Why Pastors Should Work Hard to Write Well

Pastors should work hard to become clear, competent writers

“You may not realize it, but pastors have to write every day. I’m sure every pastor has a love/hate (mostly hate?) relationship with email. There was a day last week when I wrote 53 emails. Many of those were short, but I hope none of them was sloppy.”   Pastors should work hard to become... Continue Reading

Boy Scouts 1948 Versus Boy Scouts 2017

Scouting has capitulated to the late-modern war against nature and forfeited its most basic mission

We used to recite the Scout oath at all the formal gatherings. Of course it has all the problems of any civil religion. In the 1960s and 70s, when I was reciting the oath we all knew what honor, God, country, and “morally straight” signified.   One of the books I loved most as a... Continue Reading

The Surprising Power Of Little Things

It’s the cumulative effect of little things that shape our future

“There’s two ways I should respond to the power of little things. First, this reality should prompt a deep dependence on the sovereignty of God. I can’t control or manipulate the little things, but He can. Chance events or random circumstances aren’t chance or random at all in light of God’s perfect work in the... Continue Reading

Weary Mom, Come to Me

Motherhood is hard. Can I get an amen?

“He invites you, mom, who labors and are heavy laden. You who have been working hard to be the best, only to realize that your efforts leave you more condemned and doubting than refreshed and encouraged.”   Motherhood is hard. Can I get an amen? While we bear the difficult physical aspects of mothering, our... Continue Reading

The Benedict Option: What is It?

The BenOpt is a call to live in an intentionally Christian way in light the West’s antagonism to Christianity.

The BenOpt is not a call to enter into a monastery but strategic retreat into Christian community. It’s a call to live in an intentional way to survive the oncoming cultural onslaught. Of course, the next decades will almost certainly not include physical persecution. But Christian schools will begin to lose their accreditation, jobs will... Continue Reading

Here’s How the New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel

Research tells us evangelicals are drifting further away from the orthodox truths their parents and grandparents held dear.

Popular liberal evangelical writers and preachers tell young evangelicals that if they accept abortion and same-sex marriage, then the media, academia and Hollywood will finally accept Christians. Out of fear of being falsely dubbed “intolerant” or “uncompassionate,” many young Christians are buying into theological falsehoods. Instead of standing up as a voice for the innocent... Continue Reading

The Gathering Storm: Religious Liberty in the Wake of the Sexual Revolution

These are days that will require courage, conviction, and clarity of vision.

Religious liberty is being redefined as mere freedom of worship, but it will not long survive if it is reduced to a private sphere with no public voice. The very freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake, and thus so is the liberty of every American. Human rights and human dignity... Continue Reading

Affairs Don’t Start with Texts

We are now obsessed with protecting ourselves from one another emotionally because we are oversexed; assuming intimacy and vulnerability can only lead to sexual immorality.

As Christians, with the resources of the Bible and the Gospel at hand, we ought to be more adept at deconstructing issues. Ours is fundamentally a religion of the heart. We do believe that behavior matters. But we also believe that behavior is symptomatic of belief. People don’t commit adultery because of text messaging any... Continue Reading

The Most Dangerous Man in Christendom?

To claim the Reformers as heroes and at the same time deride those who hold to their beliefs on Christian discipleship is at best misleading.

When was the last time anyone gave a plenary address at a big Evangelical conference on the importance of infant baptism for the well-being of the church? That lacuna points to the default revivalist/baptistic setting of the movement. Lutherans and Presbyterians can buy into that movement only if they are prepared to leave at the stadium turnstile all that actually makes them Lutherans and Presbyterians—in other words, almost all that their Reformer ancestors held dear.

So I Quit Drinking

For some people, a drink is just a drink and that’s okay. But there are a lot of people who know that a drink can be dependence and distrust and damage and danger.

I began to see women of my generation becoming increasingly dependent, as wine was marketed to women as the rest or as the treat they deserved for their exhaustion and their diligence and their selflessness. I began to see news stories everywhere about the rise of women drinking. I began to read memoirs and stories and articles from women who had become caught in drinking too much and about how they felt addicted and dependent and entangled almost before they knew it.