How to Read More Books

With summer here, here are some personal discoveries that were helpful to me

“This past year I have attempted to become more intentional with my reading. In previous years I have read a lot but I would not say that I read well. My reading lacked a detailed attack plan. As a result, sometimes reading happened and other times it did not.”   “How can I read more books?”... Continue Reading

A Review: “Compassion without Compromise” by Adam Barr and Ron Citlau

How to be compassionate with those struggling with sexual sins without compromising biblical principles

This brings the authors to not only encourage Christians to return to God’s design, but to approach other sexual-sinners with humility, which may be what “our standing for truth needs” because none of us “lives up to the standards our faith demands.” If we do so, then, maybe “this posture of humility will gain the... Continue Reading

Summer Reading Suggestions

Here are a few books that I have enjoyed over the past couple of months

“It is for good reason that David McCullough has twice won the Pulitzer Prize. Few historians have his ability to recount history with such skill and verve. His latest, and perhaps final work, is a biography of the Wright brothers.”   I am a voracious and omnivorous reader. While necessity dictates that I focus much... Continue Reading

Christian Duty

“Duty” is a word used in the best sense of the term by many Christians in the past.

There is more to this discussion about duty (e.g. God’s enabling grace, motives, ends, etc.), but we shouldn’t shy away from having a sense of duty as Christians.  I have a Christian duty to love/care for my wife and children, to faithfully serve as a pastor to God’s people here, to regularly attend worship services,... Continue Reading

The Glory of Historic Hymns

Omitting older hymns in our gatherings silences the rich voices of church history

“When I mention historic hymns, maybe you cringe as you recall a “worship war” in your local church. Maybe you’re eager to only sing the old hymns. Or maybe you wonder why it is important at all. My aim is not to renew local church disputes or bolster mere sentimentality, but to commend something else... Continue Reading

Theological Fitness: A Review

Are our bodies strong, but our “theological muscles” wasting away? This is the focus of Aimee Byrd’s new book, Theological Fitness: Why We Need a Fighting Faith.

If you are looking for a good study for yourself or a group, I highly recommend Theological Fitness. There are even study questions that can be used in a small group setting. It may not popular these days to be serious about holiness and piety (not to be confused with pietism), but we are in a very... Continue Reading

The Bible And Same Sex Relationships: A Review Article

The relationship of homosexuality to Christianity is one of the main topics of discussion in our culture

“The reason that homosexual relationships make so much more sense to people today than in previous times is because they have absorbed late modern western culture’s narratives about the human life. Our society presses its members to believe “you have to be yourself,” that sexual desires are crucial to personal identity, that any curbing of... Continue Reading

Nelson Rockefeller As Social Gospel Christian

The new biography of Nelson Rockefeller presents enough tidbits to imply that he was a Social Gospel Christian, a product of targeted philanthropy and devotion to liberal Protestantism.

Supposedly former Governor Tom Dewey once told Rockefeller, “I like you but I can’t afford you.” Across nearly sixteen years Rockefeller taxed, borrowed and spent, building highways, hospitals, schools, museums and an ever more expansive social welfare state. He had every confidence that few social problems could not be solved with enough funding and the... Continue Reading

The Persuasive Language of Bible Critics

Truth Matters gives an explanation of the current attacks on Scripture (by professors and authors such as Bart Ehrman) and a reasonable, biblical answer to these attacks.

We live in an age when about the only belief you’ll be frowned upon for having is one that doesn’t allow for complete diversity, in which everyone’s chosen ways lead to ultimate truth.  Their truth. …[Today,] tolerance swallows up truth.  So when your professor injects his or her brand of skeptical sarcasm into the discussion,... Continue Reading

Popularity: A Pastor’s Fiery Trial

Forget popularity. Don’t buckle or throw in the towel when faced with difficulties.

Near the beginning of his 1830 publication on the pastoral ministry (The Christian Ministry), Charles Bridges discussed the trials and difficulties of the ministry.  In this section he wrote that for pastors, “the greatest difficulties derive their origin and power from ourselves.”  This whole section is outstanding, and very much worth reading.  One part of... Continue Reading