The Outraged Are Always Right

Americans, including very intelligent, thoughtful ones, simply cannot abide the mere presence of someone they don’t agree with

Polarization has become weaponized. Nobody wants to hear from people they disagree with. If I don’t like your Facebook posts, I’ll unfriend you. If I don’t like your column, I’ll boycott the paper until they fire you. I want to hear from good people who think and talk and live like me. That’s polarization. And... Continue Reading

Billy Graham Rule Follow-up

We will never be effective pastors as long as we are afraid of the women in the congregation.

When we cast off the old man and put on the new, we start to learn to love our neighbor – men and women alike. This means that we MUST repent and flee from our fleshly tendency to view others as objects designed to give us what we want. Through the gospel, we are to... Continue Reading

The World Is Turning Rod and Leaving Tim Behind

Needing a faith that recognizes that the world is more hostile than previous generations supposed and that Christians need to be more intentional about their convictions.

What Christians seem to understand is that they need a faith little more “deep-down diving and mud upbringing,” that can withstand a social order that is not congenial to their religious convictions. It is a faith that bears more resemblance to the politics of identity than to United Statist Christianity. This faith does not go... Continue Reading

17 Years Later: Reflecting on My Brother’s Fight with Depression

On April 25, 2000, we lost my brother to the monster called depression

As a Christian, I believe the message of the gospel offers great hope to sufferers of depression. Yet I also know that it’s not as simple as “take two doses of John 3:16 and call me in the morning.” The Bible doesn’t paint the human experience so naively and neither should we.   My brother... Continue Reading

The Like Culture

I think that sometimes we sacrifice our own classiness by feeding this whole celebrity-obsessed cultural hunger

Likes have also become a way of dividing into online alliances. I see this with my teenagers, and I see it in the Christian bubble of social media. Instead of pursuing truth, we are often feeding into our sinful tendency to compare ourselves with others. We can easily begin to calculate the value of what... Continue Reading

Can’t We PLEASE Talk About Something Else?!

I'm afraid we're so hyper focused on the topic of Biblical womanhood that we're creating a generation of Biblically lopsided women.

I’m concerned that our focus on Biblical womanhood in women’s Bible studies has put us in danger of forgetting the gospel. We are saved by the blood of Christ, not by adherence to a standard of womanhood that may or may not be Biblical. If we are not teaching Christ, crucified and resurrected, we are not helping... Continue Reading

The Real “Anti-Science”

There are at least three means by which these supposed defenders of science actually undermine it through their political tactics

Politicizers of science are not as clever as they think. People are watching, and the real victim of their abuse could be support for science itself. Indeed, the more vehemently establishment thinkers and their media camp followers seek to suppress alternate views and research, the more they attempt to crush ethical debates with the “anti-science” cudgel, the... Continue Reading

The Revolution Demands Unconditional Surrender

The terms of moral surrender have been delivered to believers; they are absolute and unconditional.

How to deal with the losers? Here we meet the reality of liberal judgment in a day of liberal ascendancy. Tushnet argues that conservatives should now be met with a hard line and a demand for total surrender—no accommodation whatsoever. Don’t even try to be nice to moral enemies, Tushnet commands, since their arguments have... Continue Reading

Questioning a Question: A False Dichotomy that Isn’t

Is there a false dichotomy between orthodoxy (right doctrine) and orthopraxis (right practice)?

First, there is and ought to be a priority of orthodoxy over orthopraxy for the simple reason that there can be no God-pleasing orthopraxy without orthodoxy. In the New Testament the indicative (what is – the facts) goes before the imperative (what should be – the commands). This is evident as well in the Old... Continue Reading

Asking, Seeking, Knocking

When you pray, be a suppliant, be a seeker, and be serious. True prayer demands all three.

Literally translated, it would read, “Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and it will be opened to you” (v. 7). All three verbs are present imperatives, and it is likely that they are much more than just a repetition of the... Continue Reading