Privacy at What Price?

The “cobra effect,” depict those government interventions which generate more than the “garden variety” unintended consequence.

Regardless of one’s stance on digital privacy, there are reasons to question whether top-down regulation is the answer to perceived privacy problems. Though the productivity-reducing impact of the European legislation has already been anticipated, I want to focus on the “cobra effect” potential of privacy law.   In a tale of questionable historical validity, the... Continue Reading

That Time I Tweeted About Biblical Womanhood

Biblical womanhood is a topic that we’ve diluted into a few Bible verses, a couple of pet peeves, and a world of stereotypes mined from dangerously deceptive snapshots of history.

If our ideology of womanhood doesn’t work for the upper-class woman and her maid; for tea-time in the parlor, and for break-time in the factory, then perhaps they are based our cultural assumptions. If our ideologies are more influenced by the cultural assumptions of yesteryear than by Scriptural assumptions, we have a problem. If our biblical womanhood label... Continue Reading

Our Cultural Waterloo

Campuses will be in the legal and cultural frontline.

Colleges with a mutual interest in religious freedom and in preserving Christian standards of sexual morality and human personhood should talk to each other, abandon pipe dreams of “dialogue,” and coordinate their legal actions and political lobbying. They have the constitutional right to do so. America is still a free country. The whole is far... Continue Reading

Resisting Redefinition

Changing vocabulary is an age-old tool to brainwash.

I am confident, in the Lord, that this is just what many good pastors do, in spite of the fact they choose to engage the culture on Babel’s own terms. Perhaps there is a place for using the post-modern Babylonian phrasebook when talking or making apology in libertine, downtown Babel. Yet, some of the sheep... Continue Reading

My Human Identity Transcends Gender

The concepts of masculinity and femininity are so confusing and controversial today that a number of leading psychologists have suggested that the terms be abandoned.

The problem is not the inconsistency between our gender and our sex. The problem is that we have bought into an excessively narrow view of gender. The notion of what it means to be female, or what it means to be male, is extremely broad (or ought to be—every boy need not be a deer... Continue Reading

Exclusive Psalmody: A Response to Arguments Against Using Psalms Exclusively

Those of us who use only the Psalms of Scripture in worship are not pretending that our worship is perfect; we are seeking to give God our best.

Because I don’t think that man-made hymns are as pleasing to God in worship as words He has given to us, I choose not to sing uninspired hymns when I preach in the churches that use man-made hymns.  And I probably won’t sing them until I become convinced that the words of Fannie Crosby, Isaac... Continue Reading

Dealing With Disappointment

Disappointment often reveals what your heart is really worshiping

“When you deal with disappointment, it’s too easy to focus on the circumstances around you and cast blame on others rather than looking at the battle in your own heart. Think for a moment about the last time you were disappointed (Prov. 13:12). Was the bulk of your thinking and energy focused on the wrong... Continue Reading

Guard Your Health

God owns your body as its creator. He hand-crafted every bit of your DNA.

“You need to present your body. You are a whole person, your body and soul knit carefully together. As we saw in Romans 12, you are to surrender to God all that you are, holding nothing back. Your body belongs to God and is to be used for his purposes. Thus, God calls you to... Continue Reading

Is Same Sex Attraction Sinful?

Homosexual desire is not analogous to heterosexual desire. Man desiring woman is not sinful in itself: God made us such. Man desiring man is sinful in itself because God didn’t make us such.

Claiming that SSA is merely a temptation or a morally neutral “brokenness” from the Fall is unbiblical, deceptive, and eternally dangerous for the souls who struggle with this particular sin. Soothing same sex attracted people’s consciences by telling them that it’s just a “broken condition” or merely a temptation and not sinful unless they act on... Continue Reading

Some Questions I’m Asking While Off To My White Evangelical Church

Yes, you heard that right, my white church. Why not just the church?

I get that. I get that church still has some ways to go with respect to racial reconciliation. I get that despite all the progress–and there has been progress–there remains a level of ignorance that still needs addressing. Even we’ve come a long way, I get that some are unaware of their own unconscious biases... Continue Reading