Putting Band-Aids on the PCA BCO 14 Amendments: A Futile Task

At the October 7, 2010 meeting of the General Assembly’s Administrative Committee (AC), three motions were passed unanimously regarding the AC Funding Plan. This Funding Plan is presently before the Presbyteries in the form of amendments to BCO 14. These amendments to Presbyterian Church in Americe’s Book of Church Order 14-1 and 14-2, will have... Continue Reading

Battle with Internal Revenue Service could be costly for Iowa church

In early September, he sent letters to the pastors of more than 1,000 Iowa churches, asking them to urge their congregants to vote against the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices up for retention With the battle lines now drawn, the Rev. Cary Gordon, associate pastor with Cornerstone World Outreach, is standing his ground in his... Continue Reading

Church Advocacy in an Election Season – Presbyterian Action reviews PCUSA Office of Public Witness Webinar

“This office advocates for the issues that are passed by the General Assembly,” he stated. I was pleased to hear the non-partisan tone. Nevertheless, I noted some underlying concerns that go beyond the Office of Public Witness. As September turns toward October in an even-numbered year, almost all the action here in Washington is directed... Continue Reading

Watervliet, NY PCUSA congregation takes back its church, joins EPC

The parish, which plans to hold a service as early as this Sunday, has now divorced itself from the Albany Presbytery and has joined with the Ecumenical Presbytery effective Tuesday, said Dombroski. (Ed: presumably the EPC) As a copy of the deed to the Jermain Memorial Presbyterian Church property was hung by a man dressed... Continue Reading

PCUSA Presbytery loses church property case, sues its own lawyers, and loses again

Having lost its property claim against Hudson Presbyterian Church (HPC) in Hudson, Ohio, Eastminster Presbytery accused its former attorneys of malpractice and took them to court. But the presbytery’s quest for retribution was unsuccessful as a Summit County judge ruled Sept. 24 in favor of defendants Stark & Knoll, which represented Eastminster in its case... Continue Reading

Text of Rocky Mountain Presbytery’s response to allegations against Teaching Elder Dominic Aquila

On Thursday, September 30, Rocky Mountain Presbytery held their Fall Stated Meeting. One item of business was to hear a report concerning allegations submitted by another Presbytery against a member of RMP, Dr. Dominic Aquila, President of New Geneva Theological Presbytery Following is the text of the letter sent to Metropolitan New York Presbytery in... Continue Reading

PCA Church in Madison, Mississippi plans to build their first building, start a new church and support mercy ministries at the same time

Membership has grown from a small group of people in 2006 to almost 400, resulting in the need for space to continue to minister and grow. The Madison Heights Church, a relatively new congregation in Madison, Mississippi (a suburb of Jackson) recently unveiled their building-stewardship campaign. It is titled “His Plan, Our Future” and has... Continue Reading

All Souls West Seattle (PCA) church plant continues to impact their community

Editor’s Note: Use of ‘new media’ is taken seriously as this start up church becomes a sponsor of a community blog. Be sure to read the blog comments, which are most revealing Today, we welcome a new WSB sponsor, All Souls Church. New sponsors are offered the opportunity to let you know what they’re about... Continue Reading

“Skeptically Hopeful…” Second Presbyterian (EPC) in Memphis set to plant a new work in downtown

Richard Rieves, Memphis born and bred, has returned home to help Second Presbyterian plant a new church. Rieves, originally ordained in the PCA, is now ministering in the EPC to plant Downtown Presbyterian Church. The will be conducting their first Sunday morning worship service this coming week – October 3, at their new location at... Continue Reading

Anglo-Catholicism in the Church of England begins to crumble following Pope’s visit

Anglo-Catholicism within the Church of England is dispersing like a cloud of incense rolling down the nave. Those Anglicans who have decided to take advantage of Pope Benedict XVI’s historic offer of special privileges within the Roman Catholic Church are already constructing a network of Ordinariate communities that will bear fruit in new Catholic parishes.... Continue Reading


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