To Those Of You Who Don’t Like To Sing On Sunday

When we don’t feel like singing, the problem isn’t a singing problem, but a seeing problem.

If we could see God as he truly is, we would be utterly undone. We would be singing for joy, kneeling in adoration, and weeping in gratitude. If we saw Jesus in his resurrected, ascended glory, there would be no talk of, “Well, I’m more of the quiet type.” So what should we do when... Continue Reading

Dethroning Celebrity Pastors

How do we protect ourselves from the danger of celebrityism—on whatever level we might experience it?

Pastors who are not held accountable by the church are unprotected from themselves and the temptations of the devil. They are untethered in the storm of ministry and will not just drift with the wind, but will fly away on their own until they crash. Accountability isn’t possible if the pastor is the pope of... Continue Reading

The Gospel According to Cats and Dogs

Don’t trade the bad news of finicky love for the false gospel of unconditional affirmation.

The gospel according to cats offers no grace. The gospels according to dogs expects no obedience. Take your pick: a Christianity without mercy or a Christianity without repentance. Neither are truly Christian. Some people have a gospel according cats. And others have a gospel according to dogs. The gospel according to cats has God saying,... Continue Reading

Genocide in Iraq

What we are now seeing in 2014 is an attempted genocide carried out by the group calling itself Islamic State, or ISIS

Up till now, many in the West have been silent in the face of this evil. The Western media has been silent, not wanting to seem intolerant towards Islamic groups. They have not come to terms with the ideology of radical Islamic thought. Our government has done little until yesterday.  Many Western Christians have been... Continue Reading

You Don’t Think Learning the Biblical Languages is Worth It? Think Again

Some students decide (very early on) that the biblical languages are just something to be endured. They are like a hazing ritual at a college fraternity.

Behind this “take your medicine” approach to the biblical languages are a couple of assumptions that need to be challenged.  First, the characterization of pastoral ministry as somehow incompatible with the languages (due to busyness, or other causes), is an unfortunate misunderstanding of what a pastorate is all about.  No doubt, pastors should be busy... Continue Reading

A Prayer for When We are Weak

Jesus was made weak so that I could be made strong.

When God looks at me, he doesn’t see my sin, he sees Christ. When I face weakness of any kind, Jesus is with me, through the power of the Spirit. He is strengthening and enabling me to go through trials so that I might grow in holiness. He is using my very own weaknesses to show... Continue Reading

The Sin in Our Cynicism

Cynicism is the prevailing posture of a post-Christian world, and sadly, it’s a posture in which many Christians too often find themselves.

Cynicism is that sneering bitterness toward all things true and deep. It’s the subtle contempt trying to contaminate the cheeriest of moments — that slow, thick smoke of pessimism toxifying the oxygen in the lungs of our hope, suffocating any glad-hearted embrace that God did something meaningful in our lives and strangling our childlike faith... Continue Reading

How Will Gay Marriage Impact Your Marriage?

The redefinition of marriage will bring with it a redefinition of marital norms

Gay marriage proponents frequently argue that gay marriage should be treated as equal with traditional marriage. Proponents put forth examples of gay couples and their domestic life together to illustrate the point that gay marriage is not different than any other kind of marriage. Rosin argues, however, that such examples are not the norm. She... Continue Reading

What Does Social Justice Look Like in an Abortion Culture?

Christians must ensure that the shuttering of abortion clinics is met with corresponding support mechanisms from churches and community groups to make abortion alternatives readily available.

Part of the role of government is to provide for the common defense – a protection of the population from those who would seek to do harm. With this understanding, I propose that protection of the unborn should be a priority of a just government. But what of social justice for the unborn?   Earlier this August... Continue Reading

On Suicide, Gratitude And Compassion

The past few weeks have brought headlines that ask us to grapple with our deepest hurts and fears

“Christians can be clumsy when it comes to deciphering mental health issues. A thousand voices rushed to weigh in on the selfishness of suicide. Some mused on how a death like Williams’ illustrated the emptiness of life apart from a relationship with God. Those who expressed sorrow over his death were scolded for their blind... Continue Reading

One Black Man’s Complicated Relationship With The Police

I’ve never been arrested or charged with a crime, but in many ways I constantly feel like a suspect

“I suspect that many who read this post will criticize my perspective. They will think that none of this history or the current events justify mob action as in the case of Ferguson, Missouri. I would agree if the point is that violence is not an appropriate response. I would, however, ask that we pause... Continue Reading

Predestination: Can I Be Sure I Am Chosen?

