Sola Scriptura or Sola Cardia?

What does "Sola Scriptura" mean? And why is it important?

“It would follow then that a sufficient Bible that must be read, obeyed and applied would be preached. Pastors who do not preach the Bible betray any commitment to sola Scriptura. As nice and entertaining as stories, jokes, and authenticity are–they cannot bear the freight of God’s work in the pulpit. God means to have his people’s... Continue Reading

Why I Am (Still) An Evangelical

In the end, all other explanations regarding the troubles of this world seemed insufficient

“Although I certainly simplified the matter, the truth was that as I read more, learned more, and thought more, the evangelical understanding of the biblical narrative of creation–fall–judgment–redemption impressed itself upon me, continuing to recount the story of my own life while making sense of the world in a way that nothing else that I... Continue Reading

Irenaeus on Reading and Understanding Scripture

Irenaeus advanced in his work the basic thesis that Scripture means what it says -- that is, that Scripture is clear in its articulation of the fundamental points of Christian theology

“A sound mind,” he wrote, “and one which does not expose its possessor to danger, and is devoted to piety and the love of truth, will eagerly meditate upon those things which God has placed within the power of mankind [i.e., power to understand], and has subjected to our knowledge, and will make advancement in... Continue Reading

Understanding Domestic Persecution (Part 2)

The question is not what ultimately defines persecution, but rather “Who.”

“The persecution of Israel’s prophets, and that of the saints of the New Testament and this age find their nexus in the life and Person of Christ. He sets the pattern for persecution within an inhospitable culture, and Scripture shows us at least two ways of understanding Him from this angle.”   Before we can... Continue Reading

Politics of Inclusion

If the gospel is the basis for society, where are non-Christians supposed to go?

“Is bi-partisanship really a gospel imperative when practically every oped writer for the Times and the Post promotes crossing the aisle in Congress? Do we need to gussy up bi-partisanship with the gospel? Is that why Christ died?”   Matt Tuininga calls for the gospel politics of inclusion even while excluding some — ahem —... Continue Reading

Setting The Stage

The fifteenth century set the stage for the Reformation

“As the century opened, the reform movement of Jan Hus allowed for the creation of a separate Czech church. Hus stood on the text of Scripture to reject the theological changes of the medieval Catholic church, though he was also spurred by the love of his country to seek independence from the Holy Roman Empire.”... Continue Reading

Cecil the Lion

I wonder - did Kimmel tear up when he saw the video of the Planned Parenthood doctor talking about crushing infants as so many organ factories?

But in the grand scheme of wickedness, the death of a lion – even a lion called Cecil — barely registers on the most sensitive Richter scale.  The pathetic tears of a Kimmel and the predictable verbal violence of the hashtag wielding rent-a-mobs of the internet merely witness to the complete lack of any real... Continue Reading

The Brave New World of Childhood Indoctrination

This indoctrination will prove a significant challenge to both religious liberty and to free and rational thought.

Although Jennings often frames her style as “helping them understand a different point of view exists,” “setting up conversations,” and “modelling non-judgmental thinking,” she authoritatively interjects into her students’ conversations establishing what is right and wrong. She does this despite her “work to help children understand that just because someone thinks something different from you,... Continue Reading

It’s Not Dixie’s Fault

There is an old, tired motif in American journalism that the South is the source of our nation’s social ills.

These crude regional stereotypes ignore the deep roots such social ills have in our shared national history and culture. If, somehow, the South became its own country, the Northeast would still be a hub of racially segregated housing and schooling, the West would still be a bastion of prejudicial laws that put immigrants and black... Continue Reading

Now is the Time For Outrage

How will we be assessed by future generations of Christians if we do not speak out clearly, if we do not flood social media, if we do not decry this wickedness from our pulpits?

For my more progressive fellow pastors, now is not the time for missional quietude over abortion. Now is the time for outrage. Now is the time for public disgust. Slavery would never have been abolished through missional conversations. Public outrage was necessary to bring the whole sinful enterprise crashing down. The same public outrage must... Continue Reading