers me even more than inconsistent Baptists is the silence of Reformed Presbyterians when it comes to matters of culture.  These evangelical Baptists (Huckabee, Graham, Falwell, and Jeffress) do speak out on political issues that relate to the law of God while most Reformed Presbyterians are hunkered down in their local... Continue Reading

Reflections on Being the Dumbest Man in the Room

Perhaps the dumbest man in the room is not the man who cannot understand gibberish, but the man who cannot see gibberish for what it is

“Such jargon seems to fulfill three purposes in academe. It allows the peddlers of the banal, the obvious, and often the downright incorrect to hide their superficiality beneath an illusion of depth and learning. In this sense, it is a kind of pseudo-intellectual confidence trick that scams time and money out of students who know... Continue Reading

The Transgender Revolution and the Rubble of Empty Promises

Over the last year, transgender issues have been at the forefront of national news

“Ultimately, the transgender question is about more than just sex. It’s about what it means to be human. Poet Wendell Berry responded to techno-utopian scientism with the observation that civilization must decide whether we see persons as creatures or as machines. If we are creatures, then we have purpose and meaning, but also limits.”  ... Continue Reading

Van Til and Christian Philosophy

Van Til was a theologian, a Christian apologist and a Christian philosopher.

For Van Til the reformed Calvinist system was the correct interpretation of the revealed Word of God in the Bible. And the Bible, as it presents a Christian worldview, is not only rational but it is the only rational worldview to base one’s life on and that can adequately explain the world we live in.... Continue Reading

Eating Locusts Will Be (Benedict) Optional

A call for an alternative Christian culture of the mind and of the spirit which seeks its identity elsewhere even as individual Christians necessarily go about their daily callings.

I would like to propose an alternative way of thinking of past Christianity which may help us at this juncture. Perhaps what has been historically normative for over 1500 years in the West—a Christianity enjoying worldly power and influence, broadly conceived—is in fact theologically exceptional. As such, what we are witnessing is not the overthrowing... Continue Reading

When Churches Colonize Femininity

The paradigm for femininity in most (if not all) majority culture churches is the model of the “white soft-spoken woman.”

The colonization of femininity and masculinity are only a few of many examples of Internalized racialization and how it can be traumatic for people of color. For women of color, it can leave them deeply discouraged in their singleness and also feeling like they can never measure up to the Bible’s expectation of piety when... Continue Reading

Rethinking School Contractual Pledges after the Maddi Runkles Case

I’m all for a school promoting purity. But these pledges, and the way they are enforced, go beyond what a healthy church even requires from its new members.

What message does a pledge like this and the consequences of breaking it really proclaim about purity? Instead of purity being rooted in Christ and the proper ordering of all of our desires in offering to God, it becomes something you lose and never regain. It’s a physical status, a commodity that can keep you... Continue Reading

Can a Person Choose Their Own Race? The Inevitable Hypocrisy of Relativism

Postmoderns are comfortable saying people get to determine their own truth–but only when its convenient.

All of this simply reveals what the cultural elites have always known (but won’t admit), namely that they are inevitably selective about the way they apply their relativism. When it comes to who a person sleeps with, they are relativists.  When it comes to evidence in a criminal trial, they are not.  When it comes to sexual... Continue Reading

Perceived Privilege: Myths Polarizing Christian College Students

I find the mere notion that males and Christians implicitly oppress others just by the fact of their existence so deeply unsettling that this narrative needs to be addressed immediately.

The problem with “privilege” is that it assumes too much and empathizes too little. The word insinuates that some people do not endure hardship or overcome obstacles. Even the phrase, “check your privilege” divides people against each other and belittles those arbitrarily deemed privileged. But what is gained in scorning someone else’s struggles simply because... Continue Reading