Why the Local Church Is More Important Than TGC, White Horse Inn, 9Marks, and Maybe Even ETS

The overwhelming majority of the occurrences of the word "church" refer to local churches

“The local church is the historical manifestation, under the new covenant, of this massive, blood-bought assembly. It is characterized by certain marks and order, yet behind it all lies the love of God, the love and sacrifice of the Son, and the life-giving and transforming power of the Spirit.”   Most of us, I’m sure,... Continue Reading

Faith No More: How The British Are Losing Their Religion

Counter-cultural religion, Christian or Muslim, is thriving in the UK. But the God that many people still more or less believe in won’t be found in Church of England services

For the past two or three hundred years, at least since the civil war, most British Christianity has been like that. Then, in the last 50 years, it fell off a cliff.. In the last 30 years alone attendance at mainstream churches has just about halved. The way this has happened is also important: adults... Continue Reading

‘OPC Singles’: A Place for Singles in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to Meet

Looking for that special someone? Committed to marrying in the Lord? If you are part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, visit OPC Singles

Many smaller congregations seem to have too many single men or too many single women. But by making the pool of potential spouses a bit larger, Bressler believes that the Internet can increase fellowship with others by providing a godly environment for single adults in the OPC to meet and build God-blessed relationships.   Looking... Continue Reading

First Presbyterian, Columbus, GA, Separation Proposal Defeated

A proposal for First Presbyterian Church to separate from the PC (USA) failed Sunday. April 19, 2015, by eight votes.

The 900-member congregation, which has been divided over gay marriage and other doctrinal issues, voted 266 to 146 in favor of the measure. But the number fell short of the 274 votes needed for dismissal from the denomination, which required a two-thirds vote. Some members were seeking to separate from the national denomination, which has... Continue Reading

College Students and the Church (1)

Is there a waning commitment of twenty-somethings to the church?

If our church life is exclusively or even primarily segregated, it is difficult for a student to pursue inter-generational relationships with the rest of the congregation, at precisely the time when such relationships are most needed. To be sure, a college-and-career group or young adults group can be valuable. But it can also be a... Continue Reading

Three Reasons Pastors Drop Out

Three negative factors that contribute to this very sad statistic

I have witnessed more than a few good men step away from the ministry having been chewed up and spit out by some carnal church.  Much has been written about abusive pastors but not enough ink has been spilled describing toxic churches and battered pastors.  Both camps dishonor the reputation of the Christ they claim to represent.   While I am... Continue Reading

PCUSA: Evangelicals Suddenly On The Wrong Side In Gay Marriage Debate

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), the tables seem to have turned

“Increasingly, the conservative, evangelical members of the 1.8-million-member mainline Protestant denomination are finding themselves at odds with socially progressive congregations and leadership that seem to have moved in line with the secular world.”   Across Christian denominations, the debate over gay marriage has fundamentally pitted the views of socially progressive – if not radical –... Continue Reading

Faithfully Delivering the Gospel

The gospel is the exclusive means by which the universal problem of sin is remedied.

If we really believe that the gospel is the power of God for salvation we probably would not mess with it. It is not wise to edit perfection; we have not been given proofreading writes by God to add or delete elements from his masterpiece of Christ exalting truth.   Recently I’ve been thinking about... Continue Reading

Dear Westboro “Baptist”

And then it dawned on me. You don’t really care about convincing people.

I’m posting this letter here for two reasons—one is simply because you didn’t respond to my email and you refused to talk to me in person. The second is to spare others the time. I want other churches to know if you go there, your goal is not anybody’s repentance. Your goal is simply to... Continue Reading

The ECO’s Core Values: #1 Jesus Shaped Identity

Jesus Christ must be at the center of our lives, and disciple-making at the core of our ministry

“How easy is it to not keep the main thing, the main thing? How easy is it to get so caught up in “doing for the Lord” that we forget to “be with the Lord”? How easy is it to get so caught up doing our 9th annual rummage sale at our church, that we... Continue Reading