Ministry to the Military International Planting PCA Churches Near Military Bases

Ministry to the Military has a blueprint to reclaim the hearts and minds of those who serve our nation through military service

Under the leadership of retired US Army Chaplain, TE Doug Hudson, The Presbytery of Southeast Alabama has developed and supports the Ministry to the Military International (MMI), with churches in Germany, Okinawa, and one under development in England.  There is also a staff pastor in the Charleston, SC area, site of several military installations.  ... Continue Reading

Openly Gay Athlete Speaks Out After School Calls Homosexuality A Sin

Erskine College with at least two openly gay athletes has issued a statement condemning homosexuality; expects students to follow the Bible's teachings about sexuality

“The release of this statement makes me disappointed because I have never received anything but kind treatment from everyone at this school, and my sexual orientation is no secret. So it took me by surprise,” Varona told Outsports … Erskine is affiliated with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, a small Christian denomination based in the... Continue Reading

Reformed Congregational Fellowship Hosting Annual Pastors’ Conference

The annual Reformed Congregational Fellowship Pastors’ Conference will be April 14-16, 2015

The theme of the conference is “Free Indeed!” Freedom? Liberty? From what has the Christian been freed? How far does our freedom in Christ extend? What of the law? Is liberty the same as license? Does this liberty protect the conscience of the Christian? Is civil disobedience godly? The annual Reformed Congregational Fellowship Pastors’ Conference will... Continue Reading

Confusion and Distortion Regarding the Gospel

To simply make the gospel about the past historical events accomplished by the Second Person of the Trinity is to isolate him and those events

Those who harp on the gospel only being about Jesus and set this off against what took place prior to Jesus’ earthly accomplishments and what took place after it have not only a very narrow and rigid understanding of the gospel, but also operate with a grave distortion of the biblical view of history.  ... Continue Reading

Liturgy Is Cool

Let us be careful that in our desire to have worship that is thoughtful and rich with meaning, we do not go beyond what the Bible has commanded.

It is helpful to recognize the difference between liturgical narrative and liturgical elements. I am convinced from Scripture that the only liturgical elements we should include in worship are those with New Testament warrant. But I am a big advocate of giving more careful attention to the liturgical narrative of our corporate worship services exactly... Continue Reading

What’s The Difference Between Christianity And Islam?

The difference between Muslims and Christians are like chalk and cheese

The theological gulf between Islam and Christianity is immense, and this means that any contact between the two religions is bound to be fraught.  The easy way would be for Christians to avoid saying anything that would be offensive to Muslims, but that would amount to a vow of silence, and would make contact dishonest... Continue Reading

8 Reasons Every Christian Should Sing Hymns

Vibrant hymn-singing is all but lost in most evangelical circles

For too long now, hymn-singing has been left as just another cold dessert choice in the worship cafeteria. Just for those of “a certain age.” Just for those who “desire more tradition in their worship experience.” It’s time those days were over. It’s time to teach our churches how to sing hymns once again. Before... Continue Reading

Military Chaplains the New ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?’

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was once a term used to refer to homosexuals in the military. Now, however, the term is more often being applied to Christians in uniform.

Strueker said on the front lines, complaints against chaplains are very rare. “Sharing the Scriptures with somebody who’s about take their last breath on a battlefield are the kind of complaints people that are way back in the rear make,” Strueker added. “The guys that are on the battlefield don’t ever make those kind of... Continue Reading

Protecting Your Kids From Sexual Abuse: A Brief Guide For Parents

It is more likely for a child to be abused by someone close to them than by a sexual offender off the street.

Be aware of sudden changes in behavior such as avoiding certain individuals and inappropriate and advanced sexual play. Familiarize yourself with this Protecting Kids From Abuse and neglect checklist for churches as well. The definitions and counsel here apply beyond our church walls.   Conversations I’ve had with parents who are concerned about protecting their kids from... Continue Reading

Campus Ministry Wins Job Discrimination Case

The 6th Circuit rules InterVarsity has broad protections for religious hiring, firing

“In 2011, supervisors in InterVarsity’s Grand Rapids, Mich., office put a “spiritual formation specialist,” Alyce Conlon, on paid leave to work on repairing her marriage. Later that year, the organization fired her when she and her husband moved forward with a divorce.”   The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on... Continue Reading