Moroni From the Realms of Glory

Mormons share just enough of our beliefs that they can masquerade as Christians if we do not look deeper than the surface.

This video serves as a helpful reminder that Mormons and many others use new media very well. These Mormon evangelistic efforts are always very clever and very compelling. They always give away enough information to make it seem like Mormons are just another friendly group of Christians, and they withhold the information that distinguishes them... Continue Reading

Christmas Carols: ‘Joy to the World’

‘Joy to the World’ faithfully conveys the resounding message in Psalm 98 that Jesus saves

We can learn from Joy to the World and Psalm 98 not to sentimentalize Christmas by merely seeing Christ as a helpless baby apart from His mission. Christ our Savior must also be our Victorious Warrior and Judge. He fulfills the psalmist’s prayer for God to “deliver me in Your righteousness” (Psalm 31:1). He “makes the nations prove... Continue Reading

Singing In A Strange Land

As I sat back to consider the legacy of Negro spirituals to the African-American experience, I see this same importance of hymns for the life of the believer

“The third verse of Psalm 137 provides more details about the situation: “For there our captors required of us songs, and our tormentors, mirth, saying, ‘Sing us one of the songs of Zion!’” We are able to see that this Psalm was written during the Babylonian capture of the Kingdom of Judah. Here we see... Continue Reading

Exclusive Psalmody in the Early Modern Kirk?

There's not much historical support for the idea that the earliest Reformed Scots were ideologically opposed, or unaccustomed, to singing uninspired songs in corporate worship

“There’s no question that the Reformed Kirk embraced the practice of congregational psalm-singing in worship. In this, as is many aspects of worship, the Kirk took its lead from Geneva. There is, however, a difference between singing psalms and singing only psalms in worship, and I’m not sure there’s much historical support for the notion... Continue Reading

Do You Hear The People Sing?

What do you hear when your church worships God in song?

“The Maker has wired music into the fabric of every soul, even those of us who are not especially musical by nature. It’s not just another way people artistically experience and express their gratitude and awe to God — like painting or journaling or fishing or serving. Throughout the Bible, God’s people — saved by... Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Singing the Psalms for Corporate Worship

If the idea of singing the Psalms for corporate worship is a daunting our outdated proposition, here’s some practical help

Why should we care about singing the Psalms in corporate worship in the 21st century? First, because the Psalms are a divinely-inspired school of prayer. Then also realize that they offer a point of contact with nearly every human experience: from desolation to gratitude, loneliness to community, anger to joy.   If the idea of singing the... Continue Reading

Lecrae Brings Reformed Rap to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show

Performance with The Roots will be the first by a Christian rapper on late-night TV on Sept. 18

A 2013 CT cover story examined the leaders of Christian hip-hop and how the movement could call the American church back to the gospel—and hip-hop back to its roots. CT also spotlighted the centrality of Reformed theology to Christian hip-hop. One of Lecrae’s new songs, “Non-Fiction” name-drops pastor Tim Keller as well as CT executive editor Andy Crouch and his book Culture Making.   To borrow... Continue Reading

Hymns And “Drinking Songs”

Were some of our most beloved hymns written to drinking songs? No.

“Delving into 16th century music history would teach us that we’re asking the wrong question. The institutional church’s influence on society at that time was immense; it was far greater than a postmodern American perspective could really fathom. Thus, secular music was derived from the musical idiom of the church, not the other way around... Continue Reading

Rediscovering Jesus’ Hymnbook

We know what songs Jesus sang: He sang the Psalms.

“You don’t have to be a seminary student or a missionary to Peru to step into the world of psalm singing. You only need to do two things. First, consider the benefits that God attaches to worship in psalm. Second, decide practically how you will begin singing the psalms.”   How interested would you be... Continue Reading

John Newton headed to Broadway?

New musical based on hymn-writers life.

Amazing perseverance! Variety reported Tuesday that a new musical, Amazing Grace, will have its world premiere this October, presented by Broadway in Chicago at the Bank of America Theatre in the Windy City. Variety said the musical “has all the earmarks of a show with New York in its sights.”   Read More.


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