Hong Kong Christian Groups Feel New Scrutiny From Mainland

The attention from Beijing has raised concerns here about encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy

“As the government of President Xi Jinping has stepped up efforts to limit the influence of Christianity in the mainland, including a controversial campaign to take down crosses in parts of eastern China, the activities of some of Hong Kong’s churches have come under official scrutiny.”   For years, the Rev. Philip Woo, the feisty... Continue Reading

Southern Baptists Will Cut 600 to 800 Missionaries and Staff

David Platt: International Mission Board overspent $210 million over last 6 years

The first of the cuts will come from voluntary retirements, followed by a restructuring. Overall, the IMB could release as many as 800 employees, according to an FAQ posted on the IMB’s website. Currently, the IMB has about 450 staff and about 4,700 missionaries overseas, down from 5,600 in 2009. Platt said earlier this year... Continue Reading

The Imminent Decline of Contemporary Worship Music: Eight Reasons

By imminent decline of contemporary worship music, I do not mean imminent disappearance.

“Contemporary worship” to me is an oxymoron. Biblically, worship is what angels and morning stars did before creation; what Abraham, Moses and the Levites, and the many-tongued Jewish diaspora at Pentecost did. It is what the martyrs, now ascended, do, and what all believers since the apostles have done. More importantly, it is what we... Continue Reading

S.C. Church’s Stance On Homosexuality Challenged

The South Carolina Baptist Convention asks First Baptist Greenville to either reverse its decision on marriage ceremonies, church membership and ordination to homosexuals or withdraw from the convention.

Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said the church’s claim not to have made a decision on homosexuality “is theologically, biblically, morally and even logically incoherent. The church certainly did make a decision regarding homosexuality.” Mohler wrote in a blog post that SBC moderates’ refusal to affirm the doctrine of scriptural inerrancy... Continue Reading

Missions Without Discipleship Is Tourism

Making disciples must remain at the center of our efforts in obedience to God’s Great Commission.

Short-term teams, mercy ministries and missions supporters must help to refocus our missions efforts so the lost are directed into the disciple making process. These other aspects of missions are valuable in demonstrating God’s grace and mercy to the lost. Frequently, the lost can be directed to Christ through short-term or mercy ministry work. But,... Continue Reading

The Silence of the Sheep – Why Is The UK Church Quiet About Abortion and Planned Parenthood?

Abortion is one of those shibboleth issues that is considered a ‘secular’ value and therefore cannot be criticised, which is why the PP scandal has been kept quiet

“What about the Church? In the US there have been many Christian commentators who, appalled by the videos, have not been slow to comment. But in the UK the silence has been almost deafening – apart from the Catholic Church and various campaign groups. But what about the rest of us – especially the evangelical... Continue Reading

Already & Not-Yet

We may speak of the kingdom of God – the rule and reign of Christ – as being already here, but not yet come in its fullness.

There is a real danger of falling into one of the ditches on either side of the road when it comes to our understanding of the coming of the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God was inaugurated at Christ’s first coming and will be consummated at His second coming. Living between these two epiphanies,... Continue Reading

Why San Francisco’s City Church Is Wrong About Sex

San Francisco's evangelical City Church will no longer require members to abstain from homosexual practice, so long as the homosexual activity occurs in the context of marriage.

Although the City Church letter appeals to Jesus’ mission to outcasts as a basis for jettisoning a male-female requirement for marriage, it is difficult to claim that the Jesus we encounter in Scripture would have countenanced homosexual sex in the context of a “marriage.” Jesus appealed to the two-sexes requirement for marriage (and thus for... Continue Reading

A Brief History Of Covenant Theology

The roots of Reformed covenant theology are as deep as the Christian revelation and tradition is old.

It is clear that, through the 20th century, the great consensus which had been sustained since the Reformed covenant theology since the 1520’s has fragmented. The causes seem to be three: The influence of Barth, even among confessional theologians has been greater than many recognize. Second, in reaction to Modernity, many have become practical fundamentalists,... Continue Reading

Do Churches Practice Age Discrimination in Hiring Pastors and Staff?

Age is important. But it should not be everything.

I am seeing many churches experiencing difficulty finding pastors and other staff that meet their criteria. The solution could be in looking at candidates who just might be younger or older than they originally anticipated. Don’t be surprised if you find some outstanding candidates either younger or older than you expected.   It’s a simple... Continue Reading


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