President Trump, Therapist in Chief?

All Americans, not just Evangelicals, should be worried that Paula White is praying at the inauguration, though not for particularly religious reasons.

The real reason for concern is the fact that White’s brand of Christianity is a manifestation of the psyche of modern America in a religious idiom, and thoroughly continuous with the last eight years. As Horton points out, White’s Christianity is all about meeting needs, felt needs. It is a form of therapy—and rather materialist therapy—in skimpy religious garb. Where America was once pragmatic—and gloriously so, in that the “can-do” mentality of Americans was part of what made the country great—that pragmatism has become tied to psychological needs. Old-style pragmatism had a social purpose, in that it sought to work towards the common good. Now that the common good has been replaced with the well-being of the psychological self, that which works is that which makes me happy in the here and now.

Sex, Violence, and the UFC

The TGC article used gender norms as the particular foundation for criticism of female MMA fighters, but I have a different concern with women in MMA

Turns out that MMA has twice the rate of domestic violence of the larger population and three times the rate of the National Football League. So you have a culture that is sexualized around gender norms that is also excessively violent toward women. It only makes sense to me that the next iteration of fixation for male fans of the sport would be violence between women in the ring, which of course is still sexualized.

Why Are Our Children So Anxious?

Unpacking the reasons behind childhood and adolescent anxiety—and the hope we find in the gospel.

Anxiety has a way of enveloping children in an endless loop of worry they can’t escape, Goff explains. For some, it’s the fear of throwing up at school or of being separated from their parents. For others—particularly those who’ve learned how to navigate technology—it’s becoming aware of realities such as sexual assault, suicide, or terminal illness, and then beginning to incessantly fixate on whether those kind of scenarios could possibly happen to them.

What Really Matters in 2017

Let’s enter that fight in 2017, eager to live for the glory of God

“If your heart veers toward reputation over reality, toward applause over substance, D.A. Carson’s Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor could be the most important book you read in 2017. It’s the story of his father, Tom Carson, an unheralded twentieth-century Canadian pastor who served humbly for almost six decades.”   Many of us lived as... Continue Reading

Taking Back Christianese #7: “America is a Christian Nation”

As Christians, we are fundamentally citizens of a different country, a heavenly one

Given the rapid moral and cultural decline of our country, the idea that “America is a Christian nation” is designed to stem the tide.  It is a way of pushing back against the secularization all around us by reminding people that things were not always this way.  It reminds people that Christians were, at one... Continue Reading

The National Geographic Transgender Cover Champions Child Abuse And Junk Science

Cross-dressing a young boy is emotional and psychological child abuse and should be stopped, not celebrated on the cover of magazines like National Geographic.

Studies have shown that childhood gender dysphoria does not inevitably continue into adulthood. An overwhelming 77 to 94 percent of gender dysphoric children do not become adults with gender dysphoria. Given this, it’s social, medical, and psychological malpractice to push young children to lop off or sew on body parts and take highly charged cross-sex hormones that can further destabilize their prepubescent bodies and minds, especially when they are highly likely to regret what grown adults pushed them into before they were able to sort through such life-altering decisions.

Must Christianity Change Or Die? Yes – If That Change Is In A Conservative Direction

"Conservative Protestant theology, with its more literal view of the Bible, is a significant predictor of church growth while liberal theology leads to decline."

Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong, author of Why Christianity Must Change or Die, was among those who argued that churches should become more liberal in order to survive. But Haskell says his research was definitive: “Conservative Protestant theology, with its more literal view of the Bible, is a significant predictor of church growth while liberal theology... Continue Reading

When Your Husband Is Addicted to Porn

When you’re tempted to feel all hope is lost, here are a few things to remember

“Most wives keep this burden a secret, assuming it’s only their husband who is struggling. No one else is in the same boat. Yet thoughts like these only compound the shame and the suffering. Sadly, the problem is extremely common.”   On a whim, I invited a new friend over for lunch. As we watched our toddlers run around... Continue Reading

Joseph of Nazareth vs Planned Parenthood

There is something more joyous than “choice.”

Planned Parenthood thinks “Choice on Earth” is the message of Christmas. Maybe it is in a Christmas culture more identified with the shopping malls than with the churches. But maybe this year Christians should follow the footsteps of the “other” man at the manger.   A few years ago the Planned Parenthood Federation of America... Continue Reading

The New Pagan Politics

Do you sense that politics and morals have radically changed?

Christians must understand the new politics not only to give moral guidance but to make sense of Gospel preaching. We must counter not only traditional atheism, materialism and rationalism, but spiritually pagan Oneist thinking. The Gospel begins with God the Creator, Maker of all things, who is distinct from what he makes. The good news of the Gospel is that in his incredible love the Creator condescends to take on flesh and become the Savior of fallen human beings. The paganization of politics can only end in chaotic destruction of the good.