Nine Traits of Church Bullies

Church bullies have always been around. But they seem to be doing their work more furiously today than in recent history.

Church bullies are common in many churches. They wreak havoc and create dissension. They typically must have an “enemy” in the church, because they aren’t happy unless they are fighting a battle. They tend to maneuver to get an official leadership position in the church, such as chairman of the elders or deacons or treasurer.... Continue Reading

Unseen Influence

Our confession of hope influences how we handle our everyday lives, love our families, and in turn influence all those around us.

While the compilation of these many acts of love certainly gives credibility to our position of influence, it’s our unseen confession of hope that helps us to persevere, pointing our children to the true fixer, Jesus Christ. Mothers know we need to rely on God’s strength. Our confession of hope is not in our own... Continue Reading

Commending Others as Christ Does

My church is full of "sister Phoebes," and I want to work on commending them more.

Sometimes, I have such high standards for my Christian sisters that I fail to recognize the daily steps of obedience these women are taking. I forget how far they have come in their Christian journey. My attitude needs to be more like Christ’s. He knows our imperfections and loves us in spite of them. He sees and commends the good deeds of... Continue Reading

What Dawkins, Hawking, and Harris Know About God

In Romans 1:18-32 God tells us what every atheist knows about God.

What hope! As we evangelize, we are not evangelizing blank slates. We are not starting with total ignorance. We are going to people who already know much about God. There are already mental sockets prepared for the truth of God’s Word to fit into and to explain.   How would you like to peer into... Continue Reading

Three Crucial Truths to Keep Me From Going Crazy

Change is a good and God-glorifying thing.

Philippians 1:6 puts it this way: “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” That is such sweet, sanity-giving news. God will do it. He will finish the good work he started in me, and he will... Continue Reading

Who The Unchurched Really Are

The most unchurched demographic is the working class, the lower income non-college-educated folks

“Certainly, we need to proclaim the Gospel to everyone, and I don’t want to downplay the importance of evangelizing millennials, urbanites, college students, and everyone else.  But doesn’t the church need to give some attention to the main demographic where the unchurched are?”   Most evangelism programs, church growth tactics, and other attempts to reach... Continue Reading

We Cannot Love God If We Do Not Love His Word

If we want to do the will of the Father, we need to study the Word of the Father

“It is very sad to me that in today’s sophisticated Western culture, people are more familiar with the twelve signs of the Zodiac than with the twelve tribes of Israel or the twelve Apostles. Our world likes to see itself as sophisticated and technological, but it remains filled with superstition. Christians are not immune to... Continue Reading

Anxiety Attacks

Jesus reminds us of the futility of our anxiety

“Look at how awesome our Lord is! Consider how amazingly gracious that He wants us to know He is in control, He loves us, He provides and protects us, and He commands us, “do not be anxious about your life.” If we are to be concerned or preoccupied about anything, it should be the things... Continue Reading

Tattoos For The Soul

The tattoos that cover my chest and arms speak to the faith I hold dear

“To know God is to believe who he has revealed himself to be in Christ, to rest in his grace, and to obey him in faith. In all of this, we are dependent on the Holy Scripture, and are compelled to affirm and articulate the truths revealed therein. This is where confessions of faith play... Continue Reading

My 2 Cents: Feminism, Stereotypes, and Experiences

It's not experiences or stereotypes that should guide our decisions

When we move past experience and stereotypes to biblical truth, we find that there are some things that are absolutes on which we should not budge. And there are other things that are matters of discernment and liberty. We should be kind but firm on the one, and gracious and flexible on the other.   Last... Continue Reading