One's faith is secure because the Rock on which it is placed is secure

“The first part of the answer is to affirm that the Word of God says our standing in relationship to God as believers in Jesus Christ is secure. Notice this, for example, from 2 Peter 1. Peter writes not only as a “servant” but also as an “apostle of Jesus Christ” (v. 1). Then he... Continue Reading

Samuel Lamerson Named President of Knox Theological Seminary

The Knox Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Samuel Lamerson as President of the seminary, effective immediately

Dr. Lamerson has been at the Seminary since 1989 when Dr. D. James Kennedy founded it under the guidance of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Dr. Lamerson was a member of the first Knox graduating class in 1993, and is well respected by the faculty, staff, and academia at large. He has been professor of New... Continue Reading

UK Worship Artist, Vicky Beeching, Whose Songs Are Sung in American Churches Comes Out as Lesbian

Vicky Beeching, a UK-based worship artist whose songs are sung in American churches has come out as a lesbian

“What Jesus taught was a radical message of welcome and inclusion and love,” Beeching stated. “I feel certain God loves me just the way I am, and I have a huge sense of calling to communicate that to young people.” And now, she says she wants to work to change the beliefs of those in the... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Crush The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Your Child

Our children need to know what failure feels like so as they grow up they learn from those experiences

  Our children need to know what failure feels like as they grow up, so that when they grow up, failure can be an opportunity to learn rather than a debilitating crisis. I’m thankful that my parents equipped me to thrive and I’m hopeful that my wife and I can pass on the legacy to... Continue Reading

Ebola Claims Another African Doctor

Another leading physician in Sierra Leone’s fight against Ebola has died from the disease

Dr. Modupeh Cole died on earlier today, according to Sidie Yayah Tunis, director of communications for Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation. Trained in the United States, Cole was one of the top doctors working in the isolation ward in Freetown’s Connaught Hospital. He tested positive for the disease last week and received treatment... Continue Reading

Why Doesn’t The World Seem To Care When Christians Die?

Why is it that when Christians are persecuted, no one seems to care — not even other Christians?

“It was only last week, when the torture and killing had reached such extreme levels that the world began to take notice, that President Barack Obama ordered United States humanitarian and military intervention to rescue some 40,000 members of the Yazidis, a non-Muslim minority cornered by radical Muslims on a mountain outside of Mosul.”  ... Continue Reading

Muhammed Is Britain’s Most Popular Boys Name

Muhammad is so popular as a name because the three million Muslims in Britain tend to like to name at least one of their sons after the prophet

“At the time, Mohammed was already the most popular boys name in London by some considerable margin. The scale of the result is likely to leave the public shocked, although much of the mainstream media  are expected to focus on the official ONS results. As a result, they will report that Mohammed only came in... Continue Reading

Skip Ryan Resigns from Park Cities PCA and Redeemer Seminary

Two letters were mailed to church members, with confession about struggling with prescription drugs, and pastor’s comments

The remorse, regret, sadness, and burden of my failures are not mine alone. I have profoundly hurt my family and you, my church family, and I have betrayed your trust again. I am so deeply sorry that I have failed to be the Christian my teaching has suggested I am. Letters from Park Cities Presbyterian... Continue Reading

The Lord’s Supper: Sip It, Don’t Dip it

Those who oppose intinction do so for a few different reasons that, when combined, compel us to keep the elements of the Lord's Supper separate.

Rightly administering the Lord’s Supper is a mark of a true church. It occupies a critically important place in the life of God’s people as a memorial of Christ, the message of the gospel, and a means of his grace. Yet, even among those who share this perspective there remain differences in practice. I will... Continue Reading

Who are My Brothers and Sisters?

