A Way Forward for PCA Peace, Health, and Unity

Will the PCA make changes by legislative fiat from the top – or – by consensus among the presbyteries and local congregations?

This pastor remains far more concerned that the peace of our church will be wounded by unwitting defenses and advocacies, which employ legislative fiat, in thesi deliverances, or manipulating things such that voting among the grassroots presbyteries is strictly avoided.  That may be the way to win a demagogic vote, but it’s a surefire way... Continue Reading

Reflections From A Black Presbyterian On The PCA’s Overture On Racial Reconciliation

The PCA’s Overture 43: The evening of June 23, 2016, may have been one of the most refreshing time in the denomination’s history.

The overture on racial reconciliation will not abruptly change the culture of an entire denomination. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ripe for disappointment. At the same time, approving this statement makes a statement. It says to people both within and outside the PCA that we stand against racism in all its forms and commit ourselves... Continue Reading

PCA GA: Overture 43 On Racial Reconciliation Approved 861-123

The PCA General Assembly approved Overture 43 on racial reconciliation with an 85% vote of the commissioners

The Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly, meeting in Mobile, Ala., voted on June 23 to approve Overture 43 on racial reconciliation. This action began when a personal resolution on racial reconciliation was presented to the 43rd PCA General Assembly in 2015. After debate on the resolution, a motion was approved to recommend to the... Continue Reading

PCA GA: AC Committee of Commissioners Recommends Not Erecting Study Committee on Women In Ministry

The AC Committee of Commissioners votes 31-7 to recommend that the PCA General Assembly not approve the proposal to erect a study committee on women in ministry.

The Cooperative Ministries Committee (CMC) of the Presbyterian Church in America approved sending a recommendation to the PCA General Assembly that it erect a study committee on the issue of women serving in the ministry of the church. This proposal was assigned to the Committee of Commissioners (CoC) reviewing the work of the Administrative Committee... Continue Reading

PCA GA: Overtures Committee Recommends Adoption of Overture 43 On Racial Reconciliation

Overture 43 as amended and approved by the Overtures Committee is being recommended to the PCA General Assembly for its consideration

On Monday, June 20, the Overtures Committee considered these overtures and voted to recommend that Overture 43 from Potomac Presbytery be answered in the affirmative as amended, and all other overtures be answered with reference to Overture 43. The action of the Overtures Committee, which adopted it by a vote of 8 5-3, is a... Continue Reading

Review and Comparison of PCA 2016 GA Racial Repentance Overtures

Assessing overtures coming before the PCA General Assembly on repentance for racial sins in the PCA going back to the Civil Rights era.

Overtures calling for both propose we take action at both the denominational level and the local level. I find myself in favor of this approach. Admittedly without offering an extended defense of my opinion, let me briefly highlight the key considerations persuading me. First, I believe the covenantal considerations found in Ezra and Nehemiah’s examples... Continue Reading

Facts and Myths for the PCA on Racial Reconciliation

In support of Overtures 45 and 53 as the way forward as the PCA General considers the issue of racial reconciliation.

After all, how can we solve problems if we cannot state specific, identifiable, perhaps quantifiable issues that must be addressed? How can we learn about those specific problems if we do not take the time to ferret out the details and perform something like a root cause analysis? And how can we reach a final... Continue Reading

The PCA’s Version of Executive Orders

Formed just 9 years ago, an emboldened CMC has rapidly started to resemble the old PCUSA’s General Assembly Council.

In any event, let it be known that the CMC is on record pace to replicate other mainline wrecking balls. Are we so sure that we are really morally superior to those past Presbyterians who now pathetically limp along? Short of such conceit, we should disprove the usurpation by acting promptly to correct or defeat... Continue Reading

Thornwell ‘Responds’ to Concerns About Overture 14 at the PCA General Assembly

Thornwell summarized the flaw in arguing for an analogy between civil courts and spiritual courts and provided a necessary correction to those in his time as well as our own.

Quoted below is an extract from a journal article in which Thornwell discussed the revisions proposed to the Book of Discipline.  In this section, Thornwell addressed critics of the “demand and receive” language.  Not only did Thornwell make clear that the committee added the language to bring clarity to existing principle but he also expressed... Continue Reading

Didn’t We Just Do This? Recent PCA Proposals to Ordain Women to Church Office – Part 3

“The question of the role of women in the Church is not a new or unstudied issue….the proposed study committee is unlikely to break new ground or shed new insights” (37th GA, 2009).

One of the contentions of the CMC is that the PCA has a history of passivity and even resistance to discussing the role of women in the church. However, a review of recent history will attest to the fact that the PCA does not have a history of passivity in discussing the role of women... Continue Reading