My Concerns About a “Recreations Clause” Study Committee

Should the PCA General Assembly approve a committee to study recreation on the Sabbath as requested by 2 overtures?

North Texas Presbytery (Overture 2) and Tennessee Valley Presbytery (Overture 9) have overtured the Presbyterian Church in America General Assembly to establish a study committee to change the language in the Westminster Confession and Catechisms with regard to the idea of recreation on the Sabbath. A number of years ago, I was in a presbytery... Continue Reading

The Rural Church Dilemma

I love the rural church and hope you do. Some of you will serve all your life in them.

Be energized by the concept that your church could become the most loving church in the world. I find this compelling. There will be many things your church may not be. It may not be the most educated church or the most innovative church, or the most evangelistic church, etc., but it can be the... Continue Reading

Do Churches Fail the Poor?

It’s a more basic failure to reach out, integrate, and keep them in the pews

“This is the striking story of the last 30 years: Despite the stereotype of religion as something that people “cling to” (to quote a different moment of condescension from this president) in desperate circumstances, actual religious practice has collapsed more quickly among Americans with weaker economic prospects than it has among the college-educated upper class.”... Continue Reading

Keeping Faith: The Changing Face of Religion in Canada

Many immigrants come to Canada and bring their religion with them

“An online survey on religion released in March by the Angus Reid Institute suggests that the percentage of God-denying Canadians has doubled from six per cent of the population in the 1970s to 13 per cent now — with about one in four Canadians saying they’re inclined to reject religion.”   When the sad time came to say good-bye to her late husband, Marie Diane... Continue Reading

Theology Feud Pits Half of Town’s Protestant Churches Against Another

A feud over theology has led an unusual ecumenical project in a small Arizona town

“Eight churches — including Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and non-denominational congregations—in Fountain Hills have teamed up for a campaign of public banners and sermons aimed at the theology of a nearby Methodist church.”   A feud over theology has led an unusual ecumenical project in a small Arizona town. Eight churches—including Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and non-denominational... Continue Reading

Mark Driscoll returns: Ex-Mars Hill Pastor Gets Standing Ovation at Mill Creek Church

The fallen pastor has picked himself up, with none of the mea culpas or public soul searching seen from his former top aides.

Driscoll built the Mars Hill Church, which he co-founded, into a mega church which eventually had 15 “campuses” in five states, and an estimated regular attendance of 13,000. It came crashing down last year, amidst plagiarism accusations, questions about where “church planting” donations designated for Ethiopia and India were really spent, and multiple accusations of... Continue Reading

First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC, Buys SCE&G Building For College Ministry

The onetime customer service center for SCE&G at Marion and Lady Streets has been sold to the church for $4.1 million.

Derek Thomas said plans for the three-story, 32,000-square-foot building, formerly a SCE&G customer service center, have not been finalized. A church committee is putting together a formal plan. However, the building probably will include a student library, meeting spaces and a coffee shop.   First Presbyterian Church is the latest downtown Columbia congregation to reach... Continue Reading

United Methodist Body Votes to Change the Church’s Position on Homosexuality by Allowing Clergy to Be ‘Practicing Homosexuals,’ Perform Gay Weddings

The Connectional Table voted 26 to 10 in favor of proposed legislation that would allow clergy to perform gay weddings

The Discipline also says that clergy can neither bless gay weddings nor can non-celibate homosexuals be ordained. At the UMC’s most recent general conference, held in 2012 in Tampa, Florida, a resolution introduced to change the Discipline’s language on these positions was voted down. But the controversy over the Mainline Protestant denomination’s position on homosexuality continued.... Continue Reading

Qualifying ‘The State of the PCA’

A response to Bryan Chapell's ‘State of the PCA’

If I am to be classified as a traditionalist, here is my definition of it: I believe in a tradition that is derived from the Scripture and has been held by great names in church history. This Scriptural tradition has found its way into the great creeds and confessions of the Church, particularly the Westminster... Continue Reading

Five Reasons Some Pastors Are Loners—And Why That’s Not Good

I have met very few leaders who fell when they were sharing life and ministry with others

“Jesus always got it right: He knew how to balance His time with the Father and with others. He called individuals, preached to the hundreds, and fed the thousands – all while also patiently investing in a few men. Even in his toughest moments (like the Garden of Gethsemane), He wanted men with Him.”  ... Continue Reading