The Miracle of Squanto’s Path to Plymouth

The Thanksgiving tale of the Pilgrims and the Indian has an astonishing, less well-known back story.

Because of this, he knew everything about how to survive there; not only how to plant corn and squash, but how to find fish and lobsters and eels and much else. The lone Patuxet survivor had nowhere to go, so the Pilgrims adopted him as one of their own and he lived with them on... Continue Reading

Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving … But Not to God

In the New America our culture transformers are eagerly remaking Thanksgiving in their own image.

The review for one of the recommended books, “The Very First Thanksgiving,” states: “This is a beautifully illustrated picture book for young children about the original Thanksgiving feast.” But there is a “caveat,” says the otherwise sympathetic reviewer: “this book nowhere mentions God, who is after all the reason for this holiday.”   In 1789,... Continue Reading

Ohio State Law School Under Microscope For Reaction To Pro-Life Column

Student: Leaders more concerned about squelching conservative voice than ensuring safety

“I’m definitely discouraged by the way that my law school has handled this situation, but I’m not at all going to back down from the things I believe in,” said Ms. Gesiotto. “These are my beliefs, and this is a wonderful platform on which I can express them,” she said. “My column reaches thousands of... Continue Reading

Transformational Thanksgiving

Gratitude is a spiritual act used by God in transforming us through the struggles of the human condition and to enable a positive resting in the work of Christ

Gratitude has also been shown to protect from the destructive impulses of envy, resentment, and bitterness, and may even offer some protection against psychiatric disorders. On the positive side, gratitude promotes happiness, altruism, joy, love, and enthusiasm. In fact, research suggests that the effect of gratitude is larger than the effects of optimism, hope, or... Continue Reading

This Thanksgiving, Stop Idolizing the Pilgrims

A review of Robert Tracy McKenzie’s excellent book The First Thanksgiving

In The First Thanksgiving: What the Real Story Tells Us About Loving God and Learning from History, Robert Tracy McKenzie takes the historical challenges posed by the Pilgrims as his starting point. I cannot recall ever reading a book quite like The First Thanksgiving. It is an entertaining retelling of a seminal moment in American history—and a remarkable... Continue Reading

The Transforming Power of Thanksgiving and Forgiveness

When I give thanks, I am reminded of how utterly dependent I am on God and of how incredibly good He is to me.

Forgiveness is harder than thanksgiving, and for that reason it is even more powerful. To forgive someone is to release them from the debt they owe us. It is to surrender our claim to vengeance. Forgiveness is hard, but it is easier when I realize how much I have been forgiven. Forgiveness is powerful in... Continue Reading

Four Types of Worship Teams

Helping build (and build up) a body is the way to go. It’s a worship team model that will endure.

In a body, there are varieties of gifts and service, but the same Lord. There are different gifts given by the Spirit, but all empowered by that same Spirit. It’s one body, with many members. The different members (like feet and hands) need each other. The different members (like ears and eyes) belong to each... Continue Reading

What Do We Do With the Imprecatory Psalms?

Ten helps from David Murray's Sing a New Song: Recovering Psalm Singing for the Twenty-First Century

Any Christian who has a high view of the normativity of all of Scripture (OT and NT) for the Christian church will wrestle with the language of cursing and imprecation found in the Psalms. Are we not called to love our enemies? How then can a Christian take such language upon his lips? Are not... Continue Reading

The 6 Assassins of A Man’s Contentment

The true enemies of contentment are within in us, which is where contentment is either fed or starved

At the heart of contentment is an embrace of the present and a willingness to enjoy the good things we have right now. These enemies distract us from the present and prompt us to either idolize or demonize our past and future. We either worship or hate the past or future, but doing so makes... Continue Reading

The Lord’s Prayer Advert Has Been Banned For Being Offensive – Which It Is

Anyone who thinks that isn’t offensive simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Personally, I think the advert is great, and that the brouhaha will cause more people to watch it in the end anyway. But as to whether it is offensive, I have to come out and say it: the secularists are right. The Lord’s Prayer is not mild, inoffensive, vanilla, listless, nominal, wishy-washy or wallpapery. If... Continue Reading

