In Welcoming Sanders, Liberty University Shows the Left How to Handle Dissent

Is there something unique at a faith-driven campus that allows people the freedom to debate without recourse to violence and intimidation?

Why is it that conservative Christians are the adults in the room while liberals turn schools into ideologically rigid precincts with safe houses for infantile students? Many of us have observed that liberalism is illiberal and intolerant, often to the point of intimidation or violence. But why is this? Many of us have observed that... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Contemporary Worship IS Declining, and What We Can Do to Help the Church Move On

Contemporary worship is in decline; what should come next?

This issue has been framed poorly: It’s not about old vs. new. It’s not about old vs. young (especially these days). It’s not about taste. It’s not about what kind of music God likes more. It’s not really about music. It’s about the very purpose of gathered worship. It’s about unity, not choice. It’s about... Continue Reading

Gospel Light Voluntarily Files for Reorganization Under Chapter 11

Operations to continue through the reorganization process with no disruption to product sales

Established by Henrietta Mears in 1933, Gospel Light has been a leader in the publishing of Sunday School Curriculum, Vacation Bible School materials, Bible lessons and church ministry resources that help church leaders fulfill the mission of the church, “to know Christ and to make Him known.”   Ventura, CA (August 10, 2015) – Gospel Light has... Continue Reading

Packer on Preaching

Packer’s approach to preaching

“Systematic theology is taxing intellectually and spiritually, but preaching consistently well is in many respects more so, because it combines deep biblical-theological knowledge with sharp historical awareness, cultural sensitivity and unvarnished spiritual stature. Only thus will preaching impact the hearts, habits, opinions, affections, and lifestyles of individuals and communities with moral force and intellectual persuasion.”... Continue Reading

At A Berlin Church, Muslim Refugees Converting In Droves

Hundreds of mostly Iranian and Afghan asylum seekers have converted to Christianity

Muslims have converted in Germany in recent years — and they are a tiny minority compared to the country’s overall 4 million Muslims. But at least for Berlin, Martens describes the number of conversions as nothing short of a “miracle.” And he says he has at least another 80 people — mostly refugees from Iran... Continue Reading

“Textual, Expository, Redemptive-Historical, Applicatory” Preaching?

If all expository preachers differ in their style, structure and approach to preaching, is one specific way of preaching that we ought to be aiming for?

A hermeneutical principle can never take the sole place in a homiletical method. This danger can occur with systematic theology as well. We have to integrate the redemptive-historical elements into the sermon as they are naturally highlighted in the immediate context of the text. This is not always an easy task. We have to give ourselves to a... Continue Reading

John Stonestreet Named President of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Author, speaker and Colson colleague assumes role immediately

Stonestreet is the co-author of three books-the latest being Restoring All Things (with Warren Cole Smith). He remains a featured faculty member of Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and has engaged deeply in collegiate life, lecturing frequently on college campuses and formerly serving on the teaching faculty of two Christian colleges.   Lansdowne, Va.... Continue Reading

Shower for an Unknown Baby

If you are wondering what to do in the wake of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood, perhaps a simple act would be to gather some friends and throw a shower for your local pregnancy resource center.

All the gifts donated went to Charlotte’s Pregnancy Resource Center. It’s a wonderful organization that helps and supports women in a variety of ways.  They provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. They also have mobile units that offer free ultrasounds.  Hundreds of babies are saved every year by these vans that... Continue Reading

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Loses Union University

The Tennessee school’s decision to leave the coalition of Christian colleges could have a ripple effect

Union, founded in 1823 and located in Jackson, Tenn., is the oldest Southern Baptist–affiliated university in the country and could serve as a bellwether for other schools. The university will now look to the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the Family Research Council to provide its representation in Washington, D.C.  ... Continue Reading

Court Denies StemExpress Request To Access, Block Aborted Baby Part Videos

The requested injunction would have violated CMP's First Amendment rights.

Judge Joanne O’Donnell argued that the requested injunction, which would have prevented CMP from releasing some of their undercover footage featuring high level StemExpress employees, would violate CMP’s First Amendment rights. The ruling comes two weeks after O’Donnell issued a narrow temporary restraining order preventing CMP from releasing further undercover video footage taken at a... Continue Reading


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