University Reformed Church Takes Second Vote to Leave RCA, to Affiliate with PCA

The second vote of the congregation was 366 to 18 to withdraw from the RCA and join the PCA

At a meeting on Sunday evening, November 23, The Great Lakes City Classis conducted a congregational meeting of the University Reformed Church (URC), East Lansing, Mich., The purpose of the meeting was for Classis to oversee a discussion and vote on URC’s desire to withdraw from the Reformed Church in America (RCA), and affiliate with... Continue Reading

Interpretive Dance

The BioLogos Foundation is making a major, well-funded push to change the way Christians read Genesis and think about Adam and Eve

BioLogos is now spending $3.6 million (primary funder: Templeton) on 37 projects in the United States and around the world, with grants ranging from $23,000 to $300,000. According to the BioLogos website, funds go to “projects that explore consonance between evolution and Christian faith.” Projects must not “reject the conclusions of mainstream science (e.g. old... Continue Reading

Compassion without Compromise

An introduction to a new book, Compassion without Compromise: How the Gospel Frees Us to Love Our Gay Friends Without Losing the Truth

There are dozens of questions like this in the book, each one answered with biblical insights and with good sense. I can’t imagine any Christian not being helped by this book. Adam and Ron are clear about the Bible’s prohibition of homosexual activity. They are informed on the latest scholarship. They are discerning when it... Continue Reading

The Case for Idolatry: Why Evangelical Christians Can Worship Idols

I really hope it's obvious that this is a parody, but if not: it is.

In other words, when Paul talks about idolatry, he is not talking about the worship of idols as we know it today. As a Christ-follower, he would be just as horrified as Jesus if he saw the way his words have been twisted to exclude modern idolaters like me, and like many friends of mine.... Continue Reading

Think the “Emergent Church” was Ineffective? Think again.

Even where the word “emergent” is not used, ideas from emergence leaders are being considered and adopted, leading to new experimentation and openness.

Already, the emergent church has taken shape in historically faithful Evangelical communities as youth ministry lay leaders and lay leaders, pastors, and high-profile seminary and Christian college professors and Millennials in the Church are caught in the crosshairs. Just consider for one moment the shifting worldview of today’s young Evangelicals.   Brian McLaren is right.... Continue Reading

The Bechdel Test and The Byrd Test

How often do you see the token woman thrown in to discuss, wait for it….women’s issues?

Whether it’s about purity, mothering, homeschooling, submission, or anti-feminism in general, women seem to be invited to speak about the second chapter in Titus or the 31st chapter of Proverbs more than anything else. Hannah Anderson likes to refer to this realm as the pink verses of Scripture. But the women that encounter Jesus do... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Kill Anger

Here are a few things that will leads us down the path of meekness and away from anger.

But where do we begin and how do we fight? After repenting we need to figure out what the opposite of anger is. It is NOT patience. The opposite of anger is actually meekness. Meekness is not a word we use very often. Many believe that meekness means weakness. It doesn’t. It also does not... Continue Reading

Support For Those Weak In Faith

The strength of our faith does not save us; the strength of our Savior does!

In one section of his book, The Unsearchable Riches of Christ, Thomas Brooks gives some biblical examples of what it means to be weak in faith: those weak in faith have a fair amount of worldliness in their hearts, they fret and worry excessively about troubles and trials, they often think more of their sin... Continue Reading

The Most Creepiest Time of the Year

Thoughts on two kids lip-syncing to "Baby It's Cold Outside"

Hollywood doesn’t just push some boundaries; it pushes them all. Remember that these are the same people who can’t understand why Roman Polanski’s rape of a thirteen-year-old girl was all that big a deal. But Hollywood is far cleverer than any government bureaucracy. After all, this video is beautifully done! That’s why we are outraged... Continue Reading

10 Ways the Enemy Gets the Upper Hand in a Church

The devil strategically attacks us and we need to know his ways to fight against these attacks

He wants us to give up on prayer. He points out unanswered prayer, reminding us that God has at times not heard us in the past. Why would we then seek God’s presence and power today? He wants us to get puffed up with ego. In fact, this strategy is the root of the rest... Continue Reading

Evangelicals and the LGBT Community: What Does the Future Hold?

