After Outrage, What?: From Outrage to Outreach

What can Christians do other than be sickened and saddened by the destruction of little, defenseless children, and the sale of their body parts?

The way forward for the protection of human life is to significantly decrease the demand for Planned Parenthood and other abortionists. That can only happen when the church, in earnest and en masse, determines to spend the time and the money to minister to women who, for a variety of reasons, have been convinced that... Continue Reading

Baphomet: The Satanic Tradition of Abortion

Before Christ was born, Satan killed millions of children in hopes of thwarting Eve’s promised Messiah. Now, after Christ, our children feel the wrath of a sore loser.

Christ has overcome the power of Hell and unleashed the power of grace, but as we endure these final days before Jesus’ Return, Satan is violent and venomous in his final throws. He seeks to exterminate children, to abuse children, and to deny children love, hope, and the knowledge of God. In modern America, Satan’s... Continue Reading

Be Kind, But Savvy, Too

A church that is selling out to the modern notion of niceness won’t be an effective one, but a seriously enfeebled one.

The calls for Christians to be nice are heard most often in discussions about the gay rights movement. The world accuses Christians of being mean, and some conservative Christian leaders are following suit. While still officially holding to orthodox teachings about sexuality and marriage, they’re starting to sound like LGBT activists when it comes to... Continue Reading

Las Cruces, NM Police Investigate Explosions Near Calvary Baptist, Holy Cross Churches

Explosions about a half hour apart shattered the serenity of morning services at two Las Cruces churches Sunday, but caused no injuries and only minor damage.

“It was a real bomb, I saw all the parts,” said Cavalry Baptist member Dennis Llewellyn, who said he was outside the church when the explosive went off. Llewellyn said he was a former special forces member with the Marines and recognized bomb parts that included an Eveready battery. He and fellow church member Mike... Continue Reading

A Prayer for When You are Lonely

This prayer is for the lonely at heart to seek God at the throne of grace:

So many people are lonely and seek to fill that loneliness in ways that could never fill their need. They think the cure to their loneliness is found in change or things or shallow relationships. Or maybe they seek to fill that void through shopping, social networking, blogging, keeping busy, hobbies, the gym, clubbing, or... Continue Reading

God Often Does His Best Work in the Darkness

Take heart – God is using the summer heat of trials to bring you to the highest maturity.

Trials remind us of what is already true: we are desperately dependent on God. We cannot function apart from God. We cannot make it to heaven apart from the sustaining grace of the God who raises dead men. God takes us through trials to decrease our self-confidence and increase our confidence in him.   Being... Continue Reading

Living with a Sense of Eternity

By living in the light of the return of Christ and the coming judgment, Calvin became deeply conscious of the brevity of time and the length of eternity.

Calvin sought, personally, to develop a balance of contempt for the present life with a deep gratitude for the blessings of God and a love and longing for the heavenly kingdom. The sense that the Lord would come and issue His final assessment on all and bring His elect to glory was a dominant motif... Continue Reading

The Lost World of Adam and Eve: A Response

Responding to John Walton's newest book on the historicity of Adam and Eve

Walton has provided an example of what happens when one gives extra-biblical texts magisterial authority over the text of Scripture. His basis for interpreting the text of Genesis comes from ancient people who were polytheistic, believed in the ultimate source of the power of magic, and wrote much of their history in the form of... Continue Reading

Christian, Pro-Life, and Black: Advocating for ALL of Life

It is an inaccurate and pejorative stereotype to say African Americans do not care about life in the womb

Christians of all races must be concerned with life “from the womb to the tomb” (and beyond!). This is why Christians of any race cannot support Planned Parenthood as long as it conducts abortions. Believers must do this while continuing to creatively address other important issues. The struggle is for the right to life and the... Continue Reading

Nothing In, Nothing Out

We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

When you are thinking of the judgment: We check everything at the grave. When the multi-billionaire John D. Rockefeller died, his assistant was asked, “How much did he leave?” “Everything,” he replied. Why not print this verse and stick it on everything you have or want: “We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing... Continue Reading

Keeping Gossip Out of Prayer Requests

How do we keep gossip out of our prayer ministries?

