The PCA and the Right Against Self-Incrimination: Against Overture 14 at the PCA General Assembly

Overture 14 seeks to change BCO 35-1 to read that "church officers under accusation with regards to doctrinal views shall be required to testify before the court."

At the 2015 General Assembly in Chattanooga, the PCA rejected an overture to require an accused officer to testify against himself. Doctrinal charges must be proved by public materials and sermons, rather than aggressive prosecution. At the GA in Mobile, however, Providence Presbytery has raised this same issue again through Overture 14, which seeks to... Continue Reading

A Presbytery PJC Ruling On A Same-Sex Marriage Policy In The PC(USA)

It is worth reiterating at this point that this decision is from a presbytery PJC and has limited application. If appealed and upheld it would gain authoritative status.

“This decision is reminiscent of the remedial cases regarding ordination standards and the various GAPJC rulings that there could be no categorical standards or explicit lists of essential tenants but each candidate must be considered on an individual basis. From a polity point of view this decision falls right in line with that.”   I... Continue Reading

Erskine Seminary Faculty Asks Board to Separate the College and the Seminary

The faculty of the Erskine Theological Seminary voted unanimously to adopt two petitions requesting the board to act on separating the college and seminary, and adjusting salary and compensation.

The first petition was approved by the faculty on March 10, and was addressed to the members of the Erskine board as well as the Moderator of the General Synod of the ARP. It requests the board “to facilitate the separation of the college and the seminary as soon as possible.” The second petition was... Continue Reading

Interpreting and Applying the Law

There are two things that we need to keep in mind when applying the passages of the Old Testament which contain the Law of God: the three differentiations of the law and the three uses of the moral law.

These lessons about how to interpret and apply the Scriptures of the Old Testament help us in getting the most out of our reading and studying of Scripture. I’ve also found that these principles of interpretation – concerning the Law of God and Old Testament stories – are helpful when trying to clarify and explain... Continue Reading

Confessing Sin One Church Officer at a Time

A call for PCA members to confess their sin of racism by the book — that is, by the Book of Church Order.

I would like for this year’s PCA Assembly to answer all the related overtures [on the sin of racism] by sending them back to the courts from which they originated to be dealt with according to our rules of discipline. Fully a third of our BCO is devoted to how our courts should deal with... Continue Reading

Overtures Take Different Approaches on Race

These overtures will be considered by the Overtures Committee

“The overture also calls the PCA to lament the decades it took to address the issue and its failure to preach and embody the full truth of Scripture on race-related matters. It calls on church courts to include questions about how the Gospel addresses issues of race and integration in the examination of candidates for... Continue Reading

Overture To PCUSA Seeks To Extract Apology From Those Following Biblical Teachings On Sexuality

A Presbyterian Church (USA) presbytery is asking the 222nd General Assembly to apologize to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ/Q) community

The overture asks that the PCUSA affirm, confess and apologize for “the teachings and actions that have created marginalization of our sisters and brothers, adding to the erroneous belief that people who identify as LGBTQ/Q should be considered unworthy to serve fully or be honored as family within and without the church.”   A Presbyterian... Continue Reading

Three Proposals for Racial Reconciliation Overtures in the PCA

As the calendar turns and thoughts begin to turn to the general assembly, it is important that we think about this matter in a biblically principled manner.

We should avoid diverting the church from its spiritual mission by means of permanent committees for social justice.  Sean Lucas’ book clearly shows the peril to a Christian church of embracing a mission of social change or justice.  It was PCUS’s Permanent Committee on Social and Moral Welfare that played a significant role in leading... Continue Reading

Overture 1 Sent to the PCA’s 44th General Assembly: Steps Towards Racial Reconciliation

The 44th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America will meet in Mobile, Ala., June 20-24, 2016

Therefore be it resolved, that, before our Lord, the 44th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America exhorts all its members, especially its officers, to examine themselves in the light of Scripture to determine if there be any unconfessed and unrepentant sins of partiality, favoritism, or prejudice among them (Gn. 1:26-27, Eph. 2:14-22, Jas.... Continue Reading

Overture Seeks to Restore Marriage in the PCUSA to Between One Man and One Woman

Before it can be considered by the 222nd General Assembly, however, another PCUSA presbytery must also vote to approve – or concur – with the overture.

The overture’s rationale states, “When we fail to seek Christ’s direction we are subject to the direction of the culture in which we reside and therefore can make errors in our judgment failing to glorify Jesus Christ in whom we seek to serve first and foremost.” When the PCUSA voted to amend the definition of... Continue Reading