Surprising Advice From Two Older Saints

I came across two pieces of advice this week from J.I. Packer and John Stott

“Packer also argues for the long view. We tend to be in a rush, but God isn’t in as much of a rush as we are. Learning to walk in God’s ways can take a lifetime. Packer also focuses on weakness. We tend to like strengths; God tends to use our weaknesses. When we embrace... Continue Reading

The Rise Of Political Correctness

Every form of progressivism bases itself on the claim of a special, “scientific,” knowledge of what is wrong with humanity and how to fix it.

Consider the main enemy: religion. America’s mainline Protestant denominations have long since delivered their (diminishing) flocks to the ruling class’s progressive priorities. Pope Francis advertises his refusal to judge attacks on Western civilization, including the murder of priests. His commitment of the Catholic Church to the building of “a new humanity,” as he put it... Continue Reading

A Just Silence

Brothers and sisters, let's make sure that in our zeal for the execution of justice, we don't fasten burdens around the necks of others that we and they were never meant to carry.

There comes a point where the destruction, death, and evil of the world around us can begin to take a very tangible toll on our hearts and lives. In light of our limits, and in light of God's very own place as the ruler and righteous judge of the universe, we have to be willing to place the injustices and evils of this world into the hands of Him. Let's make sure that our attempts to be guardians of justice is not an attempt to claim for ourselves what ultimately belongs to God alone.

On the Right Side of History?

Are you on the right side of history? It depends on which history? Fallible, human, hope-dashing history, or God’s certain glorious history?

A Christian view of utopia does not depend on flawed human creatures or imaginative visions but on the plans of an all-powerful God against whom no human opposition can stand. If God is for us, says the text, nothing can be against us—not times of weakness or even death, because “in all these things we... Continue Reading

The Role of Tradition (and Bias) in Science

Science, for all of its wonderful benefits, is still a deeply human endeavor.

To the contrary, many of the studies cited as bomb-proof evidence for the public dangers of secondhand smoke have been heavily criticized for years. What is really interesting is the role that tradition (presuppositions received from the past and present medical communities) played in influencing the studies’ findings. In each case, the unintentional bias toward a... Continue Reading

You Cannot Keep Religion Out of the Supreme Court

Every person interprets the world through a particular religious grid, whether it be through the Bible, or Islam, or Social Darwinism.

The real issue about the new Supreme Court nominee is not his credentials nor his record, but rather his religion — not his religious affiliation, but his world and life view which is the outworking of his religious views.  As religion determines who a man is, so religion determines what a man thinks.  Religion will... Continue Reading

Is The New York Times Ignorant About Religion?

In my view, the NYT’s progressive columnists are not as attuned to the role of faith in public life

“And given that the conservative establishment portrays The New York Times as the embodiment of all that’s wrong with elite media culture, critics and watchdog sites regularly blast the NYT for bias and even ignorance. Is The New York Times really ignorant about matters of faith?”   This question arises from time to time, as... Continue Reading

Sex Is Not Sexual Intimacy

A sensitive, humble, and patient approach is required in pursuing sexual intimacy

“We often adopt a shallow view of what sexual intimacy is. Out of ignorance or laziness, we take on this view from the world through past experiences, advice, and the media. We then sprinkle it with a little ‘righteousness’ and hope it will do.”   Sexual intimacy is only a form of intimacy, and in order... Continue Reading

Boy Scouts: Kind No More

The Boy Scouts have announced that children who are biologically female but identify as male may now be scouts.

We all want to alleviate the distress of children who feel like they do not fit in. Well-meaning parents caught up by the glorification of gender transitions in popular culture are risking significant psychological and physical damage to their children. Warm parenting is a far safer option. According to the Boy Scout Law, Scouts are... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about the Bible as Literature

Reading the Bible as literature is within every reader's ability.

Respecting the literary aspects of the Bible is a way of observing the biblical authors’ intentions. For a very long time, the cornerstone of evangelical hermeneutics has been authorial intention—the need to interpret a passage in keeping with an author’s inferred intention. It is time that we put the literary approach to the Bible under... Continue Reading