Millennials Have Turned Away From ‘Cool’ Christianity, But Traditional Churches Are Making A Comeback

Information from the Barna Group reflects this desire for church tradition

“Many individuals are leaving the church because it has failed to fulfill their spiritual needs. Nicholas Hahn, editor of RealClearReligion, believes that numbers decline when the church ceases to be the church. Today this happens when churches become over involved in politics and when churches attempt to be hip and relevant.”   Nearly every study... Continue Reading

Is It Missional To Tell The Truth?

If being missional means not addressing clearly a city’s most beloved sins then count me out.

I also agree that a church’s doors ought to be wide open to sinners. If we close our doors to sinners then we all better stay home. I happily serve as pastor of a church that includes among its members former homosexuals and those who struggle faithfully against same-sex attraction. We have former adulterers, former... Continue Reading

Pulpit and Soap Box

We have not done a very good job in communicating a comprehensive view of sin. We have been too selective.

It is the task of the preacher to be led by the text, even if the questions he brings to that text are shaped by present concerns, pastoral and otherwise. Our ministry should be as wide ranging and as balanced as the Bible.  But it is the task of the concerned citizen to speak specifically... Continue Reading

Six Thoughts About Proper Pastoral Attire For Worship Services

The pastor’s attire in a worship service can be a sacred cow for some church members

“This post is about high-level issues of attire, not the specifics of fashion and dress. I am not qualified to write about the latter. I once tried to subscribe to GQ and was rejected as unqualified. Second, though I am writing about pastors, much of the content could be applied to other church staff.”  ... Continue Reading

Denver’s Little Sisters of the Poor Lose Contraception Coverage Ruling

10th Circuit Court of Appeals rules against Catholic sisters offering elder care in case over contraception mandate

The federal government adopted a regulation that exempts religious employers, such as churches, hospitals, universities, charities and other service providers such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, from covering contraceptives they oppose on religious grounds. However, these groups must actively seek an exemption. A third party then steps in to cover contraceptives for employees.... Continue Reading

Were Early Churches Ruled by Elders or a Single Bishop?

For generations, Christians have disagreed about what leadership structure the church ought to use.

In sum, the NT texts and texts from the early second century indicate that a plurality of elders was the standard structure in the earliest stages. But, as noted above, the idea of a singular bishop began to dominate by the end of the second century. What led to this transition? Most scholars argue that... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Prevent Ministry Burnout

For those who work in full time ministry serving our local churches, such as pastors, leaders of church ministries, and counselors, burnout is a common problem.

Church ministry is an important calling. We need our church leaders. But the demands of church ministry are high. As church members, let us not knowingly contribute to the pressure, unrealistic expectations, and demands of ministry. Instead, may we help and encourage them for we are all members of the same Body, that is, Christ... Continue Reading

For Churches That Won’t Perform Same-Sex Weddings, Insurance Begins to Look Iffy

At least one insurer has responded with a preemptory denial: no coverage if a church is sued for refusing to perform a same-sex wedding.

And what’s the real-world result of Southern Mutual’s decision? Stanley, who focuses much of his practice on defending the religious-liberty rights of pastors and churches, was blunt: “More fear.” And fear can mean that the battle for religious freedom is lost even before it’s fully joined.   In the aftermath of Obergefell v. Hodges, pastors... Continue Reading

It’s Okay for Kids to be Bored During Church

If we give kids the opportunity, they will learn to appreciate the beauty of corporate worship that isn’t created exclusively with them in mind.

Not everything at church has to be a big show or a major production. Let’s stop living in fear of our kids having a single moment of boredom. Take them to church. Let them sit. See how the truths they hear work their way into tiny hearts. And watch God work through the preaching of... Continue Reading

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Have a Seeker-Friendly Children’s Ministry

Even churches that don’t have the seeker friendly model in big church, often times use it in their children’s ministries.

Children are taught to be good, not godly. Repentance leading to salvation leading to discipleship will cause children to transform their lives to meet the “good” criteria of the Gospel. The inward change influences the outward acts. If we teach children to be good without that inward transformation, they learn that all they have to... Continue Reading