An Argument Against Exclusive Psalmody

English metrical Psalms, as beautiful as they can be (and most worthy of being sung, I might add!), are not inspired Scripture.

To push the point a little further, we may remember that several commentators on the Psalms have said that the Psalter is a mini-Bible. My description of the Psalter would be that it is an emotional commentary on all of Scripture, mostly in the form of prayers. The Psalter thus extends its influence on all... Continue Reading

One In Six Young People Are Christian As Visits To Church Buildings Inspire Them To Convert

Churches inspire young people to become Christian, a study suggests.

Around 13 per cent of teenagers said that they decided to become a Christian after a visit to a church or cathedral, according to the figures. The influence of a church building was more significant than attending a youth group, going to a wedding, or speaking to other Christians about their faith. Jimmy Dale, the... Continue Reading

The Routine Absurdity of Leaders Growing Large (Part 1)

The gospel is God’s pin to pop the puffy heart and puncture the bloated head of entitled leaders

“With leadership comes certain privileges and prerogatives. You have a title, a name, a platform, a budget, a staff, better benefits – nothing inherently wrong, just things that are inherently sticky. This means that our identity and expectations can quickly adhere to the privileges and prerogatives of our role.”   Our church is preparing for... Continue Reading

Why Stay in the SBC?

The SBC is comprised of churches and it needs as many healthy churches as possible within its ranks

“A Southern Baptist Calvinist could get the impression that he is not welcomed in the SBC and, as another prominent SBC leader suggested, should consider looking for a home in a Presbyterian denomination.”   “Why should we stay in the SBC?” I’ve had that question put to me from pastors, elders, deacons, and whole congregations... Continue Reading

The Baptist Exception

Christians in the Global South now dominate every major Protestant tradition — except one

“Unlike mainline Prot­estant denominations, North America’s Baptists in recent decades have generally maintained their numbers. Matters might change in the future, but at present that success at home is the key explanation of why these churches have not been overwhelmed by emerging counterparts overseas.”   When I wrote The Next Christen­dom back in 2002, I... Continue Reading

Same-Sex Married Couple To Lead Historic Baptist Church

A historic Baptist church in the nation’s capital has called a legally married lesbian couple as co-pastors

“According to a Greenville News article about same-sex couples seeking the city’s first marriage licenses after a federal court order finding South Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional took effect on Nov. 20, 2014, Sarratt and Swearingen met six years earlier at Greenville First Baptist Church, when Swearingen served the church as an intern.”  ... Continue Reading

Why Do Coptic Christians Keep Getting Attacked?

Egypt’s preexisting climate of pro-Islamist sectarianism is an important, and sometimes overlooked, reason

“Against this backdrop, it’s difficult not to see this attack as having a deeply political purpose: to encourage the exodus of Christian Egyptians from their homeland. Through attacks like these, the perpetrators appear to be indicating that they don’t simply want to make life difficult for Christians—they want Egypt to be Christian-free.”   Friday is... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know about Jonathan Edwards

"Though he was of tender constitution, yet few students are capable of a closer or longer application, than he was."

On August 29, 1726, he is asked to assist his grandfather, Solomon Stoddard, in the church in Northampton. He is ordained on February 15, 1727. On February 11, 1729, Stoddard dies and Edwards becomes pastor of the church. The church in 1735 had approximately 620 members. It was customary for Edwards to spend 13 hours... Continue Reading

The FAQs: Supreme Court Delivers Religious Liberty Victory to Hospitals

Had the lower courts ruling been allowed to stand, the precedent could have affected other issues in which church structure affects how they carry out their mission.

Over the past four years, Becket Law notes, class-action lawyers have “brought nearly 100 lawsuits against various Catholic and Protestant hospitals around the country, arguing that these nonprofit hospitals had broken the law by participating in nonprofit church pension plans instead of using lower-benefit pension plans designed for large for-profit corporations like Exxon and Walmart.”... Continue Reading

United Methodist Church Conference Ordains First ‘Nonbinary Trans’ Provisional Deacon

In late 2014, Barclay announced that she was undergoing a "gender transition" and began to use the plural pronouns of "they" and "their" instead of "she" and "her."

“I know it’s not particularly common in The United Methodist Church, but I intend to wear a collar every single day because for a person like me to navigate society in a collar provides some profound and urgently needed pastoral opportunities, particularly for queer and trans people.”   The Northern Illinois Conference commissioned M Barclay,... Continue Reading