Evangelicals are learning to model both grace and truth when discussing homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

As a millennial, an evangelical, and a Southern Baptist, I’m passionate about a vibrant civic pluralism. Our differences should not be ignored for the sake of false unity. But the fractured values divide in America can’t persist healthily at the rate we’re going. Now more than ever, we need courage, civility, and a commitment for... Continue Reading

Ed Stetzer on Statistics and the Church

The president of LifeWay Research talks about what will make Christians more serious about their faith

“Missional” [has] become an ecclesiological junk drawer. If somebody wants more social justice in his or her church, that’s missional. If someone wants to be contextually relevant, that’s missional. A lot of times missional is the desired change if someone wants to be something else. Missional is, at its simplest, us joining Jesus on his... Continue Reading

Knock, Knock

Knock, knock jokes are always answered with, “Who’s there?” Our knock, knock prayers are answered with, “Jesus”

  Jesus wants us to pursue Him, to ask of Him. Even though He knows our needs, even though the thoughts and intentions of our hearts are not hidden to Him, we must ask, seek, knock. We do not have because we do not ask, James tells us. Jesus desires that we come before Him... Continue Reading

‘World War II Isn’t Over': Talking to Unbroken Veteran Louis Zamperini

Before his death in July at 97, the man immortalized in Laura Hillenbrand's book reflected on courage, forgiveness, and why he doesn't consider himself a hero.

If you hate somebody, it’s like a boomerang that misses its target and comes back and hits you in the head. The one who hates is the one who hurts. I talked to girls at a school in Palos Verdes and I said, “If you want to age quickly, then hate somebody.” After that, I... Continue Reading

Roger the Memory

I know so much about what Jesus did for me, what I knew 60 years ago, but am I really in touch with him in an ongoing way?

Have I told you about my conversation with my friend Dan? I said to him, if ‘not yet’ is the last thing we say, and people always remember the last thing, isn’t that discouraging, that it’s always ‘not yet’? Why don’t we say ‘still already’ at the end? But Dan said, why not ‘still already... Continue Reading

Why Do Pastors Receive a Tax Exemption for Housing?

Why exactly do ministers receive a tax exemption for their housing allowance?

Because of this reality, the courts cannot allow the parsonage exemption and exclude the housing exemption without showing preference for certain religious groups over others. Both the parsonage and pastor housing exemption are part of a legal tradition that serve to prevent the entanglement of the state in ecclesiological concerns. That’s an ideal even atheists... Continue Reading

Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books

The debate between paper books and e-readers has been vicious since the first Kindle came out in 2007

As we increasingly read on screens, our reading habits have adapted to skim text rather than really absorb the meaning. A 2006 study found that people read on screens in an “F” pattern, reading the entire top line but then only scanning through the text along the left side of the page. This sort of... Continue Reading

Gay Couple Files Complaint Against Denomination, With Pastor’s Approval

Two homosexuals who attend a United Methodist Church (UMC) in Winston-Salem, N.C., have lodged a complaint with Methodist officials against their pastor for not marrying them

Green Street United Methodist Church announced the complaint against its senior pastor, Kelly Carpenter, during a press conference Nov. 12. The couple, Kenny Barner and Scott Chappell, say that by refusing to marry them, Carpenter is violating the UMC Book of Discipline’s requirement for pastors to “perform the work of the ministry” and refrain from... Continue Reading

Happy 1660th Birthday: Augustine’s Enduring Appeal Is His Personal Passion for the Living Lord

Of the hundreds of thousands of published Christian writers over the centuries since the Scripture books were completed, none have had a level of influence like Augustine

“At the time of his new birth in Christ, Augustine had already become convinced of the truth of the Gospel for months. In Milan where Augustine was living at the time, the local Bishop Ambrose convinced Augustine that the arguments against the Gospel were weak, and that the Gospel in fact answered all the crucial... Continue Reading

A Romantic View Of Ministry

This is not to exalt one man over against another; it is the office that is exalted

“There is a danger for men who are pursuing ministry to fall into what some have called “a romantic view of ministry.” Recognizing the high call of the pastorate, and knowing that God is doing His greatest work in the world through His ministers in the church (Eph. 3:10), many have come to embrace faulty views of... Continue Reading

On the Word, Wittenberg Beer, and Christian vs Islamic Expansion

The use of force is unnecessary and unfruitful for the successful expansion of God's kingdom

“Luther discovered a perfect example of the Word’s ability to grow God’s kingdom sans a baton or baseball bat in his own experience of the preceding years. “I opposed indulgences and all the papists, but never with force. I simply taught, preached, and wrote God’s Word; otherwise I did nothing. And while I slept, or... Continue Reading

She Is A Public Nuisance

Of these two neighbors, which is more to be pitied? Which of the two lives under the greater delusion?

