A church closes, but where does its pipe organ go?

About 450 organs are available across the USA, and demand is slight.

“It’s a shame to see something like a pipe organ, especially a good one in good condition, go without a use,” Executive Director John Bishop of the Organ Clearing House said. “But unless there’s somewhere active to put it and real interest in funding it, organs like that very, very frequently wind up in dumpsters.”... Continue Reading

2 Ways To Look at the People in Your Church

There are two ways for you to look at the people in your own local church—you can look at them by where they’ve come from or by where they still need to go.

Time and again, Paul chooses to look at the progress people have made and to focus on that. He knows they have a long way to go before they perfectly reflect Jesus Christ, but he chooses to focus on their virtues. He chooses to focus on how far they have come. He chooses to be... Continue Reading

Does the World Need You to Write?

If Christian writers shouldn’t be seeking to build up self, then what should they be doing?

I would never conversationally tell anyone that I’m a writer. I write sometimes, sure. But I know brilliant men and women who are incredible communicators. I’m a wife, a mom, and a full-time biblical counselor at a local church, in that order. I spend an enormous amount of time meeting with hurting families, troubled women,... Continue Reading

A Call for Courageous Discernment

Language, Racial Reconciliation, and the PCA

This is a call for forbearance and love, with a long-term view of growing in holiness. Whether we are correcting sins towards minorities or towards women, we should expect that it will take many years (perhaps multiple generations) to fully see the fruits of repentance. Courage is required to stand against long-standing sins, but patience... Continue Reading

Why Many Churches Are Dropping the 11 A.M. Sunday Service and Looking at ‘Wednesday As the New Sunday’

More people now prefer a worship time beginning between 9 and 10:30 a.m.

On his blog, Lifeway President and CEO Thom Rainer observes that many churches have already dropped the traditional 11 a.m. Sunday service because they supposedly no longer fit the needs of their congregations. He asked several church leaders why they no longer hold services at 11 a.m. and found five common answers.   If times were a-changin’... Continue Reading

Answering the Charges of Racism and Misogyny in the PCA

I am reminding all of us that we are good at forgetting what’s most important, and I am pleading with us all to remember the primacy of the gospel.

Moving on to the charge of misogyny in the PCA, as I said at the beginning, I know there is misogyny in Reformed churches. However, some of the examples being given are not actually misogyny. Two main ones that have been referenced recently are using masculine pronouns or names for God and male-only ordination. While... Continue Reading

Healing Congregations Wounded by Clergy Sexual Misconduct

It’s heart-rending to read the impact of pastoral abuse of power on people’s lives even decades after the offenses.

Margo Maris has compiled a list of victims’ needs from her work with them over the years (p.26). 1. To be believed by the Church 2. To hear stated that it is not the victim’s fault. For officials to believe that it is the behavior of the perpetrator that is wrong, not the fact that... Continue Reading

Eight Reasons Churches Became Too Busy

Most churches keep their members so busy they don’t have time to do ministry.

We are wasting too much time, energy, and money in our churches. Often we are doing more things and becoming less effective. It’s time for busy churches to become simple churches.   Most churches keep their members so busy they don’t have time to do ministry. Indeed, I spoke to a lay elder of a... Continue Reading

Westminster Seminary California Announces Appointment of Joel Kim as Fourth President

Dr. Joel Eunil Kim is the fourth president of Westminster Seminary California succeeding Robert Godfrey.

Rev. Joel E. Kim has served Westminster Seminary California as Assistant Professor of New Testament since 2005. As a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) he and his family attend New Life PCA in Escondido after serving for a number of years at New Life Fullerton (PCA). He and his wife, Sharon,... Continue Reading

Hurtful Sheep and Bullied Shepherds

The relationship between a pastor and the people is one that should be grounded in every Christian grace but also crowned, in a special way, with joy and love.

The other day I got a phone call from one such pastor who said: “Help! Talk me off my metaphorical ledge!” That morning he’d gotten an angry text message from someone who blamed him for wrecking an upcoming family vacation because he didn’t approve of a Sunday school topic, he had an email faulting him... Continue Reading