Don’t Expect a Flood of Gay Marriages

Gay marriage is not primarily about gay marriage, it is mainly about silencing gay consciences and Christians.

If I hated God and despised Christians, I’d be an ardent supporter of same-sex marriage. What better way to express enmity against God and His people? That’s a major reason why so many homosexuals who will never marry, and why so many heterosexuals who have no interest in same-sex marriage, wanted it legalized and mandated... Continue Reading

What Churchgoers Should Do If Churches Lose Tax Exemption Status

6 Ways to Remain Faithful No Matter the Cost

Do not use this as an excuse to shy away from the opportunity to speak into the political system. Certainly, such a decision is not the desired outcome. And we could easily decide to give up. But it is a mistake to completely abandon the opportunity this governmental structure gives us. It is an opportunity... Continue Reading

The Church in Exile

The Christian church on earth is always, in a sense, in exile.

No doubt there are those reading this article who find my own position to be one of cultural surrender. Should we not be taking to the streets and the ballot boxes in order to take back what is ours? It might well be that thoughtful political engagement by individual Christians will slow the tide of... Continue Reading

Russell Moore’s ERLC Posts a Flawed “Evangelical Declaration on Marriage”

Here are at least five problems that I see with the statement

Far from Christians being too outraged and too panicked over the last two decades, many Christians, especially among ‘elite’ evangelicals, have exhibited a dearth of outrage and alarm, so as to appear reasonable to the broader culture. Many elite evangelicals have contended that the homosexualist push in the country was only one of many issues... Continue Reading

Now’s the Time To End Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions

The Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage makes it clearer than ever that the government shouldn't be subsidizing religion and non-profits

So yes, the logic of gay-marriage rights could lead to a reexamination of conservative churches’ tax exemptions (although, as long as the IRS is afraid of challenging Scientology’s exemption, everyone else is probably safe). But when that day comes, it will be long overdue. I can see keeping some exemptions; hospitals, in particular, are an... Continue Reading

When Everything Seems to Be Changing

There is one thing that never changes and one thing we can always hope in: our unchanging God.

Things will continue to change. Both in our world and in our daily life. Some of those changes will feel like a tiny ripple and others will crash into our life and turn it inside out. But no matter what changes we face, we don’t have to fear. We don’t have to hide. Because our anchor is our... Continue Reading

Monogamy is No Joke

The Christian understanding of monogamy has a shared goal of holiness. It is to picture Christ’s love for his church.

I agree with Marceau that “MONOGAMY IS NO JOKE.” I may even join her in using all caps. It’s an honor. It is our godly context for sexually intimate relationship and family while we await something even greater on the new heavens and new earth. Because God is faithful, I can be faithful. But this... Continue Reading

Theories of the Atonement: What Happened on the Cross?

Without the concept of penal substitution undergirding all of these other pictures of the atonement, we fail to do adequate justice to the full-orbed biblical picture of Jesus as the sin-bearing, wrath-propitiating Substitute for sinners.

Throughout church history, there have been various views and theories that conceptualize the nature of Christ’s work on the cross. Because the atonement runs to the very heart of the Gospel, it’s important for us to know how people throughout the history of the church have understood the work of Christ, and to be able... Continue Reading


"Unity brings us truth," Pastor Harrell of City Church in San Francisco has declared

“Hundreds of evangelicals were caught off guard in March when their church leaders, without any open discussion, announced that sexually active homosexuals could become members. How did that happen, and what steps can members of other churches take to forestall such surprises?”   Two days after Valentine’s Day in 1997, City Church—an attempt to build... Continue Reading

Theological Fidelity: An Interview with David Garner

What does it mean for a pastor to be a pastor-theologian?

“Theological contemplation is never private domain. The preacher doesn’t function autonomously; in fact, his work is, in a very important sense, shared and uncreative. As a contemporary spokesman, the preacher preaches the historic deposit of faith, following thousands who have gone before him with a view to the untold thousands that will follow.”   Tabletalk:... Continue Reading

The Body Politic is Queer

If our culture continues to "evolve," it will one day implode. May faithful believers be there when that happens.