Exegesis Has Consequences

Through wrongful exegesis, people can and have been led to eternal death

There is no more dangerous and deleterious an idea than the idea that men and women do not need to hear the gospel, repent of sin, and believe upon Christ in order to be saved. Exegesis has consequences. Some exegesis has eternally disastrous consequences.   Ideas have consequences. Since the dawn of Western philosophy, we have... Continue Reading

The Soil in Which Thanksgiving Grows

Gratitude and thanksgiving grows and thrives in the soil of humility

Gratitude and thanksgiving is something that both Christians and non-Christians alike both encourage. Even popular magazines this month will talk about ways to be more thankful. The question is, what makes gratitude different between believers and non-believers? Is there any difference? And can it be more than just a passing fad for the month of... Continue Reading

Planned Parenthood Asks: What Word Describes Us? Responses Show Widespread Disgust

Responses rolled in, including exploitative, mendacious, corrupt, infanticide, unsanitary, barbarous.

Social media, however, has been quite different. While the mainstream media has refrained from reasonable coverage of the videos that expose Planned Parenthood, social media has not. Millions of Americans have learned about Planned Parenthood’s practices, its willingness to change abortion procedures to procure more organs, the callousness of those who encourage such human organ... Continue Reading

3 Ways Gospel-Centered Preachers Forget to Preach the Gospel

One can preach about Jesus every week and never once preach the gospel

These sermons about the gospel tell us we need to trust in the gospel, believe the gospel, preach the gospel, live in light of the gospel, be a gospel-centered believer, attend a gospel-centered church and find the gospel in all of Scripture. What they do not give us is the actual content of the gospel.... Continue Reading

The Amazing Story of U.S. Army Chaplains Who Ministered to Nazi Leaders at the Nuremberg Trials 70 Years Ago Today

Should anyone who commits evil on a massive scale be offered a path to forgiveness?

The trial’s organizers knew that if they were going to try Nazi leaders as the world watched, they also had to follow the Geneva Conventions. Article 16 says that “ministers of religion, who are prisoners of war, whatever may be their denomination, shall be allowed freely to minister to their co-religionists.”   Should anyone who... Continue Reading

“Sex Isn’t a Need.” Really? Really?

Recently I came across a Christian psychologist’s Blog addressing the question: “Do men need sex?”

“Paul teaches that those who are not married and who have sexual needs must exercise self-control and refrain from fornication. But he knows this is hard, very hard, and so urges those who burn to marry.”   I don’t understand all men. I understand few women. (OK, maybe none.) My understanding of psychologists? “And I... Continue Reading

The Refugee Resettlement Process is Already Discriminatory

The Refugee Resettlement system already has “a religious test of their compassion”

As good friend of the Center, Institute for Religion and Democracy’s Faith McDonnell notes in her recent piece on the state of Christian refugees, the State Department has explicitly declared they, “would not support a special category to bring Assyrian Christians into the United States.”   President Obama made headlines today in reaction to a... Continue Reading

A Sinful Man After God’s Own Heart

What character trait or conduct have you that greatly troubles your Lord and Savior?

“Christian … and yes I mean Christian … what is your sin of choice? What remnant of the flesh sticks around and still disrupts your experiential peace with God, peace with self, and peace with your neighbor? Peter struggled with faith. Martha struggled with anxiety. John the Baptist struggled with despair.”   What is your sin of choice?... Continue Reading

5-Step Strategy to God-Centered Prayer

How can we ensure that our prayers are God-centered? Consider the following five-step strategy

“God is praiseworthy. Getting that fact under our skin is not as easy as we might think. Self-centered praying (which is a form of idolatry) fails to appreciate that our purpose here on earth is to praise our Creator and Redeemer.”   It is easy to be critical of prayer, particularly the prayers of others.... Continue Reading

Brother, Where Is Your Identity?

