How ‘Woke Theology’ is Weakening the Black Church

Social change is accomplished through heart change; and heart change is fundamentally what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about

In whatever sense people may or may not view Jesus as a “liberator”, as does Cone, He is first and foremost the Liberator of human beings from the bondage of sin through His propitiatory death on the cross (Rom. 6:10; 1 Jn. 3:5). It is this spiritual liberation that the Black Church – and the Church universal – must again... Continue Reading

The Religious Left’s Abortion Gospel

"At the Intersection of Faith and Reproductive Justice,” which pleased the largely leftist, overflow audience of over 100 people and gave disturbing insight into the Religious Left’s bizarre support for the abortion gospel.

The panelists like CAP’s Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative Vice President LaShawn Warren dismissed any Judeo-Christian objections to abortion advocacy. “There are conservatives who will raise a few biblical passages primarily from the Book of Jeremiah and Job about reproductive healthcare,” yet the “Bible has very little to say about abortion.” The “trained theo-ethicist” Leonard concurred that the “Bible didn’t say... Continue Reading

What I Learned from Two Failed Church Mergers

In my estimation, it takes 3 to 12 months to learn enough about a church to make a decision to merge.

There is always an initial excitement about a new opportunity, but this is just the honeymoon phase. Then come questionable impressions about motives, actions, behaviors, etc. This is a tough stage to get past—this second time, we didn’t make it. We were still too much about business and “getting the job done.” I wish we’d... Continue Reading

Liturgy, Priesthood and Genuine Worship

And the issue of ‘appropriate expression’ is a question that needs to be addressed, regardless of which ‘wing’ of the debate to which we may happen to belong.

In all of this, we must never lose sight of the fact that worship as presented and exemplified in scripture is never without form and direction. It has an inherent logic and rationale that was literally built in to the architecture and furnishings of Old Testament temple worship as the God-given replica and preview of... Continue Reading

Remember the Rural: Does Modern Church Planting Overemphasize the City?

In recent years, however, this interest in the urban has sometimes turned into a superiority of the urban, and even a disdain of the rural.

Robinson tackles a widespread (and near-consensus) belief among modern scholars that the earliest Christians were almost exclusively urban. Ever since Wayne Meek’s The First Urban Christians (and even before it), scholars have been pretty convinced that the earliest Christian missionaries focused almost entirely on cities. Such scholarship has been used to support much of the modern impetus... Continue Reading

Losing Your Voice: 4 Ways Pastors Lose Pulpits

There are some ways no pastor wants to be ejected from his ministry.

Sometimes it takes the church a while to get fed up with hypocrisy. I’m a fan of patience, but eventually, a godly church will quit staring at the pastor’s flat lining spiritual life and call the time of death. This kind of intra-church falling out is sad, but it can have a purifying effect on a local... Continue Reading

How to Pray for Your Pastor

A godly pastor is a joyful, dutiful herald of the most high King

I suspect that many people who sit week after week in the pews of their particular church have no idea how difficult a Sunday is for a minister and his family. Pray for your pastor’s Sundays. Robert Murray M’Cheyne says: “A well-spent sabbath we feel to be a day of heaven upon earth. … We... Continue Reading

5 Vacation Goals For A Leader

What is the purpose of vacation? What are the goals you have for vacation?

“Vacation should allow us time to restore relationships to maximum health. With God. With family. With ourself. The busyness of life can strain relationships. Vacation gives you the opportunity to pause and get back to optimum health with the most important relationships in our life.”   I will never forget a sobering question I received... Continue Reading

The Aesthetics of Worship

Why do we sing in church, in our living room, at a concert, etc.?

“Is there (or should there be) a palpable difference between the aesthetics of worship and other opportunities for singing together? Does the context of a coffee house, campfire, concert hall, stadium, living room, or sanctuary change our expectations and practice of making music?”   In my last post, I set out a series of questions–including... Continue Reading

5 Mistakes Most Preachers Make

Many preachers haven’t wrestled past complexity to get to simplicity or even clarity

“What you do before a Sunday morning ever begins, for the most part, determines what happens on a Sunday morning. Chances are you’ve struggled through the mistakes below. I have. And what’s hard for preachers is that we always make our mistakes in public.”   So maybe you’re a preacher, or you listen to preachers... Continue Reading