Is the Church Failing Gay Christians?

Thoughts on a discussion among Steve Chalke, Ed Shaw, Rosaria Butterfield, and Jayne Ozanne

Even though the conversation was polite and civil, it was rather awkward on this point. Their discussion reveals that there can be no underlying evangelical unity when people differ over this issue. It’s impossible to construct a “pastoral” response that includes deeply unfaithful, harmful, unbiblical, and unchristian perspectives. Biblical truth is the foundation of any... Continue Reading

Sing Your Heart Out

The Gospel enables and encourages us to take up theologically rich Psalms and hymns and to sing our hearts out to God

Much of the scriptural teaching about the beauty of loud congregational singing has been lost by the injuries that have been sustained by both sides in the worship wars. In many performance-driven congregations worship teams overpower congregational singing and the singing that happens is akin to the drowned out admiration singing at a concert. In... Continue Reading

“Righteous” Reputations of Churches That Don’t Care

Why do so many churches fail to do the right thing when they learn that one of their own has been accused of sexual abuse?

What is the right thing to do when a church learns that one of its own has been accused of victimizing a child? First and foremost, it must immediately turn its focus and care away from institutional reputation and towards the victimized and the vulnerable.   Though there are multitudes of ways this can be... Continue Reading

In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas

What will they do when they hear opinions they’ve learned to shrink from?

The confusion is telling, though. It shows that while keeping college-level discussions “safe” may feel good to the hypersensitive, it’s bad for them and for everyone else. People ought to go to college to sharpen their wits and broaden their field of vision. Shield them from unfamiliar ideas, and they’ll never learn the discipline of... Continue Reading

Being Soul Sad for My Church

I felt the deep loss of being soul sad this past week when the belief and dedication to the Bible died in the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Last week it became our Presbytery’s time to vote, not that our vote would matter, the manipulators and schemers had, during the General Assembly Meeting last July, already put into effect the Authoritative Interpretation that negated any real power to divert or correct the plunge of the Presbyterian Church USA into apostasy. However, it was... Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Rejoice in Persecution

In your suffering you really can rejoice.

It is still remarkably easy to be a Christian here in North America. We have never faced systemic persecution. We have laws that protect our freedom to worship and our freedom to believe what we believe. That’s not to say, though, that we never suffer. We still do face scorn and mockery, and especially so... Continue Reading

Our Fundamentalist Founders?

Reading Locke reminded me that Christian influences on the founding of the Republic were significant

Locke’s influence on the American founders can hardly be denied. When he writes of life, liberty, and the pursuit of private property—he repeatedly used the expression “life, liberty, and estate” or variants—it sounds almost as if the Founders retroactively wrote some Lockean passages. It’s a good reminder of our national cultural, political roots.     The interweb... Continue Reading

How Many Millennials are Evangelical in Name Only?

Liberal ideology under the cloak of Evangelicalism is a growing trend.

Liberal Evangelical authors tell young Evangelicals that if they accept abortion and same-sex marriage, then the media, academia and Hollywood will finally accept Christians. Out of fear of being falsely dubbed intolerant or without compassionate, many young Christians are buying into theological falsehoods. Millennials are forgoing the authority of Scripture and embracing a cafeteria-style Christianity... Continue Reading

A Message from the Redeemer Seminary Board of Trustees Executive Committee

In decisions involving personnel and employment, not all matters can be addressed in public forums.

Redeemer’s statement of Core Values on Unity in the Church includes the following, “we are called to ‘bear with one another in love with all patience and humility’ and ‘make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.’ ”   The Seminary invites all concerned “to pray, lifting up holy... Continue Reading

LifeWay Pulls All ‘Heaven Tourism’ Titles in Doubts Over Authenticity and Theology

The decision follows a 2014 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) resolution on "the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife"

The SBC resolution warned Christians against allowing “the numerous books and movies purporting to explain or describe the afterlife experience” to “become their source and basis for an understanding of the afterlife” and affirmed “the sufficiency of biblical revelation over subjective experiential explanations to guide one’s understanding of the truth about heaven and hell”.  ... Continue Reading

When It’s Time For Some RICO Indictments

In Reformed circles evangelical racketeering is more common than many of the evangelical public realize.

