Hurt and Fruit: Review of William Still’s ‘The Work of the Pastor’

This short book is neither a technical nor detailed work on pastoral theology. Rather, it is the product of a pastor speaking from the depths of his soul in order to describe the driving force behind a long-standing ministry of over 50 years. William Still. The Work of the Pastor. Geanies House, Scotland: Christian Focus... Continue Reading

George Eliot on the First Celebrity Megapastor

He was also brutally hard on the morality of his day, having a particular obsession with preaching against ‘sodomy’ – in Renaissance Italy a term which covered all illicit sexual contact between males. Has anyone ever failed to grow a congregation by talking sex from the pulpit? The Frate certainly understood this. He built a... Continue Reading

Local writer’s book on military chaplains big hit with congregation, community

(Editor’s Note: The book reviewed in this story has stories from two Presbyterian and Reformed Joint Commission chaplains, John Routzhan, PCA Army chaplain and ARP Chris Reeder, ARP USAF Chaplain) John Groth makes a clear distinction between the remains of members of our Armed Forces and their bodies. You could have heard a pin drop... Continue Reading

Review: The glorious fault of angels and of gods; Ungodly reflections on Alister Chapman’s John Stott

He was never really able to transcend the class divide in the parish of All Souls, Langham Place… Much as the Anglican Church in the sixties was clearly a theological disaster, he could never leave her – and one suspects his reasons were not simply because she was ‘the best boat to fish from’ (sic)... Continue Reading

Christianity and Evolution – A Review of “Should Christians Embrace Evolution?”

The reliability of the biblical account in Genesis may be questioned, they think, but not the latest findings of science. It is the unquestioned authority in the modern world. However, science is an evolving social activity in which the participants are fallible people. Hence, there are no absolutely objective facts with science. The assumption that... Continue Reading

Review: “How Jesus Runs the Church” by Guy Waters

He writes, “by jure divino we mean that the fundamental principles of Apostolic church government have been retained, and are legitimately applied in the circumstances and under the conditions which are peculiar to our own age and country Here is a book every ruling and teaching elder will want to have. I must confess as... Continue Reading

Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? By C. John Collins; A Review

He is quoted in a recent Christianity Today article on “The Search for the Historical Adam” in the following way: “‘If genetics eventually forces reconsideration,’ Collins remarks, ‘he could perhaps reconceive of Adam and Eve as ‘the king and queen of a larger population’ and thereby preserve Genesis’ historicity.'” A Review of C. John Collins,... Continue Reading

A Summary Overview of Peter Enns’ “The Evolution of Adam”

In part one, Dr. Enns makes three main points. First, the majority of the Old Testament was written after the Babylonian exile. Second, Genesis and the rest of the Pentateuch were not written as history, but instead as a polemic against the surrounding cultures in an act of self-definition by the postexilic Israelites. Third, the... Continue Reading

No Uncertain Sound (Mostly) – A Review of Engaging With Martyn Lloyd Jones

We have leaders with a lot of swagger and `street cred’; Lloyd-Jones had gravitas and did not care to be cool…We have leaders whose politeness too often creates an atmosphere of ambiguity and uncertainty; Lloyd-Jones spoke on doctrinal issues with unerring clarity…And, for the record, I would take five minutes of his serious gospel exposition... Continue Reading

Christian Leader Father and Son Team Up To Give Advice on Aging (Or As They Call it, “Finishing”)

“How then do we finish well?” Just as we started the race, by grace. From that foundation, one is to have a Christ-centered life and a focused life. “…those who end well have disciplined lives.” Review of: Sweeting, Donald W. and George Sweeting. How to Finish the Christian Life. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2012. 204 pages.... Continue Reading


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