Meet the Failed Pastor Who Ministers to Other Failed Pastors

J. R. Briggs sympathizes with church leaders who don't live up to expectations

“It started with attending pastors’ conferences. They featured well-known pastors of large churches, but average pastors were never invited to share their experiences. These events were all about success and getting results. I was in the middle of a painful season of ministry. I needed something that wouldn’t discourage me or add to my spiritual... Continue Reading

What’s Happening to Gordon College is Just the Beginning

There is far more government bullying ahead for every private school, charity, parachurch organization, and even churches.

  It is now excruciatingly clear we live in a time where some people who have political power are on a crusade against people who, in their view, commit moral thought crime. A religious college loses all reason for existence if it must conform to a diametrically opposite moral code….If a religious school cannot act... Continue Reading

Why Church Members Don’t Invite Others To Church

When my church consulting teams have asked church members about their reticence to invite others to church, here are ten responses we have often heard

“Many church members have contact with the unchurched every week, if not every day. They go to school with them, work with them, live beside them – and sometimes live with them. What church folks don’t do, though, is see the unchurched as “sheep without a shepherd” (Matt. 9:36), as spiritual beings in need of... Continue Reading

Four Trustees Resign From Bryan College

Four members of the Bryan College board of trustees have resigned, saying they're upset with the direction that the college has taken under President Stephen Livesay

His letter listed three reasons for his resignation. “The ongoing narrative from the president’s office presents interpretations of facts that differ significantly and regularly from what I believe to be true,” Phillips wrote. “Second, I do not believe I could contribute anything substantive to the board that would be heard. … Third, the president indicated... Continue Reading

A Children’s Crusade?: Crisis on the Southern Border

How should the church respond to the crisis of thousands of children crossing the southern borders of the U.S.?

The political repercussions are complex. The answers are not simple. However, the humanitarian need is also complex, and these are children, not pawns in a political debate.  If many conservatives are joining the anti-child lobby, I would call upon Christians to come out from them and be separate. If you are pro-family, contribute to a... Continue Reading

PLEASE, Do As I Say And Not As I Do!

When I counsel others to believe and apply the Word of God it is my deep desire they heed this counsel despite the fact I fail to do this myself

Oh, how I wish I could say that these truths fill my heart and inform my mind all the time!  They don’t but I am so thankful they are true regardless. I pray you draw encouragement from them even now – it certainly has done my soul good to think on these things today. May... Continue Reading

Insider Movements: Why Should I Care?

A Layman’s Guide to understanding the Insider Movements theology and methods

To fix the problem, we must understand the problem. IM theology and method are admittedly complex, and not all IM looks the same. However, certain shared features consistently bubble to the surface, airing IM’s true character. The following five points expose prevailing problems inside IM theology and method, and should help us to respond wisely... Continue Reading

Birmingham Seminary Offering Courses Accessible by Smartphones

The Seminary is working in partnership with Third Millennium and OneHundredFold Ministries

At present, students must either have Internet access or be led by a cohort leader who has Internet access.  However, BTS is working to develop a delivery system that will not require Internet access but will still contain all of the lessons and readings. This novel internet-less delivery method will be able to reach a... Continue Reading

Evangelicals And Cities: A Discussion In Need Of Clarity

The evangelical advocacy for the city is a discussion in dire need of clarity

…. we should also think more carefully about whether “population in proximity” is the best way to assess possible strategic influence. Is Princeton less influential for being located in what amounts to little more than a nice village? Is working at School A with 1500 students in a metropolitan area of 7 million more strategic... Continue Reading

Six Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Church

A dysfunctional church is a congregation that no longer carries out essential biblical purposes

What is a dysfunctional church? By definition, it is a congregation that no longer carries out essential biblical purposes. In other words, the church does not function properly; it is thus dysfunctional….In my quest, I found six recurring themes. In every one of the congregations, the church manifested at least three of these symptoms.  ... Continue Reading