Huge money is being made behind the scenes, which helps to explain the manner in which even friendly critics are often treated by such organizations.  It also explains the comparative silence about these things in the public sphere: the men of stature who could and should speak out are often invested in the racket themselves... Continue Reading

Young People’s Greatest Problem Is…

Matthew Henry says, “I have seen more young people ruined by pride than perhaps by any one lust whatsoever.”

If Matthew Henry had designed Facebook instead of Mark Zuckerberg, we would be posting status updates on our failings, our faults, and our bad-hair days. And we’d be posting photos of others’ victories, achievements, and successes.   ….Pride. At least, according to Matthew Henry. In his little book, Sober-Mindedness Pressed Upon Young People, Henry says,... Continue Reading

Why So Many Young Christians Are Leaving Their Churches — And Coming Back Again

A millennial's thoughts on faith and church membership

Many of my friends have started returning to their childhood church communities, if for no other reason than it feels more faithful to recommit to what they already know than commit to uncertainty. As for me, I’ve decided to recommit to going to church with my husband rather than continuing the search alone. I am... Continue Reading

The Christian and Common Grace

Temporal sufferings, like temporal blessings, are an opportunity to bring glory to God.

As much as I may, at times, be quick to think that people are basically good, I confess that there is another side of common grace that confounds me. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust (Matthew 5:45). I... Continue Reading

Despite Assurances, Should PCUSA Pastors Worry about Their Future and Same-Sex Marriage?

PCUSA officials have been quick to offer assurances that no pastor would be forced to conduct a same-sex wedding and no church would be forced to host one.

So, for now the authority to marry same-sex people in Presbyterian churches is permissive and not compulsory.  “But,” LaBerge commented, “If this is a genuine justice issue, which supporters of marriage redefinition claim, then how long do you think they’re really going to be willing for the denomination to limp along between two opinions? How... Continue Reading

Nine Traits of Mean Churches

Are mean churches really increasing in number?

So, after receiving the second email, I began to assimilate all the information I could find where church members had written me about their “mean” churches. They may not have used the word “mean” specifically, but the intent was the same. I then collected characteristics of these churches, and I found nine that were common.... Continue Reading

Choose Your Own Sexual Ethics Adventure

A critique of purity culture turns into a plea for self-centered sexuality.

What’s really important—what, in Anderson’s view, is really moral—is that one’s sex life is shaped by our own sense of ethics. Given all this, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Anderson so easily falls into the trap of setting up her own values as a substitute source of authority. If one’s own viewpoint is one’s... Continue Reading

The Rumors of the Church’s Death Have Been Greatly Overstated

No matter how many studies Barna and his boys release, the church will continue to stand.

Will Millennials continue to leave the church at an “alarming” rate? Probably. Will various denominations continue to abandon sound doctrine and make concessions to the culture? Sure. Will prosperity preachers like Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar continue to sucker people in with their message of “Everything Is Awesome”? Yes. Will the Barna group release more... Continue Reading

What Do Pastors’ Wives Do All Day?

A review of Gloria Furman's book, The Pastor's Wife

The Pastor’s Wife is a survival manual of the most glorious kind. Sweeping away the busy clutter, we are left with a sense of what is most vital—for pastors’ wives and everyone else. What do pastors’ wives do all day?  If you read this book you’ll know the answer, simple enough for every day but rich enough for... Continue Reading

Practical Dangers of Teaching Women Made in the Image of the Church

The importance of teaching women to handle the Word accurately

Furthermore, extrapolations of this wrong teaching lead to patriarchy and abuse. This is so obvious I don’t want to write more on this. Simply put, bad Bible interpretation leads to bad practice by those in power every single time. It will frustrate some that I don’t explore this further. Maybe this is the most important... Continue Reading

Proverbs 18:17 — A Verse often Misused to Hurt Abuse Victims

The abuse victim who reports the evil deeds of her abuser to someone is not the first to state her case.

