Church, Stop Telling Her to “Wait” on Her Boaz

We wrongly begin to believe that if a Christian woman strives for contentment and is busy about God’s work and ceases to focus on her potential husband, he will come.

My last observation is that we also place more burdens on single women with legalistic steps in how to engage with men. Please hear my heart when I say this – I am in no way advocating women be aggressors or to be the pursuers. Necessary boundaries and accountability is key and should always be... Continue Reading

Humbled, but not Humiliated

The gospel hit me, overcome with pain in the ICU, in a way I had never gotten before.

Jesus experienced that level of pain and worse, not to save His own life, but to save mine. I wept under the covers in ICU as the searing pain pealed layers off of my understanding of what it meant that He was wounded for our transgressions, to see the nugget of truth obscured from my vision before.... Continue Reading


We live in a world where science is raising ethical questions faster than we are able to answer them.

The obvious moral questions arising from these observations, i.e., “Can sex be meaningful outside of a real relationship, and, if not, how do we need to revise our contemporary orthodoxies concerning sexual activity?” are, of course, ignored in favor of the typically pragmatic, “How do we develop a technology to fake authenticity?”  We live in... Continue Reading

How to Think in a Post-Truth World

If you want to develop your thinking, develop your character

We frequently live in self-reinforcing bubbles; we erect strawmen; we Bulverise; we divide the world into heroes and villains, “defenders of the faith” and “repugnant cultural others”; we find it easy to react and hard to listen; we valorize and demonize; we put ourselves on the side of the angels and find it hard to see good in... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Murder Your Marriage

In less than 12 months, and in just five easy steps, you too can kill a marriage. Here’s how.

“With little effort and a whole lot of pride, you too can destroy your marriage. And any time you do, you destroy a powerful image of Christ’s covenant love for his people. Sadly, the world will be happy to let you get away with this murder.”   Marriage is work. Especially if you want one... Continue Reading

This Sporting Life

If freedom made the American public square great, entertainment appears to be in danger of making it rather ridiculous.

Jimmy Kimmel and the NFL knee-benders clearly have a right to express their opinions. That freedom is one of the beauties of living in the USA rather than China or North Korea. What is sad is that the sound-bite opinions and cheap gestures of these entertainers seem to carry a cultural and political weight that... Continue Reading

Speaking Ill of Hugh Hefner

That only prudish Christians and spoilsport feminists are willing to say that the man was obviously wicked and destructive, is itself a reminder that the rot Hugh Hefner spread goes very, very deep.

Needless to say the obituaries for Hefner, even if they acknowledge the seaminess, have been full of encomia for his great deeds: Hef the vanquisher of puritanism, Hef the political progressive, Hef the great businessman and all the rest. There are even conservative appreciations, arguing that for all his faults Hef was an entrepreneur who appreciated the finer things... Continue Reading

Hugh Hefner Did Not Live the Good Life

Hugh Hefner is the iconic figure who not only made pornography socially respectable and even more lucrative.

The long-run, though, is quite different. Jesus will reign. In the meantime, the Good Shepherd searches the thickets for his lost sheep. And sometimes for a lost rabbit, too. The sign of the good life is not hedonism but crucifixion. The sign of the good life is not a bunny but a cross.   Overnight, we... Continue Reading

Serving the Status Quo

Ministering to the vulnerable in the church with care and love.

This is the final in a series of three posts (read the first here and the second here) about the ways in which one PCA church has responded to a case of abuse. In this post, I examine the ways in which Jessica’s church leaders protected the status quo, at her expense.   After it... Continue Reading

Speaking of Transformationalizationism

We acknowledge this distinction between the holy and the common each time we partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Until our bodies are made new, like the body Jesus now enjoys, our calling is not to escape fleshly existence, nor to sanctify culture (since it is “common,” shared by believer and unbeliever, and cannot be made holy), but to so influence our culture as to make it more consistent with the created nature of man, and to... Continue Reading