First Overtures of the First American Presbytery

First overtures from the first presbytery in the American colonies

These first overtures of this small but soon to be active Presbytery stated clearly that the message of biblical Christianity was to propagated throughout the new world in obedience to the Word of God. At subsequent meetings of the Philadelphia Presbytery, it was noted that these first three overtures were being accomplished.   At the... Continue Reading

Five Tests of Genuine Faith

If you want to know whether your faith in Christ is genuine and true, examine it carefully and honestly.

What are my  feelings and habits regarding  the “means of grace”?  i.e.  church attendance, fellowship,  private devotional life. Do you find worshipping with other Christians on Sunday to be a mere duty and drudgery or is it a  true  delight and refreshment to your soul?    Do you look forward to partaking in the Lord’s... Continue Reading

PCA Ministry And Pastoral Transitions

The Stated Clerk’s Office of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) regularly reports ministry and pastoral transitions within the PCA.

The Stated Clerk’s Office of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) regularly reports ministry and pastoral transitions within the PCA. This report has the names of ministers who have moved in the latter part of 2014. These ministry changes are submitted by the Clerks of Presbyteries to the Stated Clerk’s office.   Ryan Baker, from... Continue Reading

Would a Division be Good for the PCA?

Some history and a proposal for meetings of the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly

One year, let’s call it the ‘A’ Year, would keep the current convention look. We would have vendors, we would have visitors, and we would have reports from our Committees and Agencies (and approve their budgets), and we would have large worship services open to the public….The next year (and from then on rotate) we have... Continue Reading

Reflections on Substance

Hobby Lobby and the 42nd PCA General Assembly

The CMC reported that it is empowered “to focus on the overall ministry and mission of the PCA,” and had identified five key issues facing the denomination it would study and report on next year: The role of women in the PCA; Homosexuality and related issues; The rising generation of leaders in the PCA; Making... Continue Reading

My Statement Released to the PCUSA’s Office of the General Assembly: “Practice What You Preach”

It would behoove the Louisville leadership to address its own denominational nastiness, so as not to be guilty of hypocrisy and worse.

Why has not the Office of the General Assembly directed some of its wide-ranging attention to the cruelty, greed, oppression and mean-spiritedness being consistently demonstrated by the institutional powers within its ranks? In these matters, presbyteries seem to hold all the power in the “negotiation process.” Where are the progressive leaders who so readily mouth... Continue Reading

Why Marriage Traditionalists Are Unprotected In PCUSA

The logic of the pro-same-sex marriage position pushes its proponents eventually to make the redefinition of marriage universal and mandatory

“Proponents of redefining marriage already have declared that they regard this doctrinal revision as “the civil rights issue of our generation.” They see the denial of marriage to same-sex couples as an unconscionable form of discrimination that can have no rational justification. In their eyes, opponents of same-sex marriage are today’s equivalent of racist bigots... Continue Reading

Reflections on the 42nd PCA General Assembly

Reflections on the 42nd General Assembly of the PCA, and quick summary of some of the business that occurred

Dr. Thomas gave a talk during a luncheon hosted by the “Gospel Reformation Network.” His topic was the doctrine of sanctification. Many people are confused today about the doctrine of sanctification or how Christians grow in the likeness of Christ, being enabled more and more to die unto to sin and live unto righteousness (WSC... Continue Reading

Insider Movements Study Committee Report Endorsed by the PCA

The Presbyterian Church in America, the Presbyterian Church of Bangladesh, and other churches, are committed together against IM’s theology and methods

The PCA Study Committee Report is an excellent resource for pastors, missionaries, mission committees, and others who support or are involved in missionary efforts.  It also has significant implications for the local outreach of the church not only to Muslim but also to the Jewish, the GLBT, and other communities.  However, it can appear a... Continue Reading

PCA Stated Clerk: Actions of the 42nd General Assembly

The Stated Clerk's report

Overall, the 42nd General Assembly proved to be an irenic meeting, even though several controversial matters were considered. The goodwill demonstrated may be attributed to the Overtures Committee’s helpful work, the Moderator’s wisdom and grace in moderating, and the Christian spirit evinced by commissioners both in committee and Assembly sessions, as a genuine meeting of... Continue Reading