Perimeter Church (PCA) Worship Leader Wins GRAMMY® Award for Best Contemporary Song

“I record for a label that lets me work at a church instead of having to always be on tour. And I love how it all interconnects. This dynamic is what makes me a healthy person. I am blessed!” When Laura Story penned her now-famous song “Blessings,” she could hardly have imagined the way it... Continue Reading

“Beware of Christians” filmmaker meets “The Price is Right;” Broadcast Tuesday, March 13

“I was able to tell Drew (Carey, the host) what I did, spin the wheel and say hello to my friends and family.” And on the episode, which airs this Tuesday March 13, Bakke reached out to another crucial name in his life. “Most importantly, I was able to say that I love Jesus, and... Continue Reading

Faith-based films made more money in 2011 than their left-leaning counterparts, report says

“When we started Movieguide in 1985, there were only one or two movies being made with a strong, explicit Christian content or values, but now there are well over 50 each year,” Baehr continued. “Every studio now has a Christian film division…” What’s a good recipe for box office and DVD sales success? It seems... Continue Reading

Review: “How Jesus Runs the Church” by Guy Waters

He writes, “by jure divino we mean that the fundamental principles of Apostolic church government have been retained, and are legitimately applied in the circumstances and under the conditions which are peculiar to our own age and country Here is a book every ruling and teaching elder will want to have. I must confess as... Continue Reading

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? By C. John Collins; A Review

He is quoted in a recent Christianity Today article on “The Search for the Historical Adam” in the following way: “‘If genetics eventually forces reconsideration,’ Collins remarks, ‘he could perhaps reconceive of Adam and Eve as ‘the king and queen of a larger population’ and thereby preserve Genesis’ historicity.'” A Review of C. John Collins,... Continue Reading

A Summary Overview of Peter Enns’ “The Evolution of Adam”

In part one, Dr. Enns makes three main points. First, the majority of the Old Testament was written after the Babylonian exile. Second, Genesis and the rest of the Pentateuch were not written as history, but instead as a polemic against the surrounding cultures in an act of self-definition by the postexilic Israelites. Third, the... Continue Reading

No Uncertain Sound (Mostly) – A Review of Engaging With Martyn Lloyd Jones

We have leaders with a lot of swagger and `street cred’; Lloyd-Jones had gravitas and did not care to be cool…We have leaders whose politeness too often creates an atmosphere of ambiguity and uncertainty; Lloyd-Jones spoke on doctrinal issues with unerring clarity…And, for the record, I would take five minutes of his serious gospel exposition... Continue Reading

Christian Leader Father and Son Team Up To Give Advice on Aging (Or As They Call it, “Finishing”)

“How then do we finish well?” Just as we started the race, by grace. From that foundation, one is to have a Christ-centered life and a focused life. “…those who end well have disciplined lives.” Review of: Sweeting, Donald W. and George Sweeting. How to Finish the Christian Life. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2012. 204 pages.... Continue Reading

Still in the Weeds on Human Origins – A Review of Jack Collins “Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?”

…this type of hybrid “Adam,” clearly driven by the need to account for an evolutionary model, is not the Adam of the biblical authors. Ironically, the desire to protect the Adam of scripture leads Collins (and others) to create an Adam that hardly preserves the biblical portrait. Evolution and a historical Adam cannot be merged... Continue Reading

One Percent or 33: America’s Real Inequality Problem

In a high-tech information age, the path to upward mobility is dependent on a high level of education both social and intellectual. Those who are left behind in these areas will have an increasingly difficult time not only with upward mobility but making it in general, Review of Mitch Pearlstein’s From Family Collapse to America’s... Continue Reading


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