Boys Need Their Moms

Boys need their moms—I am convinced of it. I see this when I look back at my own life.

“Even in Christian circles there is little attention given to the relationship of boys and their mothers, at least once they pass the toddler stage. It is rarely mentioned and rarely celebrated. We still look askance at a boy who spends a lot of time with his mom or a mom who is close to... Continue Reading

Hostages to Homogeny: Why I’m Done with “Racial Reconciliation”

A rebuke to some Evangelicals' indifference and insincerity towards race relations

“Amidst the public handshakes and hugs, the coffee and conferences, there is a platforming of a type of humility that isn’t changing much of anything. I’m not a nationally known preacher or author, but in many ways I’ve found it more helpful to be a pastor on the ground level. What I can do at... Continue Reading

My Indebtedness to the Puritans

As a theologian I have read a lot of books about the teachings of the Bible, but none affect me more than the writings of the Puritans, and its parallel movement in the Netherlands

The Puritans not only commended love, but called Christians to excel in love with godly zeal. Oliver Bowles said zeal “is a holy ardor kindled by the Holy Spirit of God in the affections, improving a man to the utmost for God’s glory, and the church’s good.”   My life has been profoundly shaped and... Continue Reading

Don’t Just Pray About It

In the 5th Psalm we read of a believer exercising highly developed prayer reflexes

“Much like a eager and expectant child who has dropped a seed into the ground, the believer is to look through the eyes of faith knowing that God is for them, loves them, hears them, and works all things together for their good (Rom. 8.28; 1 Pet. 5.6-8). The same heart of faith that comes... Continue Reading

True Reformation

God’s awakening power is not activated by our schemes and tactics, but by His Spirit and His ordinary means of awakening

“When God awakens, He always brings revival, whether it is the revival of a single soul, the revival of a family, the revival of a community, or the revival of a nation. When God brings revival, He always brings deep and convicting repentance that leads to a life of faith, repentance, and obedience.”   Awakening... Continue Reading

Don’t Count on Deathbed Conversions

Lots of people have remorse over their sinfulness, but that is not repentance that leads unto life

This reminds of when Mickey Mantle died back in the 1990s. There was news of his deathbed conversion and the evangelical world rejoiced. “We got one!” This has always bothered me because when you heard about what Mantle said concerning his faith, it wasn’t very comforting. Realize, I’m not saying that Mantle was not saved,... Continue Reading

Why the Media Need to Stop Hounding Dan Walker

Christian TV presenter Dan Walker has been criticised in the media this week for believing that God created the world. David Robertson responds

Why did the Daily Mail, Times, Independent and Telegraph (amongst others) run lengthy articles about Mr Walker? Is Dan the first Transgender presenter? Is he the secret love child of one of the Royals? No. It’s worse than that – he’s a Christian! And not just a Christian, but a Baptist Christian. Even worse than... Continue Reading

Lent…if borrowed should be returned

It saddens me to see the growing excitement over such high church traditions in our churches while simultaneously diminishing the ordinary and historical practices.

Please know that I am not on a crusade to wipe out all traditions and practices that are not my own. My crusade is to wipe out the mindless and sentimental borrowing from other traditions.  And, I am really not even on a crusade to convince all of my PCA brothers that they ought to return to... Continue Reading

Is It Possible To Be Too Pie in the Sky?

What does the Bible say about the relationship between longing for the day to come and this side of heaven helpfulness?

The non-Christian world has long made this accusation, but in recent years the accusation has come from inside the Christian camp as well. Within our own circles some are claiming the church has been unhelpfully influenced by Plato. If you remember back to your college philosophy class you’ll remember Plato’s allegory of the cave. In... Continue Reading

Speedos or Shorts? Bikinis or Bathing Suits?

Two things in the last week have brought to my attention that those who wish to maintain anything approaching traditional Christian standards are facing a brave new world.

Religious and social conservatives, and even traditional liberals, may well have disagreed over the years about what constitutes modesty (Speedos or shorts? Bikinis or bathing suits?) but they have typically accepted that the concept itself is legitimate and appropriate. In a world where Reichian quackery rules, we do not debate the limits of modesty for... Continue Reading