The Minister Who Moved a Mountain

The story of Bob Childress is not only eye-opening, it offers us hope for today.

Despite facing abject poverty, alcoholism, grief, domestic abuse and gun-wielding foes, Childress didn’t cave to culture pressers. He certainly didn’t soften his theology. But he did soften hearts and minds to Jesus. The challenges we face look different, but sin is ever-constant.    If you ever visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, then you’re sure to... Continue Reading

Did the Early Christians Get the Jesus Story Wrong?

Bart Ehrman has (again) released a book attacking the reliability and historical integrity of the New Testament.

In sum, Ehrman has written another interesting, provocative, and, at times, even insightful book. But just like his prior books, he’s continually tripped up by a hyper-skeptical methodology that seems bent on poking holes in the authenticity of the Gospels. He takes possibilities and turns them into probabilities and eventually into established fact.    Bart Ehrman has (again)... Continue Reading

A Unified Field Theory on Gender

I do believe that God is sanctifying His Church, and I think the next step may be moving us to a better understanding of male and female in the image of God

The problem is that while the complementarian movement explained a lot and defended important Scripture, it still has underlying root weaknesses. The primary one, in my opinion, is its foundational misinterpretation of Genesis 3:16 that believes a woman’s root problem after the fall is that she wants to take control from the man and dominate... Continue Reading

“Living In The Light” by John Piper: A Review

The book was helpful in that it kept talking about how the Christian needs to have God at the center and must treasure Christ above all

However, this also was a weakness of the book: the theme of treasuring Christ became the overarching lens to interpret these three topics in Scripture.  While on the one hand it is true we must treasure Christ above all; on the other hand there are many more dimensions in Scripture about these things.  Having a... Continue Reading

Love & Bragging

Why is love antithetical to bragging? Bragging is an expression of self-worship (over and above God) and self-love (over and above others).

Many of us Christians, pastors, and spiritual celebrities, especially in my younger generation, are like those crows. We perch ourselves on the high roosts of Christendom, take our position, and caw for praise. The older, more seasoned generation of pastors see it, discern, and mourn it. Sometimes they necessarily address it, but we are too sozzled... Continue Reading

4 Common Ways Churches Fail Abuse Victims (and What to Do Instead)

It’s not too late to stem the tide of abuse within the Church and stop the terrible cover-ups and pastoral neglect from continuing to sweep the nation.

A large number of victims that I have talked to said that their churches failed to involve the proper authorities (2) because the churches themselves believed that they were capable of handling the situation in-house without the assistance of professionals. Many of the stories that have been shared with me have highlighted that even in... Continue Reading

What Are We To Do?

The rapid sexual descent of our culture either has or will force every Christian to seriously ask this question

What is a helpful Christian response? Should we stop baking cakes and taking wedding pictures? Should we sign petitions and organize boycotts? Should we position ourselves on the nearest picket line and protest? Should we sit and reminisce about the good ole days? Should we board up the doors and windows of our church building... Continue Reading

If You’re Successful, Don’t Rejoice in Your Success

Rejoice that God wrote your name in the Lamb’s book of life when he chose you in Christ in eternity past.

God inscribed our names in his registry before the foundation of the world, before creating the heavens, before flinging the galaxies across the sky. He chose us in the misty eons of eternity past, long before angels existed. God chose us before we were born, or had done anything good or bad.   “Nevertheless, do... Continue Reading

The Depressed Homemaker’s Greatest Need

A homemaker has only one possible source of gratitude — her husband

I talked with Shona about this and she said, “This is so important. Homemakers have only one source of affirmation — their husbands. Most young kids don’t usually notice what we do and praise us. There are no colleagues or customers to express appreciation and admiration. Our husbands are our only source of encouragement and... Continue Reading

Target Stock Prices Plummet After 1 Million-Strong Boycott Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

Target’s stock fell from $84.10 per share on April 19 to roughly $79.36 on April 29, representing a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion," if constant.

“Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims. And with Target publicly boasting that men can enter women’s bathrooms, where do you think predators are going to go?” the AFA’s petition states. “Clearly, Target’s dangerous new policy poses a danger to wives and daughters. We think many customers will agree. And... Continue Reading

Some Reflections On A Church That Has Recently Embraced Egalitarianism

I watched Pastor Pete Briscoe give his rationale for leading his church to welcome female elders

“I’m glad that the elders at Bent Tree have stated their views so clearly and have opened up a public conversation. Although I disagree with them, I hope and pray the best for Bent Tree. I think the elders are mistaken on this one and would do well to reconsider what the Bible teaches.”  ... Continue Reading

Don’t Just Pray Alone

In his letters, the Apostle Paul repeatedly asked first-century churches to pray for him

“We should ask people to pray for us, but also be willing to take up the important practice of praying with others. Praying together—face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder—is one of our most precious privileges.”   Would you pay someone to pray for you? Beginning in 2011, the Christian Prayer Center charged people between $9 and $35 to... Continue Reading

What The Spirit Is Doing Or What We Are Saying? Distinguishing Reformed And Pentecostal Piety

Charismatic folk describe ordinary phenomena in extraordinary, apostolic terms

“One aspect of that revivalist pattern is the claim to renewed apostolic phenomena. Suggestions were made in the 18th century and proclaimed loudly in the 19th and 20th centuries that the apostolic phenomena had been restored to those with faith to receive and exercise them.”   Introduction Since the early 19th century American Christianity has... Continue Reading

Confession and Orthodoxy: Covenantal Thinking

All of God’s relationships with humanity are covenant relationships

In 7.5, the Confession explains the role of the Law, or the Mosaic covenant, and the time of “the gospel”. Of course, every believer at any point in time is always saved by faith in Jesus as 7.3 instructs. However, the Confession is careful to follow the Biblical text and states “this covenant [of grace]... Continue Reading

10 Things You Should Know About Election

Election is a pre-temporal decision by God, a choice he made before any of us ever existed

So, why did God choose this person and not that one? It was his good pleasure and will that he do so. But why was he “pleased” to choose this one and not another? We only know that it wasn’t because of anything in one that was not in another. But whatever “reason” or “purpose”... Continue Reading

Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

Introduce the life, teaching, and ministry of Christ. He is highly revered and exalted in Islam.

When Muhammad rejected Christ as communicated to him by early Christian heresies, he replaced Him and His gospel with an intensely legalistic system that will never transform the heart and satisfy the demands of the conscience (see Heb. 9:9–10). We can say of Muslims what Paul said of the Jews: “They have a zeal for... Continue Reading

Reformed “Spotlight”: Self-Promoting Wolves or Selfless Shepherds?

Why worry about one abused sheep when there are ninety-nine applauding me?

The measure of anyone’s ministry is not how many people are in their church, how many blog readers or Twitter followers they have, how many books they’ve written, how many conference invitations they receive, or how many famous friends flatter us. The biblical measure of ministry is how they treat “the least of these” (Matthew... Continue Reading

The Christian and Joy

Christians are tempted, of course, to be discouraged and depressed by the force of overwhelming circumstances.

First, in as far as we are able, we must learn to control our feelings. There are various kinds of depression, to be sure, and some are the result of complex physical and psychological disorders. But there are times when we are spiritually depressed for no good reason. There are times when the best thing... Continue Reading

Misinterpreting the Thief (John 10:10)

Does the thief mean Satan?

The commenters of the Reformation era up through the nineteenth century all agreed that the thief referred to failed human leaders and their false teaching. I was unable to find a single commentary from those centuries that even mentioned the interpretation that the thief referred to Satan. John Calvin, as he explained that the thief... Continue Reading

Bible and a Brew: Groups Get Together to Talk Faith Over a Pint

Dault points to a current "theology hipster subculture" in which groups of men with beards and pipes host hard-core discussions of orthodox theology.

“There’s a perception in the church and in Milwaukee that you have to have this veneer of holiness that says don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t chew.” Quakkelaar is building a church called Friend of Sinners Church, part of the Presbyterian Church in America. Currently, they meet in a temporary location, but Quakkelaar said the program... Continue Reading

Is Disagreement about Homosexuality an “Intra-Evangelical” Discussion?

