If I Had Two Lives

A man of unusual zeal, Costas Macris became convinced at a young age that God had called him to missions.

In every place he poured his heart and soul into the work and saw many precious souls come to faith. By the time jungle living broke his health and forced him to return to Greece, he left behind an organization comprised of a thriving central compound, thirty-seven school teachers, twenty-two evangelists, twenty airstrips, a three-plane... Continue Reading

The Foundation of the New Perspective

The NPP movement is wide and varied and it would take and indeed has taken multitudes of tomes to address it.

One of the most recent, and I would suggest, best interactions with the NPP is Robert Cara’s Cracking the Foundation of the New Perspective on Paul. I believe Cara succeeds on many levels. Before I get to my assessment I want to describe what Cara has done.   Admittedly the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) isn’t... Continue Reading

God Is & God Does

Separating who God is from what God does can be a lazy way of admitting that we don’t know how the two actually relate to another.

What if it’s actually not good–what if it’s actually sub-Christian–to think of God’s nature abstracted wholly from the things he has made? What if, as Jonathan Edwards said, God’s “supreme excellencies” are known through His works? What if the things of earth do not, in fact, grow strangely dim in light of his glory and... Continue Reading

How Protestants Changed the World

Ryrie probes the minds and spirits of Protestants themselves.

Ryrie is most compelling when he connects Protestant behavior with underlying religious beliefs. For example, Protestants tend to question and reject authority, because they believe with Martin Luther that every believer is a priest before God. Ryrie shows how this tendency gave rise to anti-apartheid initiatives in South Africa, advocacy on behalf of migrants and refugees, and anti-abortion campaigns. At... Continue Reading

More on the Benefit of Christ

My favorite portions are the distinction between law and gospel and the description of Christ’s church as his bride.

Reform Thought in Sixteenth-Century Italy is interesting in other ways to anyone who has an interest in the 16th century religious thought. If there was every an example of heterogeneous thought, it was in Italy at this time. A Reformation of the church was clearly needed, but opinions differed as on its nature and extent.  ... Continue Reading

A Practical Guide to Culture

“In its most basic sense, culture refers to what people do with the world: we build, we invent, we imagine, we create, we tear down, we replace, we compose, we design, we emphasize, we dismiss, we embellish, we engineer.”

In every age, Christians have had to carefully navigate their culture, to ensure that they are taking their cues not from the world around them, but from the Bible. In every age, Christian parents have been responsible to help their children separate culture lies from biblical truth. This is as true today as it has... Continue Reading

Good That I Was Afflicted? (Newton)

Although they don’t take the storm of trial away, God's promises do provide shelter during the storm of trial.

“And, as the Lord has brought us safe through thus far, we have good ground to trust him to the end.  We know not what is before us.  Perhaps we may meet greater difficulties by and by than we have ever yet seen.  But if we keep in mind who has delivered us from the... Continue Reading

Here’s How It Got There

For a religion that was once subversive being countercultural may just be the ideal way to be.

It is that paradox that lies at the heart of The End of White Christian America, and in discussions of Christianity and public life more generally. How can a religion often defined as a religion of outsiders — one whose sacred texts embrace the overturning of the money changers in the Jerusalem temple and celebrate those who... Continue Reading

“Evangelical” Is Not a Political Term

For evangelicals, the real “struggle to shape America” takes place in their personal spiritual lives and cultural engagements, which is far beyond the how they vote in November.

The absence of Molly Worthen’s Apostles of Reason, easily one of the most important studies of American evangelicalism of the last decade, is probably the most surprising omission, but there are big gaps from the scholarly literature on topics like gender, race, and capitalism, to name just a few of the richest terrains historians of evangelicalism... Continue Reading

Religious Liberty vs. Anti-Discrimination: Toward a ‘Political Settlement’

Anderson and Girgis warn against a ‘progressive Puritanism’ that attempts to ‘coerce conscientious dissenters to live by the majority’s views.’

The authors’ thought-provoking essays, presented in a point-counterpoint format, broadly address religious liberty, tolerance, and discrimination, providing a valuable framework from which to assess public policy as it relates to these questions in the context of intimate matters including marriage, sex, and child rearing.   In a new book, three scholars make the argument that a... Continue Reading


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