A Response to Rod Dreher’s “Sex After Christianity”

Gay marriage negates Christian cosmology, from which we derive our modern concept of human rights and other fundamental goods of modernity

This new “sexual” agenda is an essential element of a “post-capitalist” transformation of all of human society, and a remaking of human “identity.” Whether it will succeed is another question, but we are dealing with a neo-Marxism so committed to a classless egalitarian society that it must eradicate by any means possible embodied gender distinctions, which are... Continue Reading

Dear Rachel Held Evans

I do not fear Miley Cyrus. Who I fear, Rachel, is you.

You see, you look like a Christian. You talk about Jesus and love and God’s word. You claim faith in Christ. You dress appropriately, you are an engaging speaker, a compelling author, and you seem unashamed to share your faith. On a surface level—the only level that perhaps my young daughter or the thousands of... Continue Reading

I Love My Black Letter Bible

The red letters are not more inspired than the black ones.

On the surface, “Jesus shows us what God is really like” language appears pious and even Jesus-exalting. In reality, it betrays a tragically truncated view of the Jesus of the Bible. We see God “as he is” by gazing with the eyes of faith on the pages of his Word—all of them.   With the way some... Continue Reading

3 Things Pastors (and Their Wives) Should Say Publicly More Often

I’m tired of reading How-Horrible-The-Ministry-Really-Is-If-You-Only-Knew-The-Truth articles.

You, my church, are not horrible. Nor are you taking years off my life. Nor are you wrecking my family and faith. I have been a pastor’s daughter since before I was two years old, and now I’m going on ten years as a pastor’s wife, and I want you to know that serving you... Continue Reading

Patriarchy On Trial

Judging by the intense conversations all over the Internet and within homeschooling circles, there continues to be much confusion about what patriarchy really means and how its proponents believe it should be applied.

The first point I want to make today is that I see the most common views of men and women within the body of Christ in more recent times as being on a continuum. At the far left end of the spectrum is the radical, secular view that there are no differences between men and... Continue Reading

Being On the Internet Doesn’t Give You Permission To Be A Jerk

One of the primary things that sets Christians apart from the rest of the world is the way we treat one another.

If we’re going to call ourselves Christians, it’s time to start acting like Christians. It’s fine to disagree with another Christian. It’s fine to point out erroneous teaching. But every action, online and offline, must be ruled by love. The command to treat others as we want to be treated, applies just as much to... Continue Reading

Oprah, Rob Bell, And Faux Self-Empowerment For The Self-Centered

Where God is Self and Self is God, we ought not be surprised when we find ourselves at the mercy of human depravity.

For alas, when “she keeps me warm” becomes the driving justification for your philosophy of life — spiritual, social, sexual, or otherwise — and when the “life you want” cares little for anything beyond “opening yourself,” “looking deep inside yourself,” “saying ‘yes’ to this moment,” or “waking up” to some human-contrived ideal of self-awareness, you can bet... Continue Reading

Easter And Ethics: How The Resurrection Reshapes the Christian Life

How does the resurrection shape the Christian life? How does it reorient our moral intuitions?

“By defeating Satan through his death and resurrection, Jesus reframes our ethics by showing that our primary moral adversary has no lasting authority or power on those who are in Christ. By conquering sin, he reshapes our ethics by demonstrating that all this world can boast is nothing compared to the glory of faithfully obeying... Continue Reading

What Do Expiation and Propitiation Mean?

Together, expiation and propitiation constitute an act of placation. Christ did His work on the cross to placate the wrath of God.

“These words spark all kinds of arguments about which one should be used to translate a particular Greek word, and some versions of the Bible will use one of these words and some will use the other one. I’m often asked to explain the difference between propitiation and expiation. The difficulty is that even though... Continue Reading

Body Theology For Teens

Ten words for teens to ponder when thinking about their bodies

“As the believer’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), you should care for it better than you would your own home or even the White House. Defend your body by avoiding substances that damage it and experiences that can deface, injure, or even kill.”   I’m on my way back... Continue Reading