Sorry 666: Churches Fear 990 More

How more ministries going digital could unwittingly aid atheists targeting church tax breaks

“Many churches leverage today’s technology so those beyond their walls can participate. But Christian legal experts are concerned that blurred lines between “church” and “ministry” will eventually spur the IRS to reexamine what constitutes a church. (The agency last stripped a nonprofit of church status in 2004, largely because the broadcasting- and publishing-focused group mostly... Continue Reading

Nine Questions You Should Ask Before Leading a Church Revitalization

Leading a church revitalization is difficult. Indeed, it can’t be done outside of God’s power

“While we can’t presume upon God’s timing in our lives, we do not need to enter the leadership of church revitalization as a stepping stone assignment. Change is often painfully slow, three steps forward and two steps backward. Some of the fruit of change often does not manifest until after the leader has been on... Continue Reading

Two PCUSA Congregations Pay To Be Dismissed to ECO

Changes in the PCUSA's polity over the years have led these two congregations to leave

“Hope Presbyterian, a congregation in Minneapolis with nearly 1,200 members, is paying more than a million dollars and losing one of its campuses but finds hope for the future with the move to a new denomination…. New Covenant Presbytery voted to release Grace Presbyterian Church of Houston on July 19. The church of more than... Continue Reading

PCA Minister Lloyd Kim Nominated as Mission to the World Coordinator

In 2007, the Kims moved to Cambodia to initiate a new church-planting work

Dr. Kim, an ordained PCA pastor, received a M.Div. from Westminster Seminary California and a Ph.D. from Fuller Theological Seminary. He served as associate pastor with New Life Mission Church (PCA) in Fullerton, Calif., before joining MTW. In 2004 Dr. Kim and his wife, Eda, a medical doctor, were sent by MTW to Manila, Philippines.... Continue Reading

ISIS Forces Last Iraqi Christians to Flee Mosul

By 1 p.m. on Friday almost every Christian in Mosul had heard the Sunni militants’ message — they had until noon Saturday to leave the city

A YouTube video shows ISIS taking sledgehammers to the tomb of Jonah, something that was also confirmed by Mr. Hikmat. The militants also removed the cross from St. Ephrem’s Cathedral, the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archdiocese in Mosul, and put up the black ISIS flag in its place.   BAGHDAD — By 1 p.m.... Continue Reading

‘Get with the Program’ — The Church of England Votes to Ordain Women Bishops

This is the kind of “compromise” that pervades mainline liberal Protestantism

“The measure approved by the synod means that women bishops will be bishops in full, with mandatory recognition of their episcopal status by all within the Church of England. This will leave conservative ministers under the authority of bishops they do not actually believe to be bishops in fact. It is hard to imagine “mutual... Continue Reading

“Shall Unbelief Win?”: A Reply to Dr. Fosdick, by Clarence Macartney

“Shall the Fundamentalists Win?”, preached by Fosdick at the First Presbyterian Church, New York City, May 21, 1922, added to the debate over Christianity’s identity

Answering the sermon was the Rev. Clarence Macartney of Arch Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1922 with a sermon entitled “Shall Unbelief Win?”  If all those points raised by Fosdick were valid, then Christianity would be a Christianity of opinions and principles and good purposes leading to a Christianity without worship, a Christianity without God... Continue Reading

Church Of England Approves Women Bishops In Historic Vote

On Monday (July 14) the General Synod of the Church of England said “yes” to women bishops

At a meeting in York, the General Synod gave final approval to legislation introducing the changes by the required two-thirds majority. Overall, the Synod voted 351-72 on the measure. Ten abstained…. In a statement Welby said: “Today marks the start of a great adventure of seeking mutual flourishing while still, in some cases, disagreeing.”  ... Continue Reading

S.C. Episcopal Bishop Charles vonRosenberg Allows Same-Sex Union Blessings

Bishop Charles vonRosenberg issued a letter to clergy Tuesday notifying them he is allowing use of "The Witnessing and Blessing of a Lifelong Covenant."

“I do want to be clear that this permission does not define an expectation for clergy,” he writes. “In your own life of prayer and within community, you will decide how to respond to this statement of permission.” Each church’s vestry or mission committee also can take up the issue. Before priests can perform the... Continue Reading

Baptist Church in Ky. Plans First Gay Wedding

Highland Baptist is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship

When Phelps first arrived at Highland Baptist in 1997, he said there was a don’t ask, don’t tell policy regarding gays. The following year, a gay couple’s photograph appeared in the church directory, and slowly the church began to openly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members and dedicate their children, he said. In 2012,... Continue Reading