Handheld Affections – Christian blogger/pastor warns of iPhone idolatry

Evangelical blogger Tim Challies’ new book, The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion, tells how technology is changing what we believe and how we treat each other, and advises Christians to use it wisely. Challies, a Toronto-based web designer and cultural commentator who maintains one of the most visited Christian blogs on... Continue Reading

Foreword to “Bloodlines” by John Piper

I won’t ever forget how one of the elders in my first church, who had been growing in his understanding of the gospel and of the cross of Jesus, said to me, “You know, I realize I’ve been a racist all my life.” I hadn’t spoken to him of racism at all, but as he... Continue Reading

Osama bin Laden, the Movie – Producers gain controversial access to the Pentagon

Now a new film about that raid by the filmmaking team behind The Hurt Locker has some Republicans calling for an investigation into whether the administration shared classified information in order to give the president a campaign boost The Navy SEAL operation that killed Osama bin Laden gave the president his only significant approval bounce... Continue Reading

Republocrats and Political Wisdom – A Review of Carl Trueman’s newest book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative.

But all too often he makes judgments based on highly disputable claims, like his identification of the profit motive with greed… He also bypasses substantive biblical arguments that support the American political tradition and instead directs the reader’s attention to the apparent relativity of shifting historical positions. Despite all the talk about the conservative evangelical... Continue Reading

Peter Leithart on Athanasius: A Book Review

Leithart makes a good case for saying that God in Christ takes on suffering for us and that this is real – but it is real in the person, not the divine nature. Reformed Christology thus finds clear precedent in the work of Athanasius and has little to fear from modern, post-Hegelian critique. The last... Continue Reading

Book Review: Evidence for God by William A. Dembski and Michael R. Licona

The book is a succinct resource arguing for the classical and evidentialist proofs for God and the Christian faith. This is done in a short format of around 250 pages, and therefore serves as a brief and engaging introduction to various apologetic arguments and the common arguments against Christianity. William A. Dembski (ed.) and Michael... Continue Reading

Why You Should Read Hannah Coulter

…the book roots love in place and community. Again, this is a central emphasis of Berry’s, and it is nowhere clearer than here. So much of our cultural concept of “love” is about the couple alone and their “feelings for one another.” This shows up in the isolated and unhealthy patterns of courtship we see... Continue Reading

Are Christian Kids ready for College? Not so much!

A study that shows nearly 70% of professing Christians students will “chuck their faith” and stop attending church during the ages of 18-22… they can also fail to thrive by refusing to grow up. Review: Thriving at College: Make Great Friends, Keep Your Faith, and Get Ready for the Real World, Alex Chediak, Tyndale House... Continue Reading

Demented faith or godless mammon

Lacorne applauds the American ideal of a “faith-friendly secularism”, in which people of all faiths can feel welcome. Or, for that matter, people of no faith: he notes that Mr Obama’s inaugural address was the first ever to acknowledge that some Americans do not believe in God. A review of Religion in America: A Political... Continue Reading

A helpful film – Review of “The Help”

As the film credits rolled, we sat silent for a while before leaving the theater. My oldest daughter gave me a look of disbelief as she asked if that was really how some white people treated black people back then. I assured her that in some cases it was all that and worse. She shook... Continue Reading