Predigested Obsolescence

For as long as there have been churches, there have been churches that want to do less than that for which the church is intended.

What is striking, though perhaps not surprising, is that the churches have continued to ride the therapeutic bandwagon, even as that bandwagon has gone political. Rainbow flags, “No Place for Hate” signs, and Black Lives Matter posters often seem to do double duty: signaling those vital virtues and indicating the presence of a house of... Continue Reading

The Church Is More Than People

The kingdom of God is what Christ preached and ushered in, and the present form it takes is the church.

The church, therefore, is a place where the people are gathered to receive God’s divine gifts, and it is a people who are formed and scattered during the week. The church, then, goes out into neighborhoods and communities to serve others in their various callings. This is our mission. This is where we give Christ’s love through our callings.... Continue Reading

The Ascent of Trump and the Impact on Evangelical Ethics

My concern is that our opinion on ethical issues appears to change depending on how the political wind is blowing at any particular moment.

I am very hesitant to state that the Bible supports this or that political position. However, I cannot see how the situation I have just described is in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Either something is a sin or it isn’t. Either we should be gracious or we shouldn’t. Slight differences in situations... Continue Reading

Between Irrelevance and Inspiration: Rob Bell’s “What is the Bible?”

In the final analysis this book is nothing but an unsophisticated demonstration of unbelief echoing, with all the craft and subtly, the serpent’s question: “Did God actually say?”

Rob Bell finds himself in a peculiar situation. He rejects the belief that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God; but he also rejects the idea that the Bible is of absolutely no use. It’s as if he wants to have one foot on inspiration and the other on irrelevance and... Continue Reading

Kind Education

I long for the day when there will be freedom in the body of Christ for believers to unburden their hurts without the fear of being met with defensiveness or dismissiveness.

If people are going to treat me as “other”, I am no better if I fail to see their humanity. Sure there were times when the comments were malicious, but more often than not, ignorance was the root. But the “kind education” needed to correct the ignorance means listening on one side and taking the... Continue Reading

A Call for Deacons

What are the qualifications for a deacon? What do deacons do?

Deacons serve a crucial role in the life of the church. Both of the offices of elder and deacon are important for the ministry of the church. Elders are ordained for the oversight of the church in the ministry of the Word and of prayer. Deacons are ordained for the service of the church in... Continue Reading

“The head of Christ is God”: ESS, Complementarianism, and the History of Interpretation

1 Corinthians 11:3 is a/the linchpin passage in the Eternal Subordination of the Son (ESS)-meets-Complementarianism argument.

Three premises are required for the ESS/Complementarian argument to succeed. “The head of Christ is God” must mean that the head of the Eternal Son of God, even prior to the incarnation, is God the Father. “Head” (kephale) must mean “authority over” or similar. There must be an intended analogy (or parallel) between the headship... Continue Reading

Four Reasons Why Every Christian Should Study Psalm 110

Study Psalm 110 to hear what the Lord says.

What do you cling to when your faith is challenged? Your friends, your church attendance, your family, your quiet time, your emotions or psychological health? A prayer that you prayed? These are times in our lives when we really want to know God’s will. Psalm 110 delivers again. Here we see the covenant of redemption,... Continue Reading

No Utopias Here

Interview with Carl Trueman on marriage, ministry, emotionalism, and Christians in politics.

Utopias have generally ended up as hells on earth, so even secular history suggests that utopianism is not a good political philosophy. Christians going into politics need to know it’s a question of achieving the best you can, not achieving perfection. Christians supporting Christian politicians need to be patient, bear with them, and pray they... Continue Reading

The Ruling Elder: A Generational Vision

The Bible teaches that a good Elder should be a good father, and a good father looks after his family.

As there were in the Church under the law, elders of the people for the government thereof, so in the Gospel Church, Christ has furnished others besides ministers of the Word with gifts and commission to govern when called thereunto, who are called ruling elders…Ruling elders possess the same authority and eligibility to office in... Continue Reading


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