SC High Court Rejects Breakaway Diocese’s Appeal to Decision Giving Properties to Episcopal Church

The decision garnered praise from The Episcopal Church in South Carolina

“In a divided decision released Friday, the state’s highest court denied a motion from the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, with the motion failing to get the necessary majority vote from the judges.”   The South Carolina Supreme Court has denied a motion by a breakaway diocese to reconsider a decision granting ownership of nearly... Continue Reading

How Much Should a Pastor Tell His Wife?

As an elder or church leader, how should you understand your wife’s “clearance level”?

“When a church hires a pastor or appoints elders, the church pretty much gets a twofer—the leader, and the unpaid consultant to whom he is married. The question is not whether they will talk; the question is whether their talk will be governed by wisdom, discretion, and appropriate confidentiality.”   Every church leader has been... Continue Reading

The Extraordinary Ordinary Preacher

Your local church pastor is comfortable with his calling to minister primarily and almost exclusively to his local congregation.

Though it receives little fanfare, maintaining a consistently faithful preaching ministry over weeks, months, years, and even decades at the same church requires much effort and perseverance. Your local church pastor is willing to expend himself in this labor because he knows that a lifetime of nourishing spiritual meals is essential for the growth and... Continue Reading

Ignore Spiritual “Get Rich Quick” Schemes: A Call for Patient Evangelism

Under Rice’s initiative, Baptist churches in the U.S. supported Judson for decades—without ever even meeting him.

How does a church get its members invested in the Great Commission like that? It’s a question many church leaders ask themselves. We know Christians are called to take the gospel to the nations, yet often it’s challenging to get people motivated about evangelistic work in faraway places.   Almost everyone knows the story of Adoniram Judson.... Continue Reading

Globalization and the Christian Mission

We may be seeing the birth of a new missiological movement.

It is estimated that the United States is the most racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse country on earth. In fact, some sociologists are now indicating that America may soon be a majority-minority nation, a condition that is already a reality in some states. This means the world is coming to us. And this reality provides... Continue Reading

28 Non-Numerical Signs Of A Healthy Church

Numbers are not the only way to determine church health. In many situations, they’re not even the best way.

Please note that this list is not designed to add pressure to an already overtaxed church leadership. It’s not a you-must-do-all-these-to-be-healthy list, as much as a here-are-some-other-ways-to-look-at-health list. While all of them are good, and many are essential, you’d be hard-pressed to find even a great, healthy church that’s doing all of them well.  ... Continue Reading

The Great Neglected Mandate

"Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you."

The last words the disciples heard from Christ would galvanise the significance of the first words he spoke to them in a way that would change them forever. Their formal relationship with Christ began with the words, ‘Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’ (Mt 4.19). Now that relationship came of... Continue Reading

The Danger of Gossip

One of the most glaring examples of crooked speech that is practically epidemic in the church is the sin of gossip.

One reason gossip can be so difficult to define is that it so often masquerades as something more mundane, perhaps even beneficent. I’m sure you have witnessed plenty of prayer requests shared on someone’s behalf that seemed to include unnecessary details or salacious information.    The Lord loves a straight shooter. How do I know... Continue Reading

Church Members Must Keep an Eye on Their Elders

The church members should regularly evaluate the teaching ministry of the church to ensure it is maintaining the biblical standards.

We should not think of this in terms of having to know as much about the Bible and theology as the elder. Rather, evaluate their faithfulness to teach the truth that binds you together as a church. Historically this category of accountability has to do with ensuring the pastors are teaching consistent with the mutually... Continue Reading

First-Ever Delegation of Evangelical Christians Meet With Egyptian President El-Sisi to ‘Build a Bridge of Friendship’

Question to Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi at a meeting while visiting in the U.S.: Would you be interested in meeting with Evangelical Christians? He lit up at the thought.

The delegation of evangelical Christians was also invited to meet with King Abdullah II in Jordan. The group had lunch with the king, then headed to Mt. Nebo where they prayed for Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Israel. “We couldn’t have designed it better but it really wasn’t our design. It was a gift from God.... Continue Reading


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