Marriage And Millennials

There’s something about this “death ’til we part” business that’s worth hanging in for

“This marriage thing is hard.We know everything about each other, can anticipate each other’s next sentence, and not only know exactly where the dirty socks will be thrown but when. We repeat the same fights, stick to the same guns, rebut with the same rebuttals, face the same bedheads in the morning. If monogamy equals monotonous... Continue Reading

Christian Eschatology and The Planet of the Apes

Movies can represent the intersection of eschatology with contemporary fears.

As I went around the room with my students, I asked what their home churches had taught about the ultimate things: heaven, hell, kingdom, and so on. Most of them said their churches were reluctant to say much at all, beyond generalities. Many of their churches, it seems, were fearful to talk much about eschatology... Continue Reading

Radical(ly Normal)

“You don’t have to live crazy to follow Jesus.”

All in all, this book, Radically Normal, is a helpful evangelical counterpoint to the “radical” American evangelical emphases and movements (emphases and movements which have been around for more than 30 years).  It’s well written, not too difficult to read, and provides a good remedy for those Christians who feel guilty for not being radical.  Thankfully, you... Continue Reading

The Picture of a Godly Man

Why have church-going Christian Men become a rare commodity?

It is this process of sanctification in the life of male Christians that I find to be the missing element in American evangelicalism. Men receive no discipleship, no instruction as to how to grow in grace, no teaching on how to become more like Christ, and so they find themselves making little or no progress,... Continue Reading

On (Not) Listening to Recorded Sermons

Just because technology makes something easier and more convenient doesn’t mean it is right, proper, and good.

“When we listen to an MP3 recording of a sermon, we are not listening to preaching, but to an echo of preaching that happened in the past.  Listening on my own to a recording can never be more than a poor second-best to actually being there with the people of God in a local church. ... Continue Reading

Review: ‘Unbroken’

Louis Zamperini was called home to glory on July 2, 2014

Zamperini’s story of survival and resilience will grab most readers’ attention. But it’s his testimony of redemption that makes Unbroken perhaps the most exciting and encouraging book published in 2010. You won’t feel even a tinge of worry when sharing the book with unbelievers. It should provoke fascinating conversations. Unbroken memorably illustrates both the depths of human depravity and... Continue Reading

Childish Tendencies

A window into the self-absorbed hipster, ‘Obvious Child’ is painful to watch

Despite Obvious Child’s attempt to be a gritty, independent film, the realism is limited to Donna’s millennial attitude. Here Juno distinguishes itself again. Juno, which won an Oscar for best original screenplay, allowed its story to remain first. The writer, Diablo Cody, wasn’t a pro-life lobbyist with a checklist. But in Obvious Child, the story is reduced to... Continue Reading

Liberalism Reinvented

A review of Theo Hobson's Reinventing Liberal Christianity

The other matter which Hobson does not really address and yet which is so germane to the current situation is the role of the law courts.  With so many competing visions of what individual freedom actually looks like (as opposed to what it is in theory), the liberal state has arguably ceded significant power to... Continue Reading

Ecclesiology of the New Calvinism

A review of Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centered Church, by Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson, and Eric Geiger

And yet this book also highlighted for me some significant differences between confessionally Reformed churches and the New Calvinism.  While there are many things we can appreciate about this movement, there are also points of departure.  They call themselves Calvinists, and in terms of the doctrine of salvation they are.  However, I’m quite confident that... Continue Reading

Learning from Calvin’s Company of Pastors

New Book: Calvin's Company Of Pastors: Pastoral Care And The Emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609

“In more than 30 minutes we discussed a day in the life of Calvin, the need to avoid idolizing our spiritual heroes, the benefits of collegial ministry, the occasions when other pastors challenged Calvin, the courage required to endure in ministry, and more. Manetsch also identified the one pastoral challenge that frustrated Calvin more than... Continue Reading