Don’t Want To Be Called Racist? Then Let The Children Suffer

The abuse has gone on for years, but no one addressed it for fear of racism

National Review editor Rich Lowry reports that “in a BBC documentary, the author of a 2002 report to the Rotherham council on the scandal said her work was quashed. When she noted that the perpetrators were from the Pakistani community, a colleague told her ‘you must never refer to that again — you must never... Continue Reading

The Illusion of Neutrality

The secular state cannot be neutral in matters of religion.

You cannot say, “The People must remain absolutely neutral as to whether the People, as such, owe any allegiance to God, to acknowledge His benefits, and to pray for His protection.” To say it is to deny the debt. It is to take a position while trying to appear to take none. To decline to... Continue Reading

Law, Wisdom, And Charity: Life In A Twofold Kingdom

Does recognizing that we live under God’s twofold kingdom somehow dispense with the moral law?

Yes, we do live in two spheres simultaneously but a believer is always under God’s moral law in both. As a citizen of the common sphere, under God’s sovereignty and authority, I am not free to enter into business relations that compromise my profession of the Christian faith. Obviously, Paul tells us that we’re not... Continue Reading

If You Struggle Over an Issue… You Must Be Right!

That is how shallow we have become in the church these days. We think if someone really gives something a lot of thought, then it must be correct.

I’m doing some research around the web and came across Rachel Held’s Evans post on God and the Gay Christian. In there she tells us that she has another post that is in the works about why she changed her mind on God and the gay Christian. Gee, can’t wait. Her testimony and preface for... Continue Reading

Flattening Will Get You Nowhere

What is so controversial about the view that the covenant with Adam was gracious?

So we offer a warning to Jones about his flattening lest he reduce the uniqueness of Christ’s epoch-making work in contrast to Adam’s epic failure. He may want to chalk Meredith Kline’s views of Moses up to the latter’s study of the Ancient Near East. But Jones should also pay attention to the other much... Continue Reading

#WhyIStayed: How Some Churches Support Spousal Abuse

A safe church does not tolerate the abuse of women or anyone else for that matter. A safe church empowers and equips all victims to walk away from those who hurt them. A safe church is where the abused can leave the abuser being assured that is what God wants them to do. It is... Continue Reading

May I Marry for Looks?

An Open Letter to Single Male Idiots

Physical attraction is a wonderful luxury that you may choose to wait for. You may even choose to be single forever rather than marry someone you aren’t physically attracted to. Good luck with that. Just don’t prioritize looks over character. You may insist on both and be willing to die single, or you may have to choose.... Continue Reading

For Those Who are Led by Their Emotions

While being emotional can make us empathetic and compassionate, there’s a negative side as well.

No, there is negative side that goes deeper than simple embarrassment. Because the truth is, our emotions can’t always be trusted. Sometimes they exaggerate things. They can make something that’s only mildly irritating seem like the worst thing. Other times, our emotions can be downright liars. They tell us things about ourselves and others that... Continue Reading

Can Facebook Really Ruin Your Marriage?

I don't think Facebook is to blame for divorces, but I do think Facebook is revealing what is already there.

Some character issues may be revealed that don’t require any posting. The ABC News article quoted an author saying that Facebook can turn people into jealous and distrustful people. Really? Facebook can do that? I’m pretty sure that these are issues that people already have, and spending time on Facebook may reveal and fuel something... Continue Reading

The World in a Wafer: Globalization, Localization, and the Lord’s Supper

The localities of the world’s distinct cuisine are on the common table, and a chair exists for people from every nation

By collapsing spatial divisions, the Lord’s Supper tells a spatial story about the destiny of the world. The Lord’s Supper is catholic in the truest sense. It is celebrated by those across the world who acknowledge the Lordship of the man from Galilee. However it has a “decentered center; it is celebrated in the multitude... Continue Reading

Believing Myths and Ignoring Facts

Our culture seems to have mistaken vehemence for substance, mockery for intelligent critique, sarcasm for valid conclusions

Somewhere in the midst of it we forgot to listen to each other, to attempt to walk in another person’s shoes, to see it from another’s perspective, to patiently wait to ascertain what is actually known rather than what is immediately assumed.  If we don’t rush to judgment there is not going to be anything... Continue Reading

Gungor, Questions, And The Doubters Among Us

Why such a fuss over Christian musicians’ theology and ethics?

Church leaders say they want to provide a safe place for people to be honest and open about their struggles, but if we are not careful, our denunciation of public expressions of doubt may cause some of the sincere doubters in our own congregations to climb into their shells and never ask the substantive questions. This facade gets tiresome, of course, and... Continue Reading

What If The 1960s Took A Christian Course?

Cure worse than the disease: The ’60s turned society into a mass of contending wills with no higher standard to order them

The ability to recognize those things depends on our sense of the transcendent element within experience. That sense is elusive—it has to do with something that can’t be measured or photographed—but it is real and supremely important. To become reliably present and usable, so it can orient and sustain us, it must be made concrete... Continue Reading

“Bombs Away, Obama!”

