A Momentary Affliction in Light of Eternity

Are you desperate to have all things made new?

“Far as the curse is found.” Like the spring thaw, turning sheets of ice into fresh running water, the power of God will extend to every square inch of this world and turn every curse into a blessing. The tube-fed will enjoy home cooking. The wheelchair bound will go waterskiing and climb mountains. Those who... Continue Reading

The Re-Imaging of Humanity – Part 4 – The Impact on Society

The gender fluid/gender identity revolution will all have a tremendous impact upon society; here’s why.

There are hundreds of thousands of children who are refugees and victims from the war on marriage, the attack on humanity, coming because of humanities pride and arrogance in seeking to go against the Maker’s instructions.  Who is counting the cost of the social disintegration that is occurring because of the foolish attempt not only... Continue Reading

A Plea to Preachers

There is a center to the Bible and its message of grace. It is found in Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected.

We give our best and most creative energies to teaching God’s people almost everything except the person and work of our Lord and Savior. This should cause us considerable alarm, for there is reason to fear that our failure here has reached epidemic proportions. We need to return to a true preaching to the heart,... Continue Reading

Take a Break and Give One Too.

There will be many times when we are put in a position to make assumptions or judgments regarding other people.

When we judge, we must recognize it is more of an art than a science. Oft times a person is completely unaware of his own internal motivations. Therefore, it is almost impossible for his reasons or motivations to be rightly discerned by those looking quickly from without. Consequently, when we judge, we must recognize we often... Continue Reading

Why the Bible is Not the Final Authority!

The Bible is God’s inerrant Word, but who and how the Word is interpreted can become its final authority for doctrine and life.

If you are under the influence of a Baptist minister, then you will be taught from the Bible that the baptism of infants is unbiblical. If you are under the influence of a Presbyterian minister, then you will be persuaded by examining the Bible that covenant baptism is biblical. If you change views, most likely you have changed teachers or changed the books that you read. In real life, your appointed or preferred interpreter of the Bible becomes the final authority — and not the Bible itself.

God Never Forgets Us

Throughout Scripture, our faithful, covenant Lord reminds us, “I will remember”

“We forget that we are seated with Christ in the heavenly places. We forget that God will make all things new in the new heaven and new earth. We forget God’s promises. We forget the law. We forget the gospel. We forget God’s faithfulness. And yet, God never forgets us.”   We are a forgetful people.... Continue Reading

Limited Atonement: A Look at Isaiah 53

There are several points in these verses that help us develop a doctrine of effective atonement

First, limited atonement does not mean that the gospel announcement should not go to all people. The call of the gospel is “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” We announce that to all people.   The concept of “limited atonement” does not mean that we limit the power of the... Continue Reading

Are You Allergic to God’s Judgment?

Many of us do have at least a mild allergy to God’s judgment, especially in preaching

“Declawing the Bible of its warnings against and judgments upon sin is not good for the church. In other words, being allergic to God’s judgment is unhealthy for both the preacher and the church.”   I have a lot of allergies. My allergies are enough for me to be reminded and for others to notice. I... Continue Reading

Sweet Promises of Blessing, Terrible Threats of Judgment

When it comes to the relationship of children to their parents, the Bible holds out sweet promises of blessing but also terrible threats of judgment

What happens to those who heed nature, law, and gospel to honor their parents? God blesses them: “…that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” God’s blessing for those who obey the fifth commandment takes shape in two forms: a long life and a good life. These... Continue Reading

Jesus Isn’t Threatened by Your Christmas Gifts

We don’t threaten the wonder of the incarnation when we give nice gifts to the ones we love and when we look forward to receiving them.

Jesus isn’t threatened by Christmas gifts. He doesn’t get better when we diminish or downplay them, either by eschewing them altogether or by contenting ourselves with gifts that are frugal, that cost us nearly nothing and really aren’t that good. We don’t threaten the wonder of the incarnation when we give nice gifts to the ones we love and when we look forward to receiving them. We don’t need to spiritualize these gifts by assuring ourselves that Jesus is the greatest gift of all.