A Review: ‘Perspectives On The Extent Of The Atonement: Three Views’

There is genuine profit in reading an exposition and defense of varying views that goes beyond the needs of the beginning student.

Carl Trueman defends “Definite Atonement,” arguing that Christ died with the intention of saving his elect. His essay consists of two primary planks:  1) The Particularity of Intention in Christ’s Saving Mission, and 2) The Objective Efficacy of Christ’s Work…. Grant Osborne defends the “General Atonement” view in a series of steps that Christ died for everyone,... Continue Reading

Should We Read Expository Commentaries?

Some considerations on what use to make of expository commentaries

This question is a matter of debate over at Ref21, with Rick Phillips taking the pro side, and Paul Levy taking the con side. I have to say, having read many expository commentaries, that I whole-heartedly agree with Rick. Paul raises some important points, however, which deserve careful consideration. The first point he raises is... Continue Reading

The Radical Assault on Marriage and Family, from Karl Marx to Justice Kennedy

An interview with Dr. Paul Kengor, author of "Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage"

The key here is the rise of the New Left, or the so-called “cultural Marxists.” They switched the fight against the West away from the Marxist class/economic-based revolutionary model to one of culture and sex. Their inability to sell economic Marxism to the world meant that a new means would be needed to bring down... Continue Reading

Anti-Church Evangelical Trends

Six anti-church trends among American evangelicals

Spectator Christians: “Spectator Christianity feeds on the delusion that virtue can come through viewing, much like the football fan who imagines that he ingests strength and daring while watching his favorite pro team.  Spectator sports and spectator Christianity produce the same things – fans who cheer the players on while they themselves are in desperate need... Continue Reading

7 Signs You Were Raised as an Evangelical in the Last 25 Years

The last 25 years have been monumental for the evangelical subculture

“There’s a lot to love about evangelicals — especially when you think about the many ways evangelicals demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit to the oftentimes thankless world around them. But sometimes, one of the most humble things we can do is have a laugh at ourselves.”   The last 25 years have been monumental... Continue Reading

Why You Should Read Moby Dick

Its greatness is found in its unparalleled theological symbolism

In a personal letter to Nathaniel Hawthorne upon completing this novel, Melville said, “I have written an evil book.” What is it about the book that Melville considered evil? I think the answer to that question lies in the meaning of the central symbolic character of the novel, Moby Dick, the great white whale.   It... Continue Reading

Sabbath: The First Day of the Week

Why has the Christian church historically called Sunday “the Lord’s Day” or “The Christian Sabbath?”

Sometimes we may doubt the “first day sabbath” principle because there isn’t one or two clear texts that teach it.  However, when considering the Bible’s bigger picture and the flow of redemptive history centered around Christ, it does make biblical sense to call the first day of the week the Lord’s Day, the day of... Continue Reading

The Biggest Story

A new children's book by Kevin DeYoung on "How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden"

A number of years ago I did something different for my evening sermon. It was the week before Christmas and instead of preaching through the next verses of whatever book I was in, I wrote a story. I read the sermon that Sunday night like I was reading to my kids. I told them to... Continue Reading

Taking Your Dating Cues from Hollywood

Pride and Prejudice ruined me. The story of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy is burned into my brain; why? Because I desperately want it to be my story, that’s why.

I’m not intending to bash movies altogether. Some, including some romances and romantic comedies, are quite charming and innocuous. But it’s time we stop taking our dating cues from Hollywood. It’s time to instead get a biblical view of dating, relationships and marriage. How do we do this? For starters, we read the Bible and... Continue Reading

The Danger Of Children’s Bible Story Books Toning Down The Bible

When we teach the Old Testament to our children, remembering that every story is really most truly about Jesus is absolutely crucial.

Of course, every child is different. There’s no one right way to communicate the gospel to children. Every parent has to decide for himself or herself. The point, though, is to be careful about “softening” some of the more gruesome elements in Scripture. We don’t want to misrepresent Scripture, and we certainly don’t want to... Continue Reading