The Defense of Marriage Isn’t Over

The Supreme Court’s action is a setback for sound constitutional self-government and for a healthy marriage culture. So where do we go from here?

Whatever the law or culture may say, we must commit now to witness to the truth about marriage: that men and women are distinct and complementary, that it takes a man and a woman to bring a child into the world, and that children deserve a chance to grow up with a mom and a... Continue Reading

Leadership: American Style

The flaws of two men who excelled due to their charisma and ability to connect with “the people” : Bill Clinton and Mark Driscoll

The similarities between Clinton and Driscoll’s trajectories to leadership should disturb us, for they reveal something troubling about the nature of “successful” church leadership in American evangelical circles.  The common denominator is an ability to communicate effectively, connecting with the people through dynamic speaking and charismatic leadership.  Such skills cover a multitude of sins in... Continue Reading

Reconciliation or Justice?

We can't have reconciliation in its truest sense without justice

Forgiveness does not mean leaving the helpless undefended, and the refusal to call power to the acknowledgement of truth and justice is an abandonment of the very ones God calls us to champion.  Oppression hides behind self-justification, excuses, rules, systems, etc.  Truth must dismantle everything that allows unjust outcomes and love must bridge the breach... Continue Reading

An Ontology of Marriage

Marriage is “between a man and a woman,;” it’s better to define it as being between a “husband and wife;” this is closer to a tautology and analytically true

A husband without a wife is a contradiction — it is ontological nonsense. A wife without a husband is impossible — an ontological absurdity. A marriage without a husband or a wife is a contravention — an ontological irrationality. A female husband or a male wife, likewise, falls into the category of the absurd. And... Continue Reading

Pick on Someone Your Own Size

Thoughts on "domestic discipline"

I knew someone once who told me (quite unashamedly) that he did this, on the alleged basis that the Bible encourages it. Ephesians says marriage is like the relationship between Christ and the church, he told me. And since Christ disciplines the church, ergo he should physically discipline his wife, especially when she was displeasing... Continue Reading

Pray for the Pastor’s Wife: Love

Each pastor’s wife will encounter individuals she finds it difficult to love. Pray that, in the strength of Christ, she will.

I have a friend who frequently asks me , “Would you pray that I could be what my husband and kids need?” Every time she asks, I am freshly astounded by her humility and love. She is a very gifted woman who would have much to offer her family. She understands the Scriptures, the human... Continue Reading

Five Ways to Glorify God While You Wait

There is a sovereign purpose behind our in-between.

Whatever our in-betweens are, how do we live while we wait? How do we wait for God to act, to answer prayer, to move in the desperation of our lives? How do we live by faith while we wait to hear if we need another test, for the long hoped for engagement ring, for the... Continue Reading

The Hopeless Marriage

Hopelessness is a small step from spiritual neediness, which is the foundation of all change

Most marriages have times when one spouse does not like the other, and the dislike is usually mutual—at least my “friends” tell me that is accurate, though I’m confident that even when my wife thinks she doesn’t like me, she secretly—very secretly—likes me. For some of us, these times happen less frequently and we manage... Continue Reading

Why Abraham Was Right

A Reply to Rachel Held Evans's post "I Would Fail the Abraham Test"

Having asked some questions regarding Rachel Held Evans’ view of God, let me take my own stab at this subject.  For I pray that I would pass Abraham’s test and I applaud Abraham for doing so.  Evans states that while she is not yet a mother, she knows “deep in my gut” she would sooner... Continue Reading

Practical Principles Of Biblical Interpretation

The supreme arbiter in interpreting a verse's meaning is the overall teaching of the Bible

“Our assumption is that God, because of His omniscience, would never be guilty of contradicting Himself. It is therefore slanderous to the Holy Spirit to choose an interpretation of a particular passage that unnecessarily brings that passage into conflict with that which He has revealed elsewhere. So the governing principle of Reformed hermeneutics or interpretation... Continue Reading