Anyone can be tempted to gossip. But we can avoid it if we slow down and evaluate whether we are the right person, with the right motivation, talking to the right audience with the right information. A good prayer request comes from the good stored up in a good heart, and one day, we’ll all... Continue Reading

This Is The Last Post You Will Ever Need To Read On Why They Don’t Sing In Church Anymore

This is NOT the last post you will ever need to read on how to get churches to sing once again, but we do need long-term conversations on this

We may not be able to turn the tide in the rest of our culture, but with intentionality over the next generations, we can change the culture of singing in the church. This is not a non-essential of faith. This is not adiaphora. This is important stuff. If the ancient principal of lex orandi, lex credendi is true, if... Continue Reading

Where Did All The Preachers Go, And What Did You Do To Them?

The relationship between the minister and his congregation can be quite thrilling; at other times the relationship can be quite chilling.

Bottom line, do you want the sort of minister that gives you what you need, or the charlatan who gives you what you want? And what will be your response to the faithful man of God who week-in and week-out unflinchingly proclaims God’s Word in your hearing? Will you judge him for being too long? Will you condemn... Continue Reading

You Can Trust Scientific Research Reports (We Think; We Hope)

We should be properly skeptical of the scientific claims. How can we be more informed consumers of research claims?

It is always wise and prudent to be skeptical about scientific research. Good science gives us valuable new insights into the world in which we live. Nevertheless, even when properly conducted, science does not yield “proof.” The testing of hypotheses is based on statistics and probabilities. Scientific research always includes some probability that the findings... Continue Reading

The Errors Of Liberation Theology

Marxism has infected, and often poisoned, Latin American Christianity through aberrant forms of liberation theology.

Liberation theology arose in the 1960s and 70s as a response to the widespread poverty and injustice in Latin America. It began with the Gospel premise that Christians have a special obligation to help the poor. But like so many theological movements which depart from sound Catholic principles   When Evo Morales, the President of... Continue Reading

One Simple Way To Encourage Your Pastor

A little bit of encouragement will go a lot farther than you think.

Don’t worry about his head getting too big. The Lord knows how to keep his pastors humble so you can worry about keeping your pastor going. Who knows what season of doubt your minister may be enduring? Who knows what discouragement constantly plagues him? Who knows how close he may be to leaving the ministry... Continue Reading

How Rich Corporate Elites Are Lobbying Lawmakers to Crush Marriage Advocates

What do you do when you can’t persuade the American people to embrace your values? Use government coercion to impose those values on people.

The basic idea is that LGBT activists couldn’t persuade a majority of citizens to vote to redefine marriage, so they got five unelected judges to redefine marriage for the entire country. Now, they’re using corporate giants to pressure lawmakers in D.C. to enact legislation that would eliminate any dissent. It gets worse. What do you... Continue Reading

Sola Scriptura or Sola Cardia?

What does "Sola Scriptura" mean? And why is it important?

“It would follow then that a sufficient Bible that must be read, obeyed and applied would be preached. Pastors who do not preach the Bible betray any commitment to sola Scriptura. As nice and entertaining as stories, jokes, and authenticity are–they cannot bear the freight of God’s work in the pulpit. God means to have his people’s... Continue Reading

Why I Am (Still) An Evangelical

In the end, all other explanations regarding the troubles of this world seemed insufficient

“Although I certainly simplified the matter, the truth was that as I read more, learned more, and thought more, the evangelical understanding of the biblical narrative of creation–fall–judgment–redemption impressed itself upon me, continuing to recount the story of my own life while making sense of the world in a way that nothing else that I... Continue Reading

Irenaeus on Reading and Understanding Scripture

Irenaeus advanced in his work the basic thesis that Scripture means what it says -- that is, that Scripture is clear in its articulation of the fundamental points of Christian theology

“A sound mind,” he wrote, “and one which does not expose its possessor to danger, and is devoted to piety and the love of truth, will eagerly meditate upon those things which God has placed within the power of mankind [i.e., power to understand], and has subjected to our knowledge, and will make advancement in... Continue Reading

Mr. Walker Goes to Washington

Mark Walker, a freshman congressman from North Carolina, is no stranger to the church

A friend of Walker and Lawndale Baptist Church’s senior pastor, Joe Giaritelli, said he never doubted Walker would make it to Washington. “I didn’t care what the polls were saying,” Giaritelli told RealClearReligion. “I just knew in my heart that he was going to win that, that God was going to open up doors.”  ... Continue Reading

Understanding Domestic Persecution (Part 2)

The question is not what ultimately defines persecution, but rather “Who.”

