Has The Passover Been Abolished?

It is a trend in some Christian circles and churches to host and celebrate Jewish sort of meals that are connected to the Passover.

It may seem interesting and even spiritual to reenact ancient Jewish feasts and meals, but doing so is actually going back to the copies and shadows of the old covenant which is obsolete (Heb 8: 5, 13).  As Hebrews makes very clear, you can’t have the old and the new together – the old is... Continue Reading

The Story After ‘Chariots of Fire’

“The Last Race,” a follow up film to “Chariots of Fire,” is about the ministry of Eric Liddell in China after the 1924 Olympics.

The film first shows Liddell, played by Joseph Fiennes, trudging into an internment camp in 1943, then flashes back to the eastern port of Tianjin and his years in the city as a teacher and missionary after his Olympic victory. After the Japanese invade, he sends his pregnant wife (Elizabeth Arends) and their two daughters... Continue Reading

Southern Honor and Evangelical History: An Interview with Robert Elder

Church discipline, however unevenly practiced, was an acknowledgement of an enslaved person’s moral agency, something the Southern legal system didn’t acknowledge

“Nobody had written a full-length study of it, but most recent histories agreed that early evangelicals challenged the South’s honor culture, especially the violence, drinking, and rigid hierarchies or gender, race, and class that were integral to it.”   I recently had a chance to interview Robert Elder, assistant professor of history at Valparaiso University,... Continue Reading

All Our Works Excluded

When it comes to being right with God – being declared righteous by God and accepted by him – all our works are completely excluded.

“The effective cause (causa efficiens) of justification is God, more accurately God the Father, and still more accurately His grace and righteousness. The meritorious cause is the obedience of Christ the Mediator (causa meritoria). The instrumental cause (causa instrumentalis) is faith worked in the heart through the Holy Spirit and then put into action. The... Continue Reading

Racism, Prejudice, and Christ

When the eternal Son of God became flesh and dwelt among us, he crossed an infinite chasm—from the infinite to the finite, and from immortality to mortality.

There is a fine line between legitimate probability judgments and sinful prejudice. It is a real line. God sees it even when we don’t. And my concern is to plead with you not to let the legitimacy of probability judgments function in your heart as a subtle self-justification for sinful prejudice.   Probability and Prejudice... Continue Reading

Is the Reformation Over?

Have the issues that divided Protestants and Catholics been sufficiently resolved that we can now pursue a return to unity?

In the same way Paul rebuked Peter in Galatians 2:11 for giving the “impression that he agreed with the Judaizers,” we too must diligently rescue the gospel from even appearing off course. In short, conceding to blurred lines for the sake of unity is spiritual compromise. “We must remind the world that the gospel of... Continue Reading

Tactics – Book Review

In this book Koukl shares tactics that will prove beneficial to any Christian

“This is not an apologetics 101 text, as in a book that will compare and contrast various apologetic methods; instead, it is a guide, a book that seeks to lead the reader into a new method of sharing his faith with others.”   I have a bit of an aversion to books on apologetics. I... Continue Reading

Black and White Reviews, Black and Blue Complementarianism

Victims of abuse need to be heard. We especially need to listen as a church.

One common critique among them is that Tucker’s view of complementarianism is wrong. Complementarianism does not teach abusive headship, it teaches using the model of how Christ leads his church. I think the author would agree that her ex-husband would have been abusive no matter what doctrine he held. But here’s the problem: the “that’s... Continue Reading

Fighting for Faith in a Fostering Family

The Menns have welcomed 22 foster children into their home from multiple states across America

This adapted excerpt from T. J. and Jenn Menn’s Faith to Foster (Abeille Books) recounts the story of “Casey,” documenting his time with the Menn family from arrival to departure and the aftermath. The Menns have welcomed 22 foster children into their home from multiple states across America, ranging in age from birth to high school. Names have been changed to... Continue Reading

The 4 Most Popular Ways To Read The Song Of Songs

Different way to interpret the Song of Songs.

It is possible to steer a middle ground between the allegorical and literal extremes: to recognize the Song of Songs as wisdom literature that celebrates a great mystery in life, the mutual love of a man and a woman (Prov. 30:19), yet that in this celebration will not only shape our thinking about human relationships... Continue Reading