A Wise Woman Builds Her Home on Sola Scriptura

That lovely place of shelter, comfort, belonging, and becoming that we call home finds its fullest actualization in our God who is himself inherently hospitable. He is the ransomed sinner’s very home.

“By wisdom,” we are told in Proverbs 24:3-4, “a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” The principle in these proverbs should not be understood as referring to mere physical blessing, but rather to the more imperative (and at times elusive) atmosphere of blessedness that we... Continue Reading

Reformation 500, Social Justice and the Gospel

Like many, I've attended several Reformation 500 events over the last twelve months.

There was one Reformation 500 message that I heard, however, that was different from the others. It was troubling both as to its content and tone; and, it did not–in any way whatsoever–communicate the good news of the Gospel. The sermon clearly demonstrated the need for further reflection upon the history and doctrine of the Reformation in... Continue Reading

Ten Critical Trends for Churches in 2018

In the waves of these seas of negativity, are mercy drops of hope and possibilities.

Many congregations are at a tipping point. Some will die. Some will thrive. My prayer is that the summary of these trends can be used of God in your churches to move your congregation toward greater health and Great Commission obedience.   Never in my lifetime have I seen local congregations at such a critical... Continue Reading

Evangelicals and Domestic Violence: Are Christian Men More Abusive?

A sociologist looks at the data on domestic abuse against women.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) recently published a report titled, “Submit to your husbands: Women told to endure domestic violence in the name of God.” The subtitle, too, issued a similar claim: “Advocates say the church is not just failing to sufficiently address domestic violence, it is both enabling and concealing it.”   As a sociologist... Continue Reading

Immutability and Reformed Theology

In an effort to promote more light than heat, I thought it might be helpful to compare two different approaches to the doctrine of immutability: one from Herman Bavinck and one from John Frame.

I am working with these two authors because Bavinck (of older theologians) is especially detailed when it comes to immutability, and because Frame (of more recent theologians) is so widely read and respected. He has also taken considerable interest in Dolezal’s book. While my sympathies lie with Bavinck, I’m going to refrain from arguing one... Continue Reading

R. C. Sproul Called Home to Glory

Dr. Sproul died on Thursday, December 14, 2017

R. C. Sproul Called Home to Glory   On Thursday afternoon, December 14, 2017, R. C. Sproul was called into the presence of the Lord whom he had served so faithfully for over half a century. A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, December 20, 2017. More information to follow. Related Stories, Resources and... Continue Reading

What Expository Preaching Is Not

Fifteen myths about expository preaching that should be exposed to help the preacher rightly understand and faithfully practice expository preaching.

Expository preaching explains what the text means by what it says, seeking to exhort the hearers to trust and obey the God-intended message of the text. It is preaching in which the point of the message is rooted in, aligns with, and flows from the primary meaning of the sermon text.   What is expository... Continue Reading

2 Qualities in All Great Leaders

Intentionality coupled with intensity makes a leader very credible and very effective.

Leadership without intentionality results in chaos for the people on the team and for those being served. Leadership without intentionality wastes an incredible amount of energy and resources. Intentionality means having a clear understanding of your mission, your culture, and where you are headed. Great leaders fight the drift away from intentionality and toward a... Continue Reading

Egalitarianism and the PCA’s Debate over the Role of Women in the Ministry in the Church

Is the PCA succumbing to cultural pressure and human tradition, thus incorrectly interpreting Scripture on the issue of the role of women in the ministry of the Church?

The citizens of the world hate clarity; those of us in the PCA must overcome our natural tendencies and strive for Scriptural clarity not only about men and women but also about the war in which we are engaged if we hope to avoid the fate of our predecessor denomination.   The discussion of the... Continue Reading

What’s the Mission: Transformation or Reformation?

The effects of the covenant of works, requiring personal righteousness, explains the continued human strivings for perfectibility and utopia.

It’s the other half of the good news that Jesus fulfilled all righteousness under the law that too often gets left out of these churches….That news doesn’t fit in the natural categories of the unregenerate mind. This foreign announcement of an alien righteousness, given as a free gift, is apparently rarely proclaimed in Reformed churches... Continue Reading


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