‘Of Gods and Men’ – Divine Beauty, Terror, Faith; As monks, fine cast illuminates a tragedy

‘Of Gods and Men,” in French and Arabic, is one of the most beautiful movies I know, even though its subject matter and otherwordly pace set it apart from mainstream entertainment. They set it so far apart that the film made me recall, of all things, the most beautiful rendition I know of “I Got... Continue Reading

Giano’s Christian Hip Hop with an Afro-Latino groove

What I really appreciate about Giano’s music is that, as a Latino, he has ability to reach a wide audience with an amazing mix, at times, of English and Spanish lyrics and he raps about the intersection of the gospel and real life. I was so impressed by this mix that I wanted to know... Continue Reading

God At The Oscars – Academy Award-Nominated Films Explore Spiritual Themes

God makes appearances in a number of Oscar-nominated films, but the Almighty doesn’t play a leading role on screen or preach a theologically orthodox message from the clouds. Rather, spirituality plays a supporting role in those films that either focus on characters’ quest for redemption or provide a fresh take on the eternal battle between... Continue Reading

Book Review: Covenant and Salvation: Union with Christ by Michael S. Horton

Part One is largely occupied with tendencies prominent within the New Perspective on Paul as well as on the Judaism of his day—tendencies that, on the one hand, accent continuity between Paul and that Judaism to the point of obscuring crucial differences, and on the other hand, stress discontinuity between Paul’s teaching on justification and... Continue Reading

Free Will vs. Predestination: What’s Matt Damon Got to Do with It?

How much power exactly do the agents of fate hold over someone’s life? Can free will ever win over fate? And is it free will or fate that orchestrates action? Such are the questions that come to mind throughout George Nolfi’s newest film, “The Adjustment Bureau,” based on the short story by Phillip K. Dick.... Continue Reading

God at the Grammys: Why do so many musical superstars think that their careers are part of a divine plan?

The hip-hop mogul Diddy, for example, has been in and out of courtrooms over the years, facing charges for assault, gun possession and bribery—yet he continually bounces back with a new name and a new career. When I asked him if he ever felt fear, he replied, “My faith is in God. Like, look who... Continue Reading

BeBe & CeCe Winans, Switchfoot Nab Grammy Awards

Brother and sister duo BeBe and CeCe Winans took home two Grammy awards on Sunday, adding to their already wide collection of gold statues. The two won for Best Gospel Performance and Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album during the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Other winners in the Gospel category included Switchfoot, Jerry Peters and... Continue Reading

Book Review: The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way by Michael Horton

Finally, the author has supplied not just a scripture index but one for the reformational creeds and catechisms sited in this work. This could prove to very helpful for the teacher seeking to cross-reference this systematic theology and the creeds and confessions. This work by Michael Horton may be the finest systematic theology since Berkhof’s... Continue Reading

An Interview with Winston Riley on Walker Percy

In his new film, Walker Percy: A Documentary Film, Win Riley offers a touching, nuanced portrait of Percy, the great Catholic novelist and philosopher. “?…There may be times when the greatest service a novelist can do his fellow man is to follow General Patton’s injunction: Attack, attack, attack. Attack the fake in the name of... Continue Reading

The ‘Christian’ Movie That Didn’t Get Watched

The weekend that an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ much beloved book “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” was released in theaters, a heavy snowstorm convinced this Christian dad to stay home rather than “tread” the treacherous roads. And considering the lackluster performance of “The Dawn Treader” at the box office, many other moviegoers must have... Continue Reading