What About the Pedophiles?

The rumors about pedophiles and child abusers in Hollywood have been louder and more consistent for longer than those about Weinstein.

If there is any rumor that has bubbled up more than the stuff on Weinstein, it is the rumors of pedophilia and child sexual abuse in Hollywood. These rumors have been persistent. Several former child stars have come forward to discuss the drugs, alcohol, and abuse inflicted on them as children. Almost all have a... Continue Reading

When Rejoicing With Others Is Hard

Sometimes joy for another is hard, especially when the blessing in his or her life reminds us of a blessing missing in our own

“There are countless scenarios in which fellow Christians are blessed and we struggle to rejoice. Sure, we may attend the celebrations, sign the birthday or anniversary cards, or smile at their good news. But inside, in the depths of our heart, we shout, It’s not fair!”   Welcoming smiles. Homemade desserts. Fresh flowers. Laughter. Don’t you just love... Continue Reading

The Transgender Matrix: It’s Time to Choose the Red Pill

In the 1999 sci-fi movie The Matrix, the hero, Neo, is given a choice of two colored pills: red or blue

“But a funny thing happened. After about eight years, I gradually awoke. I realized the simple biological truth: I was still a man, had always been a man, and always would be a man. In terms of The Matrix, I took the red pill.”   In the 1999 sci-fi movie The Matrix, the hero, Neo, is... Continue Reading

Being Bored at Work Is Actually a Good Thing, Research Says

You need alone or quiet time, and when we carry our offices in our pockets, that becomes all but impossible

Most workplaces these days don’t exactly encourage quiet reflection, but they should if they want to get the most out of their employees. Kaufman and Gregoire offered some tips for managers to help their teams “reclaim solitude and improve their ability to think creatively—without diminishing collaboration.”   Artists have always understood that solitude—boredom, even—is essential... Continue Reading

10 Indicators You’ve Stopped Growing as a Leader

See if your life reflects any of these indications that you’ve stopped growing as a leader

“You no longer seek mentors. Mentors challenge us, stretch us, push us, mold us. Leaders who don’t have mentors often have little accountability for growth—and thus less reason to grow.”   Leaders who stop growing lose their edge as a leader. They become stale, even if others may not readily recognize it. See if your... Continue Reading

Why Keeping Commitments is Critical to Your Influence

Three reasons integrity is key to your success

“There’s nothing wrong with asking to be released from a commitment. But if we can’t get free, then we need to make good on it. If we try living true to ourselves at the expense of others, it’ll cost us our relationships, our success, and ultimately everything of real and lasting value.”   When we... Continue Reading

Church, Stop Telling Her to “Wait” on Her Boaz

We wrongly begin to believe that if a Christian woman strives for contentment and is busy about God’s work and ceases to focus on her potential husband, he will come.

My last observation is that we also place more burdens on single women with legalistic steps in how to engage with men. Please hear my heart when I say this – I am in no way advocating women be aggressors or to be the pursuers. Necessary boundaries and accountability is key and should always be... Continue Reading

Humbled, but not Humiliated

The gospel hit me, overcome with pain in the ICU, in a way I had never gotten before.

Jesus experienced that level of pain and worse, not to save His own life, but to save mine. I wept under the covers in ICU as the searing pain pealed layers off of my understanding of what it meant that He was wounded for our transgressions, to see the nugget of truth obscured from my vision before.... Continue Reading


We live in a world where science is raising ethical questions faster than we are able to answer them.

The obvious moral questions arising from these observations, i.e., “Can sex be meaningful outside of a real relationship, and, if not, how do we need to revise our contemporary orthodoxies concerning sexual activity?” are, of course, ignored in favor of the typically pragmatic, “How do we develop a technology to fake authenticity?”  We live in... Continue Reading

How to Think in a Post-Truth World

If you want to develop your thinking, develop your character

We frequently live in self-reinforcing bubbles; we erect strawmen; we Bulverise; we divide the world into heroes and villains, “defenders of the faith” and “repugnant cultural others”; we find it easy to react and hard to listen; we valorize and demonize; we put ourselves on the side of the angels and find it hard to see good in... Continue Reading