What Does “World” Mean in John 3:16?

“World” refers to the quality of God’s love. It is not here a term of extension so much as a term of intensity.

The world represents sinful humanity and is not worthy of God’s saving love. Apart from the love of God, the world stands under God’s condemnation. But in Christ, believers experience God’s surprising, redeeming, and never-ending love. John 3:16 is not about the greatness of the world but about the greatness of God.   One of the most... Continue Reading

When Mockers Marvel

God overcomes our petulance with his patience. His faithfulness overrules our faithlessness. He takes mockers like you and me and makes us marvel at him.

I remember as an unbeliever making sport among the Christians whom God put around me. On one particular occasion I was doing my best to tempt a believer into acting out and losing it. With self-control, he calmly said, “Raymond, God is not mocked.” Within a year I was arrested by the sovereign grace of God... Continue Reading

What John Calvin Taught Me About Parenthood

There is much to learn from Calvin about justification, soteriology, and God’s sovereignty, but there are also a few lessons we can learn from him about our responsibilities as parents.

After my first child was born, I spent hours reading Scripture and thinking through what God expects of me as a parent. Then I came across Calvin’s commentaries and found among all the rich theological truths that pastors and theologians discuss and debate a nugget of truth for parents in his commentary on Psalm 78.... Continue Reading

Defining Forgiveness

The Bible is a story of forgiveness.

Notice the language and depictions: pardon, pass over, tread underfoot, cast into the depths of the sea. Were we to take these steps, what would become of the offenses of those we forgive? Of course, all these actions of God point us to Christ. In Him and by Him these actions are effected and realized... Continue Reading

How I Gleaned Hope From the Darkest Psalm

Psalm 88 isn’t a feel-good, everything-will-be-all-right kind of psalm

“Like hymns today, the psalms were used in worship—yes, even Psalm 88. That this song was proclaimed by God’s people speaks volumes. It also offers hope, since it’s clear God doesn’t expect us to cover up what’s really going on. We can approach our Father in raw honesty. We don’t have to pretend everything’s okay. We don’t have to hide... Continue Reading

Gethsemane and the Mystery of the Gospel

The book of Hebrews alludes to the events in the garden in at least two places

“So, as Jesus not only urges the disciples to pray that they would not enter into temptation – ‘stumble in the conflict’ – he also prays with eyes wide open to that looming conflict that he himself would not stumble. And such is the intensity of his struggle in prayer, that the Father provides him... Continue Reading


What is required in order for us to become teachable?

Teachability demands humility. Only a humble soul will become a teachable soul. A great deal of true humility is needed for a man or woman to admit that he or she does not know all that he or she should know. There is a false humility that seeks to make indecisiveness a virtue. The teachability of a humble soul does not manifest itself in an intellectual agnosticism. A truly humble man or woman will have thoughtful formed opinions and strong convictions.

Four Reasons Rest is a Good Thing

God created us, and we should steward the gift of our bodies and health well

Rest reminds us of our rest in Christ: Yet because the Fall did happen, sin has saturated our work. It weakens our bodies with illness and fatigue. We are born sinners and need not only physical rest for our bodies; we need spiritual rest as well. When we take the time to rest, we are reminded of Christ’s work for us on the cross. His perfect work on our behalf has been given to us. Rather than striving to do what we cannot do—obey the law—we now find our rest in Christ and in his work for us. “For we who have believed enter that rest” (Hebrews 4:3). Christ has purchased for us spiritual rest.

WCF 19: Of the Law of God

Some Christians ask, “If I am saved by grace, then what does the Law of God have to do with me?”

As Christians, we should remember two things concerning the moral law (or ten commandments). If we remember these two things, we will be able to avoid much confusion in the Christian life. First, no one is able to be justified in God’s sight by the works of the law; through the law comes the knowledge of our own sin (Romans 3:20) and our need for Christ and His righteousness (Romans 8:3-4). Second, if we have come to love Jesus, we will keep His commandments (John 14:15); those who have been born of God keep His commandments (1 John 5:2-3).

There Will Always Be Racism And Justice Ain’t Coming No Time Soon

We must try! While we wait For Love's and Justice's foray A Rider called Faithful and True Will judge with justice and make war, Where righteousness will have its day.

There Will Always Be Racism And Justice ain’t coming no time soon. Demand it all you want Someone out there won’t get the memo. Racism’s perverted, constructed monstrosity, Humanity’s Frankenstein Social construction, Will work it’s lips to call you a name As you walk by a window. It will drive up behind you Follow you... Continue Reading