Types of Interim Pastors: An Overview

Some ways churches engage interim pastors.

There isn’t one type of interim that is best for all churches. Each type of interim brings something specific to the table. The key is to determine which is best for your church to take it to the next level of ministry and mission. For many, the term ‘interim’ brings to mind negative feelings of... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Battle Anxiety in the Pulpit

I pray we can use these tips to become better and perhaps humbler preachers.

You might not have the same gifts as John Piper or Tim Keller. You might even struggle with impediments they don’t. But you have other gifts they don’t, and even your impediment can help you develop ways of speaking that can enhance your preaching. Be creative.   Surveys have shown that the greatest fear Americans have—even... Continue Reading

The Slippery Slope and the Jesus Box

Method always gobbles up message, and no pietistic zeal will ever protect us from our actual lack of faith.

Harrell lamented hearing “stories of harm” resulting from the church’s rejection of homosexuality and, based on “pastoral conversations and social science research,” he and his elders decided to change their view of Scripture’s teaching. Those who defended Harrell argued, “What’s the harm if they are trying to reach people for the gospel?” Yesterday’s tweet supplies... Continue Reading

Reports of the Church’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Even the smallest acts of human faithfulness to God’s mission are slowly and patiently being woven into the great biblical drama of the reconciliation of all things.

More and more of these pinpricks of light are coming online now—in the tens and twenties or more. They are giving shape and detail to the country, but they are doing it from the inside. What you’re seeing, of course, is the Church. This isn’t the abstract “Church of Seattle”—these are small, humble, unobtrusive communities of Jesus-followers weaving... Continue Reading

Rosaria Butterfield weighs-in on 4 stages of evangelical affirmation of gay marriage

Buying into the “sexual orientation identity system” is the crossing of the Rubicon, as it were.

“I wonder if you missed a stage–somewhere between point 1 and point 2. I believe that the refusal to take a stand happens when someone buys into the sexual orientation identity system that says gay is not how you are through the imprint of original sin, but rather is who you are, through your supposedly morally neutral sexual orientation.”... Continue Reading

Bible Texts Prosperity Preachers Wish Did Not Exist

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth..."

If you survey the Bible you will not find a single verse that warns you against the detrimental spiritual effect of material poverty. Yet you will find many passages in the Bible warning you against the detrimental effects of wealth—and especially love for wealth. You never hear prosperity preachers preaching on such verses. It is... Continue Reading

Joel Hunter Is Done Pastoring His Orlando Megachurch

Obama’s spiritual adviser explains why his gifts are at 'their highest potential' but his call to local churches like Northland is ‘fulfilled.’

Under his leadership, Northland grew from a couple hundred people in 1985 to 20,000 weekly attendees at three locations, and Hunter became an innovative leader among the early wave of pastors building multisite congregations with streaming services.   Joel Hunter, the innovative megachurch pastor who spoke out on the national stage as an evangelical adviser to President... Continue Reading

One Definition of Christian Psychology

"Christian psychology as practiced in the counseling relationship is a servant of God, steeped in the Word of God..."

What I take from Dr. Langberg’s definition is an emphasis on action, the Spirit’s work and the counselor’s work (in self and other). While the epistemological definitions are necessary if we are going to think critically about our work, so to is this action-oriented definition. It reminds us that for all our thinking and theorizing,... Continue Reading

There Are Souls to Be Saved: How Can We Rest?

When conscience accuses, “There are souls to be saved, how can you rest?” our answer should be, “Because there are souls to be saved, I must get rest.”

The theological root of so much burnout is a failure to believe in the sovereignty of God. We simply don’t trust God to do the work that only he can do. We may subscribe confessionally to the sovereignty of God but practically we are living as if we are sovereign.   Pastors used to be some of... Continue Reading

South Carolina Anglicans Must Return 29 Churches

Split ruling by state supreme court favors Episcopal Church’s physical but not intellectual property claims.

The diocese, which dates back to 1785 and is older than the Episcopal Church itself, was the fifth to secede over stances on homosexuality and other scriptural issues. Another breakaway diocese, in Illinois, was granted ownership of its property after a court case in 2011. Splits within the Episcopal Church and other mainline denominations have... Continue Reading