Russell Moore’s ERLC Posts a Flawed “Evangelical Declaration on Marriage”

Here are at least five problems that I see with the statement

Far from Christians being too outraged and too panicked over the last two decades, many Christians, especially among ‘elite’ evangelicals, have exhibited a dearth of outrage and alarm, so as to appear reasonable to the broader culture. Many elite evangelicals have contended that the homosexualist push in the country was only one of many issues... Continue Reading

InterVarsity Regains Access to Cal State Campuses

Requiring Christian leaders will no longer bar student ministry from recognition

“InterVarsity has experienced tensions over its religious requirements at more than 40 college campuses in recent years, including most notably Vanderbilt University and Tufts University. Meanwhile, a surprising number of evangelicals disagree with faith requirements at public universities.”   nterVarsity has given CT more details about its reinstatement at 19 California campuses. “Cal State has... Continue Reading

Jemar Tisby Appointed Director of African American Leadership Initiative At RTS

While at RTS, Tisby co-founded AALI, which recruits and trains students for ministry in African-American, multi-ethnic, and urban contexts.

As Director, Jemar will be responsible for discipling students in the program as well as recruiting and networking. As Special Assistant to the Chancellor, he will work with the Chancellor to increase African American engagement and enrollment at RTS and cultivate biblical diversity and inclusion. He begins his new position on July 1.   Reformed... Continue Reading

When Pastors Abuse

Abuse happens but it isn’t normal and should not be accepted. By God’s grace there is hope and help.

Third, sometimes church discipline is exercised in the context of a poor structure in which the pastor is without sufficient accountability. Some evangelical groups that identify with some aspects of Reformed theology are not actually Reformed in their polity. In many cases, these groups are congregational in polity and are not sufficiently connected and accountable to... Continue Reading

The Bible and Polyamorous Relationships

Once the church no longer feels bound by Scripture any and all definitions of marriage will be allowed and practiced

There is no logical reason, apart from a prejudice against zoophilia, to restrict such marriages to humans.  This reductio ad absurdum shows that once you move away from biblical law, logically anything goes. Once the church no longer feels bound by Scripture, there are unforeseen consequences and eventually what can happen, will happen.   It... Continue Reading

The Tragedy of Apostasy

As our leadership team has had to grapple with this recently, we wanted to share a few things we’ve learned from the tragedy of apostasy

As Octavius Winslow wrote, the apostate will for all eternity cry out, “God is holy; I was a sinner; I rejected His salvation, I turned my back upon His gospel, I despised His Son, I hated God Himself, I lived in my sins, I loved my sins, I died in my sins, and now I... Continue Reading

From Franklin Graham to Tony Campolo, Some Evangelical Leaders Are Splitting Over Gay Marriage

Some are wondering whether the shifts are a signal of what’s to come

“Just in the past few days, Tony Campolo announced his support for same-sex couples’ inclusion in the church, while Franklin Graham announced that he would pull Billy Graham Evangelistic Association accounts from LGBT-friendly Wells Fargo bank. On top of that, retired editor of Christianity Today David Neff announced his support for gay marriage.”   Ahead of... Continue Reading

Rolling in Green

Left-wing foundations are spending millions to promote environmentalism and ‘climate action’ among young evangelicals

Environmental grant-making is big business. In 2012, 673 U.S. foundations gave thousands of grants worth $1.59 billion for advocacy and programs involving animals, wildlife, and the environment, according to the Foundation Center. The top environmental donor that year was the liberal William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, a major funder of Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion... Continue Reading

Plant a Tree on Your Way Out

Knowing the end is coming, what do I do today? I will plant a tree.

Any fruit on this fallen earth will certainly seem small. It might look slightly bruised. It’ll probably harbor a worm or two. I’m not really planting trees for this world. I’m planting them for the next. I cling to that promise of my God, “He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall... Continue Reading

Woman Accused of Lying About Race Has Belhaven University Ties

An NAACP leader, professor and artist with ties to Jackson, Miss., has made national headlines after her parents alleged their daughter has been falsely portraying herself as African-American.

Rachel Dolezal, who now lives in Washington, graduated from Belhaven University in 2000 and was active in the Jackson community through Voices of Calvary Ministries, her mother Ruthanne Dolezal told The Clarion-Ledger. Her daughter, she says, came to Jackson after graduating from high school in Troy, Montana, because of her interest in Mississippi-based civil rights... Continue Reading