Our Pagan Children

In our search for identity, we need to meet Jesus, the true source of human identity, the revelation of God in human form. Only he can keep our kids from paganism.

The Bible’s view of sexuality is not small-minded moralism, unloving discrimination, heartless violence, or cruel bullying. It is a theistic understanding of the universe, deeply founded on the personal being of God Himself. This is ground zero for everyone. Homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender are “unnatural,” (Rom 1:26) and out of order with the physical cosmos.... Continue Reading

Why Is Parenting So Incredibly Hard?

The devil lies and he enjoys around-the-clock access to our kids

Our culture thinks of children as innocent and impressionable; blank slates awaiting the external influences of education and culture. The Bible says something very different: “Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline drives it far from him” (Proverbs 22:15 ESV).   I had a rough day as... Continue Reading

Stop Misrepresenting Masterpiece Cakeshop

Can the state compel American citizens to affirm and advance ideas and messages they find reprehensible?

The actual facts of the case are crystal clear. Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, refused to custom-design a cake to help celebrate a gay wedding. As a Christian, he finds same-sex unions to be unbiblical and immoral, and he wasn’t willing to use his artistic talents to advance a message he holds to be... Continue Reading

Voting in a Two-Party System: Ten Other Questions to Ask

How should we think about voting when the party you like more puts up a candidate you have a hard time liking at all?

What message do I send my preferred party if there are no candidates so bad I won’t vote for them? If there is no minimal standard of character and competence to be met in order to win someone’s vote, over time we will likely end up with worse and worse candidates. Sometimes voting for none of... Continue Reading

How to Drive Your Children Away

In trying to keep their children away from anything that might taint them, some well-meaning parents neglect something.

You cannot shield your family from sin. Alexandr Solzhenitzyn said that the line between good and evil runs through the human heart, reflecting the truth that the Psalmist realized: the source of sin is within us, not outside in the culture. And Dietrich Bonhoeffer echoes this with a warning about idolizing Christian community, whether that... Continue Reading

When Motherhood Leads to Mourning

As long as God gives me the strength, I will tell the stories of my losses.

I know firsthand just how vulnerable babes can be. God had a purpose for His Son’s babyhood, just like he has a purpose for my babies. Christ’s purpose was fully revealed in Scripture and carried out in 32 years here on earth (although of course, he rose again). Two of my babies’ purposes were carried... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Ingratitude

When “repenting” for the sins of others misses the mark.

My departure also prevented my attending the AAR related event that captured the most publicity, which was release of the “Boston Declaration” by liberal theologians to denounce the “corruption of [conservative] Christians in the United States.” The theatrical media event was at historic South Church, where the participants literally donned sackcloth and ashes, like repentant... Continue Reading

Christmas Humiliation

At Christmas we should bask in the mystery and beauty of Christ’s humiliation.

Let us be sure to bask in the mystery and beauty of Christ’s humiliation, who, though He was the Potentate of Time, stepped out of eternity and into time. Though He dwelt in unapproachable light, the Light of the World, He shined in the darkness. Though He was Mighty God, He did not despise the... Continue Reading

Withering Wives

Husbands, I encourage you to look over at your wife and notice her

This epidemic I am witnessing is the opposite of the beautiful vision of Psalm 128. At first, I saw it with one friend, then two, then four, and now it seems daily my attention is drawn to yet another wife in this condition. Instead of being a fruitful, flourishing vine, I watch my friend withering... Continue Reading

Scam Artists and Sex Education

Modern sex education keeps failing to deliver on its promises—indeed, it keeps plunging society into deeper and deeper problems—and it keeps proposing as the solution more and more of the same.

Yet why should sex education be “tailored to the realities of young people’s experiences,” as the article says? Why not address instead the factors that determine those experiences, by putting sex back in its rightful place, within an appropriate moral framework? The “tailoring” of sex education to patterns of behavior divorced from morality is one... Continue Reading


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