Is Genesis History?

Is Genesis History? attempts to deal with that one simple question: Is the biblical account of creation and flood meant to be understood as history?

The bulk of the film is an examination of the earth, of life, and of man and the universe. In every case, Tackett goes on-scene with an expert in his field as they discuss one of these areas. They consider geochronology and its dating methods, they examine soft tissue that remains within dinosaur bones, they discuss the geologic evidence of a catastrophic and worldwide flood, they map the spread of humanity from a central point. Together, they build a compelling case that Genesis is meant to be a historical account of the world’s origins and earliest days. They show that the universe is providing evidence to back its claims. They prove that you don’t need to check your brain at the door or cast science aside in order to believe this earth is relatively young, that it was created in six literal days, and that it was once ravaged by a global flood.

Is Genesis History? New Film Affirms Truthfulness of Biblical Record

On February 23, many theaters across the U.S. will participate in a one-night showing of the film “Is Genesis History?”

In addition to interviews with scholars and scientists, the film’s host, Del Tackett, guides viewers through over a dozen locations and landmarks to explore the competing views of creation and evolution. Tackett is the creator of a number of media projects, including Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project.”   A soon-to-be-released documentary-style film, featuring... Continue Reading

Hidden Figures Revealed: Movie Review

As a black woman, I was deeply moved by Hidden Figures.

Would I watch Hidden Figures again? Absolutely. I plan to watch it again with my husband. I hope to dig even deeper as a believer. I hope to biblically tackle my own thoughts (and my husband’s) in detail. I hope to tackle our own thoughts on working moms in the church, particularly in areas outside of the... Continue Reading

Secular Hollywood Quietly Courts the Faithful

People of faith and their sheer numbers are not a new discovery in Hollywood. What is new is the aggression and sophistication they are pursued by Hollywood.

Mr. Bock, who is Presbyterian, is credited with being the first Hollywood marketer to realize that churches had started to install enormous screens to use during their services, sometimes just to display hymn lyrics. More recently, $35,000 video walls have become more common in sanctuaries. “It makes church feel more contemporary,” Mr. Bock said, adding... Continue Reading

A Tale of Two Sexual Assaults on Jennifer Lawrence

This objectification of human beings made in God’s image is a prevalent evil affecting all types of films

When it comes to violations of conscience, however, our hypersexualized culture is not so quick to respond. We’ve become acclimated to sex as an entertainment tool, not realizing that mainstream actors are routinely coerced and manipulated into performing sex and/or nude scenes. In the face of overwhelming societal pressure, they often submit to things they otherwise wouldn’t do.

How George Whitefield Reshaped a Famous Christmas Carol

George Whitefield is not associated with Christian hymnody, he left his own mark on one of the most famous Christmas carols, penned by his friend and contemporary, Charles Wesley.

If Whitefield had avoided altering the poetry of Charles Wesley, perhaps more English speakers today would recognize the word “welkin,” or perhaps equally as likely, our churches would have passed over this Christmas carol long ago and let it fade into obscurity. We’ll never know, but God be praised for Wesley, Whitefield, and tunesmith Felix... Continue Reading

Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ Asks What It Really Costs to Follow Jesus

Martin Scorsese adapts Shusaku Endo’s acclaimed novel about faith, mission, and suffering

Based on the acclaimed 1966 novel by Japanese Catholic writer Shusaku Endo, Silence is a book about 17th century Jesuit missionaries trying to make inroads for the gospel in the inhospitable “swampland” of Japan, facing intense persecution by a Japanese shogunate determined to wipe out Christianity’s influence in their realm.   It’s been 28 years... Continue Reading

Faith, Film, and Advent

The greatest stories are stories that show in some way the drama of creation, fall, and redemption.

When Penny Serenade or It’s a Wonderful Life becomes the handmaiden of that greater transcendent vision, and the longing is named—our Lord Jesus who has come to fill the eternity in our hearts with His life lived for us and His death on the cross on our behalf—and we receive the gift of heaven by repentance of our sins and faith in Jesus Christ, or share His life with another, then—then—we really get the picture.

IS GENESIS HISTORY? Film Aims To Answer Questions Of Creation, Evolution, Global Flood

A new documentary on the historicity of the Book of Genesis is coming to theaters across the country Feb. 23, but for one night only.

One segment of the documentary focuses on the “Great Unconformity” with a trip to the Grand Canyon. The Great Unconformity is a geological formation that appears globally where granite bedrock is separated from sediment layers on top by an erosional layer caused by flood flow.   NEW YORK (Christian Examiner) – A new documentary on... Continue Reading

That Dragon, Cancer

"That Dragon, Cancer" is as difficult yet as straightforward a game as you will ever play.

That Dragon, Cancer is as difficult yet as straightforward a game as you will ever play. The purpose is not to gain points or earn badges or compete with friends, but to grapple with hard matters, to consider life and death, to consider mortality and eternity.   Oh my. I had no idea. I had heard... Continue Reading