Hopefully, places like City Church in San Francisco, who have recently embraced same sex marriage, will realize the full implications of that decision before queerness starts to define their entire belief system. In some ways, apostate Oneist churches are showing the way for the culture. If the body of Christ is queer, so will be... Continue Reading

We … and Our Fathers Have Sinned (Daniel 9:8)

As one who grew up in the Southern Presbyterian Church, I must confess my own as well as my people’s sins.

I have also learned these lessons from my elders in Augusta. They have taught me how important public confession of past sins—especially by a majority—is to racial reconciliation. What may feel to us to be something small, something that does not cost very much, communicates integrity and a desire for genuine relationship. As we as... Continue Reading

How to Read More Books

With summer here, here are some personal discoveries that were helpful to me

“This past year I have attempted to become more intentional with my reading. In previous years I have read a lot but I would not say that I read well. My reading lacked a detailed attack plan. As a result, sometimes reading happened and other times it did not.”   “How can I read more books?”... Continue Reading

Public Expressions of the Gospel

Explicit public expressions of the gospel in popular culture are few and far between

“We tend to do proclamation well in the evangelical world, but when we do, we often shout the truth from afar and shake our heads when others don’t listen. To be light, however, we need to be present. We need to be in the places where the darkness has a foothold.”   Explicit public expressions of the... Continue Reading

Can We Really Know Our Pastors?

People want to believe the best about their pastors, and without always knowing what they’re doing, refuse to see what’s going on right under their noses

“I certainly agree that the megachurch model is pastorally problematic, but that doesn’t seem to me to be a plausible reason to explain Tchividjian’s fall. Or rather, to clarify, I don’t think that a small church would solve the problem. Sure, you will be able to “know” your pastor, in the sense of being on... Continue Reading

The Most Painful Interview I’ve Ever Watched

Poor Brian Williams. He just couldn’t say it: “I lied.”

“There are some moments in the interview where Williams says that he takes ownership, accepts responsibility, etc., but despite Matt Laurer’s admirable pushing and prompting him on the “lie” issue, Williams refused to admit that he was trying to mislead people.”   Poor Brian Williams. He just couldn’t say it: “I lied.” After almost 10... Continue Reading

Laying a Beating on the Neighborhood Bully

The bully is powerless in the presence of someone much stronger than he is

“Imagine you are outside playing when the neighborhood bully comes your way. He walks up to you, shakes his fist in your face, and says, “I am going to pound you.” You know he is too strong for you, so you grit your teeth and prepare to get hurt. But then suddenly his eyes grow... Continue Reading

Are Christians Getting a Passing Grade When It Comes to Teaching Character?

Churches of all places should be where people can get schooled in character, at a level and depth unrealized by public school character education programs.

In recent years, I’ve been assured at church that I’m in a safe place where I can take off my mask, admit I don’t have my act together, and be my authentic self. As comforting as that sounds, it can only be a starting point, not a destination – a starting point we don’t want... Continue Reading

It’s Time to Legalize Polygamy

And so the slippery slope begins: Why group marriage is the next horizon of social liberalism.

But the marriage equality movement has been curiously hostile to polygamy, and for a particularly unsatisfying reason: short-term political need. Many conservative opponents of marriage equality have made the slippery slope argument, insisting that same-sex marriages would lead inevitably to further redefinition of what marriage is and means. See, for example, Rick Santorum’s infamous “man... Continue Reading

SCOTUS Decision on Marriage: Best Articles & Videos

A round up of articles addressing the Supreme Court decision on marriage

I can’t say anything better than has already been said by countless courageous Christian leaders around the country. So here’s a round up of the best articles I’ve found. If you want to make clear that, regardless of majority opinions and Supreme Court decisions, you will obey God rather than man, you can begin by... Continue Reading

Are My Children Christians?

