The 4 Gods of the Public Education System

In his book The End of Education: Redefining the Value of School, former NYU professor Neil Postman names the four “gods” that he believes America’s children are being taught to worship within the walls of today’s public schools.

In my experience, the typical man of today does not question the validity of at least three of these gods, and more often than not, willingly accepts all four. These gods have become axioms of modern education—which, by the way, significantly diverge from the educational philosophy that prevailed in the West for over 2,000 years—and... Continue Reading

Overcoming The Stain of Racism

"We’ve inherited the systems stained by racism because of racialization, even as our hearts are genuinely transformed by the gospel."

“Dr. Mohler preached through Genesis 11 during one of our chapels, and what he said in that message verbatim was we have a ‘stain of racism.’ So, following the chapel service in our faculty meeting, there were some other discussions about it, and I just felt this unrest: ‘Yeah, we know the stain is there,... Continue Reading

Justifying a Non-Repeatable Justification

Justifying a Non-Repeatable JustificationVos' reasons for the belief that justification is non-repeatable are as follows

One might say that it is an absurd idea that future sins, which are not yet committed, would be forgiven. But this idea contains nothing absurd if one only considers that for the Judge who pronounces forgiveness, the record of sins, their guilt, does not lie hidden in the darkness of the future but in... Continue Reading

Divine “Hunches” and the Sufficiency of Scripture

How does a Reformed view of Scripture lead away from believing in continuing revelation from God?

“There is one very important consequence of this fact [of the sufficiency of Scripture].  God does not today guide people directly without using the Scriptures.  There are no divinely given ‘hunches.’  God does not give people direct mental impressions to do this or that.  People do not hear God’s voice speaking within them.  There is... Continue Reading

Three Old and New Errors on the Atonement

“We must acquire, as much as lies in us, sharply defined ideas on the atonement from the gospels themselves.”

“In all true progress in spiritual knowledge, men will make advances in the knowledge of His atonement as well as of His person. The history of the disciples before and after His crucifixion is a proof of this. The more fully we enter into Christ’s truly human experience, and trace His checkered course of joy... Continue Reading

Why Did Christ Mention His Atonement So Rarely?

Fulness is more important that frequency. And so full are these references that Christ mentions every possible blessing connected with the atonement.

How many times did Christ mention his atonement? So few times that heretics have often used this to argue against Christ’s death being an atoning sacrifice for sin. Christ did not believe this himself, they say; rather it was a later addition or perversion by the apostles. In Christ’s Doctrine of the Atonement, George Smeaton takes on... Continue Reading


Instead of sin in evangelicalism today you’ll notice words like broken, numb, shattered, and wounded

“This psychologizing of sin and salvation has an immediacy about it that is appealing in this troubled age, this age of broken beliefs and broken lives. The cost, however, is that it so subverts the process of moral understanding that sin loses its sinfulness, at least before God. And whereas in classical spirituality it was... Continue Reading

Google Knows Who You Really Are

Google knows who we are, sometimes better than we know ourselves. But Google doesn’t love us.

“Google searches tell us more than surveys or social media posts, the book points out, because all the factors are there to make people honest. No one is there in front of you. You’re alone. You’re seeking out the answers to the questions you really have.”   Imagine if you had a truth serum that... Continue Reading

Men and Women Are Not the Same

Society is fraught with conflict over one of the most basic human realities—the difference between men and women.

McGuire presents case after case in which the lie that there’s no significant difference between the sexes is embarrassingly exposed. A noncompliant natural order reasserts itself, despite all our attempts to resist it. Unfortunately, in the single-minded pursuit of ideology, the rebuffs of nature are answered with redoubled efforts to erase sexual difference, accompanied by... Continue Reading

Stretched Thin? Why Seeking Coherence over “Life Balance” Is the Answer

In Wonder Woman, Harris posits that instead of searching for balance we should aspire to find coherence in our vocations and stewardship.

A life well-aligned is one that keeps in perspective the greater story for which we have been created. This requires humility and perception because it means that we must accept that we cannot—and should not—do everything. This also means that we are now free to pursue true excellence in the things we are called to... Continue Reading