Are You Called to a Ministry of Rejection?

For years we’ve tried to share the gospel with many, and it’s seemingly passed right over

“Essentially, Jesus is promising Isaiah that he’ll ignored by the people he’s being sent to. He’ll preach judgment on Israel, and unfold the promises of the Messiah’s coming to rescue his people. And they’re not going to listen to a word of it.”   In Isaiah 6, in one of the most stunning pictures of the pre-incarnate Christ recorded in the Old Testament, the prophet... Continue Reading

Angel Tree To Ask Volunteers To Sign A Statement Of Faith

Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program will require its coordinators to affirm its statement of faith beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

The requirement is proactive and not in response to a specific problem, Prison Fellowship vice president Sara Nagelvoort Marlin told WORLD. But the organization’s statement of faith does put it at odds with liberal churches that may share Prison Fellowship’s conviction to help prisoners and their families but not its stand on issues of life,... Continue Reading

Eight Characteristics of the New Bivocational Pastor

Bible colleges and seminaries will do well to begin to prepare for this new and growing vocation.

The traditional bivocational pastor, by common definition, serves churches that are unable to compensate a pastor with fulltime pay. These pastors are incredible servants who fill a huge need among American congregations. The new bivocational pastor is similar to the traditional bivocational pastor with some key differences. To avoid confusion, I refer to this new... Continue Reading

Missions Through Red, White And Blue Colored Glasses

One of the hardest things to overcome in missions is cultural bias.

Disciples of Christ do no service to the Lord when they evaluate a person or culture through the lens of their own worldly biases. We must ask God to help us see all men through his eyes. When we look through the unfiltered lens of the gospel we see all men as God does; sinful,... Continue Reading

Old Princeton: The Seminary’s Influence Through Two Centuries (1812-1929)

The impact of Old Princeton continues also in the publication of scholarly books

“The impact of Old Princeton continues, however, through the reprinting of many of the books of Alexander, Hodge, Warfield, Machen, and the other Princetonians.  Charles Hodge’s Systematic Theology was used as a major text in several American seminaries as late as the 1960s.”   On August 12, 1812, people crowded into the Presbyterian Church in... Continue Reading

Hallelujah College

Some Christian students have taken advantage of their campuses’ multicultural marketplace of ideas

Undergraduate journals of Christian thought, publications like the Harvard Ichthus and The Logos at Yale, have also multiplied on elite campuses in recent years. When Andrew Schuman arrived at Dartmouth in 2006, he and some like-minded freshmen founded Apologia, a semiannual journal that aims “to think critically, question honestly, and link arms with anyone who... Continue Reading

A Comforting Word in the Hotel Nightstand

Two billion Bibles later, the Gideons are still at it, spreading the Gospel room by room

“You may not have thought about them in a while. Which is fine with them. The Gideons don’t seek publicity. They are content to do quietly what they have done for more than a century: endeavor to put a free Bible in the drawer of every nightstand in every hotel room in the United States... Continue Reading

What Do I love About C.H. Spurgeon’s Ministry that is Largely Overlooked?

We can certainly see through Spurgeon’s example the significant impact visiting the sick can have.

Pastors, don’t lose sight of the sick, suffering, and afflicted in your congregation for the more glamorous parts of pastoral ministry.  In fact, I believe it is the faithfulness of our labors in the trenches that God uses to make our public ministries more useful and powerful.  Especially, if we are willing to take risks.... Continue Reading

‘Well-loved’ American Missionary Was Among Burkina Faso Attack Victims

Michael Riddering, 45, ran an orphanage and women’s refuge in the country with his wife and had four children, including two adopted Burkinabe

John Anderson, a Sheltering Wings board member, remembered Riddering as “a wonderful, godly man” who managed to find spare time to help teams of volunteers from other organizations who dug wells for local residents. “During the Ebola crisis, when it was hard to find people to do the digging, Mike would go out and join... Continue Reading

Free University Orthodoxy

Theological trends can be reversed, as can be seen in the theological narrative of the Free University

When I taught philosophy there on a visiting stint in the early 1980s, the theology faculty had become thoroughly entrenched in liberalism. One prominent theologian with whom I spoke was openly disdainful of the school’s orthodox origins. “None of that has any appeal to the younger generation today,” he said.   During the debate over... Continue Reading