Why Christology Matters: A Dialogue With Anselmus Modernus and Boso Brown

With apologies to Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1093-1109

“Christology—understanding and describing the Savior biblically—is a matter of love as well as faith. That is why the early Christian Fathers wanted to describe Him in a way that was faithful to Scripture. Ignatius of Antioch put it movingly when he wrote: “My Love is crucified.” You see, it was love that drove the best theologians... Continue Reading

Election Keeps No One Out Of Heaven

Election keeps no one out of heaven who would otherwise have been there, but it keeps a whole multitude of sinners out of hell who otherwise would have been there

“Election keeps no one out of heaven, but guarantees that those God has chosen will be there.  Election is meant to be a comfort and encouragement to believers.  Never are unbelievers encouraged to try do discover if they are elect.  The message for unbelievers is you are all are invited.  Come one, come all.  Everyone... Continue Reading

No Other Name: Do We Need Salvation? (Part 2)

This is the tyranny of the late-modern period: the unyielding god of affirmation

“When I posted the first part of this series on Twitter, a fellow replied to the effect that the doctrine that we need salvation is arrogant and bigoted. It only seems so, if we assume the Modernist stance that there is no God who is, who has revealed himself, who has become incarnate in Jesus... Continue Reading

15 Reasons Why We Should Still Be Using Hymnals

Unfortunately, many churches have done this with their hymnals, but I think they are important symbols for worshiping congregations. Here are some of the reasons why.

“I know congregants that love to find out the next Sunday’s hymns during the previous week, so they can open up their hymnal, refresh the words, and work on their part so they’re prepared to lend their voices. Preparation like that is one of the ways music making becomes a worshipful activity. Hymnals make it... Continue Reading

What a Difference Six Years Can Make

How can it be mindless bigotry to hold to the same position that our President affirmed until a little over two years ago?

If bigotry is “the stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own” who is the bigot: the one who tries to provide reasons for his views or the one who says there is no reason your views deserve to be heard? If the President’s evolved position proves to be the... Continue Reading

Protecting Children at Church: 6 Suggestions

We should be vigilant to protect children when they are under our watch at the church

Be vigilant in knowing who serves in your church and make the protection of your children a priority for your church. This may not lead to astounding church growth, but I guarantee you that creating sound and open security procedures will set at ease parents who visit your church for the first time. Moreover, I... Continue Reading

If You Want To Prove You Don’t Hate Gays, All You Have To Do Is Worship At Their Feet

I have never in my life encountered a religion as oppressive, cold, and stiff as Progressivism

These are all of the things I might say, but it’s probably useless. This isn’t a discussion, anyway. When you degrade and attack a man for holding a sensible and utterly unremarkable opinion about something as inconsequential as hypothetical draft strategies, you are obviously not interested in having a conversation. You only want to punish the transgressor for his scandalous lack of... Continue Reading

Don’t We All Worship the Same God?

Just because one is correct in one’s doctrine of God does not mean that one is orthodox in all other areas

It is not true that the doctrine of God is the only doctrine of importance. It is quite obviously of central importance. However, we cannot reduce Christianity to our doctrine of God. What about our doctrines of Scripture, Christ, man, salvation, Holy Spirit, church, and sacraments? Are they now to be completely ignored in the... Continue Reading

What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Birth Control’

Meaningful debate requires us to define the terms of discussion

The debate around the Hobby Lobby case, birth control methods, and insurance coverage illuminates not only how deeply divided Christians are on these matters but also how ill-defined the central questions are. Questions of conscience are matters for all believers to respect in each other even amidst disagreement. If Christians cannot engage with each other... Continue Reading

Our Foster Care System Is Becoming A ‘Pipeline’ For Human Trafficking

60 percent of the children rescued in a recent FBI sting had been in foster care at some point

If we really look at this issue of child trafficking in America, it’s another lens through which to understand how broken our foster care system is. Many of these girls, especially, have been put into multiple placements, and many of these girls in those different placements have been abused. So one survivor leader whom we... Continue Reading