Thanksgiving Ingratitude

When “repenting” for the sins of others misses the mark.

My departure also prevented my attending the AAR related event that captured the most publicity, which was release of the “Boston Declaration” by liberal theologians to denounce the “corruption of [conservative] Christians in the United States.” The theatrical media event was at historic South Church, where the participants literally donned sackcloth and ashes, like repentant... Continue Reading

Christmas Humiliation

At Christmas we should bask in the mystery and beauty of Christ’s humiliation.

Let us be sure to bask in the mystery and beauty of Christ’s humiliation, who, though He was the Potentate of Time, stepped out of eternity and into time. Though He dwelt in unapproachable light, the Light of the World, He shined in the darkness. Though He was Mighty God, He did not despise the... Continue Reading

Withering Wives

Husbands, I encourage you to look over at your wife and notice her

This epidemic I am witnessing is the opposite of the beautiful vision of Psalm 128. At first, I saw it with one friend, then two, then four, and now it seems daily my attention is drawn to yet another wife in this condition. Instead of being a fruitful, flourishing vine, I watch my friend withering... Continue Reading

Scam Artists and Sex Education

Modern sex education keeps failing to deliver on its promises—indeed, it keeps plunging society into deeper and deeper problems—and it keeps proposing as the solution more and more of the same.

Yet why should sex education be “tailored to the realities of young people’s experiences,” as the article says? Why not address instead the factors that determine those experiences, by putting sex back in its rightful place, within an appropriate moral framework? The “tailoring” of sex education to patterns of behavior divorced from morality is one... Continue Reading

Polyamory, the Next Sad Frontier of the Sexual Revolution

If our culture is willing to accept polyamory merely based on consent, where does this end?

Yesterday’s taboos are today’s norms. Who could have imagined ten years ago how much our culture would come not only to accept but also to celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism? I can’t help but wonder what taboos today will give way in the days ahead. Incest? Bestiality? Indeed, where does this end?   Now that homosexuality and transgenderism are all but normalized,... Continue Reading

How Much Endeavor Is Necessary?

The Westminster Catechism is clearer than the conversations the Obedience Boys encourage.

The catechism separates the discussion of the law as a rule for God’s dealing with humans before the fall from teaching about how those fallen escape God’s wrath and curse. It does not say that new obedience is part of the means why which Christians escape damnation. It says, precisely, “endeavor after new obedience.” Part... Continue Reading

Is Pope Francis A Liberal Protestant?

Is the pope Catholic?” Anglicans used to joke about anything that seemed too obvious to state. Now we must ask seriously whether the pope is a liberal Protestant.

I take no pleasure in Rome’s travails. For decades, orthodox Anglicans and other Protestants seeking to resist the apostasies of liberal Christianity have looked to Rome for moral and theological support. Most of us recognized that we were really fighting the sexual revolution, which had coopted and corrupted the Episcopal Church and its parent across... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts, 2017

Thanksgiving Day can be a spiritually uplifting and enriching experience.

And on this Thanksgiving, as we give thanks for our families, our freedom, our country, for our God and Savior, and for our earthly blessings, let those of us for whom our glass is more than half full – perhaps even to the extent that our “cup runneth over” (Ps. 23:5) – go one step... Continue Reading

The Power of Sex

We are always (always!) in a period of current sexual exploitation, brokenness, confusion, aggression, and need.

The powerful mercy of God, the grace of Jesus who died for sinners, the mercy of God to forgive the failures, the power of God to heal the victims, the power of God to change an evil heart, the merciful power of God to deliver the addicted and sexually imprisoned, the free adoption of God... Continue Reading

What Calvinism Solves

Calvinism presents a more honest view of human nature.

Why do some political theorists and cultural critics decry Calvinism for such a negative estimate of human nature when it seems that an awareness of human wickedness might be a weighty barrier against the kind of liberalism that Deneen and Dreher lament? One answer, of course, is that Calvinism fails to yield a sufficiently positive... Continue Reading


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