This Is Not Our Inheritance …Yet

In this present time, we are given the privilege and responsibility to tend God’s planet; we are to work hard for God, our families, neighbors, and ourselves.

Steward well your life, time, energy, and possessions. Spend your day well worshiping God by improving his reputation, his vineyard, his family under your care, and his neighborhood. Be diligent workers and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is part of God’s economy. He delights in having satisfied laborers. Then, look forward to the... Continue Reading

No Tolerance for Religious Tolerance?

Denying true coexistence. The words “religious liberty” don’t mean what they once did to many people, especially if big business has its way.

Think of all of the corporate-led attacks and blackmail against common-sense religious freedom legislation in Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and now Mississippi. And then think of the bakers, florists, and photographers in places such as New Mexico, Colorado and Washington State who have been forced to choose between their beliefs and ruinous fines forcing... Continue Reading

New Evidence: Baby Body Parts Are Big Business

Congressional investigation finds proof businesses are profiting—illegally—from fetal tissue trade.

Amid growing optimism surrounding fetal tissue research in 1993, Congress lifted the ban on obtaining samples from abortion centers. The move was a bipartisan effort and included many safeguards designed to ensure the sale of baby body parts never became a money-making business. According to evidence obtained from tissue procurement companies, those safeguards failed. The... Continue Reading

Tyranny of the Civil Magistrate Must Be Resisted

Must we submit to all civil magistrates, even when they are tyrants?

The problem with preaching to individuals, as individuals only, is that the corporate nature of the covenant is lost. Because individual resistance can be anarchy, the issue of resistance must be comprehended as a corporate matter. When two separate magistrates who represent the body politic demand your obedience, who will you obey?    In the... Continue Reading

I Am Ryland – The Story of a Male-Identifying Little Girl Who Didn’t Transition

5-years-old Ryland was born a female; her parents have been transitioning her to male. Here’s my story with a different conclusion.

My husband is amazing at design and is the decorator/designer for our home.  He does most of the clothes shopping for both of us, and has no interest in learning how to change the oil in our car.  He is creative and artistic.  But he also loves to go hunting and fishing and has to... Continue Reading

My Mom Is Killing Me

After Christmas, my mom came to live with me. It’s been rough. I knew it would be hard, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be this hard.

When I took this thing on, I had one goal: to glorify God by honoring Mom and helping her to finish her race well. That goal remains the same. If you’d think to pray for me in this, I’d sure appreciate it. I don’t know how much time Mom has with me, but I don’t... Continue Reading

9 Items That Should Be In Every Missionary’s Budget

What missionaries should have in their budget in order to live an average life, but also to engage in fruitful ministries.

Missionaries do not get into missions because of the perks. A missionary is willing to make certain sacrifices to benefit the kingdom. However, if the church were better providing for its missionaries we might attract more qualified servants and encourage them to serve longer. Providing a missionary with the resources, assistance and peace of mind... Continue Reading

Innocent Man Ends Up Pals With Crooked Cop That Framed Him

"I falsified the report," former Benton Harbor police officer Andrew Collins admitted.

Last year, by sheer coincidence, they both ended up at faith-based employment agency Mosaic, where they now work side by side in the same café. And it was in those cramped quarters that the bad cop and the wrongfully accused had no choice but to have it out.   BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – It all... Continue Reading

I Promise…

Overseeing the ceremony in which the Lord brings together in the covenantal bond of marriage those He has called you to pastor is one of the greatest joys of pastoral ministry

“Sadly, we see just how little most value vow taking in our day. We see with what flippancy men and women will throw away their marriage and how easily they walk away from the church when they find one or two things with which they do not agree. The great need of our day is... Continue Reading

10 Cravings of the Sinful Nature

What does the intense longing that comes from your sinful nature look like?

