Beseeching God

As we pray in Christ’s name, we do so at the invitation of God, with the assurance that if we seek and ask, we will find and receive

In the model of so many prayers recorded for us, we come before God lifting our eyes to His glory, reciting His character, recounting His awesome deeds.  We move on to lay out our concerns, casting our cares upon Him.  Then we conclude with plaintive, desperate, importunate expressions beseeching our God.   Now therefore, O... Continue Reading

A Line in the Sand

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association speaks out against the dangers of Patriarchy and Legalism

While people are entitled to personal opinions within a broad range, there are some views within the patriarchy movement that go too far. Women are not to be the de facto slaves of men. Women are created with dignity equal to that of men. Women have direct and unmediated access to God. Daughters should not be taught... Continue Reading

Risking Genocide

As the Islamic State has raged from Syria to Iraq, it threatens to wipe out Christians and other religious groups with singular roots in ancient Mesopotamia

Iraq’s Christians have a long history of learning what to do under an oppressive state: They continue to worship, to help one another, and to pray. Many have told me they have new appreciation for Kurdish protection, despite tensions in managing the crisis. Dagher told me worship services are overflowing in Erbil, and he preached... Continue Reading

Neither Traditional Nor Contemporary

Presenting a third way that shares some of the concerns of both the advocates of “contemporary” and “traditional” worship

The practice of the first 600 years of the church and for the 200 years of Reformation is more ancient than the 18th and 19th-century revisions that his approach seeks to preserve. To the “contemporary worship” folk I say: Perhaps historic worship would interest you more if you saw how truly radical it is?  ... Continue Reading

Portland Child Evangelism Fellowship Under Fire For Preaching About Sin

Angry residents say that CEF does not present “Jesus loves you” mainstream Christianity

“The Portland chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is facing resistance from some area residents as they conduct voluntary summer camps in the area and plan on hosting after-school Bible studies in local public schools. The problem? CEF teaches children that each person is a sinner in need of the Savior.”   A chapter of... Continue Reading

Evangelism: On Our Radar

“On my radar” says that something is a target of my attention

We can bring the Great Commission to our radar not by seeing it as a project but by seeing it as people. Who are five people in your neighborhood who need Jesus Christ?  These can range from militant atheists, to the religiously disinterested, to those vaguely spiritual, to the seekers who seem not far from... Continue Reading

Why You Should Try a New Church This Sunday

The diversity of Christian expression indicates a real tension that emerges from dramatic theological differences.

There are Christians who believe we should come to God on our knees as a supplicant. Others stretch their arms aloft like a child, as if begging for their heavenly Father to lift them up. Imagine an average Presbyterian going into a Charismatic service where speaking in tongues is common. The mainline Protestant might wonder... Continue Reading

World Vision’s War Against The Jewish State

World Vision rarely misses an opportunity to blame Israel for the suffering it confronts

“The difference between World Vision’s approach to violence in Syria and Israel is so stark that it is impossible to believe that the people who run the organization from their offices in Federal Way, Washington do not see what is happening. People like Kevin Jenkins, the organization’s international president, simply do not get put in... Continue Reading

Does a Black Pastor Have to Plant a Black Church?

The common assumption for a black church planter is that he will plant a black or multi-ethnic church

“One African-American church planter summarized these concerns well. In an interview for a dissertation on African-American church planters, the man said, “It is a struggle to not feel guilty about not being where other people think you should be, especially if you think that it is simply because of your skin tone…This is a struggle... Continue Reading

Active Duty Navy Chaplains Needed

The Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains says that there exist openings for new chaplains in the Navy

The military chaplaincy provides a remarkable circumstance for teaching the great truths of Scripture, even in the context of some opposition from those who are hostile to God’s Holy Word, and many who are eager to hear and understand the Bible.  It also presents challenges which can be instrumental in a pastor’s own spiritual growth in grace, discernment and effectiveness.... Continue Reading