Why You Should Read Hannah Coulter

…the book roots love in place and community. Again, this is a central emphasis of Berry’s, and it is nowhere clearer than here. So much of our cultural concept of “love” is about the couple alone and their “feelings for one another.” This shows up in the isolated and unhealthy patterns of courtship we see... Continue Reading

Are Christian Kids ready for College? Not so much!

A study that shows nearly 70% of professing Christians students will “chuck their faith” and stop attending church during the ages of 18-22… they can also fail to thrive by refusing to grow up. Review: Thriving at College: Make Great Friends, Keep Your Faith, and Get Ready for the Real World, Alex Chediak, Tyndale House... Continue Reading

Demented faith or godless mammon

Lacorne applauds the American ideal of a “faith-friendly secularism”, in which people of all faiths can feel welcome. Or, for that matter, people of no faith: he notes that Mr Obama’s inaugural address was the first ever to acknowledge that some Americans do not believe in God. A review of Religion in America: A Political... Continue Reading

A helpful film – Review of “The Help”

As the film credits rolled, we sat silent for a while before leaving the theater. My oldest daughter gave me a look of disbelief as she asked if that was really how some white people treated black people back then. I assured her that in some cases it was all that and worse. She shook... Continue Reading

The Spiritual Legacy of Sam Patterson

Who was Sam Patterson? He was a thoroughly dedicated servant of Christ. His primary concern was evangelism, but he knew that evangelism must be built on a foundation of correct doctrine; he knew that he did not have the gifts to be a seminary professor, but he also believed that knowledgeable seminary professors were necessary... Continue Reading

John MacArthur – ‘Servant of the Word and Flock’

Particularly notable to me in this volume is John MacArthur’s steadfast and unwavering commitment to study, preparation, and preaching. As Murray explains, the California preacher’s wider ministry has been, in many ways, an extension of his ordinary Lord’s Day preaching ministry at Grace Community Church. Book Review: Servant of the Word and Flock, by Iain... Continue Reading

‘Friends With Benefits’ Mirrors Real-Life Teen Epidemic

Luce has observed that a growing number of kids in school now believe it is a taboo to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. The norm seems to be that “you just have lots of friends and have lots of sex with them,” he said. For one of the top youth ministry leaders in the nation,... Continue Reading

Can Theistic Evolution and an Historical Adam Be Reconciled?

These statements from the Creation Study Report seem to take a different hermeneutical approach to Genesis than Dr. Collins. In the above quotes, there is no indication that the committee believed the Genesis account to be an “historical core” with “symbolism” and “imaginative elements.” A Review of C. John Collins, Did Adam and Eve Really... Continue Reading

How Christians Warmed to Harry Potter – As the final movie opens, many ex-doubters now see the boy wizard as a good egg.

“When you see self-sacrifice, heroism, the strong power of friendship, applaud it,” he said. “I am more concerned about non-Christians reading the books because I do think it puts witchcraft in a light that is more favorable and positive than it deserves biblically.” After praising the “Harry Potter” books in 2001, author Connie Neal said... Continue Reading

Book Review: Worship and the Reality of God

This is a book that pastors, elders, and sessions should pick up and read. It is a book that worship leaders should read. It is challenging to say the least. The implications are far-reaching. The observations are astute and important. As I said at the beginning, book reviews are funny things. But with all sincerity,... Continue Reading


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