Mars Hill Phoenix Rises From The Ashes To Become Phoenix Bible Church

Seeking to rise like Phoenix from the ashes, members of Mars Hill Phoenix are starting a new church

“We believe that God has begun something very special through Mars Hill Phoenix.  As things come to an end on Sept. 28, we want to explore next steps to continue as a church family and essentially start a new church of what was Mars Hill Phoenix. Our first service together would be Oct. 5, at... Continue Reading

Analysis: Moderator Sees Church ‘Evolving’ On Same-Sex Marriage

Presbyterian Church (USA) Moderator Heath Rada, in a recent column, talked about the 2014 General Assembly votes to redefine Christian marriage to include same-sex couples

“It is not my job as Moderator of the denomination to defend the actions of the church,” Rada wrote in his column. “It IS, however, my job to make sure that the work of the General Assembly is correctly interpreted.” So how well did Rada interpret the Detroit assembly’s actions to redefine Christian marriage from... Continue Reading

Mark Driscoll: I Made The Mistake Of Trying To Be Under the Authority Of My Elders

Driscoll goes on to say that church planters shouldn’t believe that accountability will come from their first elder board.

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes we are mistaken about what we call mistakes. Driscoll’s assessment of the situation is debatable. Did he make a mistake by throwing off the authority of his elder board and bringing outsiders in?  One interpretation of the current situation at Mars Hill is that the cure has been worse than... Continue Reading

Episcopal Church’s Katharine Jefferts Schori Will Not Seek Re-Election

The first woman elected to head a national branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion, announced that she will not seek a second nine-year term in office

A nominating committee is expected to present the church with five nominees to succeed Jefferts Schori. Likely candidates could include Bishop Ian Douglas of Connecticut, Bishop Shannon Johnston of Virginia and Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina. Under church law, presiding bishops must be able to complete a full nine-year term before hitting the mandatory... Continue Reading

Thank God For a Messy Church

It’s God’s grace to you if your church is messy

If God is in the business of saving sinners, we need to expect that church will be full of sinners—those who are still wandering and those who have only just been found. If our churches reflect God’s heart for the lost, they will be full of people with problems, full of people showing the consequences... Continue Reading

When Your Church Is Not Revitalizing

For every story of a declining church that turned around and began to reach its community, there are hundreds of stories of pastors working hard but seeing few visible results

“Pastors can be tempted to shift into neutral when the church doesn’t appear to be doing well. There are many ways a pastor can look like he is busy while accomplishing absolutely nothing. The fire is gone, and he just clocks time to get a paycheck. Pastor, fight this temptation with every fiber of your being... Continue Reading

What Happens When Boomer Pastors Retire?

On January 1, 2011, the first Boomer turned 65, on that day, 10,000 of them turned 65; the implications for churches are staggering

There will be an abundance of qualified pastors for interim and bi-vocational positions. These Boomer pastors will not be idle. They will be seeking other ministry opportunities, particularly positions with part-time pay to supplement their incomes. Some Boomer pastors will stay at their current positions into their late 60s and 70s.    In an earlier article... Continue Reading

James MacDonald Asks Forgiveness for Unbiblical Discipline of Harvest Bible Chapel Elders

Megachurch pastor confesses board slandered three elders as 'false messengers' last year

“The discipline was announced in a video last year that was shown on all seven of Harvest’s campuses and left online for two weeks. MacDonald said on Sunday, “It was seen by many thousands of people and damaged the reputations of these brothers. For this we are truly sorry.”   On Sunday, prominent pastor James... Continue Reading

California Convention Expels ‘Third Way’ Church

At issue was the Pastor's statement that he believes homosexual acts are not always sinful.

When asked about potential “restoration” of the pastor and church, Setzler responded, “It is our hope that under the pastor’s leadership, the church would be led back to compatibility with the articles of faith we follow as a convention. Should the pastor and congregation arrive at that conviction and reverse their current stance on homosexual... Continue Reading

The Necessity of Christian Imperialism

We are in a spiritual war and only the imperial rule of Christ will suffice to end it

I call on churches and Christian institutions to stop thinking their organizational mission are actually missional.  If you simply maintain what you have, seek to insure its programs and property, and don’t realize a sense of dramatic urgency to our present cultural crisis then you will be swallowed up.  We must march, we must preach,... Continue Reading