Preaching and Personality

We can make sure that our language is arresting, and our structure clear, and our application rich and our biblical theology compelling—but there is another factor; the personality factor.

“Be yourself [and] Forget yourself. God has given to each man his own individuality, and standardisation is emphatically no part of the divine intention for your ministry. How intolerably dull it would be if every preacher had to be cut to the same pattern!… Do not think that personal idiosyncrasies are merely to be suppressed... Continue Reading

15 Reasons Why We Should Still Be Using Hymnals

Unfortunately, many churches have done this with their hymnals, but I think they are important symbols for worshiping congregations. Here are some of the reasons why.

“I know congregants that love to find out the next Sunday’s hymns during the previous week, so they can open up their hymnal, refresh the words, and work on their part so they’re prepared to lend their voices. Preparation like that is one of the ways music making becomes a worshipful activity. Hymnals make it... Continue Reading

When Did the Word “Presbyterian” Become a Dirty Word?

The word Presbyterian seems to have become taboo, almost a dirty word in church-growth missiology.

To attract younger couples many churches think they need a name that will send a message that the church is not doctrinaire but mainly therapeutic.  We are not judgmental.  We are not divisive. Much of the modern generation is not particularly looking for the truth about God.  They just want help in living a happier... Continue Reading

Questioning Jesus’ Existence

In the piece, entitled, “Decoding Jesus: Separating Man from Myth,” there is the suggestion that Christ’s historical existence is an open question.

On this issue, they represent the broad consensus among scholars that Christianity began with the life and death of a real and extraordinary Man. Of course, we Christians don’t believe that’s all there was to it. But when our neighbors tell us over the backyard fence that they’ve watched a documentary or read an article... Continue Reading

The Facts about Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie

The homosexual content in this movie will not be missed

“Le Fou starts giving Gaston a hand / shoulder / ear massage during the Gaston song that is definitely sensual from Le Fou’s perspective. This song also includes a moment where La Fou briefly sits on Gaston’s lap, leans in, puts Gaston’s arms around him and then says “Too much?” Gaston is perturbed.”   Yesterday... Continue Reading

Namaste, Satan

As Christians, we also need to ask whether there could be real spiritual dangers associated with the practice of yoga

Writing for Yoga Journal, respected yoga teacher Aadil Palkhivala defines Namaste as follows, “The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra.” According to Palkhivala, Namaste is an essential component of yoga. The ritual is performed with palms pressed together over the heart, eyes closed, and heads bowed. Namaste is then reverently uttered in acknowledgement of the one divine consciousness believed to be shared by all, but only realized in those who have attained the yogic enlightenment of the heart chakra.

Russell Moore Lives, But There Will Be Blood: Live by Politics, Die by Politics

Moore wants the SBC to move from the moral majority model to a prophetic minority model of relating to the society and the political system.

These are issues of ethics and religious freedom. The SBC and other denominations need to speak out on these issues to offer moral leadership and defend religious freedom. Moreover, to use the language of The Gospel Coalition, these are all Gospel issues. Not to speak out is to deny the Gospel. To speak out to... Continue Reading

Responding Biblically and Lovingly to LGBTQ Family Members

If I believe God, my love for Him will always point me to His word to see how best to love my child.

So we point our child to God’s truth: the way of life is in repentance and faith in Christ. Our hearts are completely unreliable guides (Jer. 17:9), only God’s word has the wisdom we need (2 Tim. 3:15-17). Christ can wash away all sins, and He makes us new within, enabling us to walk God’s... Continue Reading

No, Stay At Home Moms Don’t ‘Waste’ Their Education

Anyone who castigates a woman for failing to cash in on her degree reveals a complete misunderstanding of the nature and purpose of education and the actual needs of society.

Hard as it might be to realize, society benefits when we recognize that there are many ways of being useful members of society, of serving others, and of finding joy in our work. Stay-at-home moms are able to bring a deep focus to the lives of their children and the needs of their community. By sacrificing volume, they are able to serve others in a unique way.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Counseling The Sexually Abused

First and foremost, we need to recognize the experience of victims of sexual abuse and recognize their courage in sharing about their experiences

“Ministering to men and women who are victims of sexual abuse can be tricky; there are several common mistakes that pastors make. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can be better prepared the next time an incident arises within your church.”   When individuals tell you, Pastor, that they were sexually abused or raped,... Continue Reading