A Book for Me and All Protestants to Read

The archbishop offers not just critique, but also positive proposals

“There is much more to this book. It is both profound and provocative. And, while unabashedly Roman Catholic, it is, to adapt a phrase from Henry VIII, a book for me and all Protestants to read.”   I recently had the privilege of recording an hour-long conversation with Archbishop Charles Chaput, reflecting on the current... Continue Reading

The Facts about Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie

The homosexual content in this movie will not be missed

“Le Fou starts giving Gaston a hand / shoulder / ear massage during the Gaston song that is definitely sensual from Le Fou’s perspective. This song also includes a moment where La Fou briefly sits on Gaston’s lap, leans in, puts Gaston’s arms around him and then says “Too much?” Gaston is perturbed.”   Yesterday... Continue Reading

Imitating Christ: Good, but not Gospel

God’s people should seek to be like Christ. But our imitating Christ is not the gospel.

"Of what avail, without the redeeming acts of God, are all the lofty ideals of Psalmists and Prophets, all the teaching and example of Jesus? In themselves they can bring us nothing but despair. We Christians are not interested merely in what God commands, but also in what God did; in a triumphant indicative; our salvation depends squarely upon history; the Bible contains that history, and unless that history is true the authority of the Bible is gone and we who have put our trust in the Bible are without hope”

Virtue Rewarded, Beauty and the Beast, and 50 Shades

Is beauty rewarded by the ability to overlook evil, and then to reform it by our own virtue?

Is it too far of a jump then to suggest that the popularity of 50 Shades may be a reaction to the history of a woman’s sexuality, and an outright playing out of the premise of it’s bondage? Even the names, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, give the all too familiar plot away. Here the heroine woman is no virgin, but we still find her exchanging her sexuality in a contract, played out in a detailed dominant/submissive relationship, as it overcomes the man who professes his love to her and marries her. Anastasia wins the title of a wife.

The Shoddiness of The Shack

The Shack really is an explicit effort to offer Christians a new vision of God beyond that presented by a traditional, orthodox reading of the Bible.

Does William Young really intend to replace the historic vision of God and salvation with a new picture, or is this review simply nitpicking? At countless points throughout the story, we find Mack amazed at what he is learning. The reason is because this vision of God is so very different from everything Mack used to think about God: the things he learned, for instance, in family catechism as a boy (p. 107) and in seminary as a young man (pp. 9, 65, 198). This constant refrain on Mack’s “retraining” is significant, because it tells us that the author knows he is confronting us with a new vision of God to replace the one we grew up with.

The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

The grand jury report is as startling, as nauseating as any you’ll ever read

Gosnell ran a Philadelphia abortion clinic that specialized in low-income and immigrant clientele. Over twenty years he carried out countless thousands of abortions but did so in conditions that were nothing short of appalling.   The grand jury report is as startling, as nauseating as any you’ll ever read. “This case is about a doctor... Continue Reading

Facing Death & Finding Life – Fanny Crosby

Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) is the prominent blind hymnwriter of the nineteenth century

Twice when the invitation was given at the close of the service, she went forward, seeking peace from her inner spiritual struggles, but found none. Finally on November 20 she went to the altar alone. As she prayed, the congregation began to sing Isaac Watts’ grand old hymn, “Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed?”  ... Continue Reading

The Three Uses of the Law (Luther’s Catechism)

Here’s a great Reformation treatment on the purposes (or uses) of God’s law.

This Q/A can be found in Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation (Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1991). As I’ve mentioned here before, this is a sweet little hardcover book that goes through the basics of the Lutheran side of Reformation theology. Even though I disagree with some aspects of Lutheran theology, this book is a great one to own and read.

Lights, Camera … Word Bomb!

Hollywood continues to litter its films with violent language

I think violent language is bad for my health—my physical, spiritual, and emotional health. The words we’re talking about are weaponized, loaded with anger, and their intent is to smash and incite. Are we supposed to believe that weaponized language has no effect on an audience that hears it over and over?   I don’t... Continue Reading

Science Is a Religious Endeavor

'The Penultimate Curiosity' is unintentionally about more than the relation between science and religion

“The authors describe a number of disquieting discoveries made in the 19th century—ones we’re still struggling to reconcile with Christianity. There were, for example, findings that resulted in Darwin’s theory of evolution, as well as geological discoveries that suggested the earth to be far older than the Bible seemed to imply.”   Roger Wagner and Andrew Briggs—an... Continue Reading