God Told Me!? (A Critique of Mysticism)

What do you do when a friend says, “God told me I needed to go on a diet,” or “The Holy Spirit spoke to me last night and said you should make more friends”?

“The main criticism of the evangelical can be put in this form: It is a claim to a continuing of inspiration.  The mystic in a sense is claiming that God is dealing as directly with him as He was with the Old Testament prophets; he claims God is dealing with him as He did with... Continue Reading

The Great Spiritual Migration – A Challenge From and To Brian McLaren

A review of Brian D. McLaren’s The Great Spiritual Migration (how the world’s largest religion is seeking a better way to be Christian).

McLaren again admits that he wants to change the substance of Christianity. The cross should be demoted to a symbol like other symbols. Brian is basically creating a god in his own image – in his words God 5.0, a god of the inclusive we, the God of all of us. His God is entirely... Continue Reading

A Review: The Money Challenge

“You and your money are designed for something much bigger than wealth accumulation. We are wired to use our money for something far more significant than ourselves. God has designed us (and any resources we have) to make a difference in this world.” Money is designed to bring joy, but not in the way we... Continue Reading

Death to the Legalist (in Me)!!

Remember what Boston and others have noted: the remedy for a legal spirit is not antinomianism, but the gospel of grace.

Sometimes Christians think they are or act as if they are still under the law, so they believe their obedience will make God love them more.  Or they think their disobedience makes God love them less.  They are then terribly frustrated by their failures and try harder to obey God only to fail and feel... Continue Reading

Real Conversations on Race

Sciacca’s characters discuss many complex racial issues, but Sciacca offers no solutions.

For Sciacca, Meals from Mars is more than a story; it’s his life. He serves as executive director of Restoration Academy, a Christ-centered private school in one of Birmingham’s poorest neighborhoods. Each day Sciacca teaches and mentors young black men, empathizing with their experiences, feeling their pain, and refusing to give simple answers to complex problems.   Malik paused.... Continue Reading

Choice, Truth, Authority (Guinness)

Modernity “tends to undermine all forms of authority other than its own and replaces them with the sense that all responses are merely a matter of preference.”

“When such autonomous, free-choice consumerism washes over society from the shopping mall to the bedroom, the office and the ballot box, the result is predictable.  What will be the price of obedience to authority, and what will be the respect according to principled dissent?  Choice – unbounded autonomous, subjective sovereign individual choice – is the... Continue Reading

Counseling Under the Cross

An interview with Dr. Kellemen, author of the new book, Counseling Under the Cross: How Martin Luther Applied the Gospel to Daily Life

If Luther was talking to pastors today, what counsel would he give them about pastoral counseling? “Do it!” We think we are too busy to counsel. We think we are ill-equipped to counsel. We think we should just preach (the pulpit ministry of the Word) and not counsel (the personal ministry of the Word). Luther was... Continue Reading

The Rise And Fall Of The Christian Bookstore

Over the last decade, Christian bookstores across the nation have been shuttering

The flailing Christian bookstore industry reached code red status earlier this year when Family Christian Stores, touted as “the world’s largest retailer of Christian-themed merchandise,” declared it would shutter all of its 240 stores across America and lay off 3,000 employees.   Back in the 1990s, it often seemed that every city and town in... Continue Reading

The Kingdom of God and Surprising Reversals (Guinness)

Thankfully, God in his sovereignty often uses average – or even less than average(!) – people to carry out his grand purposes.

“We know all that, we respect all that, and we take it seriously – and yet, and yet.  So we are also always ready for the surprising voice, the far-from-obvious leader, the last-person-you-would-ever-think would be the key player.  And yes, we are always ready to recognize God’s nobodies and God’s fools.  For these may be... Continue Reading

Roles – Another Andelin Connection?

Knight may have been the first to use "roles" for both humanity and the Trinity, but I was pretty sure he was not the first to use it regarding men and women.

On first hearing though, the concept of roles may sound reasonable. We readily accept that people have different roles such as those found in the military. But you quickly run into a logical problem. A person may have the rank of private, but he/she may be promoted up the chain of command. Likewise an officer... Continue Reading