Sayings Christians Ought to Bury

Oftentimes newer or mis-shepherded Christians will latch onto sayings, get swept down the stream of error, and cause others to do the same.

“There are 2 or 3 of us, so let’s confirm this thing by praying, since, ‘Where 2 or 3 are gathered, Jesus is there.’” This saying is pulled from Matthew 18:20, where Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there in their midst.” Christians typically use it to... Continue Reading

Taking the Risk with Christian Community

I reached out to my church and asked for help, and my fears were proven to be wrong

The absence of a cure-all does not mean an absence of care. I needed to take the risk to stop bracing myself, waiting to be rear-ended, and slowly let down my guard. Others took the risk of possibly saying the wrong thing or having to admit that they did not even know what to say.... Continue Reading

Time to Clear Out the Pundits

There’s one class of people in the political process who never seem to get cleared out; the pundits and opinionators.

I’m not speaking of ordinary journalists and reporters here — although it’s increasingly hard to separate them from the pundits these days. I’m referring to the talking heads, the op-ed columnists, the “experts.” The majority of them have failed dismally in their basic duties to us for a long time, but especially in the past... Continue Reading

Help from John Owen on Not Entering into Temptation

When life is most intense, or success is most attainable, or ministry is most dangerous, you are most susceptible to an hour of temptation.

In the Savior’s presence, at the height of intensity of his ministry, we see the disciples not only falling asleep but failing abysmally. Shortly Peter will swing a sword, deny his Lord three times, and nearly succumb to Satan in despair.  The other men flee and hide in fear. Owen at this point shows a great... Continue Reading

Stop Calling Your Wife Hot

Tell her she is smokin’ hot all you want. But don’t tell the rest of us because it does no good for anyone.

Fellas, calling your wife hot to other people is awkward. We can’t agree with you. That would be really weird. We can’t disagree with you. That would be really mean. Ignoring you is rude, but it’s probably our best option in this case. Do you really want us trying to determine if your wife is, in... Continue Reading

The Laments: Where the Mind and Heart Meet

In the laments we see that while both the mind and heart are important, there are times when one needs to lead the other.

It’s easy when we read the laments in Scripture to zero in on the psalmist’s expression of emotion. We can relate to it. The prose is vivid and sharp. It describes our own pain as though we were looking at our heart in a mirror. Perhaps that’s why we are drawn to the Psalms when... Continue Reading

Spurgeon’s, “Of Two Evils, Choose Neither,” Doesn’t Help Us With Trump

The reason many Christians wish to avoid choosing between the lesser of two evils is because they confuse an evil with a wrong.

Imagine our two families are miles from land in a sinking boat. Suddenly, out of the mist, come two boats to save us. One is captained by an adulterer; the other is captained by a thief. Which boat will you get into?  You say, “Neither one. I’m waiting for the evangelical boat which is captained... Continue Reading

A Response to “Classical Christian Education and Doug Wilson”

The President of the Association of Classical Christian Schools responds to a critique of its organization.

I have participated in and provided oversight of countless accreditations in the past 12 years.  Never in my memory has Mr. Wilson had any say, or even made a comment on, school accreditation. Even his role within our organization is merely advisory—he has no formal authority. Our accreditation process is rigorous, and it requires that... Continue Reading

A Unified Field Theory on Gender

I do believe that God is sanctifying His Church, and I think the next step may be moving us to a better understanding of male and female in the image of God

The problem is that while the complementarian movement explained a lot and defended important Scripture, it still has underlying root weaknesses. The primary one, in my opinion, is its foundational misinterpretation of Genesis 3:16 that believes a woman’s root problem after the fall is that she wants to take control from the man and dominate... Continue Reading

Love & Bragging

Why is love antithetical to bragging? Bragging is an expression of self-worship (over and above God) and self-love (over and above others).

Many of us Christians, pastors, and spiritual celebrities, especially in my younger generation, are like those crows. We perch ourselves on the high roosts of Christendom, take our position, and caw for praise. The older, more seasoned generation of pastors see it, discern, and mourn it. Sometimes they necessarily address it, but we are too sozzled... Continue Reading