It’s All About the Recovery

We know that God is the God of restoration and recovery in Christ

When we say that so much of the Christian life and pastoral ministry is in the recovery, we are not intimating that it’s all up to us or “we just have to try harder” and “just try to do better.” What we are saying is that what we do after we fail or falter is... Continue Reading

A Plea For Holistic Christianity

We need the multidimensional understanding of our humanity and spirituality that the Bible teaches

“We cannot overwork our bodies and minds, for example, and expect to thrive in our spirituality and our relationships. Neither can we expect to neglect the soul and remain balanced and healthy in other parts of our lives. Remember, nearly 50% of respondents said that more consistent use of the spiritual disciplines would have prevented... Continue Reading

Why Being “Blessed” is Better than Being “Happy”

When we do love God, and seek His glory, we are “blessed” regardless of how we feel.

The paradox of happiness is that if we seek it, we won’t find it. True happiness comes when we stop focusing our own feelings, and lovingly seek the best for others. This is (partly) why Jesus said, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to... Continue Reading

The Goat and the Cross {An Easter Story}

What can compare with a sacrifice that exchanges sin and blood for life and redemption?

A Cross awaits this Lamb, and He is placed on it.  High above the city, so that all can see His shame, but only some feel it.  He bleeds and hangs, and all the while He loves.  And the sacrifice of the goat looks so tame now.   It is morning in the camp.  The... Continue Reading

Easter And Ethics: How The Resurrection Reshapes the Christian Life

How does the resurrection shape the Christian life? How does it reorient our moral intuitions?

“By defeating Satan through his death and resurrection, Jesus reframes our ethics by showing that our primary moral adversary has no lasting authority or power on those who are in Christ. By conquering sin, he reshapes our ethics by demonstrating that all this world can boast is nothing compared to the glory of faithfully obeying... Continue Reading

Words Mean Things — Including the Word ‘Christian’

The facts are simple enough: atheists do not believe in God, Muslims do not eat pork, and Christians admit that Jesus was raised bodily from the dead.

And so here: one has the perilous liberty of insisting that Christ did not bodily rise from the grave, or one can admit that Christ did. Anyone may do either. However, if one chooses the first option, he must let go of any claim to be a Christian. And if he claims to be a Christian, he must... Continue Reading

The Intellectual Yet Idiot

What we have been seeing worldwide is the rebellion against the inner circle of no-skin-in-the-game policymaking “clerks” and journalists-insiders, that class of paternalistic semi-intellectual experts who tell us how to live.

IYIs [Intellectual Yet Idiot] fail to distinguish between the letter and the spirit of things. They are so blinded by verbalistic notions such as science, education, democracy, racism, equality, evidence, rationality and similar buzzwords that they can be easily taken for a ride. They can thus cause monstrous iatrogenics without even feeling a shade of a guilt,... Continue Reading


I would suggest that there are times when irenic engagement is far worse than unhelpful. There are times when sweet words are deceptive.

I am not calling for an end to irenic engagement. Far from it. Indeed, I desire to add more of that quality to my own speech. But let us remember that God chastised the unfaithful shepherds of Jeremiah’s day for healing “the wound of my people lightly” (Jer. 6:14; 8:11). He rebuked them for saying,... Continue Reading

Just Say No

The church needs to say “no” to these two strange doctrines: critical race theory and gender apartheid.

We say no to segregation and no to patriarchy. But there are two things now trending that need to hear, “No” from the churches and their leaders: (1) Application of the concepts of critical race theory to the definition and practice of racial reconciliation in the body of Christ. (2) Description of the different callings... Continue Reading

Please Forgive My Indifference….

A response to the Truth’s Table podcast on Gender Apartheid.

I’m really having a hard time. And no, I’m not white. I’m actually an African-American woman who is a Baptist in a conservative PCA church in the South. And though I can consider you to be my “brothers and sisters by color,” I really struggle to not roll my eyes when I hear you speak... Continue Reading