If you are discouraged in ministry, expect the sinful nature to produce thoughts about quitting. The sinful nature will say, “You deserve better than this. There’s something else you could do.” The sinful nature will always produce these cravings, strong desires, and intense longings.   What are the cravings of the sinful nature? What kinds... Continue Reading

Memorial Drive Settles Lawsuit With Presbytery For $950,000

New Covenant Presbytery has “released any interest in MDPC’s property”

“The 3,461-member Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church began discerning its future in the PCUSA in early 2015, when the congregation voted 839-277 to enter the presbytery’s discernment process. However, the church was searching for a new pastor at the time, and put the process on hold until a new pastor was called.”   Memorial Drive Presbyterian... Continue Reading

Your Days Are Numbered

Of all the gifts God gives us, few are more precious and few are more fleeting than time

“Though ‘Your Days Are Numbered’ is a little book, it packs an outsized punch. Perritt examines hobbies in both their blessings and their distractions and he diagnoses the trivialities that can consume so much of our time, explaining that “innocent things often become deadly in the hands of our Enemy.”   Of all the gifts... Continue Reading

Is Certainty Sinful? (Book Review)

Enns’s diagnosis of sins of “certainty” is more accurate than many might grant

“The answer, according to Enns, is that Christians (still) have a problem with certainty, despite the numerous treatments that have said as much. Specifically, he thinks we’ve identified our faith in God with our thoughts about God, and so have become preoccupied with correct thinking.”   “I’m not saying never doubt or question,” John Ames writes to his... Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Need the Westminster Shorter Catechism

Here are five reasons I consider this catechism worth engaging today

“Of course there are plenty of other documents that can help with this study. It’s likewise true the Shorter Catechism goes a bit beyond the core on some matters. Nevertheless, the first 38 questions and answers offer a succinct, clear, and heartwarming summary of central Christian beliefs.”   My first encounter with the Westminster Shorter Catechism... Continue Reading

The Gospel of Sovereign Grace

Sovereign grace crushes our pride. It shames us and humbles us.

This idea that salvation owes everything to God’s grace is the overarching theme not just in Romans but in all of Paul’s epistles. For example, Paul begins his letter to the Philippians with a prayer for the church in which he says, “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until... Continue Reading

China On Course To Become ‘World’s Most Christian Nation’ Within 15 Years

The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than in America

“Officially, the People’s Republic of China is an atheist country but that is changing fast as many of its 1.3 billion citizens seek meaning and spiritual comfort that neither communism nor capitalism seem to have supplied.”   It is said to be China’s biggest church and on Easter Sunday thousands of worshippers will flock to... Continue Reading

Truth in the Imperfect Community

People break fellowship with a local church for all sorts of unbiblical reasons.

Even if we were to discern an error in any of these three areas, the first and proper thing to do is to make one’s concerns known to the leadership of the church. When it seemed to Paul that Peter was behaving in a way contrary to the Gospel, he opposed him to his face... Continue Reading

Have We Undervalued the Sufferings of Christ?

The implications of looking to Christ’s sufferings through his entire life as vicarious and “in our room” are huge.

Among other things, this is how and why Christ transforms and sanctifies all of our trials to the profit of our souls. Christ’s suffering for you throughout his life is the reason why the suffering in your life now represents the hand of a loving Father rather than the wrath of a just Judge. Sometimes... Continue Reading

Jen Hatmaker, Blurry Lines, and Transformative Truth

Jen Hatmaker is the new Beth Moore in many Christian ladies’ circles.

These sentiments are not surprising. Hatmaker has made far more controversial comments on Christian sexual ethics before. While Religion News Service’s Jonathan Merritt believes Hatmaker’s post reflects a shift on LGBTQ inclusion, he also notes in a recent column that she’s made similar statements on the subject in the past. Merritt points out Hatmaker’s 2014... Continue Reading

Because She Mattered

To Jesus, she wasn’t a nobody, she wasn’t an outcast – for He had taken that away.

But this woman has been unclean for 12 years. What she has to say isn’t wanted. Isn’t needed. She isn’t’ worth the bother. People quit listening to her years ago. People quit caring years ago. All she had left was sneaking through the crowd and touching the hem of the garment. If she could just... Continue Reading

If You’ve Cheated, Should You Tell Your Spouse?

