A Message from the Redeemer Seminary Board of Trustees Executive Committee

In decisions involving personnel and employment, not all matters can be addressed in public forums.

Redeemer’s statement of Core Values on Unity in the Church includes the following, “we are called to ‘bear with one another in love with all patience and humility’ and ‘make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.’ ”   The Seminary invites all concerned “to pray, lifting up holy... Continue Reading

LifeWay Pulls All ‘Heaven Tourism’ Titles in Doubts Over Authenticity and Theology

The decision follows a 2014 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolution on "the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife"

The SBC resolution warned Christians against allowing “the numerous books and movies purporting to explain or describe the afterlife experience” to “become their source and basis for an understanding of the afterlife” and affirmed “the sufficiency of biblical revelation over subjective experiential explanations to guide one’s understanding of the truth about heaven and hell”.  ... Continue Reading

Navy Chaplain Allegedly Removed From Unit for Teaching Christian View of Sexuality

A Pentecostal chaplain once assigned to elite Navy SEAL units may be kicked out of the Navy for allegedly scolding sailors for homosexuality and premarital sex

“Christianne Witten, a spokeswoman for the Navy Chaplain Corps, said Modder has been temporarily reassigned to Naval Support Activity Charleston as one of the staff chaplains while Navy Personnel Command officials review the detachment for cause action.”   A Pentecostal chaplain once assigned to elite Navy SEAL units may be kicked out of the Navy... Continue Reading

Voluntourism: More Harm than Good

We are content in our hearts, affectionate to each other, and attentive to our souls. Perhaps the greater need is for us to be helping you.”

The “mission trip model“ has been praised for the individuals willing to sacrifice their time and money for impoverished communities, doing as Christ would. However, without knowledge of language, local culture, societal nuances, and the economical framework of the community, this type of “voluntourism” is sometimes wasteful at best, and possibly destructive to the community... Continue Reading

Mid-America Reformed Spring Conference on April 30, 2015

Dr. Gregory K. Beale will be the speaker at the Mid-America Reformed Spring Conference on April 30

Mid-America Reformed Seminary is hosting a Spring Conference at the Seminary on April 30. The conference will feature Dr. Gregory K. Beale, Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  Dr. Beale will speak on “Keys to Interpreting the Book of Revelation”   Mid-America Reformed Seminary, Dyer, Indiana, is hosting... Continue Reading

Supreme Court Says Obama Admin Can’t Make Notre Dame Obey Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate

The Supreme Court ordered the lower court to reconsider its ruling that denied a Catholic university the freedom to follow its faith

“University of Notre Dame’s pursuit of higher education is defined by its religious convictions. Its mission statement reads: “A Catholic university draws its basic inspiration from Jesus Christ as the source of wisdom and from the conviction that in him all things can be brought to their completion.”   The Supreme Court has weighed in... Continue Reading

Liberal Fundamentalism: Why I Am Leaving the Emerging Church Conversation

Emerging Voices was no longer “emergent,” but had just become another branch of liberalism

I was cited for not adhering to the ideals of the group. By this what they meant was I did not blindly follow or accept their beliefs. My writing and my questioning was not liberal enough and thus they found it offensive. They censored me in internal conversations, they told me I was not to... Continue Reading

Another One Bites the Dust

Tennessee Temple will probably not be the last fundamentalist institution of higher learning to go bust

“Most—maybe all—of the schools within historic fundamentalism are struggling for funding, students, or both. Some have managed to increase revenues by going to Internet-based education. Others have attempted to increase their constituency by appealing to the most conservative evangelicals. None of them, however, seems to be flourishing.”   Spurgeon. Pillsbury. Atlantic. Calvary. Northland. Now Tennessee... Continue Reading

Joel Osteen’s “Gospel of Me”

This is the therapeutic message of Joel Osteen, lifted right from his dust jackets

“When we obey God,” Victoria Osteen declares in one show, a smile plastered across her face, “We’re not doing it for God. I mean, that’s one way to look at it. We’re doing it for ourselves, because God takes pleasure when we’re happy. That’s the thing that gives Him the greatest joy. So, I want... Continue Reading

The Alliance Of Confessing Evangelicals In 1998: We Still Disagree With Rome

A response to Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Without the imputation of righteousness the Gospel is not good news because we can never know if we are standing before God in a justified and therefore saved state. We will have to wait for some ultimate, but by no means guaranteed, salvation. The Gospel is not good news if believers may face thousands of... Continue Reading