Sermons Are “Fair Game” in Houston

The Real Warning in the Subpoena Scandal

At this point, it is five Houston pastors who are feeling the heat. But these subpoenas stand as a direct warning to every pastor, rabbi, minister, priest, and imam in America. You or I could be next. This is how religious liberty dies. Liberties die by a thousand cuts.  An intimidating letter here, a subpoena... Continue Reading

The Secret of Big Evangelicalism Is the Secret of Great Comedy

In a world of sentiment and aesthetics, an instinctive sense for tastefulness is what makes for a successful marketing strategy.

What is interesting is that the chronology of the whole YRR-Driscoll saga falls out along taste/aesthetic lines.    Those who saw the problem early were quickly dismissed as Pharisees, hypocrites, ‘discernment bloggers,’ judgmental, and even racists.  These are all pretty distasteful categories in the late modern world of tolerance and niceness. Those who decried or ignored... Continue Reading

Justification By Faith Alone Is The Normative Reformed Doctrine

Beware of those who appeal to the outliers as if they were or are or should become the norm.

There is a open move to rehabilitate Shepherd’s doctrine by revising the history of what Shepherd said and what the issues were. As I say, the moralists never go away. Many Christians are more comfortable with Jesus as a facilitator of justification and salvation rather than as the Savior. Like Shepherd, they want to blur the line... Continue Reading

Prayer Changes Us, Not God

Three answers to the question: if God is sovereign, then why pray at all?

Prayer is appointed by God for our seeking from Him the things which we are in need of. (Pink them reminds his readers of God’s sovereignty and decree of all things). Prayer is not for the purpose of informing God, as if He were ignorant,… but it is to acknowledge He does know what we... Continue Reading

Opposite but the Same

The more things change, the more things really do stay the same

I ran into one while reading Todd Brenneman’s Homespun Gospel. Brenneman’s comparison of Max Lucado and Rob Bell in his chapter, “You are Special,” is spot on. The subtitle is A Tale of Two Hells. Both Bell and Lucado use sentimental means to promote their popular message. They endorse themselves as the cool ones—the ones in... Continue Reading

The Secret to a Happy Life

Maximizing pleasure is our culture’s chief goal, but happiness and pleasure are profoundly different

Humility is the secret to a happy life. What is humility? Scripture does not say the humble person is Mr. Milquetoast, the wishy-washy person, the spineless man who is a doormat for the world; rather, the humble person is one who fears God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and such... Continue Reading

Unthinkable Aloofness

Will we worship the Father honorably, boldly minister, and suffer after the pattern of Jesus Christ?

The call is to minister and prioritize as did Jesus Christ. He was concerned with worshiping the Father in Spirit and in truth. He was diligent to worship God only in the way prescribed in Scripture. He was cautious of keeping God’s Ceremonial Law, and would have been a strong proponent of the Regulative Principle... Continue Reading

Come, Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit is in charge of pointing you to Jesus and his love

It’s about the Holy Spirit and what he does. He brings Jesus into your heart, again and again. That sermon, or the way you read the Bible, or the way you mull over the meaning of your life—that’s the key, that Jesus loves you.   I hear different kinds of sermons, some my own. Many... Continue Reading

The Battle Between Between Exile Theology and Dominion Theology

The battle between Exile Theology and Dominion Theology is important to understand

To consider only myself and my future is actually selfish.  The covenant teaches me that more important than myself are the generations that will follow me.  I may want to escape the trials of this earth, but my children and grandchildren will have to live in a world that we leave to them.  Better to... Continue Reading

The Gospel According To Tobler

For all his faults, Tobler is affectionate and loyal, and dogs often demonstrate such qualities even when mistreated by their owners. By contrast, sinful human beings are in consistent rebellion against God

“Tobler has never quite learned to be obedient. Stubborn to a fault, he remains invincibly ignorant of the meaning of the command come. He will come eventually, of course, but only on his own terms. The biggest problem, however, is that Tobler is an inveterate thief. He loves to steal stuffed animals, socks, and other... Continue Reading