Can I Handle The Seasons Of My Life?

I can’t handle the seasons of my life on my own, but “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it”

“Seasons are appointed. And we see in these verses that they are appointed by a sovereign, good God. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” How can this be? Sure, there is abounding beauty in my life, but everything? What about suffering, adversity, and dirty dishes? The Scripture goes on to explain, “Also, he... Continue Reading

An Open Letter To The False Church

For those who hear God speak them, “Away from me” will be the most pure, righteous, just and all at once terrifying words ever breathed.

“Indeed, this letter, for many who read it, will be marked “return to sender.” Such is the nature of deception. Those who labor beneath it have become so accustomed to its crushing weight that they’ve lost all sense of it. It is my humble hope and simple prayer that, if this is you, upon reading... Continue Reading

How To Talk To The Dying

The way to talk to the dying is to return them from death to the immediate experience of life

“How are you?” is not, then, the best thing to say to a cancer patient. Lisa Bonchek Adams, who lives with metastatic breast cancer and chronicles her experience in a moving and informative blog, suggests, “Is this a good day or a bad day?” The question is apt, because even though bikur holim (visiting the... Continue Reading

The Blood That Satisfies

If you are in Christ, you live because of the blood of the Lamb of God

“What did the blood of the lambs do? It turned away God’s wrath and appeased His anger against sin. It satisfied His justice. The blood of the lambs caused God to pass over each house—for a time. The blood satisfied on the night of the Passover, but each year the sacrifices of the lambs had... Continue Reading

Identity Slices

Who am I? It’s the question I’ve asked myself over and over

“Being adopted into God’s family doesn’t mean that I no longer take pride in my heritage. I see clearly now how God has designed a rescue plan in advance to gather his children, providentially, where all my ancestors played an irreplaceable role in my salvation story and the story of our future generations. I refuse... Continue Reading

Is Original Sin A Legal Fiction?

So what do Roman Catholics — or Protestants who insist on real and personal holiness — teach about the sin of Adam imputed to new born infants?

“The magisterium has some explaining to do if you can swallow the idea that humans come into the world with the guilt of Adam’s sinful estate and then object to Protestants drawing a line between the imputation of Adam’s sin and the imputation of Christ’s righteousness. If you want to be a Pelagian about sin,... Continue Reading

He Is “Altogether Lovely!”

The Christian cannot say enough good about the Savior

One of my favorite passages in all Christian literature is this little summary by John Owen as he employs the expression of the bride of Christ in describing her beloved in the Song of Solomon: “He is altogether lovely.”  Here it is.   The Christian cannot say enough good about the Savior.  An eternity of... Continue Reading

When Childhood Has Become a Race

Goodbye busy summer, hello busy school year: What have we lost in the rush?

For what purpose, parents might ask, have we banished boredom? And for what price have we filled the nooks and crannies of the everyday, cramming out the teachable moments as we sit in our house, and when we walk by the way, and when we lie down, and when we rise (Deut. 6:7)?Will someone finally ask... Continue Reading

“Men were created to employ themselves”: Calvin on Gen. 2.15

We tend towards one of two extremes in our attitudes towards work: either we make too little of it, or we make too much of it.

If Adam’s “earthly life” was in fact temporary, so also was the job he was given. In other words, even in a sinless world, work would have given way to that eternal rest, worship, and fellowship with God which was from the very beginning prophetically imaged in humankind’s weekly rest, worship, and fellowship with God.... Continue Reading

4 Ways To Live Out Your Role As Helper

One of the reasons many wives struggle in their marriages is because they refuse to embrace the role God has given them as helper to their husband.

We are not called to help our men become the perfect specimen of a husband. We are called to help him become the man God has called him to be. Namely holy and mature in Christ.  You are your husband’s helper. This is not a demeaning position, but a high calling–the calling to be a... Continue Reading