“The persecution of Israel’s prophets, and that of the saints of the New Testament and this age find their nexus in the life and Person of Christ. He sets the pattern for persecution within an inhospitable culture, and Scripture shows us at least two ways of understanding Him from this angle.”   Before we can... Continue Reading

Former Pastor of First Presbyterian, Columbus, Ga., to Lead New Congregation

Rev. Charles Hasty, former pastor of First Presbyterian of Columbus, has accepted a call to a new flock

“Hasty, who has said he was neutral on the issue, resigned as senior pastor of First Presbyterian in Columbus, Ga., in May. At the time, he wrote an email to members of First Presbyterian saying: “My heart, like all of yours, is broken in the wake of the fractured vote for gracious dismissal and the... Continue Reading

Politics of Inclusion

If the gospel is the basis for society, where are non-Christians supposed to go?

“Is bi-partisanship really a gospel imperative when practically every oped writer for the Times and the Post promotes crossing the aisle in Congress? Do we need to gussy up bi-partisanship with the gospel? Is that why Christ died?”   Matt Tuininga calls for the gospel politics of inclusion even while excluding some — ahem —... Continue Reading

Setting The Stage

The fifteenth century set the stage for the Reformation

“As the century opened, the reform movement of Jan Hus allowed for the creation of a separate Czech church. Hus stood on the text of Scripture to reject the theological changes of the medieval Catholic church, though he was also spurred by the love of his country to seek independence from the Holy Roman Empire.”... Continue Reading

Wheaton College Refuses to Bow to Caesar’s Demands

Wheaton College on Friday will stop providing any health insurance for students.

It is indeed regrettable that some students will be without health insurance coverage. And some students and alumni are already blaming the school. But the loss of the health insurance is the fault of the Obama administration, not the administration at Wheaton. The college has repeatedly asked for a compromise that would not require them... Continue Reading

Cecil the Lion

I wonder - did Kimmel tear up when he saw the video of the Planned Parenthood doctor talking about crushing infants as so many organ factories?

But in the grand scheme of wickedness, the death of a lion – even a lion called Cecil — barely registers on the most sensitive Richter scale.  The pathetic tears of a Kimmel and the predictable verbal violence of the hashtag wielding rent-a-mobs of the internet merely witness to the complete lack of any real... Continue Reading

The Brave New World of Childhood Indoctrination

This indoctrination will prove a significant challenge to both religious liberty and to free and rational thought.

Although Jennings often frames her style as “helping them understand a different point of view exists,” “setting up conversations,” and “modelling non-judgmental thinking,” she authoritatively interjects into her students’ conversations establishing what is right and wrong. She does this despite her “work to help children understand that just because someone thinks something different from you,... Continue Reading

It’s Not Dixie’s Fault

There is an old, tired motif in American journalism that the South is the source of our nation’s social ills.

These crude regional stereotypes ignore the deep roots such social ills have in our shared national history and culture. If, somehow, the South became its own country, the Northeast would still be a hub of racially segregated housing and schooling, the West would still be a bastion of prejudicial laws that put immigrants and black... Continue Reading

How Reading Can Transform Your Health

If reading secular books can have such life-transforming benefit, how much more will a wide range of good spiritual books transform our lives and even our eternity.

Grothaus’s life was in a rut…until he read War and Peace. Its 1500 pages took him two months to conquer and immediately became his favorite book because of how it changed him. “It’s  almost impossible to explain why,” he says “but after reading it I felt more confident in myself, less uncertain about my future…As weird as... Continue Reading