My opinion and your opinion of our children–however optimistic or pessimistic that may be–is not the determining factor

This is the way the Holy Spirit speaks about our children: as those who are capable of being saved, as those who are relationally in covenant with God, as those who belong to the kingdom, as those who are numbered among the saints, and as those who are set apart from unbelievers. And it’s this... Continue Reading

I Will Trust and Not Be Afraid

As Christians we are called upon to put our ultimate trust in the Lord and not in anything or anyone created nor in our circumstances.

Our trust in the Lord is tested as gold in the fire when all history is ganging up on us. God seems distant and the heavens are brass. But God is not really distant at all. He is arranging the chess pieces so that he will win the game. There really is no doubt about... Continue Reading

But What Does the Bible Say?

As we pour over legal opinions and internet commentary, let us not forget what the Bible says.

I’d rather not talk about homosexuality again. But the world hasn’t stopped talking about it. And the Bible hasn’t stopped saying what it has always said. So let’s not be shrill and let’s not be silent. If you already know what the Bible says about homosexuality, don’t forget what the Bible says about all of... Continue Reading

Bill Gothard Defends Himself on New Website

Former ministry leader denies allegations of sexual abuse, but women who say he abused them stick by their stories, as donors try to prevent the sale of ministry assets

Bill Gothard is back. A little over a year ago, amid allegations of sexual abuse, he resigned from the ministry he founded in 1961. Last weekend he re-launched his website. Gothard continues to assert that the more than 60 women who accused him of harassment and abuse are “not telling the truth.” The most inflammatory... Continue Reading

Sudan Punishes Imprisoned Pastors after American Advocacy

Jesus' encouragement to visit ‘the least of these’ in jail proves tricky in practice.

Two days after Devlin’s visit, prison officials said the two pastors had been transferred to separate cells in a higher-security prison. The men have not seen their families or attorneys since, and are chained daily, CSW reports. While no reason was given publicly for the pastors’ transfer, some observers point to the failed attempt by... Continue Reading

Everything Has Changed and Nothing Has Changed — The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

As Chief Justice Roberts said in his dissent, “The majority’s decision is an act of will, not a legal judgment.”

In one sense, everything has changed. And yet, nothing has changed. The cultural and legal landscape has changed, as we believe this will lead to very real harms to our neighbors. But our Christian responsibility has not changed. We are charged to uphold marriage as the union of a man and a woman and to... Continue Reading

Is Preaching Really Foolishness?

Paul is talking about that which is foolish in the world’s eyes, but which in actuality is the wisdom of God unto salvation.

It was inconceivable to the Greek that there could be an incarnation. So what happened when Paul preached in Athens? They laughed, because his message seemed foolish. What Paul had to say to the Greeks was that mind was separated from matter, that spirit was separated from flesh. What Paul had to say to the... Continue Reading

Fragile Foundation of Marriage Equality, Part 2

More people are accepting marriage equality, but a solid majority as well as moderates and liberals say moral values are in decline.

Entitlement to self-fulfillment creates a solid philosophical basis for justifying same-sex unions. Who wants to deny anyone their inherent right to be happy? If some have same-sex attraction and that makes them feel good, then nobody should get in the way of their happiness. Approval of same-sex marriage is quite likely only a symptom of... Continue Reading

Word Magic

Playing with the meaning of words: taking the log out of our eye before assessing the court decision on marriage

But what have we done with those simple assertions of our Fathers? We’ve said, in good Supreme Court majority style, that they can also mean several other possible concepts such as Day-Age, Analogical, or Framework. Well, I do not see any significant difference between what we have done with documents that we have vowed to... Continue Reading

Coming Out

Confession is biblical, appropriate and necessary

I am not so naïve to think I understand much of anything from a press release, and that by one party. Only God knows whether the expression of regret proceeds from godly sorrow or the mourning of being caught. But I know that the gospel is not at stake and that it remains God’s remedy... Continue Reading