Sinner Theologians

In a very real sense it is the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ in the realm of theology

“In the first place it must impact the way we do theology. We handle the infallible truth of the divine revelation, but do so as those who ourselves are flawed in our ability to grasp that truth in its fullness and interconnectedness.”   It has been on my mind for quite a while to post... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know About God’s Will(s)

There is a reason I said God’s “Will(s)” (plural) instead of God’s “will” (singular)

“God’s decretive will refers to the secret, all-encompassing divine purpose according to which he foreordains whatsoever comes to pass. His preceptive will refers to the commands and prohibitions in Scripture.”   There is a reason I said God’s “Will(s)” (plural) instead of God’s “will” (singular). My focus in this installment of 10 things you should... Continue Reading

Theologian Says God Not In Control

A Baptist theologian who spent a quarter century reformulating the Christian doctrine of providence says most mainline theology about evil, suffering and God’s goodness is wrong.

Instead of a “monarchal” model that views God as a king in absolute control, he offers a “parental” model of God working in the world “in which the parent does everything possible for the benefit and the good of the parent’s children.” “The God that we know in Jesus Christ always does the most that... Continue Reading

An Open Letter to You in 2017: The Same Old Message for a Brand New Year

It’s the only message that is sufficient to transcend all times and cultures: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we anticipate the challenges and opportunities of 2017, I want to repost an open letter that focuses on the most important realities in the world. And the addressee of my open letter is you. No matter who you are—whether young in the faith, a seasoned saint, or not a believer in Jesus at all; whether we’re good friends, have only spoken a few times, or if I don’t know you from Adam—I can think of nothing more profitable that I’d like to say directly to you. And perhaps the most interesting distinctive about this open letter for 2017 is that it’s nothing new.

Spiritual Depression is Coming for You

Spiritual depression affects us all at one point or another. Most likely at several points.

Spiritual depression is a part of the Christian life. Lloyd-Jones puts it this way: "You cannot isolate the spiritual from the physical for we are body, mind and spirit. The greatest and the best Christians when they are physically weak are more prone to an attack of spiritual depression than at any other time and there are great illustrations of this in the Scriptures."

Are You Imagining Precious Moments Jesus or Warrior Jesus?

The manger reveals a God who sympathizes with our human frailty. The Bible also reveals a warrior king who is mighty God, ready to fight on behalf of his people.

Jesus’ strength as a warrior was displayed in taking all the blows we could not. He went to the cross and won our salvation. And further, Jesus didn’t fully complete his mission either. Jesus came once but he promises that he will come again. And when he comes again he will destroy every enemy that he left undestroyed. He is both the infant in the manger and the rider on the white horse armed for battle in Revelation.

4 Christian Principles For Making New Year’s Resolutions

The Word of God gives us not only permission to make resolutions, it gives us good reasons for doing so.

In considering how to glorify God in all that we do in our particular circumstances and callings, we would be wise to resolve to make particular resolutions to assist us in our sanctification. This we do by the power of the Holy Spirit, resting assured that we have been declared righteous by the Father because... Continue Reading

The Great Trinitarian Debate

Teaching the importance of the Trinitarian nature of God and its relevance for doctrine and life.

Today, Tenth has again been called to take on a serious challenge to the faith we hold dear. It is our privilege to take up ‘arms’ for our King in a battle far more foundational than those two huge debates of the 20th Century – the Doctrine of God and the full deity of Jesus Christ.... Continue Reading

Perseverance of the Saints: Receiving in Order to Continue

Our being never occupies a realm of reality outside of God’s sovereign sustaining

“This is why it is perhaps helpful to speak of the preservation of the Christian by God before speaking of the Christian’s perseverance. Yet, even as we do this we need to be clear about what the Christian is persevering in doing. Put another way, what does God’s preservation of his covenant people, the bride... Continue Reading

Stop Second Guessing God’s Affection

Do you know that you have been eternally on God’s mind and heart.

God has looked down the corridor of time and has seen your sinful attitudes, thoughts, words, and deeds. Additionally, with his omniscient eye he has foreseen your incorrigible free will. Left to yourself, you will not relent and you will not repent. However, despite knowing your sin and lack of repentance, God has foreknown you. He... Continue Reading