Ms. Beeching argues that our views about homosexuality ought not to divide Christians from one another.

Ms. Beeching is not the only one who has underestimated the gravity of our differences over these issues. There have been many others. And that is why we have to test her claim by scripture. Are we all really “brothers and sisters in Christ” even when we disagree with one another about an issue of... Continue Reading

Teach Me Jesus: Teaching Catechism

Do you have your children learn a catechism? Here are some resources to get started.

Over the summer we studied Proverbs in our morning devotional time. During the school year, I like to do the catechism. If you are unfamiliar with the use of catechisms in teaching children God’s word, it’s basically a tool that helps children learn biblical truth through a question and answer format. Children have an amazing... Continue Reading

The “Right to Die” Is Not the Answer to Suffering

To suggest that assisted suicide is compatible with Christianity is truly scandalous

Not only is the right to die incoherent or monstrous if applied rigorously, such legislation actually commits an even greater injustice by allow an avenue to pressure those with chronic illnesses and pain to end their own lives. With the knowledge that all the hospital visits and bills could be ended by a simple choice... Continue Reading

Tracking Christian Sexual Morality in a Same-Sex Marriage Future

Churchgoing Christians who support same-sex marriage are more likely to think pornography, cohabitation, hook-ups, adultery, polyamory, and abortion are acceptable.

I’m not suggesting any “slippery slope” sort of argument here, implying that a shift in one attitude will prompt lock-step adjustments in others. In reality, our moral systems concerning sex and sexuality tend rather to resemble personalized “tool kits” reflecting distinctive visions of the purpose of sex and significant relationships (and their proper timing), the... Continue Reading

My Thoughts on “Boyhood”

I went in expecting to do cultural analysis. But instead I just prayed and groaned, and realized how dependent I am on my Father to be a father.

More than that, I wept as I saw short-sighted, impatient adults who just couldn’t have mercy on this hurting, awkward kid. I wept as I considered all the time when, in the whirl and bustle of our lives, I am diligent to maintain discipline and order (as is absent in this family often), but I... Continue Reading

Is Your Church Restful?

The congregation needs to know what’s going on and how to get involved without losing the focus and restfulness of worship.

More generally, the elders simply try to keep a finger on the pulse of the congregation’s sense of rest versus overload. Lately, we’ve made the commitment that the addition of something to our church calendar means that something else needs to be taken off. Why? Because we’re about at our limit. Sure, folks might be... Continue Reading

Comments Are Open

Leon Brown’s post about the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the subsequent interview with Scott Clark has me puzzled

One way to facilitate conversation might be for Leon to notice at least two segments of his white audience — those who are racist and those who don’t think they are (though they may harbor some residue of prejudice), don’t generally make stupid comments to black pastors, and who empathize with black frustrations and resentment. If Leon... Continue Reading

Review: No Dissenting Views Allowed: The Giver and the Hero’s Journey

The Giver as a book is a parable of existentialism. Humanity is defined not by culture, rules, or religion, but by the raw passion of human emotion.

You have to track with me that hero’s journey (monomyth) movies perpetuate a certain philosophy, a certain religion, if you will.  They are not existentialist—they are neo-Platonic or gnostic.  There are similarities with existentialism—a distrust of reason, society, and rationality, to name a few.  Existentialism stands firm, however, in the conviction that there is no... Continue Reading

Merit and Moses (Part 4)

Concluding assessments and comments on “Merit and Moses”

I’ve increasingly come into contact with people who are using the RP to argue against any place of the law in the Christian life. They hear RP teachers saying that Israel obeyed the law to merit the land, but the NT believer is no longer under that arrangement. Thus they conclude, we don’t need to... Continue Reading

The Normal Christian Life

“Perseverance beats zeal every time.”

Spiritually speaking, we’re all Barry Bonds. We want awesomeness more than we want faithfulness. But the Lord is making us into Cal Ripkens. Teaching us that it’s more about showing up than showing off. Showing up with the hope of the gospel, day in and day out.   Baseball was not my sport, but from... Continue Reading