The Jesus Identity!

The discovery of a long-lost crypto-gospel: The Bourne Identity (A Parody)

We begin, for instance, with the charismatic main character, Jason Bourne, whose initials, JB, so obviously recall Jesus Christ! Now, you may object that in translation, JB differs slightly from JC, but this was an evident ruse by the early Christian author to avoid persecution and death. (As a parallel, we look at the author... Continue Reading

Five Things Pastors Need to Say to Their Children

Pastors' kids who heard these five things consistently are those who have the healthiest attitudes toward the church today

The pastor’s kid can be in a position to experience both the extreme highs and the extreme lows of local church ministry. And while the pastor is not totally responsible for how that child responds later in life, he can have a profound influence on him or her.   Over a year ago, I wrote... Continue Reading

Can Any Man Ever Forgive My Past?

Do you think there are any single men who will forgive my past and look at me through new eyes in Christ?

I do believe there are godly single men who will forgive your past and look at you for who you really are: “the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.” Such a one will be the sort who understands the horror of his own sin — whatever it is — and the infinite mercy he has... Continue Reading

Is Inerrancy a Recent Theological Invention?

The reason why we do not find significant doctrines of Scripture in the early church is that they were unnecessary.

In the case of inerrancy, it is misleading to suggest that it was a doctrinal invention conceived by Christian apologists in order to retain intellectual credibility in the throes of modernism or to counter the arguments of higher-criticism.  On the contrary, it is an example of what happens when a historic doctrine confronts contemporary issues... Continue Reading

Crucified on a Boogie Board

The supposed "crucifixion" of Rob Bell shows that theology does still matter to large segments of the church

Eventually, if this crowd has its way, and all the meanies go home and stop caring about doctrinal health in their churches, well there won’t be an orthodoxy left to feed on. It will just be history to study and reminisce about. At that point, what will their movement be? I can’t answer that question... Continue Reading

Pastors Who Podcast

Carl Trueman, a theologian and pastor in Pennsylvania, started a podcast last year with a fellow pastor and an author friend. About 30,000 people now subscribe to The Mortification of Spin on iTunes. (The name tweaks a classic Puritan book title.) “I kind of do it for fun,” Trueman said. “And I hope we cover... Continue Reading

How American Evangelicals Are NOT Following New Testament Christianity

One way evangelicals have not been following the biblical example of our forefathers is in response to blatant unfaithfulness within the church itself

“I fear that for too many American Protestants, their first reaction if they heard of a church experiencing even one of these problems would be “if something like that was going on in my church, I would just leave and go to another church – even if that meant abandoning a faithful local congregation because... Continue Reading

The Image of God and the African American Experience – Part 2

In part two of the Image of God and the African American experience, we explore how slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and subtler forms of racism today diminished but did not destroy the image of God

“Racism attributes superior or inferior characteristics and qualities to people based on race. Racism is a manifestation of rebellion against God.  As John Piper once explained, “Anybody that would have the audacity not to submit to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords would not have any problem putting you down.”   American culture... Continue Reading

Missions: Why Evangelize?

Why go to all the trouble just to be mocked and rejected the vast majority of the time?

“Why not spend more of our money and efforts trying to disciple those who are already Christians? Or if we want to have at least something to do with evangelism, why not wait for interested people to come to the church, rather than experience the persecution that awaits us in going outside it? We could... Continue Reading

The Most Misunderstood Bible Verse

Jeremiah 29:11 is such a verse. One of the most recognized and oft-quoted Old Testament verses, 29:11 plays a prominent role in how many Christians define and live their faith

“A little context around the verse is instructive. The people of Israel are living in exile in Babylon and are disheartened. The Lord has just informed them that they will remain there for seventy years. As encouragement He reminds them of two things in verse 11, their exile is part of His plan and those... Continue Reading