“One of my neighbors is succumbing to age and infirmity and living in a sad fantasy. The other is willfully blinding himself to the most obvious reality in the world—that he and all that he sees and experiences have been made and formed by the Creator. He, by far, is most to be pitied because... Continue Reading

11 Things You Should Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

Here are 10 things to remember about Alzheimer’s and caregiving

“Many caregivers report feeling abandoned by their church families.  Once they are unable to get to church on Sunday, they can feel forgotten.  One pastor noted, “Sometimes I think the church has an Alzheimer’s of it’s own,” referring to our tendency to forget those who are no longer present on Sunday.  Many caregivers long for... Continue Reading

Why Did Jesus Have To Die? (Part 2)

We say that it was a satisfaction for sin owed to the justice of God

“Of course the Scriptures clearly teach that justice is. Our Lord made a covenant of works, a covenant of nature, a covenant of life conditioned upon obedience to his law. He said that we might eat from any of the trees in the garden but one. They day we ate from that tree “You shall... Continue Reading

Apologetics: Basic Approaches

There are three basic approaches or schools of what is called “apologetics”

“Numerous weaknesses to each of these arguments have been made.  For our purposes here, the most important one is that none of them necessarily leads to the one true God who has revealed himself uniquely in Scripture and in his Son.  These classical arguments can lead to a general concept of God; but at some... Continue Reading

The True Reformers

Mere men are not the true reformers, but rather they are stewards and servants of God’s reformation

“Fundamentally, Reformed theology is theology founded on and fashioned by God’s Word. For it is God’s Word that forms our theology, and it is we who are reformed by that theology as we constantly return to God’s Word every day and in every generation. At its core, this is what the sixteenth-century Reformation was all... Continue Reading

A Brief Note On Texas Church Property Court Cases

There was a brief ripple on the church property legal front this past week as the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal regarding the Episcopal Church cases

“The Texas case is the one I discussed recently where the Texas Supreme Court overturned the summary judgement granted to the mainline Episcopal Church in the lower courts based on it being a hierarchical denomination. The Texas decision then sent it back down to the trial court for a full hearing on neutral principals but... Continue Reading

Liberal “Christianity” Reveals Its Soul and Bares Its Fangs

There are two reasons why the Islamic Friday prayers at the Episcopal National Cathedral on November 14, 2014, was strictly a form of religious non-sense.

The future struggle for religious truth will involve not only the historic confrontation between Gospel truth and the pagan lie but will increasingly divide Christendom, pitting “Christians” who have abandoned the Gospel and have joined with God-denying paganism, against Christians who defend biblical truth.   The Church’s conflict with non-Christian religions is to be expected.... Continue Reading

The Most Important Passage in the Whole of Scripture

This passage is the basis for the great Reformation doctrine of sola fide–the idea that we are saved by faith alone and not by the works of the law.

What is it that solves the problem of our sins?  “A righteousness of (from) God has been manifested apart from the law…through faith in Jesus Christ” (3:21-22).  Luther referred to these verses as “the center of the whole Bible.”  Martin Lloyd Jones called it “the most important and crucial passage in the whole of Scripture.” ... Continue Reading

The Joy Of Not Being So Intentional…

If being intentional means over-thinking, second guessing, guilt-baring, people pleasing parenting and all-around doing life, then this lady has left the room.

I know my grandparents generation was by no means perfect and they could probably have used a little more intentionality in their parenting. And I don’t doubt there was still gossip, slander and judgment between friends and neighbors as sin has no generational bounds. But I imagine the scale was not nearly as far-reaching as... Continue Reading