One Morning along the Louisville Riverwalk

Not everything happening at the PCA General Assembly is 'business as usual'

Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the wood* of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the wood* are for the healing of the nations. Revelation 22:1-2

At the PCA GA: Less than 2/3 vote to recommend an amended proposal to stay in the NAE

IRC must "be alert for and report to the GA any action or position taken by the NAE"

"The Stated Clerk of the PCA is presently serving as the Chairman of the NAE Board of Directors and Executive Committee and an ex officio member of the Board of World Relief…the PCA has contacts with other evangelical Christian denominations, organizations, individuals, and ministries, shares in the mercy ministries of the World Relief Commission, participates in world evangelization, and has a greater voice and influence in civic engagement through the NAE…" (Extract from Permanent Committee)

‏At the PCA GA: Overtures Committee votes to deny some controversial issues

Minority report expected in the case of Intinction and Theistic Evolution

On Monday afternoon, most of the major Committees of Commissioners met to go over reports from Boards and Agencies, as well as the SuperCommittee of Commissioners, known as the Overtures Committee, that deals with most overtures.

Are you going to Louisville? If so, we need some help.

The Aquila Report will be short one full time staff member at the PCA General Assembly

If you see or hear something that is newsworthy (e.g., not simply a rumor, no matter how hot it is) send an email and/or text to That would certainly be quicker and easier than trying to find Dominic Aquila at any given time!!

PCA’s Review of Presbytery Records Both Approves and Rejects Paedocommunion – by Wes White

The result is that we have a committee presenting conflicting motions to the General Assembly. We have two different minorities arguing the opposite point. Paedocommunion will be one of the hot issues at the 40th General Assembly.

Commissioners to PCA General Assembly Advised: ‘Remember your PEAS’ – by Megan Fowler

“It is shocking to realize things are going on in people’s lives, and you would readily help if you only knew about it,” Dively said. The presence of PastorServe at General Assembly will give pastors a chance to unload their burdens and lean on their brothers for support.

Proposed Seminar on Creation and Science at 2012 PCA General Assembly Stirs Debate – by Dominic Aquila

The concerns raised about the seminar are based on what appear to be inferences that Old Earth Creationism has more scientific evidence and credibility than Young Earth Creationism.

PCA’s Study Committee on the Insider Movement Submit’s Partial Report

The ad interim SCIM has carried out the first stage of its duties, investigating divine familial language and Bible translation. Stemming from the SCIM research, important points of action surface. These actions concern agencies and workers engaged in Bible translation, as well as the PCA churches that support the work of Bible translation. For the... Continue Reading


Below is the entire text of the Preliminary Decision in the case involving the views of TE Jeff Meyers of Missouri Presbytery concerning Federal Vision theology. For the full story including events leading up to the issuance of this decision, go here. Summary of the Facts: 07-20-04 Missouri Presbytery (MOP) formed a study committee “to... Continue Reading

PCA GA Actions on Paedocommunion and Women Deacons: Some Thoughts

It should be noted from this report that the 16th GA did not declare paedocommunion as an allowable exception. The report declared that “classical Reformed theology has been virtually unanimous in judging that covenant children ought not to be brought to the Lord’s Table before the age of discretion.” Though it has been described as... Continue Reading


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