Heil! the Coming Progressive Utopia

Scotland is a land where preaching the Gospel is compared to noxious Nazism.

The opposition to Christianity takes a troubling turn with the not-so veiled threat of progressive Harvard Professor Mark Tushnet: “The culture wars are over; they [the Christians] lost, we won….taking a hard line is better than trying to accommodate the losers.” There will be, he warns, no accommodations or exceptions.   Commentators in major national... Continue Reading

Does Complementarity Just Boil Down to a Tiebreaker?

The special responsibility of the husband as head isn’t about a moment in a tiebreaker decision

When it comes to something more substantial, like uprooting the family for a career, both husband and wife should empathize with one another. I do believe the husband is called to sacrifice first for the wife. But the first priority of that sacrifice for his wife is to consider the effects of their decision under... Continue Reading

How To Pray When Your Soul Is Bone Dry

Perhaps the hardest thing to do in those times is to even make the effort to pray.

Pray boldly but also pray confidently, relying not on your own words or wisdom, but on the Spirit’s intercession. In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our... Continue Reading

Misplaced Fear

Who are you going to fear? Are you going to fear the LORD or are you going to fear man?

So I’m wondering:  How would this election cycle change for us if we were motivated by “the fear of the LORD” instead “the fear of Hillary Clinton” or “the fear of Donald Trump”? What would change if we were kept awake at night by our concern to properly reverence the LORD and not our fear... Continue Reading

Eight Warning Signs of a Bully Church Member

Early warning signs so you won’t be blindsided

They build unhealthy alliances. The bully in one church built an alliance with two weak staff members. The three of them spoke in secret to the personnel committee about the pastor. The pastor was fired without even being asked his side of the story. Watch carefully those the bully befriends.   “I love you pastor,... Continue Reading

We Need a New Name

As a confessional, orthodox, Nicene Christian, I don’t believe the name complementarian defines me or my position on the Trinity or gender roles

Recently I have begun to wonder if it’s time for a new name and a maybe a new movement. Let me explain my reasoning. Whether or not CMBW came up with the term complementarianism, they are the public face of the movement and have defined what it means to be complementarian. Many of the CBMW... Continue Reading

If It Makes You Happy

"Love" is bandied about as the answer to every societal ill.

What is popularly understood as love? The popular notion of “love” seems to be something that more readily resembles “happiness.” If something makes me happy then it is good, not just preferentially but also morally and ontologically. And whatever that good is, it must be celebrated and embraced by all people. This is how love... Continue Reading

Wisdom and Biblical Principles of Complementarianism

What should complementarianism in the marital relationship look like in a biblically faithful and nuanced fashion?

The Holy Spirit gives us broad principles and examples to follow–thus admitting a measure of subjectivity and necessitating that we seek to proceed with the wisdom that is needed commensurate to the particular situations that may arise. The idea that the Scriptures give us general principles rather than detailed prescriptions for marital situations also tends... Continue Reading

The Practicality of God’s Word

In a culture that has largely rejected the One True Living Triune God the desire for practicality is often controlled by pragmatism.

The practice of God’s word can only be rightly understood when we recognize these two truths: God’s word gets to define all the words we use and all our words are part of a system of truth, apart from which we cannot arrive at these definitions. Everyone has a system of truth, or a systematic... Continue Reading

Another Look at the Earliest Complete List of the Canon of the New Testament

Around 250 A.D., in his typical allegorical fashion, Origen used the story of Joshua to describe what seems to be the complete New Testament canon.

In other words, it seems that we have good reasons to think that Origen’s list of NT books in the Homilies on Joshua is authentic.  And therefore we have good reason to think that there was a fairly well-established NT canon further back than many have thought.   Last year I posted an article entitled “What Is... Continue Reading