On the Gospel According to Glennon

The solution she chose in the end, to “follow her heart” even as it lead away from the Bible not towards it, doesn’t actually solve any of the heart problems

After days of sadness in the wake of reading the article, I woke up yesterday, not sad, but angry. I wasn’t angry at Glennon, but at Satan who again … and again … and again … and again, at every generation throughout all time, figures out a way to sell us the same old lie.... Continue Reading

Faith, Foolishness, and Fanaticism

A false choice: Science and religion are totally different; one is based on facts and the other on beliefs.

Yet no scientific statement can be “proven” if by that one means it can be conclusively shown that it is impossible for X to be wrong. All science can ever do is pile up enough evidence to indicate that it seems extremely unlikely that X is wrong. We might find the proverbial black swan tomorrow.... Continue Reading

Christians Are Now Being Excluded From The Public Square. But We Have Brought It On Ourselves

Tim Farron’s resignation proves the Church needs to take a firmer stance on biblical truth.

Farron’s statement, the treatment of Russell Vought by Bernie Sanders this week and the mockery and abuse of the DUP are all evidence of a disturbing trend within contemporary society – the deliberate attempt to exclude biblical Christians (and anyone else who disagrees with the current liberal zeitgeist) from the public square.   This article... Continue Reading

Everyone’s Doing It or Stop It (Another Anti-Civil Religion Post)

Both the theology of progressivism and conservativism have their own form of civil religion.

This is the theology of progressivism. Jesus died to better the world, to advance equality, reduce poverty, spread peace. Conservatives have their own civil religion. It is just as bad. Jesus didn’t die for a stronger military or free markets. If reading Reinhold Niebuhr doesn’t prevent you from this excess, then reading Reinhold Niebuhr is... Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Enjoy Growing Older

As Christians, we have the unique ability not to see aging as bad news

There are good things about growing older, friends. Here, too, we have a chance to be salt and light. True enough, we might not move as quickly as we used to, but we can still embrace aging with a gospel-centered perspective. That means instead of fighting against it, we embrace the opportunities we have for... Continue Reading

The Statistical Threshold of Compassion

We should weep with those who weep. Not just with those who can given a statistical argument as to why they have a reason to cry.

For example, if you bring up domestic abuse against women, someone will raise the point that men are also abused by their wives. However, pointing out abuse against women is not a denial of abuse against men. Folks, this is not a binary choice. But what ends up happening is the validity of the studies... Continue Reading

Hate Has a Home

In a world where psychological victimhood absolves those who claim it from moral responsibility, hate has come to function as an attribute of the worst crimes.

The problem is that “harm” is no longer the straightforward economic or legal category it was in the nineteenth century. It is now more a matter of feeling, or of psychological disposition, than of the despoliation of property, the damaging of a body, or the denial of the franchise. And that is why free speech... Continue Reading

The Gay Christian: The Unicorn In Our Midst

Ultimately, our battle is not against homosexuals but is against spiritual forces.

It was a conversation with a lesbian student at the Divinity school that convinced me to “Pay attention to this issue.” After a brief exchange about whether or not a homosexual can be a Christian, she blurted out, “We’re going to change the churches. Give us 30 years, and it will happen.” Some 30 years... Continue Reading

Doubting Thomas (Yes, Still)

A discussion of the viability of a revitalized Natural Law Theory for Christian public discourse.

I am not talking about the caricature of the guy who just quotes Bible verses as “conversation stoppers.” I am talking about a willingness to boldly give deep and “thick” biblical and theological descriptions of reality, to allow what we really believe to organically, openly, and unashamedly shape our entire view of Life, the Universe,... Continue Reading

The Legacy Of The Reformation: The Reform of Private Life

The Reformation had a much more far-reaching impact in shaping society and culture than simply changing our understanding of the Gospel.

With the Reformation, three key ideas changed. First, Protestants rejected the idea that celibacy was spiritually superior to marriage. This ended clerical celibacy, making marriage the new norm for everyone. Especially in the early years of the Reformation, pastors were pressured to marry to demonstrate their rejection of clerical celibacy.   The year 2017 marks... Continue Reading