James Durham on Ministerial Qualifications

In our age of the self-appointed and internet "theologian," Durham's words are so relevant

The ministry has to help the congregation understand difficult and hard things in Scripture. But without learning this will not be possible. Unless ministers themselves have studied these “difficult” and “hard” things they will not be able to help their congregation understand the scriptures and so grow in grace.   In our first and second... Continue Reading

Why Don’t Reformed Churches Rebaptize People?

Baptism is a “one time” sacrament that benefits us our whole life

“At the heart of the biblical answer is the fact that baptism is primarily God’s sign and seal of his covenant of grace rather than an action we perform when we believe.   If a person is baptized in the name of the Triune God, according to the command of Christ, it’s an objective sign that... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Protect Your Kids At Church

Church leaders needs to recognize the huge responsibility they have to keep their kids safe

“When child abuse happens in a church, it has a significant impact on everyone involved and can tarnish the reputation of a church body. Imagine the impact a reported case could have on your church; the loss of trust among members, the damaged reputation in the community and the impact on the victim.”   Stories... Continue Reading

Let Us Stand for the Benediction

Reclaiming the lost art of blessing

Benedictions have become one of my favorite pastoral privileges. I can’t imagine ending a worship service with, “See you next week,” or “You’re dismissed,” when I can offer a congregation God’s blessing instead.   I like to ask people new to our congregation about their first impressions of Village Church. Mary’s answer surprised me. “I’ve... Continue Reading

Princeton Theological Seminary’s ‘Gender Bender’ Conf. Goes Against God’s Design, Says Fmr. Graduate

As go the seminaries, so go the preachers and as go the preachers, so go the sheep

“Founded in 1812, Princeton Theological Seminary is affiliated with Presbyterian Church (USA), a Mainline Protestant denomination that has gained headlines and suffered membership losses for its increasing acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage.”   Princeton Theological Seminary hosted a controversial conference last week to explore so called “gender fluidity” and how people are “forging new... Continue Reading

Why I Love My Book of Church Order

I have developed a genuine affection for this royal blue, spiral-bound manual

“Our Book of Church Order is the fruit of the wisdom of generations of Presbyterian reflection and experience. The PCA’s BCO traces its ancestry to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (1789), which is indebted to earlier Scottish Presbyterian reflection on the church’s government.”   To most people, saying that... Continue Reading

The Vision Driving the High Cost of Dismissal from the PCUSA

The foundational nature of the conflict: the denomination has a vision of God and humanity that is fundamentally different than that embraced by the Crestwood session

The true divide that separated the POJ representatives and the Crestwood session was therefore not single issues such revised ordination standards, redefining marriage, or the role and authority of scripture.  These were merely symptoms of the deeper divide between the constrained and unconstrained visions, which goes right to the heart of our understanding of Creation... Continue Reading

Kenya Responds To Canterbury Plea To Attend Lusaka Meeting

Reconciliation without repentance will not save the Anglican Communion the Archbishop of Kenya told the Archbishop of Canterbury recently.

Given this manipulation of the Anglican system by special interest groups “some of us have been forced to the conclusion that the best way to make our voices heard is by absence rather than presence. We have no wish to interfere in the juridical authority of other provinces, but we do have a responsibility to... Continue Reading

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Files Lawsuit Against Presbytery

The trustees of the church took the route of filing a lawsuit only after talks with the presbytery about participating in its discernment process had failed.

The source said that the church could not get assurances from the presbytery that: If the church went through the presbytery’s discernment process, it would not be challenged by others in the presbytery. If the church went through the process, the church’s property would not be at risk. While the court case is being heard,... Continue Reading

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Praises Anglican Church in North America, Condemns Episcopal Church

Russian Orthodox leader Patriarch Kirill praised and supported the Anglican Church in North America which, he said, remains faithful to Christian ethics, while condemning the Episcopal Church.

Kirill added that the West has gone through “radical changes” in the past few years, with the acceptance of gay marriage and the growing rejection of religion in society. But he praised American Evangelicals for standing up for conservative principles. “This gives us a sign of hope: there are people among Western Christians akin to... Continue Reading