Boy Scouts: Kind No More

The Boy Scouts have announced that children who are biologically female but identify as male may now be scouts.

We all want to alleviate the distress of children who feel like they do not fit in. Well-meaning parents caught up by the glorification of gender transitions in popular culture are risking significant psychological and physical damage to their children. Warm parenting is a far safer option. According to the Boy Scout Law, Scouts are... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about the Bible as Literature

Reading the Bible as literature is within every reader's ability.

Respecting the literary aspects of the Bible is a way of observing the biblical authors’ intentions. For a very long time, the cornerstone of evangelical hermeneutics has been authorial intention—the need to interpret a passage in keeping with an author’s inferred intention. It is time that we put the literary approach to the Bible under... Continue Reading

Confessions of an Immigrant

In this climate of social uncertainties, followers of Christ are called to be the aroma of Christ that brings refreshment to our environment.

Nevertheless, in the last few months I have seen and experienced racism in the United States like never before during my time here. Unfortunately, because of anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican, and anti-minorities’ sentiments, many people now feel free to express insults that they would not have said before. The political rhetoric has affected the way many people feel, and now they imitate the aggressive tone of the President and of many politicians from both political parties. For example, I have seen how my son, the son of another Biola professor, and the daughter of another seminary professor have been verbally abused at school, and some even at church, just because they are Latinos. Sadly, I want to believe their classmates only repeat what they hear from their parents without reflecting about the emotional damage they are inflicting.

If You’re Looking for Romance, It’s Probably Right in Front of You

Someday when I’m sitting in a rocking chair looking back over our life together, it won’t be the big trips or the diamond rings that I remember most

“Oh, dear married friends, what if we quit letting movies and the internet convince us that we need a rose petal-filled bubble bath or a weekend in Europe or a candle-lit dinner in some fancy restaurant? We don’t need those things to be happy in marriage.”   A few days ago, we discussed romance on... Continue Reading

What Does it Mean to Be Pro-Life?

On both sides of the equation, the crux of the issue is whether or not we will sacrifice self for the sake and life of another.

Pro-life means pro-life. It doesn’t mean politics and it doesn’t mean moral superiority. And it doesn’t mean loud angry Facebook posts and it doesn’t, ultimately, mean changed laws. We pray that God puts an end to the atrocity of the genocide of abortion. We pray that our leaders be exposed to the holy light of God and have hearts full of compassion for the least of these.

How Much Entertainment Is Too Much?

We must be the most entertained generation in all of human history

“The Bible also reminds us that we are accountable for the forms our entertainment takes. It must only ever be pure and sinless. While we may take a rest from work, we must never take a rest from holiness. What we watch or read or play must further our walk.”   We must be the... Continue Reading

Abortion’s Unintended Survivors

What of children born alive as an unintended result of botched abortions?

In her own words, Ohden brings a formidable testimony against abortion as she outlines the hurt and inner pain she dealt with as a teenager trying to cope with the knowledge she was so unwanted by her biological family, they attempted to end her life. She believes now that she developed post-traumatic stress reaction to the revelation of her beginnings as well as survivor’s guilt that she lived and so many others were destroyed by abortion. Her depression developed into anorexia, bulimia, alcohol abuse, and sexual promiscuity.

“I Got Gay Married. I Got Gay Divorced. I Regret Both.”

Gay unions have fundamentally redefined marriage

“I appreciate Maran’s candor in this article. I do think it is revealing. I suspect that many of those who marched for legal gay marriage in our country weren’t really that concerned about adding traditional marriage norms to gay relationships—norms of permanence, covenant, fidelity, etc.”   Meredith Maran had an interesting essay in The New... Continue Reading

No Little Women: Know What We’ve Got Before She’s Gone

Indeed, woman has a God-given way about her that is self-evident

“It is abnormal for men, as effeminate as many are today, to actually be feminine, and frankly, impossible.  What woman has inside her can only be cheaply imitated by a man to another man.  She alone can shine as female from within.  Only Hannah can cry and sing over motherhood.  Only Abigail can slow down... Continue Reading

The Apology to the LGBT Community That Needs an Apology

I apologize for Christians who have given the impression that to love someone means you cannot also tell them what they are doing is wrong.

I’m deeply sorry for any Christian who proclaims another Gospel—not that there is another Gospel—that leaves us in our sin. This is not love. This is not compassion. Yes, God loves us just as we are. But He doesn’t want to leave us where we are. God wants us—all of us—to turn from our sin. The biblical writers call this repentance. God is patient toward us, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance (2 Pet. 3:9).