We used to send missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth, but now we send soldiers

We used to send missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth, but now we send soldiers. Even though there is a place for just wars with bombs, we must never forget that there is only hope in the gospel, not in bombs.   There once was a time when other nations considered the United... Continue Reading

A Review: “Seriously Dangerous Religion: What the Old Testament Really Says and Why It Matters “

“Seriously Dangerous Religion” is a thought provoking and profitable book

This is the brilliant aspect of the book. By juxtaposing the biblical answer to these questions with the other metanarratives, it becomes clearer and clearer that the Old Testament is unique and sui generis (in a class by itself). Though there may be overlapping similarities on the surface, nevertheless, at the end of the day,... Continue Reading

On Dialog and Instruction

Browbeating was not the way of Jesus; he did not harangue; he compassionately sought to persuade

Dialog is illegitimate if the questioner has neither a sincere heart nor the humility to receive instruction. This is not to suggest that the other participant, the mature Christian, has all the answers or cannot learn from the one struggling. The only source of revealed truth is the written revelation of the Bible, not the... Continue Reading

The Happiness of Obedience

Obedience to the gospel is obedience to Christ and to God

It is vital to note that obedience to the Creator is owed by mankind, both by the demands of God’s very nature and by man’s nature itself as creature. And it is the demands of God’s nature which the Osteens seek to throw off, and to convince us that we should throw off under the... Continue Reading

Creating A Hospice Ministry For Churches

The death of a church does not have to be the end of its ministry

Part of the key is to remember that we should not see the death of a church as a failure. Even the churches in the New Testament died and were restarted (or, were not, in some places). Why not make the death of your church a strategic decision rather than an unfortunate accident?   It... Continue Reading

Poll: Church Leaders Predict Repression Over Objections To Gay Coupling

The culture war is not "somewhere out there" anymore, it’s at the door

“The future is uncertain on how the legal system will single out Christians for their beliefs or force them into situations that violate their conscience, but recent precedent doesn’t provide much encouragement. And it’s not just the legal climate that ought to concern Christians. Cultural forces are at work to remove even reasonable and orthodox... Continue Reading

Will InterVarsity Losing Cal State Standoff Be Tipping Point For Campus Ministries Nationwide?

Cal State withdraws recognition from 23 student groups for not allowing non-Christian leaders

“California State University has told the campus ministry that “no exemption can be made” to a new non-discrimination policy that requires leadership positions be open to all students, InterVarsity announced in a monthly prayer letter. Now 23 student chapters are no longer recognized by their universities as official student groups, losing free access to rooms... Continue Reading

If Only You Knew What I Know

Maybe what we need is need fewer books, and more friendships, fewer abstract principles and more applied ones

“What makes 12-step programs so effective despite vague or even antagonistic notions of God? To large degree, it is the fellowship of addicts or alcoholics, who walk together, and battle together, against a common enemy. They develop transformative friendships based not on doing fun things together or sharing common amusements, but on the growth and... Continue Reading

Have You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

When was the last time we said, “Oh, how I wish I had the intimacy and tenderness I once had when I first came to Christ?”

“When was the last time we looked around us and said, “Oh how I wish I had the sweet communion that my friend seems to have with God?” When was the last time we looked within and said, “Oh, I am so cold, crusty, stale, stagnant, dry and lifeless?” When was the last time you... Continue Reading

Biblically Faithful

Parachurch ministries exist to come alongside and serve the local church, but if they ever try to replace the church, they should close their doors

“Every Christian has been affected, in some measure, by a parachurch ministry, whether directly or indirectly. Still, many questions remain about the relationship between the church and the parachurch: Are parachurch ministries biblical? Should we support them? What is their appropriate role in serving the church? What kind of work should parachurch ministries undertake?”   I... Continue Reading

Not The Smallest Letter

Not even in the slightest respect will the Old Testament Law remain unfulfilled

“Jesus undoubtedly believed that God had authored the Old Testament Scriptures and that they were so infallible that sooner would the cosmos be dissolved than they would be proven false. Christ himself believed that the whole of the Old Testament originated with God and was revealed by him. If we ever question whether a verse... Continue Reading

Our Sentimental Humanitarian Age

Soft liberalism is incapable of confronting the evil in man

“Sentimental humanitarianism also assumes that all religions are more-or-less the same and, given the right conditions, will vacillate their way towards something as innocuous as today’s Church of England. But as a wise recently retired pope once wrote, a major failure of imagination since the 1960s has been the disinclination to concede that there are... Continue Reading

The Evangelical Roots of the Benedict Option

Briefly stated, the Benedict Option is the idea that Christians should selectively withdraw from mainstream American culture in order to live a life of simple Christian piety and virtue

“Yet what makes L’Abri so interesting as a model for the Benedict Option is its openness, a value not inimical to the Benedict approach but one certainly not often discussed by its proponents. L’Abri is a place where literally anyone can come and join the life of the community. During my time there I roomed... Continue Reading

Rape and Rotherham

Don’t expect tomorrow’s predators to look like yesterday’s

“In a somewhat similar way, what happened in Rotherham was rooted both in left-wing multiculturalism and in much more old-fashioned prejudices about race and sex and class. The local bureaucracy was, indeed, too fearful of being labeled “racist,” too unwilling, as a former member of Parliament put it, to “rock the multicultural community boat.” But... Continue Reading

What Was So Different About Christians Compared To The Surrounding Greco-Roman Culture?

The trait that separated Christians from the pagan culture: their sexual ethic.

While it was not unusual for Roman citizens to have multiple sexual partners, homosexual encounters, and engagement with temple prostitutes, Christians stood out precisely because of their refusal to engage in these practices. For instance, Tertullian goes to great lengths to defend the legitimacy of Christianity by pointing out how Christians are generous and share... Continue Reading

How To Criticize A Preacher

So you’ve heard a sermon and you’re not happy. What now?

Well, I’m not going to tell you exactly what words to use. I’m simply going to give you ten questions to ask that I hope will produce the right words and the right way to say them should you ever have to offer criticism to a preacher.   So you’ve heard a sermon and you’re... Continue Reading

Why Not Sin?

If you are in Christ. Sin's power and authority has already been broken in your life.

Sin is no longer our king. It is no longer our sovereign. We need not follow its dictates. It cannot command us. We have been set free to serve a new Lord, a better Lord. Sin no longer sits upon the throne of our hearts, grace does in the person of King Jesus. That is... Continue Reading