Time to Bury the Fundamentalist Hatchet?

The relationship between fundamentalist Bob Jones University and evangelical Wheaton College has always been a rocky one.

If Wheaton sees itself pushed a little more out of the mainstream, and Bob Jones University pushes itself a little more toward that mainstream, they might just meet somewhere in the middle. There will always be some jealousy between these two giants of evangelical higher education, but it seems possible that the worst of the... Continue Reading

The Main Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Job At A Charity

If you are thinking of getting into charity work one day, go for it but with open eyes.

Charities don’t have monopolies on good. There are fantastic businesses out there, for example, that bring more good into the world than a lot of charities do. There are also a lot of good people who choose not to work for charities for a variety of reasons–many of whom will volunteer for charities, providing the... Continue Reading

66 Missionaries Must Leave UK after Operation Mobilization Loses License

Same visa problem almost led YWAM to lose hundreds of workers last year.

Following an inspection by the UKVI office earlier this year, Operation Mobilization (OM) can no longer bring in missionaries from outside the European Union to staff its UK office. Non-European employees and volunteers currently sponsored by OM must leave the UK within the next two months.   One of the world’s largest missions agencies will... Continue Reading

The National Association of Evangelicals and the Death Penalty

Most Americans favor the death penalty, but are churches supposed to chase public opinion?

“Presumably church bodies should address moral issues through the lens of historic Christian thought, reflecting with the whole church, past and present, and not striving to align with transitory secular trends. But there’s little theology in the NAE’s new resolution.”   The National Association of Evangelicals has excited anti-death penalty activists by abandoning its previous... Continue Reading

Kevin DeYoung Appointed Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at RTS

The position of Chancellor’s Professor is designed to provide for a professor to teach at multiple RTS campuses benefitting a greater number of students.

The position of Chancellor’s Professor is designed to provide for a professor to teach at multiple RTS campuses benefitting a greater number of students. DeYoung will teach at RTS while he continues as senior pastor of University Reformed Church in East Lansing Michigan where he has been since 2004. University Reformed Church recently moved from... Continue Reading

Are Abuse Survivors Best Served When Institutions Investigate Themselves?

An internal investigation allows the institution being investigated to stay in the driver’s seat, while an independent investigation requires that they get into the backseat with everyone else.

The independence of an investigation is not defined by the words or assurances of the institution being investigated. It is defined by a structure that requires the institution to get out of the driver’s seat and give up control. This can be a profound step forward for an organization who is genuinely focused on demonstrating... Continue Reading

ECFA Strips Gospel for Asia’s Membership

Church planting ministry cited for violations related to governance and financial management

The ECFA found that Gospel for Asia had violated five of the financial accountability group’s seven standards, touching virtually every aspect of the ministry. The ECFA noted that Gospel for Asia failed to engage in “truthfulness in communications,” did not honor “giver expectations and intent,” and did not have appropriate management and controls for an... Continue Reading

Negligence Lawsuit Filed Against IBLP

A lawsuit has been filed against the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and its current board members

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Circuit Court for Dupage County (Illinois), alleges that IBLP was negligent over the past several decades by failing to properly address alleged sexual abuse and harassment by IBLP employees and that IBLP failed to properly report known or suspected abuse to the proper authorities. The lawsuit further alleges... Continue Reading

Church Discipline and Jesse James

Jesse James was a member in good standing in the 1st Baptist Church of Kearney, Missouri when he led the first daylight bank robbery in Liberty

Accountability is always in order; discipline is not. So we must be discerning about when and when not to discipline. We do not want to be like a church in northeast Arkansas with which I am familiar. The minutes from one of its business meetings of long ago tell how the congregation debated whether or... Continue Reading

Evangelicals Now Officially Divided on Death Penalty

National Association of Evangelicals updates 1973 resolution on Christian ethics of capital punishment.

Last week, the board of directors voted to update the NAE’s stance, and acknowledge for the first time that opposition to the death penalty is also a legitimate application of Christian ethics. “Evangelical Christians differ in their beliefs about capital punishment, often citing strong biblical and theological reasons either for the just character of the... Continue Reading