TGC Calls the Church to Join Them

TGC seems to be more of a denomination than simply a parachurch ministry.

As far as I know my own heart I am not disgruntled about anything. But I am troubled. I am troubled by the fact that TGC is calling for the church to join them as they do what God has commissioned the church to do. I am troubled by what I see as a lack... Continue Reading

College Students and the Church (3): A Challenge to Churches

Does the church live together in a way that readily encourages college students to integrate into the broader church community?

The neglected key to college student ministry is the exhortation of Peter: “Show hospitality to one another without grumbling” (1 Peter 4:9). It actually is that simple. The vision is to build relationships with college students, relationships in which counsel and discipleship and life-togetherness will come naturally and organically. This requires hospitality. It requires welcoming... Continue Reading

Gordon College Wins—and Loses?

I am concerned that the Administration and Board may have made too many concessions

“The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) may have left Gordon alone for the time being but only because they are satisfied that advocates for homosexual relations have (so to speak) secured the beachhead and are advancing inland. After reading the College’s own “Questions about Gordon’s Working Group” I felt some sadness for... Continue Reading

Atheists Outnumber Southern Baptists in US Military

Enough Southern Baptists have left active duty that atheists now outnumber them among soldiers

“According the latest Department of Defense statistics on religion, there were 12,360 Southern Baptists among the US military’s 1.3 million members on active duty as of December 2014. There were also 12,764 atheists—an advantage of 404 over Baptists.”   Likely presidential candidate and former Southern Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee recently urged Christians to stay out... Continue Reading

College Students and the Church (2): A Challenge to Students

“We lose our youth in their young adult years because the church never had them.”

Would the pastor or elders or members of the church notice if you failed to attend on a Sunday? If the answer is no, then this is another sign that your spiritual health is in danger. We need accountability, and we need it within the defined committed body of a congregation. The college years are... Continue Reading

God Goes to Harvard

Harvard University was founded in 1636 with a clear Christian mission statement

“Mei Sheng, a Harvard University graduate student studying Biological and Biomedical Sciences, says she has been hugely impacted by a Christian conference uniquely geared for Ivy League students. Originally from Malaysia, Mei grew up in a Christian home but said she only truly recognized Jesus as her personal Savior six years ago.”   Harvard University... Continue Reading

Shepherding: The Rest Of The Story

Faithful shepherding will not only produce growing sheep, it will promote going sheep, deployed in service to and to the glory of the Chief Shepherd.

To say the Lord is my shepherd is to say more than the Lord is my guardian. It is to say the Lord is my captain, and He is the captain of others conscripted to serve with me. He leads me not only beside still water and into green pastures, he leads me into battle... Continue Reading

College Students and the Church (1)

Is there a waning commitment of twenty-somethings to the church?

If our church life is exclusively or even primarily segregated, it is difficult for a student to pursue inter-generational relationships with the rest of the congregation, at precisely the time when such relationships are most needed. To be sure, a college-and-career group or young adults group can be valuable. But it can also be a... Continue Reading

Geneva College President Ken Smith Announces Resignation

The Geneva College Board of Trustees announced on April 13 President Ken Smith’s resignation from Geneva, effective June 30, 2015.

Dr. Bill Edgar, immediate past chair of the Board of Trustees, current chair of the Board of Corporators, and past chair of the Board of Trustees of the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, will act as interim president beginning July 1, 2015. During his interim presidency the Board will conduct a search for a new president.... Continue Reading

Gordon College Accuses Gay Activists Of Discriminating Against Its Christian Students

No college has taken more flak after running afoul of the gay rights movement than Gordon College, but it turns out the small Christian institution also has some supporters.

So far Gordon’s admissions have not suffered, with the number of applications received a little higher than last year, Mr. Sweeney said. The school has about 1,800 undergraduates and about 300 graduate students. “We’re hoping folks will remember the type of institution we are and respect the religious beliefs that are part of that, none of... Continue Reading