Who is the first accuser then that the first part of this Proverb says “seems right”? I will tell you. It is the abuser. Yep. “How can that be?” you ask? I will tell you! The abuser has constantly “stated his case” against his victim for a long, long time. Abusers accuse. Abusers tell people... Continue Reading

Is There Hope for Erskine Becoming a Decidedly Evangelical Christian College & Seminary?

Why has Erskine's new policy sexuality caused such a stir?

Is there hope for Erskine becoming a decidedly evangelical Christian College & Seminary? I hope so. This one thing is for certain: the new policy on sexual conduct and the ensuing flap from the LGBT and secular communities brings to sharp focus the challenge for Erskine College & Seminary to truly become a decidedly evangelical... Continue Reading

Ten Reasons Why the Church of Scotland is in Decline

Ten Reasons Why the Church of Scotland is in Decline

According to this theology Christianity is just one of the many world religions which are about inner transformation (which shows that Mr. McKenna knows as little about Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism as he does about Christianity!). None of it has much to do with Jesus Christ. And there is my concern. If the Church of... Continue Reading

I Know I Say I’m Not Perfect But You Don’t Have To Agree With Me

Though I’m willing to confess publicly I am a sinner in general, I don’t like others pointing out my sin in specific.

This gets too close for comfort~ too close to exposing my true heart. Confessing in generalities is so much easier, isn’t it? Functionally, I am like the rich young ruler who has the audacity to say to Jesus of the utterly unkeepable law, “All these I have kept. What do I lack?”  I don’t actually think... Continue Reading

When God’s Gifts Don’t Come Wrapped in Pretty Bows

Suffering is a gift that is intended for our good

When I first unwrapped the gift of depression, I was not grateful. I did not smile and say, “Just what I’ve always wanted!” But like Joseph, looking back, I can see how God used something bad for my good (see Genesis 50:20). Though there is nothing good about depression, God used it for my good. He... Continue Reading

RCA Approves University Reformed Church’s Transfer to the PCA

As a condition of its transfer, University Reformed Church (URC) must pay its annual assessment for 2015 and 2016 (roughly $80,000 total) and pay an additional $200,000 so that the classis can plant another church in the area.

The classis committee investigating our petition recommended that our request be denied and we not be able to leave the RCA. The classis, however, approved a substitute motion which granted URC and its pastors a transfer into the PCA. A proposed amendment to strike the $200,000 requirement from the substitute motion failed. The final vote... Continue Reading

Jesus Is Necessary, But Is He Enough?

Our sinful flesh refuses to feed on Christ, leaving us painfully empty

“We frequently talk about the sole sufficiency of Christ, but I’m afraid that it is often little more than a religious cliché. Though I had often affirmed its truth and preached sermons on the topic, I never really knew that Jesus was enough until I was confronted with the fact that he was all I... Continue Reading

Is Corporate Confession of Sin Enough?

We need others to help us wage war against the deceitfulness of sin

“Why is it easier to confess our sin to a dreadfully holy God than to another justified sinner? The answer is simple. We are actually confessing our sins to ourselves, not God, and then granting ourselves absolution. Unfortunately, this sort of self-forgiveness can never lead to a breach with sin.”   “Therefore, confess your sins... Continue Reading

Our Everyday Obedience Is Our Best Witness

When people live the way Paul describes, the world will notice

“Walking in obedience to Christ isn’t always flashy. But it’s that everyday obedience—in our marriage, in our jobs, in our schools—that acts as a theater for bringing glory to God and demonstrating his grace to the world.”   A few weeks ago I reflected on the ways that Titus 2 showed gospel change in four... Continue Reading

Islam And Christianity Not Comparable

Lampooning Christianity brings money and renown, criticizing Islam gets you 1000 lashes

“To be a Christian apologist these days seems to involve a lot of apologizing for being a Christian at all. This alone should be sufficient evidence of Christianity’s peaceful nature. I mean, I don’t hear many Muslims apologizing for the Muslim invasion of Europe.”   “Christians Have Waged Their Own Holy Wars” was yet another... Continue Reading