Zondervan will be releasing later this year a new book on homosexuality in their Counterpoints series

“Affirming” vs. “Non-Affirming” – Related to the above, I am persuaded that the labels “affirming” and “non-affirming” frame the issue in a way that is already biased against what the church has always believed about homosexuality. When the labels are applied to questions of human identity, they sound as if one group likes gay people... Continue Reading

Classical Christian Education and Doug Wilson

My concern is that CCE as a movement has very close ties to Doug Wilson and has been and continues to be influenced by him and his views.

The danger that I see in this is that many people who do not share Doug Wilson’s views on theology, history, slavery, patriarchy, marriage, sex, etc. may be allowing him to teach his views to their children without being aware of it. You may think that the danger is small, that his views on these... Continue Reading

China Reveals What It Wants to Do with Christianity

Bulldozer death of pastor’s wife draws attention, but president’s long-awaited speech on religion will impact Chinese Christians much more.

In an environment in which the CPC is moving aggressively to rein in all expressions of civil society Xi’s message on religion comes as no surprise. His vision for reasserting control over religion—an area the CPC finds particularly difficult due to the diversity and complex history of China’s various religious communities—combines legal means with tightened... Continue Reading

Who Does My Body Belong To?

The Christian answer is obvious: My body belongs to God.

Do you see how far we’ve come? The Bible says that my body belongs to God. Even Godless traditional societies will at least say that my body belongs to my people. But here and now my body belongs to me and it is outright bigotry for you to impose upon me any obligation to the contrary.... Continue Reading

This Is Not Our Inheritance …Yet

In this present time, we are given the privilege and responsibility to tend God’s planet; we are to work hard for God, our families, neighbors, and ourselves.

Steward well your life, time, energy, and possessions. Spend your day well worshiping God by improving his reputation, his vineyard, his family under your care, and his neighborhood. Be diligent workers and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is part of God’s economy. He delights in having satisfied laborers. Then, look forward to the... Continue Reading

No Tolerance for Religious Tolerance?

Denying true coexistence. The words “religious liberty” don’t mean what they once did to many people, especially if big business has its way.

Think of all of the corporate-led attacks and blackmail against common-sense religious freedom legislation in Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and now Mississippi. And then think of the bakers, florists, and photographers in places such as New Mexico, Colorado and Washington State who have been forced to choose between their beliefs and ruinous fines forcing... Continue Reading

New Evidence: Baby Body Parts Are Big Business

Congressional investigation finds proof businesses are profiting—illegally—from fetal tissue trade.

Amid growing optimism surrounding fetal tissue research in 1993, Congress lifted the ban on obtaining samples from abortion centers. The move was a bipartisan effort and included many safeguards designed to ensure the sale of baby body parts never became a money-making business. According to evidence obtained from tissue procurement companies, those safeguards failed. The... Continue Reading

Tyranny of the Civil Magistrate Must Be Resisted

Must we submit to all civil magistrates, even when they are tyrants?

The problem with preaching to individuals, as individuals only, is that the corporate nature of the covenant is lost. Because individual resistance can be anarchy, the issue of resistance must be comprehended as a corporate matter. When two separate magistrates who represent the body politic demand your obedience, who will you obey?    In the... Continue Reading

I Am Ryland – The Story of a Male-Identifying Little Girl Who Didn’t Transition

5-years-old Ryland was born a female; her parents have been transitioning her to male. Here’s my story with a different conclusion.

My husband is amazing at design and is the decorator/designer for our home.  He does most of the clothes shopping for both of us, and has no interest in learning how to change the oil in our car.  He is creative and artistic.  But he also loves to go hunting and fishing and has to... Continue Reading

My Mom Is Killing Me

After Christmas, my mom came to live with me. It’s been rough. I knew it would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be this hard.

When I took this thing on, I had one goal: to glorify God by honoring Mom and helping her to finish her race well. That goal remains the same. If you’d think to pray for me in this, I’d sure appreciate it. I don’t know how much time Mom has with me, but I don’t... Continue Reading