A Beginner’s Guide to Singing the Psalms for Corporate Worship

If the idea of singing the Psalms for corporate worship is a daunting our outdated proposition, here’s some practical help

Why should we care about singing the Psalms in corporate worship in the 21st century? First, because the Psalms are a divinely-inspired school of prayer. Then also realize that they offer a point of contact with nearly every human experience: from desolation to gratitude, loneliness to community, anger to joy.   If the idea of singing the... Continue Reading

Is the Noah Account Just One Myth Among Many?

Genesis 6-9 and Ancient Near Eastern Flood Stories

Early in 2014, the news headlines were all abuzz with the “ground-breaking” discovery of a Mesopotamian flood account that featured a round ark. “Ahhhh, yes,” arm-chair critics beamed, “we always knew that the biblical story couldn’t be true. Here is proof that Genesis 6-9 is just one myth among many.” Besides the fact that ancient... Continue Reading

It’s Not Gay: Examining Liberation From Lifestyle Bondage

Christian songwriter Dennis Jernigan reflected upon his past while receiving the Courage Award for Former Homosexuals at the Second Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Month Conference

“Christians are called to  “have the ministry of reconciliation,” Jernigan stated during the post-screening discussion. Yet Jernigan draws the line at allowing a homosexual cousin to bring his partner to the Jernigan home in order to protect his family. A “real possibility” cited by Jernigan in Sing over Me, meanwhile, is that “hate speech” accusations will come... Continue Reading

Lawful and Unlawful Use of the Law

The law is used wrongly in a legalist or antinomian way

It is an unlawful use of the law – and abuse both of law and gospel – to pretend that its accomplishment by Christ releases believers from any obligation to it as a rule.  Such an assertion is not only wicked, but absurd and impossible in the highest degree: for the law is founded in... Continue Reading

Star Wars Producer To Make Eric Liddell Sequel

The Oscar-winning film that tells the story of devout Edinburgh sprinter Eric Liddell, is to finally get a sequel.

Gary Kurtz confirmed the sequel would focus on Liddell’s life and agonising death on Chinese soil. The Hollywood veteran – who produced the 1977 classic Star Wars and sequel The Empire Strikes Back said : “We are going to be shooting in various places in China.   The 1981 low-budget blockbuster finished with the Christian... Continue Reading

A Free-Market Economist’s Take on Ken Burns’ “The Roosevelts”

A review of “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History”

Thank goodness I made myself watch the actual documentary. Ken Burns and his writer, Geoffrey C. Ward, steered clear of presenting a mythological hagiography, and instead gave us vivid, insightful, fair-minded biographies of three immensely important, but oh-so-human Americans.   By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about Ken Burns’ 14-hour documentary on the three most famous... Continue Reading

When Your Husband Is Addicted To Pornography

The book is not a manual on how to fix your husband, it is also more specifically geared for encountering the first level of sexual addiction, which is pornography

“While I’m glad to see more and more resources available for men who struggle with sexual sin, their suffering wives have not had much available to them. And I have had more friends than I’d like to number who have been in this painful struggle–When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography. Of course, the gospel... Continue Reading

The Old Testament in the New Testament

8 points on the relationship between the Testaments

In many cases the NT writers, illumined by the Holy Spirit, perceived with greater clarity than the OT writers themselves God’s intended meaning behind some prophecies.  What the prophets had seen only dimly and in terms of general principle, the NT writers saw in the glowing light of fulfillment in a perspective in which a... Continue Reading

Jonathan Edwards (Christian Biographies for Young Readers) by Simonetta Carr

The Christian Biographies for Young Readers series introduces children to key figures from church history

This book is a joy to page through. Full color illustrations, photographs, portraits and maps, buildings and vistas appear at the appropriate time on each page. After the biographical sketch, a time line of Edward’s life is included, as is an excerpt from a letter to one of his daughters. Also included is a “Did... Continue Reading

The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It

A review of Peter Enns' new book

In the end, The Bible Tells Me So is a book about contradictions. Enns intended it to be a book about contradictions in the Bible. But it becomes quickly apparent that the contradictions are really in Enns’s own worldview. He claims the Canaanite conquest is immoral, yet argues the Bible provides no clear guide for... Continue Reading