The Whole Truth

To the Christian Woman Who Just Discovered Her Husband’s Affair

Your husband did not make this choice because you weren’t pretty enough, available enough, submissive enough, talkative enough, quiet enough, sporty enough, or smart enough. He did not make this choice because you’ve spent the last five years pregnant or breastfeeding. He did not make this choice because you’ve been in the throes of hot... Continue Reading

Teaching Our Children the Raw Parts of Scripture

As a pastor, I sometimes have parents express concern about that to which their young children are being exposed in church.

In fact, the central message of the Bible is the most raw–namely, the murder of the Son of God, who was torturously beaten, scourged and nailed to a tree by men in order to bleed to death for the raw sins of His people. Surely, we are to teach our children that raw truth from... Continue Reading

The Courtship Prosperity Gospel

The relational prosperity gospel teaches that the holier you are, the happier your family will be.

As I grew up in the courtship community, the prosperity gospel culture seemed so far away. It is only now, looking back, that I realize I had a plank of the prosperity gospel in my eye that I could not see. It was the same wolf, just wearing the clothes of relational prosperity. We thought... Continue Reading

A Third Way on Gender in the Church

The answer to gender questions in the Church isn't to compromise between egalitarians and complementarians.

Man needs woman to bear God’s image into the world. Woman needs man to bear God’s image into the world. Don’t react against feminism (complementarians). Don’t react against patriarchy (egalitarians). Don’t react at all. Act. Act as image bearers, male and female, jointly tasked with the creation mandate and reaffirmed by Jesus in the Great... Continue Reading

Heidelberg 114: Between Moralism And Antinomianism (2)

In contrast to antinomianism, the confessional Protestants affirm the abiding validity of moral law not as a covenant of works but as the moral and ethical standard for the Christian life.

The question is, since we have been saved, since we have been justified freely, how do we respond? We respond by living in union and communion with Christ, by seeking to obey God’s holy law. The law teaches us the greatness of our sin and misery (Rom 7:7). Even in its third use it continues... Continue Reading

When Forgiveness isn’t Reconciliation: On Josh Duggar

One of the worst things that has come out of “professional Christianity”–whether it’s reality TV stars or celebrity pastors of megachurches–is the narrative that forgiveness is the same thing as reconciliation.

Anna Duggar can forgive Josh without continuing their marriage. She can separate from him, divorce him, remove his kids from him, because he violated the vow he made to her–and she can still forgive him. To forgive does not mean that you return to the same relationship you had with someone before they hurt you.... Continue Reading

A Faint Analogy of an Unimaginable Heaven

We all need a new analogy of heaven

Yellowstone is a natural and finite location, but it opened my eyes by providing a faint analogy of heaven. Being in the presence of God, being outside the scope of time, looking beyond the political-cultural turmoil of today, and yet every day thinking, “Here is something completely new and different.” “Your mercies are new every... Continue Reading

Consistently Inconsistent

Consistency, Contradictions, Complications

One of the problems you run into when you are not consistent or predictable is that you please no one. You get shot at by people committed to consistency on the right or the left. I have been thinking of some of my inconsistencies that displease some folks.   My oldest son got the idea... Continue Reading

Sacred Balance

Our work matters to God. It is what He has intended for us to do with 85% of our time.

Sacred balance is what we need. Redeeming the time is the duty of all worshipers. However, part of redeeming the time is spending one sweet day, especially and differently, focusing on the Lord who builds the house, giving honor to the Lord who watches over the city, worshiping the One who gives bread to his creatures, and relaxing in the arms... Continue Reading

How The Supreme Court Abolished Article V Of The Constitution

Who needs amendments if the Lawless Five are on your side?

Yet now SCOTUS justices can rewrite the Constitution to include anything they deem fit by appeal to nothing more than their own ideology. Even if you support “gay marriage,” be alarmed. Be very, very alarmed. The Lawless Five just abolished the whole concept that amending the Constitution requires a super majority in the two Houses... Continue Reading