When Anger Rears Its Ugly Head

My hope is found in embracing what the Spirit is doing in me as I fight against evil and my flesh.

My hope for our marriage is found in surrendering to the work he is doing in our hearts as we fight for good.  I find hope for my kids in believing they will see more of Jesus as they watch their parents struggle with anger and fight to believe the gospel in front of them,... Continue Reading

Questioning a False Dichotomy

I am all for the pursuit of biblical and robust orthodoxy. Then why not an equally robust orthopraxy?

Is there a contradiction between affirming male elders and being concerned that harmful ideas about gender may contribute to harmful responses to domestic abuse? Absolutely not. Can I love the doctrine of God and speak up about racial attitudes and divisions? Yes, and amen. Why should I have to choose between orthodoxy and orthopraxy? There... Continue Reading

Are Women Human in Christian Academia?

I am so grateful that my male colleagues have not marginalized me

“It isn’t surprising that Karen Swallow Prior’s article, not to mention the criticism that followed it, caught my attention. It made me think about the implications of the Billy Graham rule for women in Christian academia. It also made me think about the words of another famous Christian who died just a few years after... Continue Reading

The Strange Encouragement of the Church’s Appalling History

The story of Church is full of light, but there is an undeniable dark side that we need to accept as well.

An honest reading of church history also makes the Bible’s history far more applicable. There is no hint of a whitewash of Israel in Genesis or Judges, 1 Kings or 2 Chronicles. The story of the early church is full of great achievements alongside rifts, squabbles, betrayals, and disappointments. Scripture paints God’s people as a... Continue Reading

Young People Also Need an Abundance of Counselors

Young people need the regular influence of other godly and mature people in their lives

“My parents knew that I needed additional influences in my life when I was a teenager, and they sought these out. I’m exceedingly grateful they did so that I would learn to follow Jesus. Sometimes the best way to communicate the importance of a principle is to show examples.”   “How should we have other... Continue Reading

Searching For The Historic Christian Church: The Allure Of Eastern Orthodoxy

Does Reformed Christianity have anything to offer the believer in search of the historic Christian church?

It is important that Reformed leaders take seriously the desire of those who are looking for continuity to the ancient church. We need to instruct the members of our congregations on how they can be confident that they belong to the historic Christian church. We need to help everyone see how Christ has been faithful... Continue Reading

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

While many have written beautiful worship music in our day, we continue to need older hymns to help round out our worship experience.

Bernard of Clairvaux’s solemn hymn, “O Sacred Head Now Wounded,” helps us better understand that the Gospel is grounded in Christ’s sacrifice not in our faithfulness. It also helps us affirm that those who are restored to God through Christ’s sacrifice enter a new friendship with God. These themes are not restricted to medieval hymns.... Continue Reading

Every Appearance of Evil, and the Billy Graham Rule

Every generation renews its battle with the horrible interpretation of 1 Thessalonians 5:22

This is generally interpreted by small-minded men as an excuse to avoid interacting for good in the lives of others. When the passage is poorly translated, and taken out of context, it appears as if it is saying that one should avoid doing anything that someone else might take as being evil. Thus, lazy and... Continue Reading

Make Every Moment Count

When our hope rests in temporal pleasures and earthly gains, it naturally overflows into a life of self-centered living.

Rooted in this type of thinking is the belief that this life is short and time is running out. An absent awareness of eternity leads to fearful daily living. We fear missing out on relationships, experiences, enjoyments, so we rush along with the tide seeking more and more from the things of the earth. When... Continue Reading

Dads, Be Tender With Your Children

I am forever grateful for a father who was tender toward a ridiculous teenaged girl

“Dads, be tender with your kids. Yes, discipline them. Set boundaries and rules and set up consequences and stick to them.  Care enough to hold them to high standards. My dad did all of these things. But, don’t lose your tenderness toward your silly, awkward, messed up, mixed up, attitude-ridden kids.”   It was well... Continue Reading