Marquette’s Gender Regime

“Diversity” and “inclusion” are vague and uncertain terms that can mean almost anything. At Marquette they have become code for challenging Catholic sexual morality.

The new gender regime at Marquette quietly encourages students to understand themselves in terms of this new morality, one in which there’s no place for natural law. “Assigned” gender, that is, one’s sexual identity as confirmed by physicians at birth, is now open to question. Each student is encouraged to assess his comfort with his... Continue Reading

The Message of Islam vs. The Gospel of Jesus

Questions about relations between Muslims and Christians continue to receive widespread attention; in particular, “Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?”

There are some clear similarities between Christian and Muslim beliefs. For example, both Islam and Christianity are monotheistic religions that maintain the universe was created by God, that God has given humanity a special revelation, and that there will be a final judgment. But there are fundamental differences as well—differences that take us to the... Continue Reading

Campus Pride Calls On NCAA To Cut Ties With Christian Colleges

Campus Pride, an LGBT activist group, is pressuring the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to cut ties with Christian colleges over their views on transgenderism and homosexuality.

But Campus Pride timed its campaign to coincide with one of the NCAA’s most-watched events—March Madness. The NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship generates 90 percent of the organization’s yearly revenue, and Campus Pride has leveraged the publicity to increase pressure on the organization.   (WNS)–Campus Pride, an LGBT activist group, is pressuring the National... Continue Reading

Pay-to-Pray Scam: Christian Prayer Center Must Refund $7 Million

Seattle-based website with 1 million Facebook fans used deceptive methods to entice people to pay $9 to $35 for prayers.

More than 125,000 people did pay. From 2011 to 2015, their more than 400,000 transactions poured more than $7 million dollars into the pocket of site creator Benjamon Rogovy. The trouble was, the popular site—which eclipsed even the International House of Prayer in its Facebook following—was a fraud. A counter-Facebook page, the Christian Prayer Center... Continue Reading

Four Wycliffe Bible Translators Murdered by Militants in Middle East

The militants also destroyed translating equipment, including Print on Demand equipment, books, and translation materials.

According to Wycliffe, a raid took place on the translators’ office. Two of the translators were shot and killed, while another two died of wounds from being beaten. These last two managed to protect and save the lead translator by lying on top of him while the militants beat them with their now-empty weapons.  ... Continue Reading

A Marathon Mentality for Ministry

The man of God needs to be ready for the long, hard race set before him

I like to sprint. I sometimes find myself falling subject to the tyranny of bigger/faster. Many years ago, a friend and mentor, told me, “Ministry is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.” How right he was!   I was always better at sprinting than running long distance–back in the days when I actually ran…in high... Continue Reading

Bill Gothard’s Former Institute Loses ECFA Accreditation over Governance

Bill Gothard’s former ministry has lost its seal of approval from the leading group that sets the standards for evangelical ministries.

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) terminated the membership of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) last Friday, citing “failure to comply” with its governance standard. ECFA requires member organizations to have a board of at least five people (mostly independents) that pray, chart long-range strategy, and identify potential conflicts of interest, among... Continue Reading

Tullian Tchividjian’s Liberate Network Dissolves and Cancels 2017 Conference

Warren Throckmorton reported the following on March 18, 2016.

The remaining board members of the recently launched Liberate Network have decided to cancel the 2017 Liberate Conference and dissolve the organization. Those that had registered for the conference will be issued full refunds. We’d like to thank those that have stood alongside Liberate in championing the message of ‘God’s inexhaustible grace for an exhausted... Continue Reading

Tullian Tchividjian Out at Willow Creek Presbyterian; Majority of Liberate Network Board Members Quit

Pastor Kevin Labby indicated that a statement would come soon from the Liberate Network board.

Tchividjian’s dismissal appears to be related to new allegations of wrong doing involving another inappropriate relationship prior to the affair which led to his resignation at Coral Ridge.  Also, the woman with whom Tchividjian had an improper relationship has accused him of owing money to her husband and of fooling his counselor while still pursuing her.... Continue Reading

Christians Flock to Groups That Help Members Pay Medical Bills

Membership in sharing ministries has more than doubled over the last six years

“Because they are not insurance companies, sharing ministries provide no guarantee that members’ medical debts will be paid; members are advised to trust that God will provide. The ministries say the payment system is helping Christians fulfill a biblical mandate to share one another’s burdens.”   When Chris Doyle learned that his health insurance deductible... Continue Reading