Bringing Our Children to the Table

At what point is a child mature enough to examine his or her own heart to see whether or not he or she is discerning the body or not?

Certainly, there is absolutely no reason why we would ever assume that an infant could examine his or her own heart with any sort of conscious maturity. This is not to say that an infant cannot be regenerate by the sovereign working of the Holy Spirit. David, Jeremiah and John the Baptist are all examples of those... Continue Reading

An Open Letter to the Weary Pastor

If you are wearied by the burdens of ministry, remember that you are not alone. The Lord Jesus is with you.

Remember that the Spirit is powerful. His ministry does not depend on your skill. And more importantly, because of the work and ministry of the Lord Jesus, even our most feeble efforts are pleasing to the Lord. The Westminster Larger Catechism reminds us that all our service is pleasing to God, no matter our daily... Continue Reading

Heroes, Hagiography, and Villainy

If we admire a flawed man, are we tacitly endorsing his sins?

So what do we do with such flawed men? Can we admire them? And if we do, must our admiration always contain an asterisk? Must we have a disclaimer on hand when we tell of the impact they’ve had on us or as we tell of their accomplishments? I continue to wrestle with this in... Continue Reading

Don’t Be Caught Without a Confession

Christians have always written and cherished summaries of their beliefs

“For all their defining importance in Christian history, confessions of faith have met with mixed reactions from Christians. While many believers have used confessions enthusiastically, others have claimed that confessions replace a vital relationship with God with a desiccated list of doctrine, replacing the Spirit with the letter, leaving only a husk of dead, dull... Continue Reading

Zurich Revolutionary: Ulrich Zwingli

Zwingli reformed the church in Zurich and led the way for other Reformers to follow

“By 1525, the Reformation movement in Zurich had gained significant traction. On April 14, 1525, the Mass was officially abolished and Protestant worship services were begun in and around Zurich. Zwingli chose to implement only what was taught in Scripture. Anything that had no explicit Scriptural support was rejected.”   Other than Martin Luther, Heinrich... Continue Reading

Preachers, Prayer and Gospel Progress

Prophets were not only to be men of the pulpit, but men of prayer

“If the gospel is to make its God-ordained inexorable progress throughout the world as it is proclaimed publicly through preaching and privately through the witness of the saints, then it must go hand in hand with the ‘give-yourselves-and-God-no-rest’ kind of praying of which Christ speaks in these verses.”   It should go without saying that... Continue Reading

How Many Christians?

Just how many Christians were there in 200AD?

“If someone suggested a Christian population in 200 as ten thousand, or as ten million, then they would assuredly be wrong. But a range anywhere from (say) 150,000 to 350,000 would be quite plausible.”   I have been involved in a project on the early church, around the year 200 AD. My first basic question... Continue Reading

7 Good Reasons to Leave a Church

What are some legitimate reasons for leaving a church? Here are seven.

“If your church begins to fudge on matters of orthodoxy, placing cultural relevance or social gospel initiatives above sound doctrine and biblical authority, look for another church. Sometimes a church outright embraces heresy and it is loud and clear, but more often the march away from orthodoxy is a slow and hard-to-discern series of small... Continue Reading

The Four Most Common Acts of Stupidity That Get Pastors Fired

Pastors and other church leaders: Please heed the words in this post.

“For some reason, some church leaders just don’t think they will get caught. Or they think the baby steps won’t lead to major steps toward a total fall. Please read these four acts of stupidity carefully and prayerfully. And ask God to protect you from falling in any one of these areas.”   “Don’t do... Continue Reading

What Is The Pastor To Be?

The 21st-century pastorate can be a daunting position to hold

“Some church’s expectations are so high—and stories of notoriously demanding churches are in strong supply—that many pastors experience burnout. A cottage industry has sprung up around this phenomenon: conferences, workshops, counselors, books, and materials all to support the beleaguered minister.”   Today’s pastor wears many hats. Some of these hats are appropriate, aligning with the... Continue Reading