Islamic State Vows More Attacks On Egypt’s Christians

Islamic State group affiliate in Egypt vowing more attacks on the country’s Christians.

Many in the ancient community complain that very little has changed in their lives since el-Sissi took office in 2014, especially in rural areas where Muslim radicals frequently attack Christian homes and businesses over a range of issues, including the construction or restoration of churches, land disputes or sexual affairs between members of each community.... Continue Reading

The Pareto Principle for Churches

Church leaders must be resolute in their determination to prevent problems and complaints setting the agenda and dominating their time and attention

But churches and pastors can also succumb to this tendency of devoting the majority of their attention to problems and complaints at the expense of the vast majority who are living steady godly lives and serving the Lord fruitfully. While we must not run away from problems and we must address legitimate complaints, church leaders must be resolute in their determination to prevent problems and complaints setting the agenda and dominating their time and attention.

Burnout Is a Danger, Whatever Your Church Size

I exhausted myself trying to expand our little church, then again when I couldn’t keep up with the growth.

I discovered the biblical principle of Sabbath, setting aside one day a week to connect with God, to remind myself that God is God, and I am not. In our 24/7, always-connected, constantly-available world, this can be one of the hardest commands in the entire Bible to follow. It was for me. Why? Because I often believe the lie that I’m in control of things that are beyond me.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Counseling The Sexually Abused

First and foremost, we need to recognize the experience of victims of sexual abuse and recognize their courage in sharing about their experiences

“Ministering to men and women who are victims of sexual abuse can be tricky; there are several common mistakes that pastors make. By being aware of these pitfalls, you can be better prepared the next time an incident arises within your church.”   When individuals tell you, Pastor, that they were sexually abused or raped,... Continue Reading

Seven Reasons the Pastor’s Honeymoon Ends

Except on rare occasions, all honeymoons come to an end. Expect it. Learn to lead and to live with it.

Because reality sets in. The honeymoon is that period where each of two parties sees the other through idyllic lenses. But the pastor and the congregation will soon discover that neither is perfect. Indeed, each party may be even more critical of the other because the idyllic period seemed so bliss. The new era becomes a stark contrast.

Pastor, Are You Content?

Let your changing circumstances drive you to the unchanging God to rest and rejoice in him.

When we remember that it is the same God who served up our circumstances through his providence that calls us to be content in him, then we can rest in him. It is natural for us to complain and desire a change of circumstances. However, it is supernatural to be able to joyfully rest in God when things are not going the way we want them to.

The Gospel Reformation Network: For the Continued Faithfulness of the PCA

The Gospel Reformation Network began in 2012 by some PCA pastors with the goal of promoting a proper articulation and call to sanctification in the ministry of the church.

Many began to notice a growing trend within PCA churches and ministries that put an almost exclusive emphasis upon justification, to the considerable neglect of sanctification. Some taught that sanctification was no more than looking back to one’s justification, with no real emphasis upon spiritual growth and godliness. Thus, these pastors began a conversation about... Continue Reading

How the Entitlement Mentality Crept into Our Churches

If our end goal is numbers, we will make compromising statements to bring people in

“For now, let me share some key reasons many of our congregations have become more like country clubs than churches, a place where some members demand their way instead of serving and self-sacrificing.”   In 1974 Burger King made a bold move to take market share from McDonald’s. At the time, McDonald’s made burgers en... Continue Reading

Anglicans Among Leaders Blocking Franklin Graham’s Visit to Canada

Several church leaders, including the homosexual Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Peter Elliot, are opposing the crusade in Vancouver by Graham

“Other prominent Christian leaders unwelcome in Vancouver churches include a chap with no surname calling himself Jesus, who alienated ecclesiastical panjandrums by calling them snakes and Saul of Tarsus who demonstrated a worrying, dehumanizing insensitivity when he invited his opponents to remove their own testicles.   A growing number of Christians in Metro Vancouver want... Continue Reading

PCUSA Tackling Low Bible Test Scores Among Seminary Students

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is looking into ways to handle an apparent drop in satisfactory rates in Bible test scores among people preparing for ministry

“The task force is trying to solve an internal examination problem when the deeper issue is those preparing to pastor PCUSA churches don’t resonate with Psalm 119. They are not hungering, thirsting, aching nor yearning to know the Word of God nor to have their lives conformed to it,” added LaBerge.   The Presbyterian Church... Continue Reading