Biblical Worship Is Trans-Generational

When it comes to the worship of God, what matters is not what any one particular person or generation desires

Healthy churches should be comprised of people in every generation. When church leaders seek to do whatever is necessary to pull in more of the younger crowd (such as Millennials), they run the risk of pushing out people in other generations before them, and therefore create an unbalanced church ministry. The Millennial generation is not... Continue Reading

On the Cultivation of Christian Tradition

We affirm the importance of traditions that we have inherited from the saints of the entire church age

“One of the enduring characteristics of the Reformation, particularly among those of those Protestants not identified with the magisterial Reformation, is a deep distrust of tradition. In an oft-noted irony, this has lead to many churches having an unexamined and hardened tradition of anti-traditionalism. Such a mindset runs counter to the teaching of the New... Continue Reading

Pastoral Wisdom and the Mandate to Report Abuse

Reporting abuse is not simply a legal mandate, it is a moral and biblical one as well.

Yet, despite these clear mandates, I find that churches and other Christian organizations are sometimes leery of reporting abuse when it comes to their attention. They look for ways to avoid complying with the law due to any number of reasons: fear of legal consequences, repercussions within the organization, or harsh reactions from the public.... Continue Reading

What Worship Style Attracts the Millennials?

Their focus is on theologically rich music, authenticity, and quality that reflects adequate preparation in time and prayer

And you will hear Millennials speak less and less about worship style. Their focus is on theologically rich music, authenticity, and quality that reflects adequate preparation in time and prayer. But they will walk away from congregations that are still fighting about style of music, hymnals or screen projections, or choirs or praise teams. Those... Continue Reading

From Beacon Hill to ‘Bishop Bling,’ Clergy Housing Faces New Scrutiny

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst of Limburg in Germany, aka “Bishop Bling” spent $43 million on a swank new residence and office

“Bishop Bling” was in a class of his own, spending nearly $500,000 on walk-in closets, nearly $300,000 on a fish tank, more than $200,000 on a spiral staircase and $20,000 on a bathtub. Tebartz-van Elst also spent more than $600,000 on artwork — at a time when some dioceses in the U.S. are selling their... Continue Reading

Tax Reform Plan Unveiled with Numerous Provisions Impacting Churches and Charities

Recent draft legislation contains numerous proposals that would significantly impact Christ-centered churches and charities

“Overall, incentives to make charitable gifts could suffer somewhat due to the proposed 2% floor on charitable contributions, meaning that only gifts to charity above 2% of an individual’s adjusted gross income (AGI) could be deductible. Moreover, with the increased standard deduction and cuts to other itemized deductions such as the real estate tax reduction,... Continue Reading

The Challenge of Ecclesiology: Some Advice for Seminarians

Reasons for the decline of ecclesiology in many mainline churches are not difficult to discern

“We are going to explore both some of the reasons for this decline in various church circles, and some ways that we can recover and strengthen a vibrant doctrine of the church.  This should, I would think, be a matter of existential concern for seminary students such as yourselves.  After all, many of you are... Continue Reading

Church Among Two Buildings Destroyed in Harlem Explosion

An explosion reduced two buildings in East Harlem to rubble on March 12, one of them owned by Spanish Pentecostal Church

Spanish Christian Church, located on the ground floor of one of the buildings at 116th and Park Avenue, is led by Revs. Santos Mercado and Thomas Perez. The building was built in 1910, and some reports said the church had been there for the last 70 years.   (WNS)–An explosion reduced two buildings in East... Continue Reading

Episcopalians File Normal Complaint Against Presiding Bishop Over Massive Litigation Costs

Katharine Jefferts Schori has violated the Episcopal Church's Constitution and Canons, they say

“In recent years more than 700 Clergy and 5,000 Christians have petitioned The Episcopal Church and five Episcopal Bishops also requested information and transparency in The Episcopal Church with spending more than $22 million dollars of church funds in 80 or more secular lawsuits against departing churches and dioceses. These lawsuits are ongoing with no... Continue Reading

US Supreme Court Lets The Episcopal Church Keep Falls Church Property

The Supreme Court let stand a Virginia court ruling that allows the Episcopal Church to keep the property

In 2013, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the 3,000-member Falls Church, which voted in 2006 to leave the Episcopal Church and join an Anglican diocese, did not have the right to keep the property. It also ruled that some of the church’s nearly $3 million in assets belong to the Falls Church Anglican congregation.  ... Continue Reading