I believe that confessing adultery to your spouse is absolutely necessary. Here are five reasons

You can’t expect your spouse to just be sad for a few moments and then forgive you. It may feel to you as you confess that a great burden is being lifted, but this is the first time that they are hearing about this. There has to be a grieving and an expressing of the... Continue Reading

Listening to the Women

At this moment in history, when the church of Christ seems poised for some of the biggest battles against culture and secularism it has yet seen, she needs allies. She has allies.

Many commentaries on Luke 24 will comment on the historical context of the women, that would likely have found them poorly educated, and their testimony in civil courts as inferior to men. But less commentary is usually offered on how Luke describes the men. The men to whom the women speak aren’t simply some of... Continue Reading

See No Evil

If there’s any good reason to distrust the self-awareness of contemporary progressives, it's the cultural epidemic of pornography.

This is precisely why Christians and churches must address this issue. As Carl Trueman put it, the sexual conscience of modern culture cannot do this, for the same reason that an alcoholic cannot be trusted to guard the expensive stuff. Our communities are suspended in midair, somewhere between the abolition of man and the nihilism... Continue Reading

The Joys of Small Groups

Through prayer, transparency, and time in God’s word, it is obvious that God is at work in small groups.

When you give your life to Jesus, you’re not only saved from sin but you’re saved into family. And this kingdom family is there to help you walk in faithful obedience to God and His word. We need each other, and my group is embracing this truth. We don’t try to come off pretty. We... Continue Reading

What Hath Geneva To Do With Canterbury?

Why are Presbyterians worshiping like Anglicans? Why do some PCA churches have Ash Wednesday services?

Whatever factors have given rise to Episcoterian worship, one thing is clear, Presbyterians are abandoning their liturgical heritage. Historically, the Reformed church has argued that in matters of worship, Geneva and Canterbury are incompatible. In Presbyterian theology, the church’s authority is not legislative but ministerial and declarative.   Why are Presbyterians worshiping like Anglicans? Why... Continue Reading

Hope, History, and the American Church After Obergefell

While there is hope that the Church will survive present cultural attacks, it may be shaped and function differently in the future.

At some point in the next generation or two, we will likely be tasked with helping to rebuild our local places (and not just the evangelical churches and institutions in those places), though the exact form that will take is not clear to anyone right now. But when we do that work, we will almost... Continue Reading

Spirit of Light

Reformed Christians have been given a “bad press” for their views on the gifts of the Holy Spirit; it shouldn't be so.

Well-meaning Christians sometimes mistake the Spirit’s work of illumination for revelation, which, unhappily, can lead to serious theological confusion and potentially unhappy practical consequences. But the doctrine of illumination also helps us explain some of the more mysterious elements in our experience without having to resort to the claim that we have the gift of... Continue Reading

Willow Creek’s “The Practice” Blends New Age & Catholic Mysticism

“The Practice is an experimental gathering where we immerse ourselves in God’s dream for humanity, practice the historic disciplines that align us with His dream, and carry each other along the way.”

It would appear that the entire purpose of The Practice is to practice Spiritual Formation and all of its contemplative components, like Lectio Divina, a centuries-old mystical Catholic practice involving repeating a word or phrase from the Bible over and over until you reach a higher level of consciousness to “hear God speak” to you:... Continue Reading

Stop Your Grumbling!

What is the difference between a critique of a situation, event, or person and complaining?

We need to be careful with our grumbling, with our complaints, with our astute observations of the weakness and incapacity of others.  We dare not insult a very good and faithful God about his performance.  What will we do when he demonstrates that he can be really good at holding people accountable for the stupid... Continue Reading

Health Officials Warn Zika Could Be Worse For U.S. Than Expected

The Zika virus poses a greater threat than previously thought in the continental United States, federal health officials admitted during a White House briefing on April 11.

Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits the virus, is now present in 32 U.S. states and not 12, as first thought, Schuchat said. CDC officials also warn that with summer fast approaching, mosquito eradication efforts, testing, and research may not be able to catch up with the spreading virus. According to the latest CDC report,... Continue Reading