God’s way of sizing up a man goes against the grain of our instinctive opinions and strategies

“What are the ways men get identity wrong? Perhaps you construct a self by the roles and accomplishments listed on your résumé. You might identify yourself by your lineage or ethnicity, by your job history or the schools you attended, by your marital status or parental role.”   Who are you? What gives a man... Continue Reading

Saving Faith, Part 2: Trust in God’s Word

Though saving faith is not merely a matter of the mind, it is irreducibly cognitive

“Faith changes the sinner’s mind concerning the Word of God. Once the things of God and his Word seemed dull and foolish, but now these same Scriptures compel the soul as wisdom from the all-wise God. The once seemingly empty message of a crucified Carpenter from Nazareth becomes the life-transforming hope in the heart of... Continue Reading

Why Abraham Kuyper Became a National Hero

Have you ever heard of a theologian being so well-known that his birthday was a national holiday?

“During the course of his 57-year career, Kuyper started two newspapers, founded an influential political party, helped create a new denomination, started a university, was elected as his nation’s prime minister, and authored numerous important books.”   Have you ever heard of a theologian being so well-known that his birthday was a national holiday? The... Continue Reading

The Reformation: A Bible Movement (Part 1)

Sola Scriptura dictated for the Reformers their ministries, their messages, and for many of them their martyrdom

In fact, the doctrine of sola scriptura is crucial to the understanding of the following four sola.  Without the testimony of the scriptures alone as inerrant and inspired word of God, which provides a clear message of redemption to the people of God, it is impossible for a Christian to conceive of a belief in salvation... Continue Reading

Gone Fishin’ – A Forgotten Model of Pastoral Ministry

Fishing for souls is one of the most powerful models of Christian ministry and must be re-prioritized

What is a minister of the Gospel like? The most common answers include models like Shepherd, Servant, Preacher, Theologian, Teacher, Counselor, Leader, and so on. But one model that’s rarely thought about or spoken about today is the first model that Jesus used – Fisherman (Matt. 4:19). My favorite hobby probably biases me here, but... Continue Reading

Another Helpful Distinction: Filial Versus Servile Fear

This distinction is essential to a sound grasp of what John Stott called “Basic Christianity.”

Because we sin believers are often tempted to discouragement and even to depression. We are tempted to think of God chiefly as a judge and to put ourselves back on a works footing—as if God’s grace was so powerless that we could fall away by our puny efforts. We are tempted to turn inward and... Continue Reading

Challenging the Consensus Except When the Consensus Says You Shouldn’t

Much opposition to historical reliability of the biblical text comes not from critical engagement with the evidence, but from appeal to consensus

For our own part, we are already known by Grabbe not to be real scholars, even though we appear to behave as scholars in the way that we handle evidence…. In order to be real scholars, we must apparently also come to the “correct” conclusions. That is to say: we must come to Grabbe’s conclusions,... Continue Reading

The Gospel on 5 Fingers

Can you explain the gospel in 30 seconds? In one minute? In five minutes?

That’s the gospel, the good news, and if we believe in Jesus Christ and this good news and call upon him he will save us from our sins and give us eternal life. That’s a simple way to remember the gospel – five fingers. Even a child can do it. So ask God to give... Continue Reading

Biblical Ethics, Government, and Refugees

How do you balance the desire to rescue refugees with the desire to keep terrorists out of your own country?

As you wrestle through the issue, you are aware that your job according to the Bible is to protect your people. Your job as a believer in Christ is to demonstrate biblical ethics, which also includes showing kindness to refugees. Both are God-given principles that you must balance. As you imagine the dilemma that person... Continue Reading

What Is Meant by the Term Original Sin?

Original sin has to do with the fallenness of human nature

The doctrine of original sin teaches that people sin because we are sinners. It’s not that we are sinners because we sin, but rather, we sin because we are sinners; that is, since the fall of man, we have inherited a corrupted condition of sinfulness. We now have a sin nature. The New Testament says... Continue Reading

We Gather Together Where We Are

How to cope, celebrate and minister when you can't go home

It is not easy to sacrifice time with extended family when the ministry that God has called you to do is far away from the festivities. But, you can give thanks in all circumstances. In addition, there are great rewards. “…there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for... Continue Reading