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As you know,The Aquila Report is a FREE online  independent web magazine for news and information from, for and about conservative, orthodox, and evangelical churches in the Presbyterian and Reformed family of churches.  In 2014, over 553,000 people read 3.1 million news stories on the Aquila Report. Your small gifts go a long way. By our most... Continue Reading

5 Reasons For Musicians And Church Leaders To Love Carolling The Story

Several instructive principles for using the Christmas season to sing the gospel

For every 1 car that drives into your church 99 drive past—and I bet almost all love Christmas music. The acceptance of Christmas music in certain parts of our wider culture allows a unique occasion for witness and thinking outside the walls of our chapel. … Christmas is a huge opportunity for church musicians. If... Continue Reading

Trinity Western Law School Fight Is About Religious Freedom

The Law Society of B.C. is trying to prevent Trinity Western University from starting a law school on religious grounds.

The problem then was best summed up by a headline writer for The Globe and Mail: “Students at Trinity Western University have pledged not to smoke, drink, swear, take drugs, fornicate, or have gay sex. Are they unfit to teach your children?” The high court responded with the legal equivalent of, “well, when you put... Continue Reading

America’s Oldest Singing Christmas Tree Is At Belhaven

Belhaven University’s Singing Christmas Tree began in 1933 and is the first and oldest outdoor singing Christmas tree event in the country.

After the success of the first performance, the Belhaven Singing Christmas Tree became a yearly tradition. Belhaven’s Singing Christmas Tree was named one of the top 20 events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society, and it continually draws in thousands of people each year.    Belhaven University’s Singing Christmas Tree in Jackson, Miss.,... Continue Reading

My Journey Away from Contemporary Worship Music

I still choose songs for our congregation to sing that were written recently, but they are becoming increasingly the minority for the hymns of the past

The problem with my youthful logic only began to dawn on me about seven years ago. I had come to recognize that these ancient hymns accomplished something that the new songs weren’t. While contemporary worship seemed to take the listener on an exciting and emotional rollercoaster, the old hymns engaged the mind with deep and glorious truths... Continue Reading

‘The Rob Bell Show’ Premieres On OWN Days Before Christmas

Rob Bell, former megachurch pastor and bestselling author, will have his new self-help show premiere on the Oprah Winfrey Network next month, just a few days before Christmas

“Bell caused a stir in 2013 among some Christians when he declared that he was “for marriage … for fidelity … for love, whether it’s a man and a woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man.” Years prior, after he published Love Wins in 2011, Bell fell out of favor with some prominent... Continue Reading

A Romantic View Of Ministry

This is not to exalt one man over against another; it is the office that is exalted

“There is a danger for men who are pursuing ministry to fall into what some have called “a romantic view of ministry.” Recognizing the high call of the pastorate, and knowing that God is doing His greatest work in the world through His ministers in the church (Eph. 3:10), many have come to embrace faulty views of... Continue Reading

Prominent Protestant Pastors Vow To No Longer Perform Government Marriages

Two Protestant pastors, concerned about rapidly-changing government definitions of marriage, have started a movement encouraging priests and ministers to refuse to perform civil marriages

“….My main reason for saying this is simple: Marriage — the lifelong union between a man and woman for the sake of mutual support and, God permitting, the bearing and raising of children — is a universal human estate, bound to God’s creative and redemptive will. Regardless of the civil state’s views on the matter,... Continue Reading

Christian Publisher Splits Conservative, Progressive Imprints

The Crown Publishing Group announced changes to its organizational structure designed to satisfy criticisms it had not remained true to biblical teaching

With Cobb retiring as president in March, Crown announced the appointments of new, separate vice presidents for WaterBrook Multnomah and Convergent. The new vice president of WaterBrook Multnomah, Alexander Field, comes from David C Cook, another Christian publishing company in Colorado Springs, Colo. Convergent will relocate to New York City under the leadership of David... Continue Reading

World Magazine Examines BioLogos Efforts to Win Christians Over to a Darwinist Account of Human Origins

BioLogos offers grants to church, parachurch, and academic leaders and organizations that promote 'evolutionary creation.

As for the religious implications, Meyer told World that BioLogos offers “an unsubstantiated and controversial claim to urge pastors and theologians to jettison a straightforward reading of Genesis about the human race arising from one man and one woman. They think ‘the science’ requires such a reinterpretation, but apart from speculative models that make numerous... Continue Reading